Dovetailing - A Sexual Encounter

Dovetailing - A Sexual Encounter

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Karen finds the secret to a successful party.



Karen finds the secret to a successful party.


Submitted: April 08, 2012

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Submitted: April 08, 2012






Karen Shipley had attended a sex toy party at her friend Anabel’s house about a month ago.  Not only was she sold on several of the products that the consultant displayed that night, but she also decided to become an independent consultant.

Karen’s husband, Mark, was a little surprised that she wanted to do this, but he knew that it was important to her to have her own spending money. Her husband was oblivious to the final persuasion that had tipped the scale.

That night at Anabel’s house the consultant, Estella, had demonstrated a new lube that was on the market. The lube was made to heat only when it mixed with saliva or the juices from a women’s hot cunt. Estella had surprised the party guests that night by performing a live demonstration. What made it even more exciting is that the party goers were blindfolded and used as the objects of the demonstration. Each of the four women at the party were blindfolded; had to remove their panties; have the special lube poured over their clits; and were given special, individual attention from a mystery man.

Her ‘man’ had made her so hot! He had licked and sucked until she came, her juices flooding down his chin and naked chest. She remembers giggling with embarrassment, but even her embarrassment couldn’t wipe away how amazing that man had made her feel. She had bought several bottles of the lube, but still Estella wouldn’t give up any of her secrets. Even when she agreed to become a consultant Estella withheld the information of who her mystery man had been. In fact, Karen was getting a little frustrated because she couldn’t figure out how to make her parties as exciting as the first party that she had gone to at Anabel’s house.

“Hello?” Karen answered her cell as she sat in her car waiting for her two boys to get out of school.

“Karen? I hope you are not busy tonight. I have the perfect dovetail opportunity for you tonight. I have a class, but I’m not able to make it. Do you think you can do the class for me?” Estella’s voice sounded desperate over the phone. In the independent consulting world, dovetailing was a technique used when the original consultant was unable to service their client’s party. A sister consultant would step in to run the party. Because the sister consultant was doing this out of the goodness of her heart she would get a small percentage of the sales while the main percentage would still go to the consultant who booked the party in the first place. This way a party never has to be canceled just because the consultant couldn’t make it.

“Sure. Is everything okay?”

“Yes, I just found out that my mother-in-law will be flying into LAX this evening and I’m the only one able to pick her up. You sure it won’t be a problem?”

“No, no problem at all.”

“Remember that new dual vibrator that we were waiting for? Well, it’s supposed to be released this weekend, but they sent me a sample shipment a little early.  I promised my client that I would bring it to the party tonight. Showcasing it tonight won’t be a problem, will it?”

“I don’t see why that would be a problem.  Just leave your instructions and I can pick up your kit after I run the kids home.”

“You are the best, Karen. Thanks a million!”


Karen arrived on time at the client’s house, but hadn’t had time to look at Estella’s notes. There were only three women at this party, including Stacey, the host.

“This is kind of a small party, Stacey.” Usually toy parties attracted lots of women.

“Yeah, I know. Estella said that I could only invite two other women. Said that she was having a hard time digging up enough of the new vibrators to demonstrate for us.”

Karen thought that was a strange reason to limit the number of guests at a party, but decided to dismiss it and continue on with setting up.

After she had all the toys displayed artfully on the display table, Karen pulled out the box that contained the new dual vibrator. Her brow creased as she read the selling points and the directions.  It looked like this vibrator was to be worn by the woman while having intercourse. Hmmm . . . She picked up Estella’s note which told her that she was going to be the prime demonstrator for this new toy.

Her cell phone vibrated to announce that she’d received a text. She didn’t recognize the number, but perked up when she read the message.

Running a little late. Be there in 5. Don’t start the party without me.

Who would leave that kind of message? She decided not to let it worry her, though.  She got the party started and wowed the Stacey and her guests with the various toys and their capabilities.  She even showed the special lube, but couldn’t do it justice because she lacked the fantastic demonstrators from her first party.

“Now, ladies, this dual vibrated is new on the market and I don’t know a lot about it myself. So, we’ll be learning . . .” The door bell rang.

“Excuse me, girls. I’ll be right back.” Stacey went out to the foyer to answer door. The guests made small talk until Stacey came back with a man.

“Karen?” The man looked around the room as he called her name, but he quickly settled on her lips, as if he recognized her. She gave a short intake of breath. He was gorgeous and his voice was so sexy it made my clit throb just to hear it. The new guest to the party was at least six foot three inches tall with broad shoulders and a thin waist. He wore a tight t-shirt that accentuated his muscular chest and biceps. It was obvious that he spent hours at the gym. He had sandy blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a wide chin dusted with a five o’clock shadow.

“I’m Karen. Can I help you?”

“I hope that you got my text earlier letting you know that I was going to be a little late?”

“Yes, yes, I did, but I didn’t know that text came from you.”

“I can tell by the look on your face that you are a little confused,” his luscious lips lifted in a one-sided grin. “I’m Seth. Estella asked me to come and help demonstrate the new dual vibrator tonight.”

Where does Estella get these guys? Who cares, Karen thought, as she decided that she was going to ride this wave.

“Okay, I’m a little behind because I didn’t get a chance to read all of Estella’s note. How are we going to demonstrate this new toy?” Karen licked her lips, anticipating his answer.

Seth broke into a full grin as he lifted one eye brow. “Hold on a minute.” Seth went back out into the foyer. The women could hear a little shuffling as the front door opened and closed. They all looked at each other with confusion on their faces. Seth entered the room again with three other men of similar build and hotness.

“Estella said that these vibrators need personal demonstration in order to experience the full effects. My guys here - Glenn, Aidan, and Cliff - are going to give each of you a personal demonstration.” Seth pulled three more dual vibrators out of the bag that he’d been carrying when he entered the room and handed them to each of the ladies.

“Okay, ladies, this is where the fun begins.  I want each of you to take off clothes from the waist down and insert the vibrator. Then you get to choose which of these guys will be your personal demonstrator, but this one . . .” he paused as his eyes landed on Karen. “This one is for me.” His voice dropped seductively as he gave Karen a pointed stare.

The women wasted no time in removing their panties and inserting the dual vibrators into their slick channels. Cliff pulled out a bottle of lube and tossed it around to the guys as they also removed their pants and rubbed lube on their thick cocks.

Karen almost felt like she was having an out of body experience as she watched everyone get half undressed and go about inserting vibrators and applying lube. The three women, Stacey, Eden, and Holly - had very different personalities and went about choosing their personal demonstrator in different ways. Stacey wasted no time. After removing her panties and inserting the vibrator she chose Aiden who was of similar height. Eden looked between Cliff and Glenn before choosing Cliff. She also looked longingly at Aiden as if she would take them all if she had a choice. Lastly, Holly blushed deeply as she looked at the ground. Glenn walked up to her and drew finger along the underside of her chin, lifting her face for a gentle kiss.

There was already lots of open space in the middle of the living room as each of the men guided the women to lie down.

“Since we don’t know each other all that well, a little foreplay is in order, don’t you agree, Karen?” Seth murmured as he lowered himself on top of her and began sprinkling kisses along her neck. Karen could feel her clit begin to throat. Seth’s cock invaded the space between them with a thick, hotness that made her heart beat quicken.

“Seth, are you the one?” She didn’t need to explain further. She knew that he would understand that she was asking about the lube party from a month ago.

“Yes, and I couldn’t wait to get back into your panties. I’ve been dreaming about you since that night.”

“Did Estella keep you in the dark too?”

“Uh uh, but I ‘suppose she had no choice tonight.”

Karen could hear the other ladies moaning as the men pleasured them. Seth was scrapping his teeth across her nipples as they hardened under her blouse. His hands had a mind of their own as they explored her body.

“Are you nice and wet yet?” His smoky voice asked as his fingers dipped between her wet folds. “Oh, yes, we are ready.” He massaged her clit until her nub swelled to twice its normal size. Her cunt was throbbing, begging for release.

“Ladies, go ahead and turn the vibrators on.” Seth looked into Karen’s eyes with a wicked grin. “Guys, let’s get ready to ride.”

There was a moment’s pause while the ladies turned their vibrators on. Karen heard a low hum and the intake of multiple breaths. As Seth prepared his cock to enter her slick channel Karen looked over at the other women. Each of them was looking up into the eyes of their lovers as their faces flushed with excitement. Each of them giving a collective moan as the men slowly slid their dicks into the women’s cunts.

Karen couldn’t believe how amazing it felt! The vibrator was angled so that it pressed against her g-spot as Seth’s cock filled her. The other end of the vibrator was nestled against her clit. Karen looked into Seth’s eyes and she could tell that he was enjoying the vibrations. The vibrator accelerated her pleasure and made it impossible not to cum right away. Waves of pleasure rocked through her as her climax hit her. Her whole body convulsed as her clit contracted over and over again. Seth lifted up her blouse and took her left nipple into his mouth. He was sucking and massaging as he continued to extract every last drop of her climax out of her.

“Oh my god, Aiden!”

“Come on, baby!”

“Oooooo, Cliff!”

“Holly, you are amazing!”

The sounds of their sex joined together as each of the women came. Karen soon realized that none of the men had cum, including Seth. They each continued to pump their stiff cocks into the women.

“I don’t care about the other toys. This one has me sold!” Karen heard Eden should from the other side of the room. “Does the demonstrator come with it? Oooooo!”

These men were experts! They gently, but steadily brought each of the women back to the brink of climax before shifting them onto their hands and knees. They each entered the women doggy style. Because the vibrator was pleasuring her clit Seth’s hands concentrated on Karen’s boobs. The multiple sensations were sending ripples of pleasure through her body.

“Oh, baby! I am cumming. Now!” Just as Karen felt her own resistance break Seth came, shooting wave after wave of his hot, sticky cum into her pussy. She knew that each of the other couples had reached their pinnacle because the room was filled with gasps and moans.

“Seth, you are an incredible demonstrator. I hope that you will demonstrate for my parties in the future.”

In no time Karen rose in the ranks and became a director of the company. She never had a problem adding consultants to her team because she had her own dedicated demonstrators that were experts in getting women to buy any product that the company had for sale.  Success was bliss!!

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