fwb 3

fwb 3 fwb 3

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


will they be able to stay friends


will they be able to stay friends


Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



Falling on the bed breathing heavily with a huge grin on both of their face.

“That is officially my favorite position” Lindsey says still grinning ear to ear.

“Yup” Zac agrees

“Let’s do it again”she laughs pulling Zac on top of her.

Waking up alone Lind’s throwing her shirt and her underwear on sliding into her wheel chair she pokes her head in the game room. There Zac was sitting on little couch playing a game. Lindsey parks her chair by the couch moving onto the couch.

Zac puts his game on pause, getting up to sit on the couch. “You didn’t have to stop playing, I like watching you play” Lindsey’s smiles.

“Oh I know I needed a break I’ve been playing for an hour”.

Zac pulls Lindsey’s in his arms giving her a hug holding her tight.

Lindsey rests her head on his shoulder this was Lindsey’s favorite thing her and Zac did together. Not that he didn’t please her; he did there was just something about when he would hug her tight she felt everything was okay and nothing bad was ever going happen.

“I don’t care, redo the article” Lindsey’s snaps at the reporter

“Wow you look like your having a bad day already” Zac says as the reporter walks past him he was bringing Lind’s coffee from Starbucks.

“Yes everything so far today has gone wrong” Lind’s sighs.

“At this rate Becky and I will never get out of here”.

Zac walks around the desk leaning down giving Lind’s hug.

“Thank you” she whispers breathing in the scent of his cologne.

“How about dinner tonight how does that sound?” Zac smiles sitting on the edge Lindsey’s desk.

“If I can get out of here at a decent time yes I would love to have dinner with you."

To Lindsey’s surprise, she managed to leave the newspaper at a decent hour, so she calls Zac to see if he still wants to have dinner together.

“Are we still on for dinner”?

“Yea how about pizza?”

“Sounds good to me”Lindsey’s says

“Alright come over when you’re ready” Zac says

Lindsey’s got to Zac place a few minutes later.

“Hey you” Zac smiles as Lindsey rolls in the front door.

“Pizza is on the table."

Zac walks over opens the fridge “Dr Pepper or Mountain Dew”?

“Surprise me”Lindsey answers taking a bite of the pepperoni pizza.

Zac hands her a Dr. Pepper “Thanks”.

Zac sits down across from his friend taking huge bite of his pizza.

The friends talk about how their day had gone over dinner.

After dinner the two curl up on the sofa together Zac rented a movie for him and Lind’s to watch.

“Comfortable” Zac asks Lindsey who is resting against his chest.

She looks up at him and nods.

“Good” he grins wrapping his arm around her tight.

“This movie pretty funny isn’t it” Zac laughs he looks down at Lindsey who is sound sleep beside him.

“I love you” he whispers kissing her forehead

Carrying her to bed after the movie was over stripping down to his Hulk boxers climbing in bed beside Lindsey. The next week at work Zac brings Lindsey lunch on his break.“Thanks for this” Lindsey’s said taking a bite of her burger.

“Welcome” Zac smiles as he sits across from her.

“So got any plans today” Lind’s taking a bite of French fry.

Zac shrugs “not sure." I’ve been thinking about having little get together with the guys this weekend; I might invite the girls to, and you can come to if you would like” he smiles...

“Sounds like fun."

What was going to be turned out to be little get together with a few friends turned into an all out party. With alcohol, food and music.

Lind’s and the girls were sitting together drinking having a good time watching the people around them.

“I heard Zac has a friend with benefits thing going on with of his girl friend’s" Macy said.

“I wonder who it could be” Ann said curiously

“Lind’s do you know, you and Zac hang out a lot."

I have no clue” she answers lying.

“Whoever she is, she is the luckiest woman on the plant; I'd love to have Zac screw my brains” Macy says looking at Zac.

“Down girl” Becky laughs

“Well look at him his freaking adorable” Macy squeals

Zac was across the room talking to one of his buddies.

“His face, his ass I mean it's so…... grab-able”

“Is that even a word”Ann giggles.

“I don’t know but it’s the way to describe Zac ass."

“Don’t forget his hair” Lindsey laughs

“Oh yes his hair!!!! Macy squeals again I just wanna run my fingers through it."

“Hello girls” Robbie one Zac buddies says sitting down beside Lindsey.

“Hey” the girls said in union.

“What are you lovely ladies talking about” he grins.

“Zac ass” Macy laughs

“Macy”! All the girls squealed.

“What he asked what we were talking about so I told him”!

“ I was also telling the girls how I heard Zac has a friend with benefits going on with of girl friend, and I wish I knew who it was” Macy says.

“Hmmm I wonder who it could be Robbie says nursing his beer.

“He told you”!Lindsey whispers in Robbie's ear.

“Yes he told me don't worry he doesn’t go into great detail about what you two do together.

“Good” Lind’s say.

“What are you to whispering about over there?” Ann asked curiously seeing Robbie and Lind’s huddle together.

“Oh nothing” Robbie grins still nursing his beer.

Zac finally makes his way to the girls all smiles. “You guys having a good time”

They giggle “Yes, we are."

Zac sits right down in Lindsey’s lap whispering something by her ear “I want you so bad right now."

“I wanna strip you naked put your legs around my waist and screw you until we're both exhausted”

Lind’s lets out little squeak covering her mouth before the girls heard it; they weren’t paying attention thankful talking among themselves.

“Then after that I want to put you in my lap and rock you until you scream my name”

Lind’s let another whimper.

“Oh you’re going to get it later” Lind’s whispers squirming in her chair.

“God I hope so” Zac whispers then getting up leaving her completely speechless

“Lindsey Marie what Zac did say to you, your face is beat red."

“Oh nothing” She answers Becky watching Zac walk back to the side of the room with the biggest grin on his face

Little while later Lind’s head was still spinning from Zac little talk, she excused herself rolling down the crowded hall way someone was in the hall restroom, so she rolled in Zac bedroom to use his bathroom..

“I’ll be out in a minute” Lind’s yells hearing someone in the bedroom.

She splashes more cold water on her face.

“It’s just me” Zac grins leaning against the doorframe taking a sip of his jack and coke then sitting down on the sink

Zac walks over to Lindsey undoing the seatbelt picking her up, Lind’s kisses Zac deeply tasting the jack and coke on Zac lips as he walks them over to the bed.

“It will have to be quick” Zac breaths against Lind’s neck.

“As long as we can finish when everyone is gone” she grins trying to undo Zac jeans.

“Oh don’t worry when I’m done with you won’t know your own name” Zac laughs pushing his boxers down.. Lind’s unsnaps her shorts. Lindsey bites Zac shoulder as he pushes her shorts down with her panties Lindsey moans loudly as Zac pushes his hard cock inside of her.. Lindsey buries her face in Zac neck so no one can hear her.

“Don’t worry the music's so loud they won’t hear you” Zac grins pushing harder.

“You feel so good” Lind’s pants

“Harder” she moans clawing at Zac back he grins doing has his told.

“I’m trying,” she whimpers feeling the pleasure building in her body

The loud music and the people taking and laughing was psyching Lindsey out little.

“I know baby just relax” Zac whispers as his movement quickens.

To help Zac whispers about all the things they would do once everyone was gone.

The two moved quick and hard for a few more seconds then letting pleasure take over their bodies.

There was a hard knock on the bedroom door as Zac rests beside Lind’s.

“You okay man”?!

“Yea I’m fine just needed to use the bathroom I’ll be out in a minute."

The two dress Zac helps Lindsey back in her wheel chair.

Lindsey sneaks in one last kiss biting gently at Zac lips wrapping her arms around his neck.

“I’m coming” Zac yells hearing another knock on the door.

Lindsey’s grabs Zac butt squeezing it as he walks out the door……..

“Hey now” Zac laughs…


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