Hand Jive

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

a new contest idea.


I wanted to explain more about my “California Dreaming” experiences then I did with Sea Nymph.

This is a totally different story that happened at the same apartment complex. Same bunch of tinny boppers, some same experiences but with different girls, (or women).

I was sitting on my balcony reminiscing about my sea nymph Kimberley. Like many other things in this crazy state, nothing remains the same. I was on duty at my ship in early fall. When I returned to my apartment after the dust, dirt, and noise of the dry dock, I hoped to swim with Kim and forget everything.

I looked at her apartment and was shocked to see the door open and people repainting and cleaning. One day here, next day gone.

I trudged up to my apartment and changed clothes. Got a beer out of the reefer and went out to sit on the balcony alone.

I was bummed out and watching swimmers where I wanted to be with Kim when Tonni and Carley walked up to me.

“Is Michael all sad because his rider moved away?” Tonni tittered.

Carley joined in, “You think you are so special and that we don’t know what was going on!

Kimberley couldn’t keep a secret and she told us all about jerking you off after swimming with her.”

I imagine my face was turning red because I felt a flush of embarrassment as if my pants were down at my knees and my moms had caught me jacking off.

So there’s these two yakking, laughing, and talking like two Jay birds. They were soon over talking about me and were excited about a concert that was going to be at the Compton Coliseum. It was Chicago and the tickets were a whopping $15.00 each.

The girls whined about not having any money and how they would be willing to do almost anything to get the tickets.

I saw a new opportunity just like that and said to them, “I have the money for you, because I just got paid. I don’t want any payback because you are both going to earn it!”

Tonni and Carley looked at me with big not so innocent eyes.

I asked, “Are you in?”

They whispered between each other and then asked me, “Do we have to undress and fuck you?”

I assured them that this wouldn’t happen.

I told them that the winner would earn $15 while second place would earn $10. It was all up to them. Enter my apartment for more explanation.

Toni and Carley looked at each other, had a short discussion about Chicago and got up from their chairs and entered my apartment with me. I closed the door and locked it.

“This is going to be a contest between the two of you. Have either of you jerked off anyone?’

They blushed, but eventually got down to earth. Both said that they had.

“This is going to be a test of skills,” I said.

“You are both going to agree on the amount of strokes the other girl gets to jerk my dick. You both sort of know when a man is going to shoot his load. You have to decide what is the perfect number so I don’t come and then pass it on to your opponent. What you have to do between rounds is build me up, make me last, hang on the edge, and soon one girl will win. When I come the winner must continue jerking me off until I stop coming.”

I stood up, got a towel for the cleanup and sat between them.

“Any questions,” I asked?

They both had serious looks on the faces. I had them flip a coin and Tonni won.

“Do you want to begin or should Carley? If she starts, how many strokes does she get this round?”

Tonni said that she would begin.

Carley said, “Ten tugs!”

Tonni knew that she had to unzip me, get my cock out, and then get me fully erect.

She unzipped me, pulled my shorts down, bent over and breathed on my dick.

Carley was immediately protesting, “Not fair!”

I was the judge, no contact with anything but the hand, however this use of breath was a good sign.

Tonni did a tight stretching stroke and got me ultra hard on the first ten jerks.

Tonni looked at Carley and said, “You get 7 pulls.”

Carley took her time. She reached with both hands wrapped around and pulled, sliding off. She reached again, pulled, and slipped off.

She scowled at Tonni and decided to go tight full force or her remaining strokes.

I was kicking in to my pleasure zone and both girls knew it.

It was Carley’s turn. She said, “I want only five strokes for each of us. Let’s see what happens.”

Carley decide to take the slow and easy. She moved my face so my eyes were looking into hers and she started licking her lips.

This time the count down of strokes was slow and exacting.

Pull down slow, tickle my balls, jerk up slow.

The second time. I was beginning to tremble.

The third time. I was pre juicing.

At once Tonni got her hand on the shaft of my cock. She didn’t want to lose and she wanted to help Carley finish me.

I spurt about three feet and I had to urge them on until I stopped spurting.

“Go, go, goo, gooo, gaaaa!!~!”

The girls were giggling listening to my vocal call to action.

After wiping me and their hands down with the towel we all gave a cheer.

I gave them $15 each without a care what it was going to be spent on because I was spent.

Submitted: July 06, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Michael Arlis. All rights reserved.

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