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cameras and elevators cameras and elevators

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Benefit balls are for great causes...but sometimes, they just blow! So the captain and his mermaid find a way to quickly liven up the evening.


Benefit balls are for great causes...but sometimes, they just blow! So the captain and his mermaid find a way to quickly liven up the evening.


Submitted: April 08, 2013

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Submitted: April 08, 2013



The black and white benefit ball had lasted well into the evening and although the happenings thus far were enjoyable and the food and beverage selection was delicious, the captain’s mermaid hungered for a meal that wasn’t on the beautifully scripted menu she stared at in the center of the table.

These events tended to wear on much longer than necessary so the mermaid and her captain had agreed ahead of time to leave before the event officially ended. Still, the mermaid was quite ready to leave now and seeing as they did not opt to stay at the hotel she felt even more impatient to get to a place where she could have the meal she was beginning to ache for.

Sensing her angst, the captain leans over to his mermaid, resting his hand on her thigh just underneath the table and puts his face close to her ear, exhaling slowly onto the nape of her neck. “Meet me at the main elevator in 10 minutes, we can leave in a bit” he whispers to his mermaid, moving his hand from on top of her thigh to the inside of her right leg. The captain leans back from her a bit to look into her eyes for acknowledgement, sliding his hand along the satin of her dress and stopping just at her mound. The mermaid’s lips slowly curl in agreement and the captain  standing, lets his hand graze her body lightly, allowing her hardened nipple to be the last thing his fingers touch before he walks in the direction of sponsor's table section.

Assuming that the captain is making his rounds, the mermaid starts feeling as though 10 minutes of nothingness would be too agonizing, the she decides to pass the time with thoughts of what she anticipates will happen after they leave the ball.

As thoughts of the captain pulling her hair and thrusting deeply into her snatch enter her mind, the mermaid smoothly moves her chair closer to the table so that her torso meets the table’s edge. She rests one arm lazily on the table, watching the speaker for the evening discuss his upcoming ventures and reaching her other hand down to the hem of her dress, quickly glides her hand up to her impatient pussy so that she can playfully tease her clit. Sitting at the rear of the table, the mermaid feels certain no one will notice her giving herself a few minutes worth of play time. Tracing her fingers down the sides of her pussy lips and bumping the heal of her hand against her clit, the mermaid teases herself staying on the outside of her satin panties. Feeling the table cloth under the hand that rests on the table reminds the mermaid of the feeling of sheets under her fingertips and as images of the captain burying his rod into her snatch flash across her mind, her desire for penetration of at least one of her holes deepens. Closing her eyes and sliding her panties to the side with her index finder, the captain’s mermaid dips her middle finger into her pussy and pushes it fully into her moist and eager hole.  The sensation is more jolting than she expectsand she grabs the cloth under her fingertips, tugging just enough to upset the water goblet that sits in front of her. As the cold water spills onto her lap and soaks into her warm mound, the sharp contrast of temperature makes the mermaid call out in unexpected pleasure.

All heads within ear shot turn toward er and seeing the overturned goblet, many nod understanding and sympathy thinking her spilled drink to be the cause of her outburst. Pleased with the opportune turn of events, the mermaid uses the incident as excuse to leave. Uncertain of how much time has actually passed, the mermaid hopes that she hasn’t kept the captain waiting at the elevators too long.

Nearing the main elevator hub, the mermaid finds her captain with his back to her loosening his tie, and removing his jacket.

“Have you been waiting long” she asks the captain as he turns at the sound of her voice, taking in her beautiful curves as they move smoothly toward him. The contrast of the white dress against her caramel skin makes him think of vanilla soft serve ice cream topped with warm sticky caramel. He’d love to watch both melt down her body. He notices the wet mark on her dress and raises an eyebrow questioningly, “you started without me?” he teases

“Well, you know how I like to take things into my own hands instead of waiting” she slyly replies. “Why did you want me to meet you here anyway? We still have to grab our things on the way out; I could have just met you near the exit.”

“We’re not leaving yet, lover.” The captain asserts and presses the up button on the elevator. The mermaid watches the captain eye the descending floor indicator lights intently. He seemed to be keeping time as the elevator descended from the 76th floor to the 1st.

“About three minutes” he says to his mermaid as the elevator doors open. “One and half minutes up and the same time coming back down” The captain motions for the mermaid to step inside the elevator.

A knowing smile curls the edges of the mermaid’s mouth into a grin… “Three minutes for what?” she asks

“Three minutes for you to bring my load out. Think you can get me off that fast?” the captain challenges

“Get ready to have your mind blown…literally” laughs the mermaid.

Locating the camera in the elevator, the captain reaches up to cover it with his black dinner jacket.

“No, let them watch” the mermaid says pressing the button for the 76th floor, then turning to face her captain.

She unzips his pants and pulls out his swollen cock, kneeling to bring her face in front of his ready shaft. As the elevator doors begin to close, the mermaid catches a glimpse of the evening’s presenter, staring intently at her and the captain; she watches his jaw drop, as hers does the same she takes the captain’s throbbing cock into her mouth just as the elevator doors seal shut.

The captain feels the head of his cock touch the back of her throat as she engulfs his shaft with her warm, wet mouth and soft lips. The captain can feel her saliva begin to run down the sides of his cock. With a hand behind either of the captain’s thighs, his mermaid proceeds to pull him closer to her, moving her lips closer to the base of his shaft, deep throating his entire length before pulling back and rolling her tongue around the head of his cock. Spitting into her hand, the mermaid replaces her mouth with her hand on the captain’s cock and takes his sack into her mouth. She begins to stroke the captain’s cock vigorously while tonguing his balls and moaning. Looking down, the captain can see that his mermaid is going for a two for one, she plans to come also. He watches her gyrating hips move against her hand as she continues to jack his cock with firm, deliberate strokes. The thought of his mermaid getting them both off in three minutes sends ripples of pleasures throughout his body.

The elevator dings the 35th floor and the captain’s eyes are locked on the mermaid’s as she moves her head back and forth on the length of his shaft, grinding her hips into her hand with the same rhythm. He can feel her quickening breath dance on his cock as she exhales from her nose in shorts bursts.

The elevator doors slide open, indicating their arrival at the 76th floor, the mermaid does not skip a beat, she continues to swallow cock as shocked on lookers at the 76th floor opt to wait for the next down elevator. The captain smiles as he pushes the button for the 1st floor, letting his head fall back and he thrusts into his mermaid’s mouth. He can hear her muffled moan and knows that she is just as close to climaxing as he is.

The captain’s mermaid is again vigorously stroking his cock. The mixture of precum and saliva allowing her had to slide easily up and down the captain’s shaft. Both of his balls are in her mouth now and she is moan loudly into them. The captain inhales deeply, taking in the scent of his lover’s dripping snatch as she firmly, steadily milk’s the captain’s cock and balls. The smooth back and forth between her warm, moist mouth sucking hard on his cock and her slippery fingers wrapped firmly around it, jacking it pulls the captain nearer to climax, and he tells her so, just as the elevator indicates that they are passing the 7th floor.

Wanting to feel him swell fully in her mouth and blow his spunk down her throat, the captain’s mermaid begins to rapidly deep throat the captain’s cock while spreading her knees wide and finger banging herself to her second climax of the evening. As her muffled moans of climax fill the elevator, the captain locks eyes with his mermaid and places both hands behind her head proceeding to thrust fully into her throat, letting his explosion fill her mouth as pussy juice drips from her fingers as they slide out of her pulsating snatch. Swallowing the last of his load, the mermaid removes her mouth from the captain’s cock and kneels panting as the elevator arrives at the 1st floor.

The doors do not open immediately; rather a voice comes over the intercom saying,

“We’re glad you didn’t put your jacket over the camera. We’ll hold the doors shut while you get yourselves together as our way of saying ‘thanks’”

The captain and the mermaid look at one another in surprise, but go about straightening their clothes anyway.

With clothes appropriately replaced, the doors to the elevator open, the captain and mermaid turn to the camera, smile, wave a “thank you” and exit the elevator, catching a glimpse of the presenter’s astonished face as they walk toward the hotel exit.



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