Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


What would happen if we met the perfect person, had one of the best days of our life, that then evolved into something in the shadows of a park?


What would happen if we met the perfect person, had one of the best days of our life, that then evolved into something in the shadows of a park?


Submitted: September 30, 2017

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Submitted: September 30, 2017




The first time I laid my eyes on Stephanie was on a warming up spring morning in April. My hand was on my leash walking my Blue Heeler “Zeb” as I was walking out of my condominium. She was walking toward me with her own dog, a new breed they call a Labradoodle. Her hair was as raven black as her dog’s and almost as curly.

She smiled as our dogs sidled up and smelled each other.

“I haven’t seen one of them in quite a time,” she said in an English or maybe Australian accent. “He’s a Blue Heeler, hey mate?”

“He sure is,” I replied. “His name’s Zeb after Zebula and my name is Forest or just plain Forest.”

“My bitch’s named Sabra, sort of like Sabrina the witch. Oh, and my name is Stephanie, which is my name as it is. I hate it when you Yanks shorten your own names.”

We both laughed at our out door class in elocution introduction. By then our dogs had smelled each others asses and decided that there were no territorial boundary issues.

I was thinking to myself that I wouldn’t mind smelling Samantha’s ass, a thought that made me smile. Samantha was about five feet nine and was in a fine shape that made the hair on my arm stand on end.

“I’m off to walk Zeb’ULA’,” I informed Stephanie. “You know these Blue Heelers get antsy if you don’t exercise them well. In the evening I take him on a five K run after I return home.”

“I saw them on my uncle’s farm in Queensland. They love herding those cattle. Maybe me and Sabra will be looking for you and Zebula,” Stephanie winked.

How about that I thought. “Must Love Dogs” like the movie. I hustled Zeb to the nearby dog park and let him pee on eight or nine trees. He finally left his morning load which, “yes I did clean up.”

My day was interwoven with my work and day dreaming about the woman with that cute accent that might see me later. If she was a runner, maybe she had some staying power. Too many dates I had were with princesses that liked the attention and even making love. Usually after only one fuck, they were done in.

I got home and parked in my garage and could hear Zeb bark his one inquiring bark upstairs. I walked up and was greeted by Zeb, bouncing on his back paws, knowing that the best time of his day was here. The leader of the pack and he were going to run!

I shed my clothes and put on my running shorts, my Under Armor sheer shirt and my Hoka One One’s. If you are going to do it you might as well do it right. I ended it with my painter's hat and my Raybans.

I connected Zeb’s collar to the leash and opened my front door.

There she was! Stephanie! And of course she was with Sabra.

She had on the skin tight runners pants that women love to wear and a sheer blue top. She wasn’t wearing a sports bra or any bra! I could see her buds sticking out from her silver dollar sized aureoles outlined by her shirt.  I could see the camel's foot of her vagina down in front in her pubic area. Oh My God!

“I’m glad you could make it Stephanie and Sabrina!” I greeted them on the way down the stairs with Zeb.

“Which way do you like to run mate?” she asked.

“I like to go at least two miles east on Walnut then head south to the dog park.” I said as I adjusted my Fit bit. “You game for a  five K?”

“Just you wait,” she smiled coyly.


We started off with our dogs at a blasting pace. This wasn’t my normal speed, however I could almost keep up. At least I got a chance to see her amazing ass bumping as her feet hit the cement. It took me a minute before I caught up to her. Then I saw the sight of her beautiful unfettered breasts doing their own thing! Boinga, boinga, one right up, the other down, in time with her pumping legs.

“What cha’ do Forest to live?” she asked me without losing breath.

“I’m one of those agents for one of the alphabet places.” I replied semi gasping.

“Ooooh, a secret agent!” she smiled at me as we ran shoulder to shoulder.

“Sort of, maybe an under "cover" agent, but I can’t tell ya nothin’ lady!” I wheezed along with her.


We ran in lightning time and with about one K to go, she and Sabina put on their booster jets all the way to the dog park leaving me and Zeb in their dust.

She was looking at her Fit bit, when Zeb and I  arrived.

“We did a slow 25:29. You must be under the weather. Zebula and you made a 26:34.” she giggled.

I just looked at her and laughed. “Come on in the park and sit on a bench with me.”

We let the dogs off their leashes after we closed the gate and they immediately began peeing on trees, sniffing around, and meeting up with other dogs.

Stephanie and I sat together and chatted it up. I talked about being the youngest of three children and about some of my antics in the service. I even admitted that I was once in England and had “quite a good show.” She said that she had immigrated to the states five years prior and had her citizenship by marriage.

“He was a charmer Forest, but I didn’t know what I was getting into,” she mentioned with a chagrined face. “I put up with ‘im for three years and finally had to call it quits. He was like an addiction. Someone who I’m still trying to get out of my head.”

I called Zeb to me and Sabra followed. “Let’s get going,” I said to Stephanie.

We made the short walk back to my condo and I asked Stephanie to come in and have a glass of wine.

She said, “I’ll do ya one better. Let me take my bitch home, have a shower, then come back alone. I need to hose off me body, and by the way, you made me run faster then I ever have in my life.”

“It’s a deal,” I said as I kissed her forehead, then her nose, and finally her luscious petal lips.

I took Zeb upstairs and fed him, then stripped down, took a hot, then cold shower. I decided to shave again and put on khaki slacks and my favorite team’s tee shirt. I cooked up some knishes and had the wine out when I heard the doorbell ring.

Opening the door I was pole axed by this stunning lady with a short red skit and a sheer blouse. Once again I saw no encumbrance for her breasts, not like she needed them.

“Hey Stephanie, welcome to my home.”

She walked in, closed the door behind her and gave me a body tight hug and a deep soul kiss.

“Hey yerself Forest.”

She petted Zeb after we unlocked from each other and looked around. “This is what I always picture as male chic,” she said. “You do have great art work on the walls, but there is little personalty here.” She looked around while I uncorked a bottle of Chardonnay and poured each of us a glass.

“Zeb and I do have to move often. Those touches you might look for just haven’t had time to develop. Here’s to us anyway, to the alphabet man, the English woman, and always the doggies.”

I placed snacks out on the table by the sofa and guided us to sit together. She took a bite or two and smiled at me as I sipped my wine.

“I think we both know that this isn’t what we want to do right now, is it?”

I smiled, shook my head and commanded, “Zeb bed.” I looked at Stephanie and commanded, “Stephanie bed.”

I took her hand and led her to my bedroom, stopping only to lock Zeb’s crate and close the door to his room.

We lay on my bed together and became much less informal. I guess you know that under that short skirt she wore nothing. And under the blouse was pure Stephanie. We were undressed in thirty seconds and began the foreplay of kisses, nibbles, pulls, licks, caresses, and sucking. It didn’t matter who did what when. At a time my cock was in her mouth. Then it was between her breasts, and then inside her pussy. It was like the one finger in the too tight glove while we rolled each over and took dominant, then submissive positions, all the time thrusting slowly, quickly, savagely, and playfully. I finally had the itch in my cock that could never be itched ever except right then and now. I exploded in her and she began to screaming my ear, “You have me and I'm going off!”

We had drained each other and were whispering those words that had so much meaning at the time. “You were the best!” “I don’t know where you came from!”

And then Stephanie became quiet and rolled over on her side looking at me eye to eye.

“I’m not like this at all Forest,” she said. “Somehow you and that damn dog just turned me on so I had a real chance to forget myself and be real. Do you know what I mean?”

I really didn’t but only nodded as if I understood. She got out of bed and pulled me out with her to my bathroom. She turned on the shower and pulled me in behind her, lathering us both off, taking turns rubbing each other down. Then she went down on her knees on the shower floor and sucked my cock. Watching her lips gliding around and almost overwhelming her mouth gave me another boost of that infernal itch. I was soon thrusting in her mouth and came with a yell. She swallowed, looked up, and said, “Thank you Forest.”

We left the shower and toweled each other off. Tears were suddenly pouring from her eyes.

“I need to leave Forest. What ever you think, it isn’t what you or I expected. It was not by accident that I showed up at your doorstep.”

She dressed, smiled at me and said, “Goodbye alphabet man.”

I was as puzzled as a person could be. I thought we hit it off well. She and I loved dogs, she and I were fit, and we fit together in bed. And now she was leaving me. And it wasn't an accident that she met me.  Was she an agent herself trying to play me. "It couldn't be," I thought. 

“Is there anything I can do to stop you Stephanie,” I implored.

“No Forest. That damn husband of mine woke up something bad in me. It’s best we only had the best day today.”

She got in her car and pulled away from my condo with a screech of wheels. I went back inside and let Zeb out of his crate. “Sometimes I think you’re lucky to be neutered Zeb,” I said as I rubbed his ears.


I sat and tried to read, then I tried to watch the series on Prime that I loved. The later it got, the deeper was my funk. How could someone so good at finding information about other people have no idea who Stephanie was, where she lived, and what she did?


About two A.M. I knew I couldn’t sleep and decided to take Zeb down to the dog park just to wear off my excess nervous energy. I expected the place to be empty, but cars were here and there with light inside some cars on, some cars with windows down, and nebulous people were walking here, there, and up to vehicles to get something. I got glimpses of hand jobs, blow jobs, fondling, and other “sex acts” at these cars.

In the actual dog park I could barely made out groups of people gathered together doing different things. I walked us in and Zeb gave a “woof” that meant something was up that he sensed with his nose. He pulled me to one group where a woman was on her hands and knees being fucked by a man from behind. She had the cock of another man in her mouth. At the same time two other men were fondling her breasts while she was pulling on their cocks. Other men and women were around her. Some men were jacking their dicks getting in line for the next open slot.

I was out of my head in rage, despair, and sudden knowledge.

The woman in the midst of this mass of bodies was Stephanie. A Dogger addict that I heard about in England. Here she was in the states and for all I know, her husband took her here to infect us with what she loved doing there. Doggers met at parks, adverised when and where.  To the more formal English, exibitionism went hand in hand with their less formal feeling about any type of sex with anyone.  No holds were barred to many female Doggers!

She glimpsed my way, and her eyes opened wide, blinked, looked a little sorry, and I saw a shrug of her shoulder as she went back to her purposes with more intent. The queen bee taking all the males with her.

I walked away with Zeb and realized that she might have seen me one extra early morning when she was done servicing everyone that wanted something from her. Doggers loved control of big situations. She probably saw me walking Zeb and took a chance at meeting a "normal" man. The next morning she had Sabra with her and walked in the direction that she saw me walking toward in reverse order.

I turned my back on this pack and became the Alpha again of me and Zeb as we walked back to our home.


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