fwb 2

fwb 2 fwb 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


will they be able to stay friends


will they be able to stay friends


Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



Over the next few weeks, the two friends kept taking things slowly.

“So do you have work this weekend?” Lind’s asked as Zac kisses down her neck.

“No I actually have the weekend off” Zac answers squeezing Lind’s breast

“Well do you wanna do something like catch a movie the new Spiderman movie is out” Lind’s ask feeling Zac nip at her neck.

“We can”Zac says as Lind’s grabs his butt squeezing it

“Can I tell you something” Lind’s whispers in Zac ear pulling it gently

“Yes”Zac moans.

“You have a very nice ass” Lind’s grins squeezing Zac bottom again

“Thanks”Zac laughs pressing his lips against Lind’s for another kiss.

“What wrong” Zac asks seeing Lind’s get an uncomfortable look on her face. “Do I need to get off of you”?

She shakes her head no “I need to move my leg that’s all” Lind’s answers flinging her leg over Zac waist.


“Much” she smiles kissing along his neck.

“It wasn’t as good as the first three were Lind’s says rolling into the parking a lot of movies.

“I would have to agree” Zac says following beside his best friend.

“So your place or do you wanna go back to mine” Zac asks as her starts his car.

“Why don’t we go back to yours" Lindsey’s smiles sliding her hand into Zac.

“Mine it is then."

Zac and Lindsey’s were on Zac couch Lind’s in Zac lap her arms around Zac neck making out like two horny teenagers

“I’m ready” Lind’s breaths in Zac neck.

“For what” Zac asks not getting what his friend was really saying.

“Zachary”Lindsey’s laughs

“I’m ready."

“Oh you’re ready” Zac laughs nervously.

“Only if you are I can wait."

Instead of answering Zac picks Lindsey up carry her off to his bedroom.

Zac carefully lays her down on the bed kissing her deeply breaking the kiss her fingers in Zac hair

Lind’s hands slowly make it to Zac jeans; she looks up at him to make sure it's ok before she continues. “Go ahead” he smiles warmly. Lindsey’s starts to undo Zac jeans slowly undoing the button then pulling the zipper down her hands shaking little…

Then watching Zac push them over his hips revealing his batman boxers to shake her nerves little Lind’s pulls Zac down kissing him on the lips. Breaking the kiss long enough to remove his shirt tossing it on the floor with his pants.

“You’re going to do fine don’t worry” Zac smiles kissing Lindsey on the forehead. Helping Lindsey’s undress Zac hands slid inside her shirt squeezing her breasts causing her to moan.

Sitting up pulling the shirt over her Lindsey tossing the shirt on the floor with Zac clothes Zac grins seeing Lindsey’s in red lacy bra.

Placing kisses on her belly as he undoes Lind’s shorts. Lindsey struggles to lift her waist so Zac can pull her shorts down.

“Here”Zac says with a gentle smile lifting Lind’s waist up with one hand the other pulling her shorts down with the other

Zac’s jaw sits the floor seeing his best friend in the sexy lace outfit.

“Now I have a reason to wear sexy clothes “Lind’s grins.

Kissing her neck Zac slowly slides his hand down Lind’s body his hand finds its way inside Lindsey’s lacey underwear. She jumps little feeling Zac touching her. Feeling her nerves taking over again she kisses Zac to calm them again. Lindsey’s whimpers out of aggravation trying to move her hips

“It’s ok” Zac reassuring her slipping his hand from her damp panties tugging at them pulling them down Lind’s smooth legs. Tangled up in each other’s arms kissing Lindsey’s runs both hands down Zac tan back playing with the waistband of his boxers pulling them over his butt.

Zac kicks his underwear off reaching over to the nightstand for condom.

“We don’t need one I’m on the pill”.

“Okay”Zac grins leaning in for another kiss reaching around Lind’s back unhooking her bra.

Lindsey bites at Zac lips as he takes her bra the rest of the way off.

“A biter” Zac says softly.

“Oh sorry did I hurt you”?

“No” he laughs.

"I like being bit" he grins.

“Any times you feel uncomfortable just say so, and I’ll stop."

Lind’s nods pulling Zac down for a kiss opening her legs more so Zac can be more comfortable grabbing at her breasts squeezing them Lind’s moans into Zac’s mouth.

Lind’s feels a mixture of pain and pleasure as Zac slides his hardness inside of her. Lindsey’s nips and kisses at Zac neck as he moves steady on top of her back and forth.

“You feel so good” Zac pants.

“So do you “she moans feeling him slid even deeper. Lindsey grabs Zac butt sinking deeper inside of her causing them both to moan.

“This was so worth the wait” Lindsey’s breathes heavily in Zac shoulder.

Zac smiles moving little harder now

Kissing her neck whispering how beautiful Lindsey’s is, causing her to become even hotter.

“Zachary”she whimpers feeling a wave of pleasure over her body

Zac stops letting Lindsey's body calm down from the high.

Moving again a steady slow pace not wanting to cause her pain tangled up in each other whimpering how great the other one feels rocking for a few more seconds grunting in Lindsey's neck as Zac came. Lying beside each other looking up at the ceiling waiting on their breathing to go back to normal

“You okay?” Zac asks pulling his best friend his arms.

“Yes, are you?” she answers placing kisses on his sweaty chest.

“More than okay” he replies pulling her on top of him.

She tucks her head underneath Zac chin feeling his fingertips on her back tracing the scar on her back.

Lindsey’s giggles feeling Zac touch.

“Sorry”he chuckles.

“Don’t be I like it just tickles little."

The awkward slowly faded away over the coming weeks.

Trying different things out seeing what each of them liked and didn’t.

Zac walks out of the game room seeing Lindsey’s watching a movie. Her face little flushed chewing her bottom lip

“You dirty, dirty girl” Zac laughs.

“What”Lindsey asks confused? “You’re fantasizing about us doing it”

Lindsey’s watching The Notebook it's the second love scene in the movie, she has always thought it was the hottest of sex scene in movie history.

“Yea so”Lindsey’s says not denying it.

“Ya know it might be easier for you to ride me like that” Zac says watching the girl in the guys lap riding him slowly.

Lind’s doesn’t say anything just keeps watching the screen. Zac plops down on the couch watching Lind's. He inches closer to Lindsey and starts nibbling at her ear.

“You want in my lap so bad right you can hardly stand it." He whispers.

She whimpers. “Bedroom now” she says her face still little flushed

Zac grins picking up Lind’s in his arms kissing her lustfully. They were naked in the matter of seconds. Lindsey whimpers loudly as Zac sinks deeper inside of her as he places her in his lap.

“Harder”she moans in Zac neck as he rocks her gently.

“Whatever you want baby." He breaths rocking her harder……..


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