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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

new industry in our wacky world


Jennifer powered on her Iphone at 7am to look where she would be needed today. She scratched her hair as she went to her Gmail account and looked for the Daddio icon to open her first email.

“Appointment at 9:30 AM at 625 Dixie Highway NW,” she read to herself. “Forty eight year old male, divorced, needs special handling.”

She giggled at her supervisor’s double entendre.

Jennifer scrolled through the rest of the days work and smiled in satisfaction when she realized she would earn $500 more or less today when the taxes and commission were deducted.

It wasn’t always this good she thought as she took off her pajamas and stepped into the shower.

A month ago she was a phlebotemist at Memorial Hospital making $20.00 an hour collecting blood, urine, spit, and poop. She was always very exacting in her work and hoped that she would finish her RN degree with only one more year of school.

But then came COVID19. The hospital like so many others in the United States was closed and shuttered for only one thing. COVID19 infected patients. No longer was routine medical procedures going to happen. Six days after the announcement on television she received a notice in her email that her services in the hospital were no longer required. Personnel senior to her were held on to collect specimens and begin the throat swabbing procedures.

She teared up thinking how she was part time and not eligible for unemployment.

The world was up side down.

When she was on the last fifty dollars of her stimulus she was looking for a job, any job when she came across an add in her cities craigslist:

Specimen collectors needed immediately for work throughout the county. Must have own auto, cellphone, computer, and insurance. Registered phelbotomists are a plus. Work day is usually from 9am to 6pm but overtime rates for late evenings. Call 706-555-2950 and contact Gail.

So Jennifer called, asked for Gail, and was sent an employment form after a very intense interview on FaceTime.

“What we are employing women to do is masturbate men to collect semen specimens.” Gail was very up front with the details and explained to Jennifer that there were men that didn’t want to masturbate alone or that weren’t able to do it to themselves.

“Our parent company, Daddio, charges these men $150.00 extra for the use of a specimen collector.” Gail explained.

“We want most collectors to be your age, to be concerned, to be enthusiastic, and to be very secretive about the identity of your patients. When you successfully collect the sample you will seal the container, take a picture of it and the serial number. Then you hand it to the gentleman and leave.”

“What then?” Jennifer asked.

“You email the image to our office and we deposit $125.00 into your bank account. This is done after we take out taxes, insurance, and Social Security.”

That was eight weeks ago.

Jennifer stepped out of her shower to get ready for a new day. She put on her thong, her short skirt, a nice bra, and a low cut blouse that gave an ample view of the cleavage of her breasts. Gail had informed Jennifer that preparation was more important than the actual work itself. The patient had to feel comfortable with her and had to feel some attraction to her so the hormone levels would rise, as well as their erection so her work would be completed expeditiously.

She entered the addresses of all the clients for that day and drove off to the Dixie Highway address.

The email gave her the clients cellphone number so she could text in advance that she was on the way. She was only given a mans code name and she stuck with her own code name; Barbara. Like from the Beach Boys, “Barbara Ann.”

She found the address, texted, “I’m here,” and walked up to the front door, after putting on her face mask. Her client opened the door.

“Barbara,” he said.

“That’s me, and you are Ironic,” she replied. “Take me to your most comfortable room and we can collect your future for you.”

The man blushed but led her into a den overlooking a pond in the back yard.

Jennifer looked coyly in his eyes and asked, “What in a woman turns you on? What do you like to see, what do you like to hear? I want to make this a little bit more then a hand job,” she explained.

“I, ah, I do like to see women’s breasts jiggle while they are, ah moving around.”

“Can do,” Jennifer said. She took off her blouse, reached behind and with both hands unhooked and took off her bra.

“Now you have to take off the shorts and underwear and lean back on the sofa and enjoy. But first give me you specimen jar.” Jennifer replied as she jiggled her breasts waiting for him to get his pre-paid container.

Like a little boy, the man got the Daddio jar with the barcode and shipping bag. He handed it to her and sat on the sofa after pulling off his shorts. No underwear.

Jennifer reached into her pocketbook and took out a tube.

She held it up for him to see. “Sanitizer to clean your penis.”

She put on a set of surgeons rubber gloves and squirted a teaspoon out.

“You know the rules Ironic, no touching me, no holding back, no asking for seconds, no asking for a date or a telephone number. Just let me work you over, collect your future progeny, and leave.”

Ironic nodded watching her lather up the sanitizer in her hands. He had no idea that it was a little more then sanitizer. A 2% solution of male testosterone was added to the ingredients as well as a soluble liquid form of generic Viagra.

Jennifer took his penis in her hands and pulled it toward her while wiping on the Gel. She reached hand over hand and pulled, once, twice, three times. She stopped and got some KYGel out of her pocket book and massaged the head of his circumcised penis. It was inflating bigger as she polished the knob.

“Okay big boy, now we are going to milk you like there is no tomorrow.” she reached over and got his specimen container, took of the lid, and grabbed his cock with her right hand as she moved the container near the eye of the penis.

Jennifer started jerking slowly, watching the man’s face, eyes, and legs. She wasn’t in a hurry, but she wanted him to come with a surge and spurt.

Jennifer increased her stroke speed as she felt his penis harden almost like wood.

“Oooh honey, is it good?” she asked.

He nodded and almost immediately had that 1000 yard stare that informed Jennifer that he was almost there.

“Come on, spurt it out...SPURT IT OUT!”

His legs thrashed, his groin area bounced and she moved the container to the head of his penis just as he ejaculated.

Jennifer understood that a man had to have at least 5 to 15 good spurts before he was completed.

Ironic was done in eight.

Jennifer got the cap, screwed it on tightly, took a picture of the results, and handed the man his specimen.

“The rest is up to you,” she said. “Follow the instructions for mailing it in. I don’t do that so you know that what is sent is your own jism. People always have doubts unless they take control.”

Jennifer stood, got out a different tube of sanitizer that she used on her hands after she took off her gloves.

In reverse order, she put on her bra, then her blouse, picked up her pocketbook leaving Ironic still in a pleasure daze on his couch with his specimen in hand.

"Good bye Ironic, good luck for you in the future."

She left, got in her car, messaged and texted the picture of the specimen to headquarters.

Scrolling down she looked at the next address. Lake Shadow Drive. Man is code named Putter. She looked at the dash board clock and saw only 25 minutes had passed.

“MMMmmm, it’s going to be another good day,” Jennifer thought to herself.

Since the United States began sliding into a COVID-19 lock down there are home sperm collection companies that have seen a lot of inquiries come in from people scared about corona virus. Rather than just checking in or canceling orders, many of them seem to want to make purchases.

At-home sperm collection companies—which send men preservable sample collection kits and return postage, run lab tests on returned cups, and promise to use cryogenics to store viable seed—appear to be enjoying a big leg up in the medical industry because fertility clinics are not allowed to be open as they are not considered a viable business.

Chinese doctors, based on speculation rather than evidence, speculated that COVID-19 may affect the testes and so perhaps could impact male fertility. Another study in late March further suggested the prolonged stress people are feeling now could have a long-term harmful effect on sperm. Chatter has spread online about the reality that serious illnesses and high fevers can negatively impact sperm. They also are still learning about this new virus, we can’t say for sure what its total short- or long-term fertility impacts may be and men are worried.

Submitted: May 23, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Michael Arlis. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

Wow, we will capitalize any way we can to make money. This was a great story of something that is certainly viable especially if fears are hight concerning infertility. It is a small window and trying to get as many customers as possible a real concern, but of course sperm outside of the body will not last long so the client would need to follow instructions to the letter.

Wed, May 27th, 2020 12:04am


That's why she left it up to the customer to overnight his product in for harvesting. I hope she didn't forget to add the setting chemical!

Wed, May 27th, 2020 6:28am

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