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Shop talk Shop talk

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A trip up North to a mechanic's shop in the artic dessert quickly turns steamy as the mermaid surprises her captain with a midnight maintenance request


A trip up North to a mechanic's shop in the artic dessert quickly turns steamy as the mermaid surprises her captain with a midnight maintenance request


Submitted: March 31, 2013

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Submitted: March 31, 2013



Depite the freezing cold temperatures in Northern Alaska, the mermaid ventured into the cold on a covert personal mission. She knew that her captain worked nights alone…an entire mechanic’s shop all to himself, filled with hand tools, pulleys, lifts and cables…lots of different kinds of cables... Her captain, with a fetish for knot tying was in a virtual playground with all the cables of varying sizes around the shop. They’d spoken about it often, and joked about her showing up in the middle of the night, dressed in cold weather gear, but underneath brandishing stockings and a bustier.

As she hopped out of the truck and the freezing cold wind hit her face, the mermaid felt a jolt of energy hit her as she realized what was about to happen. The cold left no time for her to imagine what would lie ahead, but pushed her to find out immediately. She ran toward the door of the shop, reaching it she wrenched it open and quickly slipped inside.

“Hello!” said an all too familiar voice. The mermaid could hear her captain’s footsteps moving toward her. She remained in the spot she had entered the shop, standing just inside the door and began to unbutton her coat, revealing a black leather choker as the neck of the coat fell away from her. The captain rounded the corner as his mermaid undid her last button and pushed one coat flap to the side displaying her black and red bra-less bustier and black thigh high stockings and fire red heels. The jewels on the barbells of her nipple ring twinkled a bit as she let her coat fall away from her left shoulder.

As the captain worked to make sense of it all, she smiled at him and slowly walked toward him, as he had not moved since seeing her. “Hello, lover. I’m in need of emergency maintenance. You think you can give me a once over before I get back on the road? I’ve got about an hour and a half before I need to be mobile again”

The captain’s look of surprise quickly faded, an understanding grin easily replacing the questioning look he once had. “Sure, honey, but I’m going to have to strip you down to your bare parts to see what’s going on underneath your hood. Can I prop you up and have a look?”

This is what the mermaid enjoyed most about the captain, his willingness to do just about anything without much explanation or coaxing. He knew exactly why she was there and the mermaid could see the look of recognition in his eye as he guided her through the shop to a clear platform, stripped her coat from her body and told her to sit down.

A cable hung just to the outside of the mermaid’s leg as she sat on the platform that was barely a foot off of the ground. Perfect height for her to see the captain’s bulging cock press against the seam of his coveralls as he stood in front of her, doing something with the cable that dangled at her side. She couldn’t wait for him to pull out his cock and rub it across her lips.

She reached up to release his hardness from the fabric and was quickly told, “No, put your hands together in front of you.” The mermaid did as she was bade and the captain reached down and guided her hands through a noose the he had created with the end of the cable.

As the captain pulled the cable, the mermaid felt her arms begin to rise above her head. Once her arms were stretched comfortably above her, the captain secured the cable at that height and pressed a button that made the platform begin to rise.

The platform stopped at a height just near the captain’s shoulders.

“Slide your ass to the edge" the captain commanded his mermaid

She slid her bare ass to the edge of the platform and crossed her legs playfully.

“Open up so I can see what needs to be addressed first” the captain instructed the mermaid.

She slowly slid her knees apart, letting her legs dangle freely over the edge of the platform.

The captain walked toward the mermaid and reached up to her mouth, sliding her first two fingers inside, letting her tongue roll around their length, wetting them. He then pulled his fingers out of her mouth and slid them both into her pussy. Steadily he pushed inside her, feeling her tightness wrap around his fingers as he delved deeper inside of her. The mermaid breathed out a groan. Just as the mermaid exhaled her first sound of pleasure, the captain’s tongue rolled over her clit. He inhaled her scent deeply and sucked her clit slowly, moving his fingers inside of her as he did. He could feel her unfolding, her wetness engulfing his fingers, sliding down to the platform. The captain listened to her whimpering moans, knowing she was aching to reach down and push his head into her snatch. He felt her start to grind against his face as his cock began to throb inside his coveralls. The mermaid wrapped her legs over his shoulders and around his back, beckoning him to push deeper into her mound, but he did not, he kept her climax at bay and relished in the sound of her hungry, panting breaths.

“Give me your cock” the mermaid moaned “please, just let me taste your precum”

The captain eased his fingers out of his mermaid’s wet lips and gave her clit one last roll with his tongue then lowered the platform to its starting position and told the mermaid, “Get off of the platform and onto your knees if you want my precum”

Breathing rapidly and eyeing the captain intently, the mermaid slid off of the platform, leaving a glisten of moisture where her ass once was. She lowered herself to her knees and commanded the captain, “Now bring me that cock”

The captain walked up to the mermaid, pulling down his coveralls and releasing his rod from his pants as he neared her. He was careful to keep his precum shinning on the tip of his shaft, seeing his mermaid's hungry eyes locked onto the head of his cock. Grabbing a handful of the mermaid’s hair in one hand and his throbbing cock in the other, the captain painted the mermaid’s lips with his clear, sticky liquid and listened to his mermaid moan appreciation as he did so.

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue” directed the captain thumping his swollen head against the mermaid’s tongue as she panted impatience with her outstretched tongue. The captain then guided his cock into her mouth, pushing it deep into his mermaid’s throat, feeling her moan around it as he did so.

He pulled in and out of her mouth at a steady pace, feeling her saliva spill over his balls as he did so. As the captain’s rhythm quickened, the mermaid pulled her lips from his rod, letting spit and precum slide down her chin, cautioning, “you’re not coming that quick, captain, not until you fill my pussy with your cock”

The captain smiled approval, enjoying their frequent change of command.
“How do you want it first, my mermaid?” the captain queried.

“In your boss’s office, on his desk”

Without hesitation, the captain released the mermaid from her tie up and led her to her requested destination, where he proceeded to grant her request…

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