I've Been There and Done That

I've Been There and Done That

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


An interesting day in the woods for two teenagers.


An interesting day in the woods for two teenagers.


Submitted: July 25, 2018

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Submitted: July 25, 2018




The saddle horn was beating my dick as I was tearing through the woods on my bike. I had the greatest appreciation of the hills, rocks, and branches as they transmitted the ‘bump, bump, bump’ through the tires, up through the frame, creating a vibration on my penis that made me grow some and itch in a funny way.

I laughed to myself as I thought how ridiculous it would be if anyone knew what was going on in my body and mind on this bike path.

There was a large oak tree off to the side of the path and I swerved my bike toward it in a rush to dismount, get behind the tree, and pee. My bladder was close to bursting from a milkshake I had eight miles before I began my trip.

I unzipped and took out my almost rigid cock.

I really had to concentrate to get my urine stream going. My erection was not helping the situation. I was nearly done when I felt something on the head of my penis. As I looked down I was horrified to see a sweat bee as it stung me before flying away to it’s death.

“Oh shit,” I yelped. I already knew that bee stings affected my body more then most people. I had to bite the bullet and get the stinger out along with any poison sac before it traveled through my body.

“Ouch,” I was frantically searching find the stinger and fumbled away.


“What are you doing?” I heard a familiar girl’s voice.

I looked up and there was Linda Morgan.

She was a strange new girl in my school this fall. Her imagination was full of knights, horses, castles and women in distress. She was one of the quirkiest girls I ever met.


I was humiliated enough at that time that I decided to tell her the entire truth.


“Linda, I stopped to pee behind this tree and I wasn’t paying attention. The pee must have attracted a sweat bee. The bee stung me on the head of my prick. I have to get the stinger out because I am allergic.”

“Let me see,” she said matter of factually.

Linda had those Coke bottle thick lenses. She was very near sighted and couldn’t find her way two feet without them. Now she was taking them off and I could see her crystal blue eyes as she got within six inches of my cock and began her inspection.

“I think I see it,” she said like an explorer. She moved both of her thumbs around the sting area, trying to squeeze together that tender skin on my cock head and force the stinger out.

In less then a minute Linda reached up to her hair. I thought she might be reaching for a bobby pin but she took out two Chinese chop sticks she used to keep her hair up.

“I need something a little sharper then my thumbs to get that stinger out,” she said as she glanced up at me while shaking out her long blond hair that was held back by those chop sticks

Like a surgeon she used one stick, then the other to take hold of the stinger and gently withdraw the barb and sack of poison.

“There you go,” she said as she spit a huge luga of saliva on the head of my cock.

“Human spit is the best antidote there is in the world,” she proclaimed as she rubbed the glob of her spit on my red top, one eyed, thing, that was becoming hard again with the new friction.

Linda looked left and right and up at me as she smiled.

Then she mumbled something about ‘poison’ as her head dipped down and she took my cock in her mouth and started giving me an amateur, but great blow job.

I already had the pleasure of this experience before at a women’s house where I was doing yard work during the summer. I never was inside her except in her mouth or between her tits. She didn’t have any protection and she didn’t want any baby from me!

My hips started to get into Linda’s head rhythm as she bobbed, spit out a pubic hair, and began sucking again until my hard on was waggling in her lips like a giant candy cane. Her saliva was gleaming on my shaft and the sight of it was turning me on!

“Oh, Oh, Oh,” I moaned as the feelings in my penis were turning into exquisite ecstasy.

Linda looked up with her myopic eyes. She used one hand to put on her glasses again so she could see my face and watch my expressions as I was coming.

The trip wire in my groin released and my jism began to spurt in her mouth. Shot after shot after shot…...

She looked a bit shocked after the fifth spurt gushed in. She opened her lips and let some of the extra come dribble down her lips.

I finally finished my orgasm and she swallowed what remained in a gulp.

“Did you get all the poison out?” I asked as sincerely as I could while I put my dick back in my pants and pulled up my zipper.

“Don’t be silly,” she said. “I got it all out before I started giving you head. I just wanted to suck the dick of a guy my age to see what it was like.”

“How did you learn to do that?” I asked curiosly.

“When we had that half day off last week I went home and saw a familiar car in my family driveway. I sneaked up to a window and looked in. There was my mom sucking away on her best friend’s husband’s dick.”

“And,” I said?

"I enjoyed doing it with you and now you owe me a pussy licking, if you know what I mean.” She smiled at me like we were sharing a secret.

“But I don’t want you to do it here! I want it at my house in my bed when nobody is there except for me and you.” she whispered toward my direction as she got on her bike and went down the bike trail in the park by herself.


About ten days later I found a note that Linda must have pushed through the vent in my locker.


"We’re going to have fun at my house after school. Take the seventeen bus and exit when I do. Follow me about a hundred yards behind. I don’t want my friends to know what we are doing! When you see me go in a house, walk up the alley behind it. You’ll see me in the back when the coast is clear."



I was the last student to exit the bus and I made myself as inconspicuous as possible as I walked behind Linda. She turned left on the next block of homes and went in the third house. I kept walking until I found the alley and turned left. When I came to the back of the third house I looked in the back yard to see Linda move the fingers of her hand toward her and the house.

“Quick,” she said. “We don’t have all afternoon!”

We softly ran up the steps to the second floor and I followed her into a bedroom.

Linda turned around to face me as she lifted up her skirt and pulled down her panties. Then she lay on her back on the bed pulling the skirt above her waist and spread her legs wide while moving her knees up so her legs were bent.

I knelt on the bed close to this lower entrace to her pure white body after I slipped off my shoes. I was looking down at her brown, reddish, blondish pubic hair at the gateway of her vagina.

“Well,” she said. “Do you know what you’re going to do?”

“Oh yeah Linda,” I stated. “I’ve been there and done that!”

I didn’t feel the need to explain to her that a married woman in a swimming pool used me and taught me how to use her.


I got my hands down to her vagina and moved my thumbs to hook on to her outside lips that covered the real stuff and pulled them back left and right. I moved my fingers to take the thumbs places. I moved my thumbs up to that secret land of the clitoris and began moving that little button like I was fumbling with it and trying to get it in a button hole, but just couldn't make it. Before I put my head all the way down I moved real close and spit on her cunt.

"Here's some spit for you Linda," I thought in my mind.


Now I was prepared. I moved my face in for the muff dive and got my tongue on her clit and began to lick. Up, down, left, right, just as I was instructed last summer. This started to excite Linda and her hips began rolling back and forth on the bed as I began to suck on her clit.


Linda wasn’t used to the effects of a proficient searching tongue. She came quickly with a moan and a double hiccup of her hips and ass on the mattress.


“Wow,” she said in a husky voice. “If I had known how good that was I would have found you sooner.”


I looked up at her with a quizzical smile on my face. Juice was running down my cheeks.


“You had a milk shake before you went on the bike trail. I saw you and decided to follow you and have some fun. When you were messing with your cock, it seemed like a good time to join in! Girls are just as curious as boys are.”


"I've been there and done that!" she said with a satisfied smile.

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