Skyfire Drive - Part II

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Returning to the neighborhood of his youth, a traveler invites the mother of his oldest friend to rediscover her passion...while her unfaithful husband is away from home.


Knowing I was too spent to leave anytime soon, my hostess suggested I sleep on the family room couch. But sometime in the night I awoke. My cock stiffened with the memory of where I was. I remembered how Janice Winslow, the mother of my oldest friend, tucked me in with a blanket before saying goodnight; then she headed upstairs, the floorboards creaking all the way up to her room.

When I reached the first step to climb the stairs, the same noise alerted the house of my determined arousal. I stepped again and again as if threatening the bones of the house, as if each dangerous step might break the foundation of the Winslow’s abode; and still I advanced. Then, in her white night gown, Janice appeared at the top of the stairs.

Though the house held only the two of us, she spoke softly nonetheless: “You shouldn’t be up at this hour.” But these words were only meant to obstruct me and any further movement toward her bed chamber.

“I think we’re just dreaming,” I said.

“I think so too,” said Janice. And we approached each other again, meeting on the stairway. I wanted to taste her again, to smell her cooch, to run my tongue over her from a few steps below her. Instead, she had something to say to me.

“My room is off limits. That’s a marriage bed.” I honored the message by bowing my head. Then I stepped closer and kissed her sleepy mouth. I grabbed her breasts, and let her slowly ease into the pleasure and the idea of having me again, wherever she wanted it to happen.

She guided our bodies to the upstairs floor where she lowered herself to the floor and knelt on the last step. The angle allowed for an intense mounting in missionary position, with her gown lifted above the waist. We made love in a manner of sweet tenderness until I felt animal urges raise my frame from her warmth. My cock hammered deep as I moved, to engage her in a lusty position that allowed her to watch my muscled engaged as I ravaged deep. She raised her legs for me and pulled her knees up to her chest. Grateful she was so fit and slender, my hands clutched behind her knees and we held a gaze that maintained all the delight and appreciation we shared together. I dropped my focus to watch my length penetrate here nearly a hundred times in relentless motion until I finally had to pull out again.

“I’m never gonna fall asleep, Janice. I’m having too much fun.” My voice was a rough whisper.

“Let’s take a hot shower.” She said, and pulled both her hands to lift her. Into the guest bathroom we went, where she lit a broad scented candle and started the water. We embraced in the nude while we readied for bathing beneath the warm rush of the spout. We entered the shower together, touching, with careful footing. But as the water hit our skin, I faced her again, and held her back against the wall with a bar of soap tracing her figure at the back of her legs and over her narrow ass. I parted her legs and soaped my shaft before pressing her lips apart with my sudsy tip. Fucking her in a slippery stance shocked her, but fucking became her and she dug nails into me with her delight.

Then Janice pressed me to part from her as she turned around. At the end of the bath tub, she wiped her ass dry with a washcloth from the rack beside the shower curtain.

I grabbed the cocoa butter conditioner and shot her crack like a blown load of cum, then teased her ass for moments until it was time to break through her bottom. Once again, her ass dominated our dance and she rocked my dick with swinging gyrations and seductive motion, swinging her ass like a lap dancer, letting her anal hunger lead her body into me. The hot shower blasted my back, and I soaped her body from behind, still cranked into her as I was. The timbre of her womanly voice reverberated in the bathroom with arousing sounds, and the quiet neighborhood had no idea of the wolfish noise coming from the steaming bathroom of her home.

By the time our anal play ended, she had two fingers deep in her pussy as she wildly climaxed. I held back as she pulsed with delight, shoving my meat as far into her ass as I could and lifting my nuts too desperately avoid coming myself. She faltered and I caught her body from behind as the tremors of ecstasy debilitated her limbs for a long moment. I pulled her back to lean against my chest, and gently removed myself as she shivered, my arms wrapped entirely around her soaking body.

I had to lead her from the shower holding her up, even as I dried her body. Janice Winslow had reached a point of satisfied exhaustion that seemed too long overdue. I carried her down the hallway to her bed, intending to honor her boundaries once I set her down.

Janice was naked and tender, and I as I found her side of the king size mattress, I eased her down gently where the sheets were pulled back, and settled beside her for only a moment, as if to be certain she was well on her way to sleep. But she shared a long kiss with me. Her affection led to another erection that, because I was pressed into her hip at the edge of the bed, she could feel engorge as we embraced.

Despite her objections, or at least her stipulations voiced before, I adjusted my weight to and waited for some sign to resist entering her again. None came, and I silently exalted in celebration as we violated the last of the boundaries once set in her mind.

The lovemaking began timidly, almost as though we had not yet been through all we had that night. And soon, I rose above her in tidal waves, balls deep, vastly penetrating that aging and tight vagina, undoing the damage of her husband’s infidelities by topping her with her own entitlement of uncompromised adultery; an act of infidelity so defiant and complete that, from her marriage bed, would settle the score in her scoured soul. Her limbs, those smooth legs, wrapped around my hips as her hands stroked my scalp and back as I fell forward again.

Our mouths joined in urgent kisses, for every part of us knew this was our only night. The only night in all our lives; and on we fucked, tumbling, twisting and testing every angle of intimacy.

Thoughts of husbands and sons seemed inconceivable as we devastated all anyone else ever represented through our forbidden deed; everyone and everything redefined. Janice Winslow gave every part of her sex and soul to the act of purification, as if fucking the man she knew so long ago somehow rewrote her entire history.

When we came together some hours later, I fell asleep atop her body as her hands stroked my back. The sunlight, as much as the sensation of our nakedness wakened me; and I rose from the bed, pulling a sheet over the woman who so thoroughly loved me through the night.

I stood at the window and watched the silent street, the empty cul-de-sac of my youth, and felt satisfied somehow, even complete, as though my own story had been rewritten in the passing hours of a dream-like night. The years I roamed that neighborhood, the years of a freedom lost ever since, had led me back for events inconceivable only a day before; and I knew then, thanks to the unleashed passion and mending heart of Janice Winslow, that I would never again return to Skyfire Drive.

Submitted: April 19, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Mercutio della Lingua. All rights reserved.

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