Fun and Games

Fun and Games

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Part of having sex is having fun. The better the games you play, the better the come out!


Part of having sex is having fun. The better the games you play, the better the come out!


Submitted: September 10, 2017

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Submitted: September 10, 2017




When I read an erotic story or watch a pornographic film there seems to be too little explanation about the leadup to the coupling and the climatic orgasm at the finish.

Sex can be more then positions, grunting, sucking, eating and a climax.

For many of us it is fun and games, with the orgasms and then our climaxes.

In California 1971, I barely had two nickles to rub together. I lived part time in a cheap apartment complex that you read about in “Mermaids.”

If you have an imagination, there are always experiences for our minds, bodies, and libidos ready to hatch when we interact with people. Some like the spice as much as the finish.

I was on my balcony on the second floor sitting in a chair watching swimmers in the pool below when two teen girls (Toni and Carly) walked up to me and begged me for $25.

“Why do you need $25 so quickly?” I asked.

“You don’t even need to know!” said Toni indignantly.

“Please just lend us the money,” begged Carly.

I saw an opportunity just then that thrilled me out of my mind. Two well developed females that wanted money from me.  Not from their boy friends, relatives, or parents.

“I just happened to get paid and along comes you two,” I said to them. “I have the money for you, and I don’t want any payback because you are both going to earn it!”

Toni and Carly looked at me with big eyes that gave away their knowledge of me and my life.

I asked, “Are you in?”

They whispered between each other and then asked me, “Do we have to undress and fuck you?”

I assured them that this wouldn’t happen.

I told them that I was going to have a contest between them. The winner would earn $15 while the loser would earn $10. It was all up to them. Just come into my apartment for more explanation.

I calmed them stating, "Everyone can see you are up here with me so if anything goes wrong you can shout and have a rescue.  I won't hurt you."

Toni and Carly agreed to enter my apartment with me, and I closed the door behind them.

“What I have in mind is going to be a contest between the two of you. Have either of you jerked off a guy?”

They blushed, but eventual got down to the matter at hand, whispering between themselves and both nodded that they had.

“This is going to be a test of skills,” I said.

“You are both going to agree on the amount of pulls that you will give my cock in each round when it is your turn. When that round is over the person that didn't pick a number will, and it will continue. Back and forth. You both sort of know when a man is going to shoot his load. What you have to do during rounds is build me up, make me last, hang me on the edge, and soon one of you will win. When I am coming, the winner must continue jerking me off until I stop coming.”

I stood up, got a towel from my bathroom for the come cleanup and sat between them.

“Any questions,” I asked?

They both had serious looks on the faces. I had them flip a coin and Toni won.

“Do you want to begin or should Carly? How many strokes will be in this round?”

Toni said that she would begin and that each of them would start with ten strokes.

She already knew that she had to unzip me, pull my cock out, and get me fully erect by playing around.

She was imaginative! She unzipped me, pulled my shorts down, bent over and breathed on my dick.

Carly was immediately protesting, “Not fair!”

I was the judge, no contact by hand had been made. Toni started with a tight stretching type stroke and got me through the first ten jerks.

Carly took her time getting her hand around my cock. She knew that slowing down before her jerks might lose any momentum Toni gained leading to a quicker climax.

She stuck her tongue at Toni and decided to go tight full force. These jerks just started me kicking in to my pleasure zone and both girls sensed it.

It was Carly's turn to choose the number.

She said, “I want only five strokes for each of us. Let’s see what happens.”

Carly decided to take the slow and easy method. She moved my head so my eyes were looking into hers and she started licking her lips.

This time the count down was slow and exacting, stretching my dick out longer and longer.

Toni then took over and pulled me five times squeezing more toward the end of the stroke.

Toni was into the game and because it was her turn said, “Three strokes now.”

She pulled down my shaft slow to my balls, wiggling her hand there and jerked up slow to the tip.

When Carly did me her third round. I was beginning to tremble and I was already beginning to leak juice.

Carly smirked because it was her turn and said, “Ten strokes this time!”

At once Carly got her hand on the shaft of my cock. She didn’t want to lose this contest but she wanted to to have Toni involved in helping her finish me off.  She grabbed Toni's hand and smiled at her as she placed it below her hand on my dick.

Both of them had one hand on my cock with Carly tickling me under my balls and Toni rubbing my thighs. My orgasm quickly turned me inside out with pleasure and I began to shoot off.

The first spurts arched out almost three feet. The girls were transfixed with this action and I had to urge them on. I am a long orgasm person and my prostate has to be empty before I stop coming.

I finally fell back spent and groaned, “Done.”

The girls were giggling and wiping me down with the towel. I gave them $15 each because in my mind it was a tie game.

They told me they enjoyed the game and might like to play again.


Imagination can make good things happen. I had a girlfriend over my house for a glass of wine and I asked her if she wanted to play Twister? She looked at me like I had lost my mind when I told her that we were going to play the game nude. We hadn’t really done anything sexual before except kiss, hug and grope in my car.

I watched her face as she was making up her mind. What did I have to lose except that she could tell me no, walk out, and that would be that?

I saw a quirky smile on her face and a blush begin.

She asked me, “Do you have any liquor?”

I had a bottle of some rum that someone had left and went and got it with a glass. She poured herself a shot and drank it down. Then she poured me a shot and said, “Drink!”

While I was drinking she said, “We are going to start with the clothes on. When we spin and start moving around, there is a chance sooner or later that someone will fall. Only then does the person that falls lose a piece of clothing.”

“I can agree to that,” I said as I got the game out of the closet.

I set the mat and the spinner on the floor. She poured us one more shot each and kissed me sensually on the lips, tongues entwining.

It was an unusual game to say the least. Normally there might be three or four players, but with two, we were able to get into some unique positions. One time my cock under my shorts was near her face and she cheerfully bit me. After twenty minutes of blue/left/hand, right/green/ foot we were losing clothes and laughing more and more. She was cheeky because she kept her bra on while taking off the rest of her clothes. I ended up with only a tee shirt on when we began to wrestle on the rug. Rolling around and around, me getting harder and harder and her moving away just as I was ready to enter her.

She laughed as she said, “I thought you only wanted to play Twister!”

I looked down to my cock and said, “Look, it’s all straight and it needs to be twisted.”

“Okay” she said laughing as she leaned over the seats of my sofa, her knees on my carpet.

“Come on in from behind and I’ll see what I can do.”

The evening ended up in my bed, both of us in all different positions playing Twister.

“Put your left hand here and rub” she moaned.

“Move you right leg a little higher,” I begged.


I was at a night club about a year later in a town where I was attending a ten week school. I had the great joy of finding a woman that I knew in three dances really wanted to hook up with me.  We danced closely and she kissed me on the dance floor while rolling her body against me. 

The only problem was that she was with an older female friend that wasn’t having much luck hooking up with a guy.

I danced with her friend to share the fun, but soon I was back to Diane again like a magnet to steel.

“I really want to spend the night with you baby,” Diane said. “But I just can’t leave Kelly behind. She’s my alibi.”

I only nodded. I was wondering about an alibi, wanting to fuck Diane, and her friend Kelly without a partner in sight.

I blurted out, “What if I took both of you to my room and we all have fun! I have a great idea for a game we can play that will get everyone horny, then happy, then climaxing.”

Diane looked in my eyes and said, “I’m game if Kelly is. I know she hasn’t had any in a long time.”

We went to the table and Diane said to Kelly, “Would you go to the rest room with me?”

I wondered if this was a dual ditch or if Diane really had to go.

Ten minutes later they were back smiling and Diane said, “Let’s get this show on the road!”

I walked them past my car, pointing it out and then escorted them to Kelly’s car, a red Mustang.

“Just follow me to my motel.” I said. "It's only two blocks to the right."

I walked to my rental, started it up and pulled out. In my rear view mirror I saw Kelly pull out with her red Mustang and drove behind my rented Chevy.

We drove the two blocks to my motel and pulled into the parking lot. I opened the car doors for both of them.

We all walked to my room, I unlocked the door and we entered.

“Make yourselves comfortable,” I said.

“I have beer and wine in the fridge.”

They both opted for beer while I poured myself a Merlot.

Kelly was the first to speak, “How are you going to make love with both of us without one of us feeling cheated?”

I kissed her softly on the lips, smiled and said, “There’s going to be rules.”

I turned to Diane and kissed her as well. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and then sat back.

“Like what rules?” she murmured.

“I was thinking about tag team wrestling with a little twist,” I said.

“There’s two of you and only one of me. I don’t think either of you are a lesbian so you have to figure when you want into the action and tap the hand of your friend. She will give up her position and you will take over.”

They both looked at me nodding, and imagining.

Kelly said, “What if you come in one of us? Does the other have to wait an hour for you to rest before we get to come too?”

I looked at them and said, “I will finish the other off with my mouth, my hands, my feet...whatever it takes if I come!”

They both nodded again and both of them smiled.

“I’ll begin by undressing you ladies a piece at a time. When you are nude you can undress me or I will strip in a minute and we’ll get in this king sized bed together.”

I started by taking off their blouses and bras. I gave equal attention to their breasts and sucked on all four nipples. I then pulled down their jeans, took off their shoes and finally their panties. While I was kneeling on the floor in front of them I moved from one pussy to the other licking up and down. They were both content to sip their beer, then sit on the bed and spread their legs wider.

Kelly had to be ten year older then Diane who was about 5 years older then me. Kelly was a little thicker but was more into grinding her pussy into my face.

Diane finally said, “Get those clothes off Mister. It’s time for tag team wrestling!”

I gave Kelly a coin, told her to flip it and Diane would call it in the air.

“Heads,” Diane whispered. Heads it was.

"What do you want Diane," I asked

“Quick,” she said, “Get on top of me. I’m so hot I’m going to explode.”

She lay down, reached down to my excited fully engorged cock and pulled me in. I couldn’t have done four strokes and she shuddered in an orgasm. I pumped a little more and Kelly tapped Diane’s hand.

Kelly pulled me up to my knees and started sucking on my cock. Her saliva was dripping out as she hummed and sucked.

She then rolled over and guided me into her from behind. I started pumping on Kelly when Diane finally got off the bed and began kissing me while I was pumping into Kelly.

Diane surprised me when she slapped Kelly on the ass cheeks and Kelly said, “Do it harder Diane.”

Diane continued to slap while I was slapping that same ass with my pelvis. I grabbed a nipple on Kelly’s breast and a nipple on Diane’s breast.

Suddenly Kelly started thrusting backward with everything she had grunting out loud, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

Kelly came while I was thrusting and Diane touched Kelly's hand. Diane pulled me off and made me lie on the bed. She then put her pussy right over my mouth and said,

“Eat me.”

Kelly wasn’t one to be outdone. She took my enervated cock in her mouth and continued the blow job she had previously started.

Diane looked down at me and laughed, “She always likes the man to come in her mouth.”

Kelly was older and more experienced. She might not have been the woman I chose, but now I was enjoying her the most.

I continued lapping away at Diane when I felt my dick grow, tingle, itch, and finally shoot come load after come load into Kelly’s mouth. I heard her gulping down my come. I felt Diane moving near my mouth as I did quick cunnilingus on her.  She quickly came again.

We were all spent.  I was on my back with my eyes closed and heard the ladies moving around and then go into the bathroom.

They came out of the bathroom dressed. the same as they entered my room 60 minutes ago.

“Aren’t you going to spend the night?” I asked.

Diane laughed and said, “No silly, our husbands think that this is our girl's night out, but they really expect us back sooner or later tonight.”

Kelly and Diane both kissed me on the cheek and Kelly said, “You are pretty original with your fun and games. In fact you are one of the best. Bye bye sweet heart. Sleep well!”

Here I thought I arranged something to get Diane in bed when in fact it was both of them arranging to have me together.  Fun and games.




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