Blind Night

Blind Night Blind Night

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Priscilla Jennings rarely dates. After being dumped by her lawyer boyfriend she accepts her friend Mandy's offer for a dull night with her accountant friend Charles. Not one for blind dates Priscilla agrees only to get Mandy off her back, but when Charles, shows up she feels a spark and wonders how much fun could she have on a blind date.


Priscilla Jennings rarely dates. After being dumped by her lawyer boyfriend she accepts her friend Mandy's offer for a dull night with her accountant friend Charles. Not one for blind dates Priscilla agrees only to get Mandy off her back, but when Charles, shows up she feels a spark and wonders how much fun could she have on a blind date.


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Submitted: August 09, 2011



Priscilla flicked her long dark brown hair behind her back, kicking her heel against the bar stool and trying not to look bored. Why in the world had she agreed to her friend Mandy's offer for a blind date with her accountant friend Charles. Ugh, Chuck. That he was an accountant instantly brought to mind boredom, white pasty skin, nerdy horn rimmed glasses and some kind of a calculator in his pocket. She motioned the bar tender for a second glass of pinot grigio and decided to make the best of the evening. Best case Charles wouldn't show up and she could be home in bed before ten o'clock. Worst case she had a really expensive lovely dinner at the expense of some boring man, she could even have dessert. Having decided her night wouldn't be bad either way she turned to scan the crowd. Mostly suits and their business partners. Sighing, of course he chose a place that most people did their business deals on their expense account. It was a good restaurant, just not very romantic. Too much light and tables crowded together. She did like the large windows overlooking the city. At least that was something.

"Priscilla," a deep sensual voice cut through her thoughts.

Looking up startled to hear her name she met dark hazel brown eyes framed by equally dark lashes. "Yes, that's me."

Extending his hand to take hers, "I'm Charles. My friends call me Chuck." Pulling her hand to his lips he left a light kiss on the inside of her palm. "I'm sorry I'm late. Traffic and work got the best of me. I hope you can forgive me." His 1000 watt smile stunned her as well. Looking up Priscilla laughed without thinking. "Something funny?" He let her hand slide from his slowly, his rough fingers scraping over her delicate skin. She felt a shiver up her arm.

"You cannot possibly be Chuck. No man I know named Chuck looks like you." Her gaze raked over his ebony suit clinging to his shoulders, his long legs and the white starched shirt left open at the neck. "What no tie?"

Smirking, "No, I thought might be a bit much for a first date. Shall we take a table?" Holding out his hand to help her from the bar stool he waited.

Yum, Priscilla wanted to suddenly know what was under the lovely suit. He was stunning. She'd have to thank Mandy for the date if things turned out well. With his brown curls that clung to his neck and those dark eyes that seemed fathomless he was something to behold. She'd always been a sucker for a man with beautiful eyes. She wondered if he had a nice ass to with everything else she was seeing. Her second favorite attribute on a man.

Chuck smiled at her again, she didn't realize she was doing a full inventory of him in the middle of the bar. He waited under her scrutiny from the look on her face sure she liked what she saw. He liked what he saw as well. Long dark straight brown hair that hung past the middle of her back he wanted to run his hands through it and pull it back while he kissed the length of her pale white neck. Shaking himself he didn't need to get a boner while she was watching him. Arching an eyebrow, "do I pass inspection?"

Priscilla blushed and looked down, "where's our table?" She took his hand trying not to notice how strong it felt and wondering how it would feel on her skin. Hers were half his size. She glanced at his feet, hmm not bozo feet, but they definitely fit his height. He had to be well over six foot.

"This way," motioning to the bartender to bring her glass of wine to the table. Placing his hand at the middle of her spine he felt her intake of breath. The thin silk of her pale green dress he could almost imagine that was how her skin would feel under his hands. He noted she wasn't wearing a bra under the dress, at least it he would be able to immediately get to her rounded breasts when he took that dress off later. Pulling her chair out he let her get seated before he took his seat across from her.

"So how did you pick this restaurant? Isn't it mostly stuffy old men and their business partners." Smiling at the waiter that brought her a fresh glass of wine she took a sip.

"Well, yes but the food is good here. Regardless of what you might think. I especially like the shrimp and scallops appetizer and Mandy told me you like chocolate. You'll love the mousse and amaretto raspberry sauce. I recommend the snapper for dinner with the spinach and asparagus with Parmesan."

Priscilla tried to keep her mouth from dropping, he had done his homework on her. Everything was her favorite food, how she was going to keep from looking like a pig she had no idea. "Hmm... how much did Mandy tell you? All she told me was you were an accountant and honestly I figured you for boring. Are you going to be?" Sitting back she gave him a sweet smile.

"I guess you'll have to find out. Should I order for you?" Turning to the waiter he didn't wait for her answer. Hiding a smirk at the surprised look on her face. Mandy had warned him she would be a handful. If he could keep his thoughts to asking her about her life and not her non-existent bra size he should make it through the night.


"I am so full. You have totally stuffed me. I can't move and we haven't even had dessert." Giving him an appreciative look she folded her hands and laid her chin on them. "Are we having dessert Chuck?"

"I hope so. I was trying to ply you with everything I can think of. I like watching you eat. You aren't like normal women, you dig in and obviously enjoy your food."

"I might ruin that for you in a minute Chuck. I'm so full I might burp. " She blushed even as she felt a gurgle in her stomach. "Good grief look at my belly it's totally distended from all that food." She rubbed her hand across her stomach and sighed.

"Let me, " moving his chair nearer he pulled her hand away and replaced it with his slow gentle circular motions on her stomach.

"MMM, you know you are doing that in public right? I hope none of your co-workers are going to see you." She met his eyes and smiled. "But, please don't stop that feels really good." She leaned back in her chair and enjoyed the feel of his hand on her stomach. She blinked when she felt his hand brush the undersides of her breasts. Finally he was making a move. After all the talk about her work, his work and their families she wondered if he was ever going to get around to anything. He'd made her laugh with stories about his frat years. She liked that he talked lovingly about his family and specifically his mom who had raised him and his three brothers. "Charles..." she lingered on his name.

"Yes Priscilla?" His hand grazed the underside of her breasts again causing her nipples to tighten.

"I think we should get dessert to go." She opened her eyes licking her lips and leaning forward fanning her hot breath over his cheek. "Your place and soon. I want to touch you."

"I think we should get dessert to go, but let's take a walk down by the river to give our food a chance to digest before... anything else." His hand lowered over her belly to her thigh gently caressing it.

Groaning Priscilla struggled not throw her fork at him. If he wanted to extend the night she could handle that but damn her body was ready for him. "Fine, are you planning to hold my hand?"

"Of course." Ordering the dessert to be boxed up he paid the bill and stood to get her chair for her. As he stood over her she noticed his crotch was eye level and the semi hard on. At least the proximity wasn't only getting to her. Glancing around and noting the restaurant was fairly empty she reached up and stroked his cock through his pants. Surprised registered on his face. She smirked. They were 1-1 now.


"I didn't bring a jacket," she murmured as they stepped outside. The light breeze was enough to give her goose bumps. She rubbed her arms to stay warm.

"Here," he pulled off his suit jacket and wrapped it around her. She could smell his aftershave something woodsy and clean. Warmth from his body seeping into hers.

Tilting her head up to look at him, "thank you. Much better." He bent his head and brushed a soft light kiss over her pouty strawberry lips.

"You're welcome." He opened the door of his car as the valet drove up. Handing some cash to the young man he shut the door crossing to his side.

Priscilla touched her lips. She swore she had felt electricity when he kissed her. So feather light and gentle. He'd completely put her off. She was sure he would be a full out onslaught guy, but he was teasing her. Pulling his jacket around her she caught herself thinking what a fun night she'd had. Even without sex tonight it would be a fun night. He'd been charming and funny. She'd found herself talking about herself more than she had in years. He hadn't yawned or changed the subject to himself once.

"You doing ok?" Chuck asked as he pulled from the curb.

"I think my dinner has digested and I really don't want to go for a walk. You have any wine at your place?" She turned to look at him.

"Priscilla... do you really want to do this? We can wait."

"Do you want to?"

"Hell no!"

"So let's skip the moonlight walk for another night and head to your place. I heard you have a beautiful townhouse."

"So Mandy did mention a thing or two." He chuckled.

"Well, actually I've been to a couple of your parties before. But, we never actually met."

"WHAT! no way. I would remember you." He glanced over at her as he negotiated the traffic. "When."

"I was at your Christmas party last year with Edward Bastion and I was at your promotion party. Both times you seemed to have disappeared by the time I got there. Or it could have been I showed up had a glass of wine talked to Mandy and Louis and left."

"You came to my house and didn't introduce yourself? Why?"

"I'm rude," she laughed. He liked the tinkle of her laugh. Smiling he couldn't be aggravated at her. "Although it would have made this whole blind date thing a lot easier if I had met you previously."

"Made it easier for you! I'm glad we were on the same footing. I wouldn't have liked you to have the advantage."

Scooting closer to him she slid her hand up his thigh. "But, I have the advantage now," she whispered. Stroking his thigh and sliding her hand up to his belt she deftly undid it and unbuttoned his pants, slowly pulling his zipper down. "Want me to stop?"

"Good grief woman, I am trying to drive."

"Want me to stop," she giggled then tugged on his ear with her teeth, flicking her tongue in the whorl, then breathing hotly.

"Do not make me get in accident!"

"MMM, you are no fun Chuck!" She giggled again and zipped him back up. "I guess we'll just wait until we get to your townhouse." Sitting back her seat she assessed him, he wasn't mad and from his erection he was definitely aroused, but she didn't want to push it just yet. She'd save that for another date.


Charles smiled as he pushed the door of his townhouse open. He couldn't believe she'd already been in his house and he hadn't noticed. He'd have to find out who Edward Bastion was, that name rang a bell. "Come on in and make yourself at home.

"Ok I will, you have a nice house. Pretty masculine with all the dark browns and greens, but very nice. Housekeeper?" Priscilla admired the art work and wrought mirrors hanging in his den and hallway. Seeing his large leather couch she smiled. Hmm...

"I definitely don't do my own housework," he called from the kitchen. "Do you want wine, beer, hard alcohol?"

"Actually just some water if you have it Chuck," she called dropping his coat on rather large dark coffee table. Laying back against his couch she curled up against the large hunter green velour pillow.

"Here you go you look great against my couch." Handing the glass of water to her he sat on the coffee table in front of her. Gingerly he lifted her dainty feet clad in sea mist colored spike heels. "Your feet must hurt. Let me." Slipping her shoes off he stroked her calves down to her ankles. She arched an eye brow at him.

"Starting at my feet Chuck?" He ignored her comment and stroked her feet in his big hands, rubbing his thumb along her instep causing her to groan a bit. "Ok, THAT feels good. Do that some more." Smirking he put both hands on her foot and rubbed her instep deeply watching her eyes flutter closed. Massaging her toes, from big to little, working on her heals and stroking more firmly up her calves. She was cooing and sliding toward him by the time he got to the top of her thighs. She opened one eye at him. "Find something you like Chuck?"

"You keep saying my name like you are trying to figure out if you can tolerate it. Charles is fine Priscilla. And yes, I did find something I like." Both of his big suntanned hands on either white silken thigh he pushed them open massaging each in deep strokes. "Shall I continue?" Not waiting for her answer he pushed her thighs open wider and bunched her dress up around her hips exposing more of her creamy thighs. He could just barely make out the white lace of her panties and the little pink flowers along the edge. A girlie girl, he smiled inwardly.

"Charles..." she moaned. "If you don't..." her breath caught in her throat as she watched his finger slide up under her panty and dip against her wetness.

"This what you wanted Priscilla. My fingers right here?" delving deeper between her lips he slid two fingers inside her slowly and deeply. "Or do you want my mouth there? Tell me what you want?" His husky voice was turning her insides to mush. "Tell me Priscilla or I'll stop completely and take you home." He started to withdraw his fingers.

"Alright! You bastard. I want your mouth there. Just please... do it now." Her hands went to his wrist holding it in place while he lowered himself to the floor kneeling between her thighs. Pushing his fingers lightly in and out of her while he licked and nibbled from one knee up her thigh, blowing hot breath on her most sensitive parts and back down the other thigh to her other knee. "Charles, please" she begged.

"Soon baby, soon." Licking her knee he nibbled his way up her thigh. His strong hands stroking up her hips. His fingers latched onto her panties and pulled. "Lift your hips for me. I want these off."

With his dark head bent over her Priscilla could only comply with a whimper. Her hands lifted of their own accord to sift her fingers through his hair. So soft, so thick, so curly, she watched it play across her fingers. "Kiss me." She leaned forward to meet his mouth. "Kiss me."

Pulling her to him he pressed his firm sensual lips against hers. Firm pressure, his tongue flicking out to lick her soft strawberry lips. She tasted salty, from dinner. Sliding his tongue into her mouth he pulled her tighter when she moaned into his. Stroking his tongue along hers he sucked gently, his fingers never leaving her wetness. Fingering her lightly, rubbing his thumb knuckle along her swollen pearl pulling a groan out of her throat.

Priscilla wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders pulling him closer, pulling his head down to hers, she needed to feel him on top of her. If he kept at it with his fingers she was going to cum already. She felt like a top spinning and spiraling. "Charles, please. I'm almost there already. I can't wait." She panted against his mouth.

Smiling against her lips, "Then don't baby, we have all night, this is just the appetizer." His fingers slid deeper, his thumb slipping back and forth faster across her little pearl pulling louder moans from her. Her body shaking against him, her legs wrapped around his hips helplessly thrusting. Feeling her tighten around his fingers he thrust deeper curling his fingers against her g-spot as he sucked her tongue into his mouth.

Tearing her mouth from his, "Oh.. Charles, yes, right there!" Nails raking his back she held him tightly against him as she felt the deep burning in her belly explode with heat up her spine.

Covering her mouth with his, he swallowed up her cries, nibbling and sucking on her lower lip while she bucked and thrashed against him intimately. "That's it baby, cum for me. Cum for me." Crooning softly, he licked the dampness from her neck up to her ear blowing lightly making her shiver as she came down off the high of her orgasm. Panting she looked up at him feeling a glow spread across her. He certainly had turned out to be a surprise a mix of sweet and naughty. She leaned up and kissed him hard on the mouth. "That was hot Charles. What else can we do?" She smiled cheekily at him.

"Think we can make it to my bed now?" Still laying over her he lifted himself from her body carefully withdrawing his fingers and bringing them to his mouth. "Do you taste as sweet as you feel?" Sucking his fingers in his mouth she watched him aroused again. "You taste so good baby. So damn good." Taking his hand in hers she pulled his fingers to her mouth. Meeting his dark eyes she slowly sucked one finger than all three into her mouth licking and cleaning all her juices off. Her belly fluttered at the catch in his breath, she loved that she was arousing him. She glanced down, from the bulge in his pants, he was definitely aroused.

Letting his fingers slide out of her mouth with a loud pop, "I think I make it to your room now Charles, just show me the way."

Rising to his feet his large frame loomed over her, his hard length outlined in his pants, she struggled to keep her hands to herself. "I'll do one better than that." Scooping her off the couch as if she was a baby doll he carried her to the hallway.

"Is this really necessary Charles?" Smiling she twirled her fingers delicately in his dark brown curls. "You have such lovely soft hair. I love how it feels." Nuzzling his ear she kissed just under it. "And you smell so good." Punctuating each compliment with a kiss along his neck and finally running the tip of her tongue lazily along the shell of his ear.

"Don't make me drop you Priscilla as I go up these stairs."

"You won't Charles, big strong guy like you." licking down his neck she nibbled where it met his shoulder, her hand moving to his shirt undoing the top button, noting they'd made the top of the stairs and were moving rather rapidly to his room. "In a hurry sexy?"

Tossing her on his bed. "Yes. Baby. I want to taste you. Lay back." She watched him under her lashes as he unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off and pulled the t-shirt underneath off. Sighing at the naked expanse of skin and the dusting of dark brown curly hair. Her eyes sparkled intently as she watched his fingers slide to his belt, undoing it and the buttons on his slacks, letting them drop to the floor. She didn't even chuckle as he danced around toeing off his socks until he finally stood there in black boxer briefs. She just wanted him, spreading her legs, it would be her turn soon enough.

"Come taste me Charles, I want your tongue here." Sliding her fingers to her wetness she fingered herself lightly as he watched. He pushed her up on the bed so he could lay between her legs, she mentally noted it was a good thing he had a California king or her head would have hit the headboard by now.

"Such a tease." She moaned as she felt his hot breath skate across her wet sensitive parts, his wet hot tongue stroking at her entrance lapping up her juices. His nose rubbing against her sensitive pearl lightly making her writhe.

"I'm not the only one that is a tease. Charles..." she called his name to get his attention, when he had looked up at her she slowly pulled her dress up and over her head letting the rest of her smooth creamy skin come into his view. Her nipples were the same strawberry pink as her lips, hard and ready for his mouth. Her hands slipped to them pinching them lightly as she watched him. He licked his lips as their eyes met, "mmm so nice baby. I'll get to those soon." Dipping his head he returned to rubbing his wet tongue along her wet entrance. Sliding it into her slit, teasing her. Then rolling it over her sensitive nub making her cry out and holding his head tightly.

"Charles, oh god, Charles," she cried over and over as he pushed her closer to yet another burning explosion, the heat from her belly extended to her limbs and her spine. She needed him. Thrusting her hips up to meet his tongue as he plunged it into her wet depths. "Oh yes, like that." Sliding his hand up to nipple and tugging gently, pulling a moan from her, while he continued flicking his tongue in and out of her wet tunnel feeling her juices drip down his chin and throat. Swallowing up her cum sucking it out of her feeling her start to climax on his tongue the gentle flutters of her walls, then as he pulled his tongue out the intense deep spasms as she gushed into his waiting mouth. "OH GOD CHARLES, YES!" Gripping the sheets Priscilla arches and pushes her hips grinding onto his face. "Yes, oh god yes." She feels Charles hands on her hips holding her on his face, his tongue dancing on her sensitive button making her scream more. Moaning into her wetness as he continues to lick her sending her into a second orgasm. "CHARLES," she screamed as she almost sat up holding his head arched back. "CHARLES!" His hand came up gently pushing her back down at the waist onto the bed.

Lapping gently at her thighs and inner lips cleaning her with his lazy tongue Charles slowly slid up her body. "Mmmmm. I loved that."

Priscilla looked at him feeling slightly glazed. Wrapped her arms around him and tugs on him to pull him up. "Oh, Charles. That was...amazing. These need to come off. I want to feel you." She tugged earnestly at his boxer briefs.

Leaving her only for a moment he pulled them off and dropped them on the floor returning with kisses on her belly and her ribcage, his mouth finding it's way up around her rounded breasts to the pert tips of her nipples. "Can you feel me, feel how hard I am for you?" Rubbing his hardness against the inside of her thigh.

"MMM. Yes, and you feel a bit wet as well. Aroused are you?" Giggling when he nipped her.

"I can't wait Priscilla, I need to be inside you." Rubbing against her wet entrance waiting for her answer.

Wrapping her legs around his hips she pulled him to her, feeling just the head of his maleness enter her, stretching her causing her to gasp. "I can't wait either."

"Priscilla," groaning against her mouth he slid into her in one deep stroke his mouth covering her. Holding himself, feeling her ripple over him in adjustment. Stifling her moan against his mouth. "Slow Priscilla." Holding her hands over her head leaning up and arching his back starting to slide in and out of her slow and deep. Looking down at her, thrusting. Each thrust pulling a moan, sigh, pant, from each of them.

"More Charles, please more." Wrestling to free her grip, she needed to touch him, her nipples rubbing against his chest teasing the tips into a frenzied pitch of lust. Wet sucking noises filtering between them as he slid in and out. "Harder, faster."

"No, Priscilla, slow." Leaning down to capture her mouth in a deep kiss as he worked himself in and out of her bringing her along the slow deep ride of lust and passion rising and falling as his body slid against her, grazing her soft white skin.

"Charles, please," Priscilla frowned slightly at the begging sound in her voice. "grr, Charles!"

Chuckling at her, he released her to touch him, gripping her hips deepening the angle pushing himself into her harder, faster, his pubic bone grazing her wet button making her cry out. "Right there baby, right there?" he questioned, knowing the answer, thrusting deep, feeling her twitch and start to spasm.

"Oh, oh god, yes right there!" her nails digging into his back. "Charles, fuck! Fuck me harder please!" Priscilla didn't care she was begging, wrapping her legs around his waist and digging her heels into his ass urging him on, she pleaded with her body as well.

"You have a dirty mouth for such a beautiful woman, you know that." Leaning down to kiss her hard, sucking her tongue gently as he pressed deeper and faster, pulling her hips off the bed and leaning up. "Look at me baby, I want to watch your beautiful face as I pound you."

Priscilla felt her insides clamp down on his cock with each word from his lips, "Charles, I'm going to cum, fuck me and make me cum now!" Arching against him, her hands on his forearms she thrust her hips up to meet him.

Holdling her hips still he held her, slipping his hand to clit rubbing it back and forth with his finger tips while his cock buried itself in and out of her wetness. "Like that baby? Just like that?"

"Oh god! Charles! Yes, yes!" A long loud scream escaped her lips as she arched and pushed down against him her insides rippling over his hardness and pulling him deeper drawing him with her.

"Oh, baby, that's going to make me cum too. fuck yes." Leaning over her to kiss her sweet lips he nibbled and licked as he pumped his seed into her. As their bodies rocked, he held her letting her wash over him. "Feels so good baby, that's it. Cum for me. So beautiful." Each murmur punctuated by a kiss or a nibble on her lips or neck. Finally he held her limp body in his arms. "You ok?"

"Mhmmm.. Not bad for an accountant..." Priscilla giggled.

Charles looked down at her smiling, "Not bad, we'll have to work on that. I want you to tell Mandy it was great." Rolling to his side he pulled her against his chest, his arm around her, stroking her hair.

"Well, considering it was a blind date and you are an accountant." she felt him jab her in the side. "Ok ok ok. It was fablous, Charles. Fabulous." Smiling up at him and stifling a yawn. "I often wondered what your bedroom looked like."

Charles chuckled and pulled the blanket up. "Later I'll give you the full personal tour. Round 2 will begin soon."

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