Donna Did Me Wrong

Donna Did Me Wrong

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


This is a rewrite of a story that was combined with another story. I think it is good enough to stand on its own merits.


This is a rewrite of a story that was combined with another story. I think it is good enough to stand on its own merits.


Submitted: August 04, 2018

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Submitted: August 04, 2018



My seventeen months with PJ were over in an instant after a telephone conversation.

After our split PJ would contact me now and then as if she could blow some new life into the our leaky relationship. We would meet for lunch or dinner and talk. Before we went our separate ways we’d hug some and kiss. When we did I was always putting my tongue past her teeth to make her sizzle. By instinct PJ would begin the tongue wrestling when she would remember that it was over between us.

“What are you doing?” She would say after she pushed me away.

“Just a habit,” I’d say. This happened four times at four different meet ups. PJ always had a good idea that I was the perpetual explorer and that I would try it every time. She wanted the tongue, however she wanted more than friends with benefits.

I decided to go back on the dating site again. I was not surprised to see that PJ was back on the site as well. She was still looking for the man that would fulfill her while I was just looking.

Within days a woman messaged me on the site that lived one hundred miles north. In her profile she said that she was a widow and her name was Donna. One of her pictures was her in a bath robe.

I knew that a good thing might happen on date one. Picking me out of many men meant that she wanted the distance to protect herself after a meetup. If a date was too close, he could always come back and demand more attention, even if she didn’t want him.

Her messages on the dating site stopped after she sent me her telephone number. I texted my own number to her cell.

Within minutes of supplying her with my cell number she was calling.

“Hey you, come on up and we’ll go out to eat, my treat.” she said without a prelude.

“How about tomorrow at lunch?” I asked with eagerness in my voice and an awareness of a tingling in my lap.

“That would to be wonderful” she said. She gave me her address and the exit on the interstate with exact directions to her house.

I drove up as planned and was at her house at ten minutes to twelve.

We met outside her house because she wasn’t home when I arrived. I called her and she told me she was out on an errand and would be at her house in less then ten minutes.

She drove up in a new Bentley. She got out of her car, ran up to me and gave me a big matter of fact hug. Body to body!

She looked up at my face and said, “Mmm, you are a big’un.”

She was slap dash happy and immediately got in my car directing me to a small restaurant not four hundred yards from her house.

“I like this place. I can walk here and not worry about driving back,” she stated matter of fact.

My imagination saw her half in the bag, staggering home. Then again, maybe she just liked to walk home.

We ordered and within ten minutes were served. I had a Poo Boy oyster sandwich and sweet potato fries. She had a piece of salmon with a small salad. She reached across the table and helped herself and ate some of my fries while flirting.

I found out that she was a retired judge that once worked on corporate legal torts for her state.“It used to wear me out,” she said. “Those lawyers all trying to kiss my ass and get a hearing changed or time for more discovery extended. Lawyers suck!”

I stared at her and said, “What if I’d like to kiss your ass?”

She grinned at me and said, “Let’s go back to my house!”

Before we entered she informed me that she had to put her giant German Shepard outside.

In five minutes she opened the front door, looked at me and said, “All clear! Come on in sugar. “

I finally made my way inside and I noted strange arrangements of flowers, piles of dishes, books, clothing, greeting cards and other useless items. It was like she was segmenting portions of her life in different places. These piles of things were on counters, chairs, and tables.

We sat on the only couch that didn’t have some pile of things arranged on it. We chatted for about fifteen minutes and I was kissing her while she explained to me how her husband died, how her daughter died and what is was like being a retired judge.

“You can make any move you want now Donna,” I thought to myself.

I knew I read her right when she said, “Before you go, would you put this pain relief patch on my upper back. It is so sore it needs to be stuck in just the right place.”

She handed me the patch.

I went behind her as she pulled the top of her sweater off of her shoulders and pointed at the "place". I started massaging her back in that area before I put on the pain patch.

She was tense and I could feel the knots of her stress. The more I worked on her back, the more she melted and the more she smiled. Her eyes were rolled up in her eyes and she purred.

“Let me take this sweater off so you can work on my back better,” she said. “We’re both adults, nothing under this sweater that neither of us hasn’t seen before.”

Off comes her sweater and I had to admire what I saw of her breasts in her pure white bra that had those extra support straps to tame her breasts. I was concentrating on those boobs so much that I didn't realize I dropped the pain patch on the floor. I continued massaging her back when she said, “Why don’t you unhook my bra so you don’t have that in the way of those sexy medicine hands.”

I did unhook the bra like it was a Christmas present and out of that bra were revealed the most beautiful, symmetrical breasts with perfect nipples. They were a large wonderful size and shape! Donna couldn’t be more then five feet four inches however her breasts were a bit bigger than large grape fruit with the curves and points of their own. There were no sags, wrinkles, or flaws on the entire top of her body

“Those are so pretty,” I gasped breathlessly. My tongue was drooling for a taste of them.

She smiled devilishly at me and said, “My daughter always used to tell me I had porn star breasts. They were so damn big that I had to get them reduced”

“She knew what she was talking about,” I said as I moved my head down to suckle on her large perky nipples. I could see where she had reduction surgery by the scars that were fading. They must have been gigantic at one time if reduction left them this size!. Now I knew how her bad back problems began. The weight of them was pulling her over by her tits gravity!

While I was sucking on the perfect breasts my hand wandered over to the front of her black slacks and she said, “You’d like to put your hand down there and pet my cat. Right? Go ahead, I want you to do that!”

I took her pants off and then her panties to discover the body of a woman fifteen years younger then her age. Her vagina was perfect and I just had to get my tongue in there.

I pushed her to the sofa and started licking and tonguing a vagina that was perfect. Her clit was a cute nub a quarter inch round. While I was down there I stopped now and then to shrug off my clothes.

Donna soon began hopping around on the sofa frantically while I was chasing her body and pussy so she could climax. She shuddered once and then guided me up next to her on the sofa.

“I’m going to fuck the shit out of you!” she informed me.

She straddled my left leg and began humping it. Her hands reached down to my cock while she was kissing me ferociously.

Wow, was she ever pulling on my penis! It was like she was climbing up a rope and couldn’t let go. That was my dick a woman was yanking hand over hand with the fierceness of deranged cow milker. She stretched my cock another inch! Her other hand went down and she began squeezing my balls like she was kneading dough. This was actually beginning to hurt me!

“Oh shit, Oh shit,” I was yelling in pain.

“Come on and shoot your wad on my titties,” she yelled.

I was hopping around on that sofa with her on my lap while she was in a strange ecstasy.

"Ride me cowboy, ride me," she shouted.

Suddenly I heard a crash…..

Into the house comes a roaring black, brown and white monster. It was her her giant German Shepard ready to attack me because it perceived that I was attacking it's mistress. She jumped off of me while still pulling my cock and balls trying to kick the dog away with her naked feet.

“Get the fuck out of here dog. He hasn’t shot his load on my titties yet”

This went on for almost a minute. The ex judge yelling profanities and kicking her dog while pulling me along as she moved after the dog. I had to move with her because I was already stretched too far and she had squeezed my balls so tight that I was yelping while her dog was barking.

I suddenly slipped on the medicinal patch that I dropped on the floor. She couldn’t support my weight by holding my cock and balls as I slipped and fell. I was free at last.

Donna was now able to tear into her dog unimpeded while she was cursing and kicking.

I grabbed all my clothing and didn’t get dressed until I was in my car. All the neighbors seemed to be outside, watching and some were applauding. I got out of this town imagining what would happen if that the dog bit me and exactly where would it bite?

I drove south never to meet up with the judge again. Oh yeah, I wanted to see that body again in person, but I couldn’t deal with the dog.

I pulled into a gas station and went inside to get ice for my blue balls and extra long dick.


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