Kelly and Sydney

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A COVID19 story.

Two best girl friends never existed on earth the equal of Kelly and Sydney. At least that's what they liked to believe.

From late childhood, through their teen years and into adulthood they were as close as peanut butter and jelly. There wasn’t a soulful secret that either kept from each other. It was almost as if they were twins and they could finish each others sentences before the words were out of their mouths.

It was Kelly at 12 years old that first found out how to stimulate her clitoris and come. It was only three minutes after her discovery before she immediately had to show Kelly how to do it.

It wasn’t unusual for them to spend hours reading to each other stories they found on the internet on BOOKSIE SILK. The brain and your own fingers are very powerful libido loosening tools.


Kelly was in her mid twenties and was a respected massage therapist. She had a clientele basis that was booked six weeks into the future. She was not above giving a “grand finale or a happy ending,”if she new her client was a good tipper or better yet, a kind person.


“You see Sydney,” she said. “There is always a sort of tension between the therapist and the client. Sometimes I just know when it will make a world of difference in that person’s day.”

“Kelly, you mean like, you do it for men only, right?”

“I actually don’t mind doing a female client if she looks lonely or if she turns me on. I mean it doesn’t make me a lesbo! I just put a vibrator I have handy on her clit and before you know it, voila, a happy woman!”


Kelly was happy making $75 an hour for as many massages as she could handle without ruining her personal life. She had a four bedroom condo and a Porsche that ate up part of her weekly salary. She also loved clothes that made her almost blond 6 foot body look hot.


Sydney was the same age as Kelly and had worked her way into a career as a personal fitness trainer. She also had a clientele of men and women that paid her to put them through rigorous exercise and body building routines. At almost 6 feet tall and brunette Sydney turned men and women's heads,

She made from $25 to $75 an hour depending on the intensity of the session and if it was at a gym or in the client's home.

“You know Kelly,” she said once. “I really get into being the boss and making them hurt.”

“I have some women that want me to spank them if they don’t do what they were told to do.”

“What?” Kelly looked up quizzically.

“I mean they give me big tips and it isn’t like anyone can see me in their home. It sort of turns me on being naked with that belt spanking them and making them flinch. I sometimes make them lick my pussy. You know all that roll playing can get a girl excited. If you ever want to try me, like licking my pussy, or vice versa, you can, you know!” Sydney purred.


“I’ll just keep that in mind Sydney,” Kelly giggled.


Sydney was her own woman as well. She rented an apartment because she liked to travel. It wasn’t anything for her after two months of solid work to just fly off for two more months or until she ran out of money.

She was as tall as Kelly and she loved the beaches of the Canary Islands off Spain where anything went and always did.


Both women had their own boy friends, lovers, and acquaintances. They promised at an early age that no family, no person, and nothing would come between them.


Life was wonderful, fun, and always exciting, that is until that day in March 2020. A client called Kelly early in the day and informed her that she wasn’t going to make her massage appointment.

“No problem,” Kelly said. “Can I re-book you in four weeks?”

“I don’t know,” said the client. “It’s this COVID19 that has me worried.”

“COVID what?”Kelly was stumped.

“COVID19,” her client said. “The president believes this is going to be a pandemic!”

Kelly was flustered. She could care less about the normal world as long as she had clients, Sydney, and her boyfriends.


Sydney experienced the almost the same situation a day later. A customer called her and said that she was positive for COVID19 and that Sydney might consider getting tested.

“You mean you have something like HIV or AIDS,” Sydney demurred.

“Just take care of yourself Sydney,” the woman replied knowing that she was trying to reach someone as thick as a brick.


From $3,000.00 a week to a trickle of almost nothing these young woman were facing the largest crisis of their adult lives. They hadn’t paid into unemployment insurance because they were self centered and could never see anything wrong in the future.

The words; Quarantine, masks, safe space, close your business, and travel bans were added to their vocabularies. The men (and women) in their lives dried up like a drought. It was every person for themselves unless they had a family.


March became April, and April became May. No money and no honey.


It was Kelly again that had a solution she took over to Sydney at her apartment.


“Sydney, we got to do something. They just came and got my Porsche because I was behind on payments,” she sniveled.

“Like what could we do Kelly? We need customers and the government won’t let that happen until the COVID crap is gone!”

“I do know a guy that offered to get me on RED TUBE if I could find another hot girl to put on a show. I mean it isn’t done in a studio with other’s done right at home using a computer with a WiFi pickup and a Go-pro!” Kelly pitched her idea.

The Red Tube was an underground bunch of UTUBE users that dealt with the other part of life. Clients paid money via an underground system of coinage, both legal and illegal. The main positive is that the girls would not perform in front of camera people, using people that had diseases, and everything else that was wrong with the porn industry.

“Sooo,?” Sydney asked.

“Didn’t you offer to do me if I wanted?” Kelly asked.

“Well yeah, but I meant on a real personal level.” But she was warming up to the idea and Kelly ordered a Go-pro to be delivered the next day at Sydney’s apartment to begin their cash flow.


Kelly talked to her friend that proposed the Red Tube channel and also worked up the pay plan the customers would use to have the girls perform what they wanted.

“It’s like falling out of bed Kelly,” her friend said.

“You just request coins or tokens that they must pay to have you and Sydney do things to each other. The more risky, the more you can make.”

Their program would be called, “K and S are your Slaves.”


The first show was May 1, 2020 at Sydney’s apartment. They started dressed up and progressed into undress as money began flowing into their Red Tube site. The audiences loved them because they knew that they were amateurs and that meant so much more. By the end of a two hour session Kelly and Sydney had gone down on each other, came, and came again, and netted $3,722.00. They were tired, sweaty, but happy and couldn’t look each other in the eye after what the had done.


Every night Kelly and Sydney went live on Red Tube and were paid to break more boundaries. Kelly spanked Sydney, Sydney spanked Kelly. Sydney peed on Kelly and Kelly shat on Sydney. Money rolled in and the Porsche was back and things were moving along.


On May the 9th the women decided to do their last performance. The restrictions in some states were loosening and the future wasn’t quite as grim. Sydney planned to take a trip and Kelly was going to buy a new car that would put the bad vibes with the Porsche out of mind.

They set up in Red Tube and were amazed at the first offer of the evening. A sponsor had deposited $20,000 for a private viewing.

Kelly connected through via the internet and asked, “What is your pleasure?”

A man replied, “Take of all your clothes and start humping each other, face to face.”

There was no problem that Kelly could think about so she and Sydney went at each other with a purpose.

“Now I want you to kiss each other with a lot of tongue with you right hand on each others pussy moving those fingers in and out!”

Kelly and Sydney went at it and both felt their bodies flush and their nipples harden,

“Now with you left hand grab you partner around the throat and squeeze.”

Kelly and Sydney had never tried this in their lives and were achingly reminded how aroused they could become to something new and exciting. They squeezed, felt the squeeze around their throat and at the same time worked their fingers in each other's vagina. They were both strong from massaging and working with clients with weights respectively so their strength and arousal were working too well.

As they began suffocating they had a simultaneous orgasm like they never experienced and..... the hands still grasped cutting off oxygen....... then they died.


The man on the other end of the screen was waiting and waiting for the women to sit up smile to end the show. But they didn’t. 

"Oh shit," he thought. "No safe words, touches, or escape agreement!"

He finally called 911 and gave the police an internet site to visit and try to hack into because of what he witnessed.


Next day, Mother's Day, the Detectives found Kelly and Sydney in each others arms. The medical examiners stated that the probably cause was partner assisted asphyxiation.

One detective looked to the other and said, “You know this is going to be a hell of a thing to explain to their mother’s today. I mean what mother would want to find out about this!”

The other detective looked at the medical examiner and said, “Just put it down as complications from COVID19. Everyone will buy that.”

And it was.



Submitted: May 10, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Michael Arlis. All rights reserved.

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That's quite the dark twist, Michael, to an otherwise lovely epidemic.
And I'm just wondering where in the world you got this idea....

(Jeeze, can you really make that much money on Red Tube?)

Sun, May 10th, 2020 8:52pm


RedTube is like UTUBE get enough likes and you are set.

Mon, June 29th, 2020 2:44pm

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