Under The Red Moon

Under The Red Moon

Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


Seventeen year old Xavier ran away from home to begin a life of his own. One night, however, when he decides to hitch a ride with an older man, he kidnaps Xavier and takes him to a secluded part of the woods and commits an unspeakable act upon the young man.


Seventeen year old Xavier ran away from home to begin a life of his own. One night, however, when he decides to hitch a ride with an older man, he kidnaps Xavier and takes him to a secluded part of the woods and commits an unspeakable act upon the young man.


Submitted: May 26, 2012

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Submitted: May 26, 2012



Xavier looks down the dark, Kentucky highway, wondering if any cars are come this late at night. He checks his watch and sighs. It's almost midnight.The only light he has besides his watch are the moon and stars. He didn't bother to bring his cell phone. His parents would surely call and that would hurt too much. He had to cut of contact.

At least until he got to Seattle and has a place to live and a job. His cousin, Lily, will help him get all of that. She knows that he is coming. Finally, he allows his arm to fall to his side. Holding it out for nearly an hour made it ache. He shoves his hands into the pockets of his black jeans and looks up at the sky. It's a very lovely night. For some reason, the moon looks red. Not that it creeps him out or anything of that sort. Judging by his black jeans, his Cult t-shirt, his chucks, black hoody, light gray eyes, then thick, smudged black eyeliner and long, dark, straight disheveled hair, one can tell he enjoyed the darker aspects of life. Xavier yawns and stretches a little bit. He prays a car will come soon and will drop him off at a rest stop or a cheap motel.

He doesn't want to sleep outside with the mosquitoes again.

He then sees the headlights of an old pickup truck. Relieved, he flags the driver down. When the pickup pulls up, Xavier sees a handsome man in his early twenties, dressed in ripped, faded jeans and an old Tasmainian Devil t-shirt, with thick, wavy chestnut brown hair and sky blue eyes on the driver's side, smiling at him. Xavier blushes lightly, thankful that it is too dark for the man to notice.

"Can I help you?" he asks kindly in a soft southern accent, his blue eyes twinkling in the dark.

"Oh, yes, I need a ride to the nearest rest stop, if you don't mind." Xavier says.

"No problem, that's just about six or seven miles. Hop in." the man replies gesturing to the passenger side.

"Thank you so much." Xavier says. He walks around and slides into the truck, setting his backpack on the floor. They pull out and head down the highway.

"So what's your name?" the stranger asks casually.


"I'm David. It's nice to meet you Xavier." David smiles at him and Xavier can't help but to smile back. This guy could be a model in a magazine.

"So, what do you do, David?" Xavier asks.

"Ah, just construction jobs for now. You heading anywhere specific?"


"Really? Where are you from?"

"Brooklyn, New York." David gives him a surprised look.

"You look kinda young to be making such a long trip. How old are you?"

"Seventeen." Xavier replies.

"Huh. Your folks are letting you go on this trip by yourself? Isn't that a little dangerous for a kid to be hitching rides at this Godforsaken hour?" David asks. It seems a bit strange that this man, who Xavier has only known for less then five minutes, is so interested in him. Still, it's nice to talk to someone after traveling alone for two days straight.

"Actually, they didn't. I...well... kind of ran away." Xavier admits. David looks at him, a bit shocked.

"Why did you run off? Does your old man beat you or something?"

"No, no, it's nothing like that. I'm actually doing this forthem." Xavier states. David raises an eyebrow

"You care to explain what you mean by that?" he asks. Xavier bites his lip, hesitating.

"It's personal."

"You can tell me if you want to. I'm not that kind of person who goes around, looking down at other people." David assures him gently. Xavier takes in a deep breath.

"I recently came out of the closet." he whisper. He squeezes his eyes shut, prepared for the verbal and physical attacks that are sure to come. Instead David continues the questions.

"And they didn't like it?" he asks in the same, casual manner. Relieved that he didn't get beaten or called 'faggot', Xavier explains.

"Actually, my parents don't mind. It's the rest of my family that hates it. They've been trying to get my parents to send me somewhere to be 'cured'. My parents, they won't budge once their minds are made up. They decided that it doesn't matter if I'm gay or not. But the rest of my family are devout Catholics. They believe that this is a choice I made to defy God. That I'm some heathenous, perverted faggot. That's why I'm going to Seattle. My cousin, Lily, ended to be bisexual, so she knows what I'm going through." Xavier chuckles without humor. "Truth is, I really don't know if there's a God or not. If there is, then He must be so cruel to allow me to be born with these feelings and to then send me to Hell for it." Tears fill Xavier's eyes as he lowers his head, his hair covering his face. David reaches out and places a hand on the young man's trembling shoulder. The warmth brings Xavier some comfort.

"Hey, I know the way you feel. My old man was the same way. Used to beat my hide bloody while quoting the goddamn Bible. My mom would just watch the bastard. So, have you been fucked yet?" Startled by the lewd, unexpected question, Xavier looks up and notices that they are no longer on the highway, but on an old dirt road in the woods. Xavier's sadness is instantly replace by confusion.

"David, where are you taking me?" he asks, beginning to feel nervous. David takes his hand of Xavier shoulder. There is a very dark expression on his face.

"You're queer too, right Xavier? You just might enjoy this as well." David says in a low voice.

"I want to get out." Xavier mutters and reaches for the door handle. He hears a click and turns his head, finding himself staring at the barrel of a pistol. want to get out." Xavier

"You're not going anywhere. Now keep that pretty little ass of yours in that seat." David hisses. Trembling, Xavier nods.

"Okay, okay." he whispers. He turns to the window and sees that the stars have disappeared, only leaving the blood red moon. It makes the trees seem even taller and more treacherous. After driving for about a half hour, David finallly stops.

"Get out." he orders. Xavier hurriedly gets out of the truck, his hand up. David steps out and walks around to Xavier, pointing the pistol right at him. "Take your clothes off and just drop them right next to the truck. Take them all off."

"A-alright." Xavier stutters as he starts to strip. Every article of clothing is dropped in a pile until he is completely naked. David throws the pistol back into the truck and runs at him, tackling the young man onto the ground.

"No! Get let go of me!" Xavier screams as he tries to shove the much stronger man off of him. As they struggle, they roll away from the pickup and down a slightly steep hill. Frustrated, David slaps him on the side of the head, takes off his t-shirt and flips him onto his back.

"Don't try that shit with me, Xavier. Count yourself luck that I like you too much to fuck up that pretty face of yours." He snarls. He then starts kissing and licking his abdomen and fondling his nipples, making the young man's body feel aroused. Xavier gasps and arches his back when David kisses the area below his bellybutton. David takes his hardening cock into his mouth and start sucking on it.

"N-no! Please stop!" Xavier cries out, all too aware of what is happening to his body. "Uh...ngh...hahh..." he moans, even as tears of humiliation stream down his cheeks. David sucks harder and begins massaging his balls. "Aahh....haahhhh...!!" Xavier cries out as he orgasms in David's mouth, who swallows his cum and smiles at the tortured, humiliated young man.

"Now, give me what I want." David whispers. He raises Xavier's knees and spreads his legs apart. He unzipping his jean and takes out his cock. Positioning himself, he violently shoves himself inside of the young man.

"AAAGGHHHH!" Xavier shrieks as he is painfully penetrated. He feels like he's about to be ripped in half.

"You're so tight." David moans. He kisses the ears off Xavier cheeks and consoles him before he starts to thrust into him with rough carelessness, pulling his hips while he does so.

"Ah...oww...nooo...ahhhh....uhh...aahhh...!!" Xavier sobs as David brutally pounds into him. He didn't want to lose his virginity. Not like this. He prays that this will be over soon. David pushes himself even deeper and hits Xavier's prostate.

"Uhhhh!!" Xavier cries out, the sudden pleasure adding to his self-hatred and humiliation.

"You're really good Xavier. The best I've had." David grunts. He grabs Xavier's stiff member and starts to stroke it.

"Haahhhh.....no...no...!!" Xavier sobs. He feels like he's about to go insane. David simply continues to thrust inside of him, seeking his own completion.

"I gonna cum!" David hisses. With that, he comes inside of him and Xavier orgasms as well. They lay there for a few minutes before David pulls out of Xavier and stands, zipping up his jeans and slipping his t-shirt back on. He lights up a cigarette and stares at down at Xavier, who lies there, violated and in pain, far too afraid to move an inch. David contemplates of what to do with him. It would be such a waste to kill such a beautiful young man, so that's out of the question. Nor does he want to leave him here. After a bit, he makes a desicion and finishes his cigarette, crushing the butt with the heel of his black workboot. He bends down and lifts Xavier's limp body into his arms and carries him back to the truck.

"Uhnn....." Xavier moans. Laying him down in the tailgate, David grabs his clothes and dresses him. Feeling aroused, he then decides to have another go. Pulling Xavier's jeans and boxers down to his knees and turning him onto his stomach, David does the same to himself and pushes his cock up Xavier's ass. Xavier cries out, but he doesn't scream as he did the first time. Instead, he steadily sobs as David violently pounds inside of him. David soon finishes up and pulls Xavier's pants up. He then carries the young man and sets him in the passenger seat and buckles him in. David then gets in the driver's side, starts the truck and heads back towards the highway. He glances at Xavier, who has his knees pulled up to his chest, hugging them.

"Why did you do this to me, David?" Xavier whispers. David is quiet.

"You're mine now Xavier. You're not going to Seattle. I've got a job down in Oregon and you're coming with me. Try anything and I'll kill you and your whole fucking family." David says flatly. A dark feeling of dread and hopelessness comes over Xavier. He wants to go home. He should have just tolerated his relatives' ignorance and stay with his parents. He wants his mother to hug him tightly and to have his father tell him that everything is going to be okay. He looks out the window and sees the blood red moon high in the black, starless sky.

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