Leaving a Small Town...

Leaving a Small Town... Leaving a Small Town...

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Its a dream I've had a couple of times so I thought Id write it down....


Its a dream I've had a couple of times so I thought Id write it down....

Chapter1 (v.1) - Leaving a Small Town...

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Its a dream I've had a couple of times so I thought Id write it down....

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 22, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 22, 2013



It was in my twenty fifth year that I left my home town. While I'd always planned to spread my wings, it was an ugly break up with a long time boyfriend that was the catalyst. I moved from being a nurse in a small town hospital to being a nurse in a big city hospital. Apart from the pain of leaving family and friends, the move was the most exciting time of my life. I first resided in the nurse's accommodation adjacent to the main hospital. While my small room was clean and comfortable, it came with some restrictions that a confident and inquisitive twenty five year girl didn't need, like night time curfews and no male visitors. As for the actual nursing part, I settled in and proved myself by working hard, being polite and keeping out of trouble. Hospital people are like family, and I soon made new friends, and with it came a healthy social life.

It didn't take long for a new man to enter my life, even though the relationship would be short lived. It was on a cold wet day that I met Christopher in a downtown car park while waiting to pay at a pre-pay machine. He was the kind of guy I usually go for, confident, taller than me, cute looking and an ability to make me laugh. And after a few dates, I let him seduce me to his bed. The sex was good, but a few weeks into it suggested that we wouldn't be together long. It took but a short time for Christopher's controlling nature to come to the fore, but when it did, my desire to be free to do what I want took over. I broke it off and became a single woman again.

While I enjoy having a man in my life, I've never had any fear of being single. I'm not the most beautiful woman in the world; but I'm not the ugliest either. Like any woman, I know my best and worst attributes. I'm tall and lean with just mere a handful of breasts, but hey, not all men like huge ones anyway. I like my nice round bum which fills out a pair of jeans or a mini skirt very well. While my long legs are shapely, I think my thighs are too fat. However, my boyfriends have always told me that I have great legs, so there. My natural blonde hair is thick and wavy; mornings I curse it while trying to brush knots free, but when washed and blow dried, its stunningly beautiful. When I look into the mirror, I don't really know who I see. My blue eyes are beautiful; my nose I think is too pointy. My teeth look good, but only after dental work when I was young. My freckles are the bane of my life, even though everybody tells me how cute they are. I always try and hide them with make up, but in the summer it's almost impossible to do so. I know I'll never win any beauty contests, but like most women, I would consider myself passable on a dark night. I think the rest just comes down to confidence.

When it comes to the sex thing, I guess I take the middle road. I'll not make a good nun, but I'll never be a slut either. I like sex as much the next woman, but with me it's got to be in the context of a relationship, I'm not into one night stands. It takes me a little while before I'll commit to a guy, I really want to see what he's like personality and commitment wise. If the sex thing does happen, I just loved to be seduced with lots of foreplay and kissing. I'm pretty adventurous so long as its pleasure and not pain. I like giving oral, but absolutely love receiving it in return. Nothing turns me on more than an accomplished lickers tongue tormenting my well deserving pussy. The boyfriend I broke up before leaving my home town was the best licker I'd ever had. When my parents went out, which was luckily quite often, I would position myself on a comfortable chair and let him go to work on me. He could suckle me through lots of little orgasms over a period of time leaving me drained but contented. And for his efforts, I would ride his cock to his hearts content, and sometimes I would swallow for him. But alas, all good things come to an end and we went our separate ways. When it actually comes down to the act of copulation, any position is fine so long as it's comfortable; I love to be ridden with my legs held high. My favourite places to do that are in bed, or in the lounge on a chair or a couch. I like my men to have stamina and staying power, and to be passionate in their love making.

The size of a man's dick is always a great topic of conversation, but for me it isn't important. All my lovers, not that there's been many of course, have been average in size. While some have been a little longer or thicker, it hasn't made any difference to my pleasure. Am I inquisitive what it would be like having a very well endowed lover? Maybe a little, but I wouldn't break my neck to try one out.

So I guess that I have a healthy attitude to sex, which is completely out of sorts with my mother's generation. My mum was a virgin when she met my father, and has remained completely faithful to him ever since. I've always had a wonderful open relationship with my mum, and she was well aware of my sexual escapades with different boys. While she never condoned it, she never tried to lecture me about it either. The important thing was that my dad never knew, for he would never understand or forgive me. I loved to tease my mum, and would sometimes feed her little tits bits of naughty things to try and embarrass her, she would blush and giggle and tell me what a terrible daughter I was.

I'll never forget the day that she found my vibrator under my pillow, which I'd forgotten to hide after a previous night's enjoyment. She didn't know what it was, and I took great pleasure in telling her what it was for, and how good it was. I fell on the bed laughing when she made a hurried departure. Being a terrible daughter with a devious disposition, I then brought one for her. She was horrified of course, and refused to accept it, but I walked away and left her with it. A few days later on a Sunday morning while we were alone in the kitchen, she leaned over and told me how disgustingly good it was. We laughed, until I asked her what dad thought. Then she blushed and told me to mind my own business. My last comment to her on the subject; was that she kept a good supply of batteries in the house; she smiled and told me that she most certainly would.

Anyway, getting back to my story. It was a few months after my arrival that I met Ruth; a fellow nurse who worked in the emergency ward. Being such a large hospital, the chances of us meeting or working together would've been minimal. It was just that we ended up sitting next to each other at a hospital seminar that we met. Nurses on the most are part social animals; and we soon struck up a conversation. I liked Ruth right from the start; for she was full of beans, and outrageously loud and funny. We were soon laughing and having fun. After the seminar, we agreed to meet up sometime over a few drinks. The next time we got together, I was appalled how much beer Ruth could drink, but the more she drank, the funnier and more entertaining she got. When I told her that I was still living in the nurse's accommodation, she burped loudly and suggested that I might move in with her.

A few days later, I moved into a spare room in the house that Ruth rented, and the fun began. Ruth had only one purpose in life, and that was to have fun. She told me that as far as men were concerned, she was the perfect woman, all boobs and bum, and no brains. While she indeed did have a substantial pair of breasts and a formidable backside to go with them, she was also one of the smartest people I'd ever met. Whenever our working shifts allowed, we would venture out to bars and restaurants to have a good time. I soon had to put the brakes on as my money was going out the door quicker than I could earn it. That was fine as far as Ruth was concerned, and then stocked the fridge with beer. It also became apparent that Ruth had lots of friends, and there were always people dropping in for an impromptu party.

The weeks began to fly past, and our friendship grew, and for me there was no need to have a man in my life. And when it came to sex, Ruth proved to have little inhibitions or morals. After a few drinks, she just loved to tell me all about her sexual adventures. Her favourite stories were about a camping tour she'd done in Europe. She banged twelve different guys over a six week period, and sometimes more than one at a time. She reckoned that there was nothing better than someone watching her do it. The trouble with Ruth was that she was blatantly honest, and I have no doubt that she was telling the truth without embellishing her sordid little stories at all. While Ruth may have been a girl of curvaceous proportions, she was also very pretty and would have no problems at all of attracting the opposite sex.

One night I arrived home from my shift to find Ruth on the couch with a guy called Brett, I would later find out he was the old on again off again boyfriend that I'd heard about. Brett was tall and thick set, and while he had that unshaved untidy look about him, he was kind of good looking with it. Like Ruth, he was outgoing and friendly; and I joined them for a glass of wine while winding down from a busy night. We were soon laughing and having fun, but I was bright enough to see that lust was in the air. Not wanting to be a stick in the mud, I eventually excused myself on the proviso that I was tired and needed sleep. Ten minutes later, I was in my bed and out like a light.

My bedside clock told me it was two twenty in the morning when I woke tangled in my top sheet. After making myself comfortable, I dozed quietly waiting for sleep to return. The house was deathly quiet; the outside street traffic noise all but disappeared. My senses turned to a strange but distant moaning noise, and it took a few seconds for me to realise it was Ruth. Even though her bedroom was further down the hall, it was still loud enough to recognise what was going on. I grinned sleepily as I listened to their love making, Ruth's little groans and moans of pleasure drifting into my room. I confess to getting somewhat aroused, and maybe a little bit of jealousy crept in also, for it had been a while since I'd been loved. But I wasn't quite alone, and my trusty vibrator was soon busy between my thighs, not as good as a man, but a lot less messy I convinced myself.

Brett had departed by the time I arose the next morning, and I joined Ruth at the dining table with my favourite breakfast, four slices of pate on toast and an orange juice.

"Have fun last night?" I asked.

Ruth looked up from her magazine and grinned, "Ohhhhhhhhhh yees."

"Thought so from all your noise." I replied hoping to embarrass her, which I should have realised would be a complete waste of time.

Ruth just chuckled and deftly stole a piece of toast from my plate.

"How about keeping the noise down, I don't want to hear you at it. I thought you were in some sort of pain or something from all your moaning and groaning." I added in mock seriousness.

Ruth leaned back in her chair and smiled, "Well the thing is, Brett's got a real big dick. And when he fucks me long and hard, which he likes to do, I just can't control myself."

"Too much information." I stated.

But Ruth was on a roll and laughed heartily as she held her hands up a fair distance apart.

"It's this big and very fat." she added. "And it fills me right up, couldn't take another inch if I tried. Trouble is, he can go for bloody hours, and I have to kick him off before he wears my poor old fandango out. And we can't have that, can we. So, have you ever had a big one?"

"Nope." I answered.

"Mmmmmm, you don't know what you're missing. Mind you, it's not every girl's cup of tea I suppose."

"I reckon it's more about technique than size." I suggested.

Ruth laughed, "Don't you believe it. That myth is spread by girls who haven't had the opportunity or by guys who haven't got the goods. I'd prefer a big dick over an average one any old day."

"I'll just have to take your word for it." I replied. "But I'll be satisfied if you keep your vocal repertoire down in future so that I can get some sleep at night."

Ruth pulled a face, "I'll try, but you know how it is. Big dick; will scream. Anyway, you won't have to put up with it for long, Brett's heading overseas in a few weeks time."


"But until then, I'm gonna get my moneys worth. Can I have another piece of your toast?"

"Absolutely not." was my reply.

The next night that Brett stayed over, Ruth put on a real show for me to listen to. She moaned and groaned as the bed head rocked against the wall keeping me awake. I grinned, for I knew well it was all for my benefit. The next morning, she grinned knowingly at me and handed me a pair of earplugs which had no doubt been pilfered from the hospital.

"Sorry, should've given these to you last night, hope I didn't keep you awake for too long, but Brett was in fine form as usual."

"You're disgusting, do you know that." I accused.

"Mmmm mmmmm, so true, but disgustingly satisfied." she replied.

"Too much information."

"You're just jealous." she said. "Maybe I should loan Brett to you, then you'd know what I have to put up with."

"Thanks, but no thanks."

"Aw c'mon, he thinks you're quite hot for a skinny bird."

"Now you're jealous." I accused.

Ruth looked up at the ceiling as if in deep contemplation, "Nah, I like having big tits, and guys reckon they like hanging onto my big arse."

"Have to have big fucking hands to hang onto that." I added quickly.

Ruth burst into laughter, and then into a giggle, and I soon joined her. We ended up sitting on the floor with tears of laughter pouring from our eyes.

"So, shall I tell Brett you're interested in trying him out? I told him you haven't been laid for months, and that you're raring to try him out." she commented a few minutes later while walking out the door.

"NO, don't you dare." I yelled.

I didn't see much of Brett after that previous night, as Ruth and my shifts were on opposites. But on the last night before Brett's departure, the three of us ended up at home. Brett had arrived with a small stash of grass that he needed to get rid of before he left. Usually I can take grass or leave it, as it always comes with conflict between feeling real good and the illegality of it. But that night I was in the mood and willingly let Ruth and Brett seduce me into joining them. The grass was good quality stuff, and we sat back to let the mood take us. Brett and Ruth were cuddled up on the couch while I sat opposite in a comfortable chair. With the room dark and the stereo playing in the background, we smoked a few joints and enjoyed ourselves. Ruth and Brett's inhibitions were dulled, and there were little kisses, and caresses of wandering hands. I was split between wanting to stay and have fun, or retiring to bed to give them some privacy. Not wanting to be selfish, I began to get myself together with the intention of heading to my bed.

Ruth read my mind and smiled, "No need to go, you can stay here."

"Thought you guys would wanna be alone seeing as it's your last night together."

Ruth pulled a face, "Nah, got my monthly. I'm out of order for a few days."

I laughed, "Good, serves you right. At least I'll get some sleep tonight."


"Anyway, shows what a lousy lover you are. There's more than one way to skin a cat. You can still have plenty of fun without actually doing it." I accused.

Ruth grinned sarcastically, "Oh really, please explain."

"Use your imagination; you don't need me to tell you." I replied realising that I'd stuck my big fat foot into my equally big fat mouth.

Ruth turned to Brett, "I don't have any ideas, do you?"

"Nope, none at all." Brett replied happily in their shared conspiracy.

"Here, take this." Ruth demanded as she handed over a half smoked joint.

I took it and snuck a puff as Ruth pushed Brett down on the couch and straddled him, leaning forward she dropped her heavy breasts over his face and rubbed them up and down. I laughed as they struggled, Brett trying to get away while Ruth tried to suffocate him, her large breasts almost popping out of her low top as she rubbed her body over his. Eventually, Brett gave up his struggle and succumbed to Ruth's advances. At this point, it was all a bit of harmless fun as far as I was concerned.

Then all of a sudden, Ruth sat up and grinned, "Oh dear, what have we here?"

Sliding backwards down Brett's thighs, Ruth pulled back the elastic of his tracksuit pants exposing a very, very large erection. She looked over at me and smiled sweetly as her hand took hold of it, the look on Brett's face sort of indicated that he wasn't in too much pain.

At this point I should've done a runner, but I guess the grass had tempered my better judgement, and I was more interested in staying. I watched as Ruth slid back further and directed Brett's cock to her mouth and began to suckle on it. From my position just a few feet away, I had a good view of proceedings. Ruth was quite right about Brett's cock, for it was substantial in size and bigger that any that I had encountered. It was long and thick with a large bulbous circumcised head, a substantial curve to the left allowed it drop to his navel whenever Ruth released it from her mouth. A wet tide mark just over the head indicated just how much Ruth was taking into her mouth. After a short time, she looked over at me.

"So, what do you think of this?" she whispered.

"Big." was all I could think off in reply.

"Mmmmmm, it is such a nice big cock." she replied. "Would you like to play with it?"


"Aw c'mon, Brett reckons you're kinda hot. Don't you Brett?"

He looked over at me and smiled, "Sure I do."

Then Ruth slid from the couch and smiled at me, "I got him ready, now he's all yours. I'm going to bed."

Ruth then simply left the room leaving Brett and I alone.

Brett looked over at me and smiled lustfully, "So, shall we play?"

My problem, I thought to myself, is that I was indeed aroused and interested. I knew that I should decline, but my silence was enough encouragement for Brett to roll from the couch and stand in front of me. In front of my face hung his erection just begging for attention; and I felt my hand rise involuntarily and touch it. I first examined its girth, and then its length to explore its erect and heavy hardness. Thick veins were visible on route to the large head which my fingers could not quite traverse.

Brett slipped to his knees before me and let his hands wander up under my nurse's uniform; I felt my thighs part in expectation as they reached my panties. It had been a long while since a man had touched me, and I willingly raised my buttocks from the chair as Brett removed my panties. He slid my uniform up my thighs exposing my pussy to his eyes for the first time. He then gazed at my nakedness for a few seconds before his powerful arms lifted me and pulled my buttocks to the edge of the chair. With great anticipation, I spread my thighs wide and invited him to lick me, and then the disappointment started.

Right from the start, Brett's unshaven face caused discomfort, his short whiskers scratching my smooth thighs. I opened them wider, only to find that his short bristly moustache irritating my normally receptive pussy. For a short time, I tried to ignore my discomfort, for his warm tongue felt nice on my clitoris, but I eventually had to pull away.

"What's wrong?" he whispered.

"You need a shave; your whiskers are hurting me."

"Sorry." he replied raising his face from between my thighs.

I looked down to see his cock hovering close to my pussy, and with some trepidation I allowed him to lift my buttocks back to the edge of the chair. I watched as he guided the large head between my pussy lips and move it up and down for a little lubrication. He then placed it at my opening and applied a little pressure. The thick head popped in with ease, and I settled back on the chair as Brett began move inside me, each stroke slipping deeper inside me. My pussy while stretched as never before, seemed to accept Brett's invading intentions easily, and the pleasure began to register, at least for awhile.

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