Love, Scars, and Changes

Love, Scars, and Changes Love, Scars, and Changes

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


There Will always be changes in everyones lives. Its just a matter of how we react to them. Liana Marion meets Eli Gracia. There first meeting didn't go as smoothly as it should have, but in the meeting to come they get to know each other better......


There Will always be changes in everyones lives. Its just a matter of how we react to them.

Liana Marion meets Eli Gracia. There first meeting didn't go as smoothly as it should have, but in the meeting to come they get to know each other better......

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter 1 The Beginning

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There Will always be changes in everyones lives. Its just a matter of how we react to them.

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Submitted: July 08, 2012




I was about 10 years old when life hit me with my first tragedy. I got to learn first hand what it meant to feel abused and robbed of my own dignity. I should have figured that no man treated a child as if she were a 21 year old adult. I wasn't even sure what the meaning of adult was. I just felt honored that a highly respected man treated me with kindness. Or so I thought it was kindness, until I spoke one day to my teacher. I mentioned that my aunts husband always took me out on little trips. I guess she found that suspicious and asked me what kind of trips I went on. I mentioned our trips to the park or to the grocery store. He would make me hold his hand every where we went.

I mentioned how he would tuck me in at night and rub my back until I fell asleep. I even mentioned the accident where my uncle happend to walk in on me when I was taking a shower and stayed until I was done. I thought nothing of any of it. I thought every 10 year old got treated the same way.

Before I knew it, cops were Knocking on our door. My parents were being questioned while my aunt was suprised to be in such a situation. My aunts husband was arrested on the spot. My aunt blamed me for everything that went on. She ended up leaving our house and moving miles away. She was my favorite aunt. I haven't seen her since. I'm not even sure her husband was ever released. I wouldn't be surprised if he was and they moved on together. My parents started working longer hours which left me alone more often then I should have been. Being an only child left me in a pit of loneliness.

The day I turned 14 my mom annouced she was pregnant with twins. I was excited with the idea that I wouldn't be alone anymore. There would be two other little people for me to take care of. Every chance I would get, I'd rub my moms belly and speak to my siblings. I would tell them everything about my day. I would always look forward to feeling my mom's stomach kick with the life that was inside her.

Then one day the babies didn't seem as active as they usually were. I asked my mom why they weren't moving as much. She told me it was because they were sleeping. The look in her eyes told me a different story. The next day she made an appointment with her doctor. Turned out both my siblings were dead. I was crushed. My parents were devastated. I remember to this day going home from school and seeing my mom in her room. She was just laying there staring into space. I could only imagine what she felt losing two children so close to the end of her pregnancy. Days would go by and my mom would still be in her room.

LIfe seemed to move on for everyone else expect her. Dad would go to work and I would go to school. After all its only been the three of us. Having both sets of my grandparents die in a car accident. I was only a toddler at the time. My mothers sister has been gone for years and my fathers brother being in the military. All we had was each other.

I graduated high school at the age of 17. It was no suppose to my parents since all I would do with my time was focus on school. I had no other activities that interested me. I would just spend my days going to school doing what needed to be done and going home. I was lucky enough to make 4 good friends. Amanda, Erica, Alandra and Janel. they have stuck by me through thick and thin. Amanda being the closest to me.

I remember walking into my house, ready to show my parents my college application. Dad was sitting at the kitchen table with his head down. My heart sank. I asked him what was going on. He just looked at me and shook his head. He told me that my mother died in an accident. I stared at him for what seemed like an eternity. No way could my mother be dead. That would be just cruel. Was this some kind of curse? Another accident. Turns out she was driving home and got hit by a drunk driver who had ran a stop sign.

It just seemed like life was out to get us. I spent the next year of my life trapped in my own home. I postponed going to college using the excuse that my dad needed me. When in reality I needed him but never saw him. He was practically living at work. I was in a state of depression using extreme methods to ease my own inner pain.

Chapter One

Watching the rain fall has always been calming to me. Relaxing every inch of my stressed out body. Putting me in a state of total relaxation.

"Is this seat taken." a thickly accented voice asked.

I looked away from the window into a pair of dark brown eyes. I couldn't speak. I could feel the heat going into my face. Great, embarrassment is just what I need right now. I smiled and moved my over sized purse from the bench across from me.

I turned back to the window in hopes of ignoring further interaction with the man sitting across from me.

"Do you carry your whole house inside that purse?" His laugh all but made me jump out of my chair. Jesus he was still talking to me. Why? I've always been invisible.

"Very funny" was all I managed to say. His face seemed to light up even more.

"So you do have a voice, My name is Eli Gracia." His hand seemed to be right under my nose. I moved back a little and gave him my hand.

"Liana Marian." I said.

"Nice to meet you Liana. Great weather we are having?"

All I did to answer him was give a long sigh to express my love for the weather. When I looked back at Eli he was just staring at me. Of course me being self conscience, I grabbed at my nose, hair, and face.

His throaty laugh filled the room. I don't know why, but it angered me. I grabbed my purse and started to rise from my chair. I felt a large hand grab my wrist. I instantly felt nervous. I jerked my hand away from him and raced out of the room.

I managed to make it into another cubicle before my heart started hammering inside of my chest. It felt as though an elephant were sitting on top of me.

'Calm down Liana. Its not like you haven't seen a handsome man before.' The only difference is that this one had talked to her.

Liana managed to make it to her office in one piece. She threw her luggage of a purse on her desk to relieve the pain on her shoulder.

" My my don't you look lovely my sweet lily."

Hearing Antonio's voice instantly put a smile on Liana's face.

" Hola Antonio, it's always a pleasure seeing you." Lilly offered her best smile to her friendly co worker.

"That sure is a cheeky smile my friend. Did you happen to get lucky last night to be so bright today." his accented voice asked.

My smile was instantly wiped off of my face. "There is none of that in my life Antonio. Never has been."

He seemed to sense the vibe and changed the subject.

"Lets do lunch at Alfredos Bistro today. Alandra will be waiting for us there."

Plastering on my fakest smile. I told him ok. As soon as he walked away I placed my head on my desk. 'Its going to be one of those days.' I thought.


"Alex, Eddie, and Johan, please help this lady take her packages to her vehicle."

"No problem sir."

Its nice having some control over life he thought. Even if its only at work. He'll take anything he can get.

He could smell perfume down the hall towards his office. He instantly new who it was. He was unable to get rid of her since he took her out for dinner two nights ago. Sighing into the air he walked towards his office. He could see her through the window. Dressed in a pink mini skirt and a white blouse that was at least two sizes too small. Her stilletos were five inches high. He had to admit she was beautiful to look at. Her blonde hair falling over her shoulders in waves. She seemed to sense him and turned to stare directly at him. Her red lips lifted into a toothy smile. She waved her ring covered fingers at him. He smiled and made his way into his office.

"Hello Melanie, what brings you in here today?" I asked.

She raced towards him and gave him hug. "HI Eli, I just had to see you. Have you missed me?"

It took all of Eli's will not to roll his eyes in front of her.

"Melanie, i'm very busy today. I'll give you a call when I have some free time." Please take the hint and leave me alone I thought.

Melanie pouted her red lips and gave him her sad eyes. "You don't find me attractive do you Eli? I thought we hit it off pretty good the other night. I guess I was wrong. You just used me for your pleasure." She turned to walk out the door.

" Melanie, wait. How about I take you out for lunch instead. We can try out that new place down on third street."

She ran to him and practically knocked him over with her hug.

He really needed to start checking out woman's profiles before making contact with them. He had no idea how he was going to rid himself of this stalker. Serves him right for going for a pretty face and a nice set of breasts. He made a promise to himself right then. No more sex with strangers. Or so his plan was until the next crazy woman he encounters.


"Dammit Antonio slow down. Your walking to fast for me." Liana all but ran to catch up to her latin friend.

"I'm sorry Lilly. This is how I normally walk."

If he calls this walking, i'd hate to see him running. She'd never catch him. I had to take a deep breath before entering the little shop. Not to mention wipe the sweat that had gathered on the back of my neck. I all but prayed I didn't have sweat marks under my arm pits. I was tempted to look, but Antonio was staring at me with impatience.

"Jeez, i'm sorry, lets go." I said.

I immediately saw Alandra. She was waving like crazy. I didn't expect to see Janel or Erica, but there they were. As pretty as can be. I was tempted to slap all of their pretty petite face's. They always made me feel like an amazon woman. Scratch that, even amazon women are beautiful.

"You look beautiful Liana. Have you been working out? Did you cut your hair? You got a perm didn't you?"

I didn't know what to answer first. Erica always seemed to be the most vocal of the four of us.

"I don't know what it means to work out. Unless you consider the speed walking Antonio had me do to get here. My hair is still the same length. Mid back nothing more nothing less, and no I didn't perm it. I'd look like a poodles ass was sitting on my head if I did."

The laughter that surrounded our little circle put a smile on my face. At least I could still make people laugh. Lord knows laughter was scarce in my childhood.

The silence that surrounded our table while we ate was comforting. Its always nice to enjoy good company without actually having to talk. Then I heard him.

"Yes I'd like a number 4 with swiss cheese and a large coke to drink."

I recognized that voice. It was the man from this morning. Eli. I looked towards the counter. There he was, and boy was he all man. He was tall; at least 6'1. Generously built in all the right places. His hair was cut short, he sported a close cut beard. Was this the same man that tried to talk to her this morning? Why didn't she notice all of his features the first time? Oh yeah, she was busy being a total coward.

I new I was staring like a crazy person, but i couldn't help myself. He really is that handsome. I might not have felt all the signs of 'thee' perfect soul mate, but boy was I drawn to him. That was until he stepped a little to the left and I caught sight of the beautiful blonde. Of course she was petite and big breasted. What esle was I expecting this man to go for? I shook my head and continued to eat my double meated sandwich and fries.


"I'll have a salad and a small glass of water."

Eli looked at Melanie in total disgust. No wonder she stayed as small as she was. She didn't eat. She took his staring as a sign that he desired her. She started whispering into his ear. Telling him everything she wanted to do to him later tonight. He was tempted to push her away, but he thought better of it.

He heard a round of laughter and turned towards the sound. Right away he saw the shy Liana and her group of friends. She wasn't so shy now. She was the center of her little table. Making everyone in her group grab at their stomachs from such laughter. He couldn't believe his eyes. This was the same girl that freaked out on him this morning. She looked so beautiful smiling. She had the sexiest little dimples on both cheeks. Her doe eyes were bright with laughter. Their color seeming to change everytime she changed her expression. Hazel he told himself.

She must have felt him staring at her because she turned to look at him. Right away her expression changed from laughter to serious. She looked at him with disgust. Then turned her gaze away from him and looked directly at Melanie. She turned back to her group of friends . Before he new it, they were all grabbing their belongings. When she stood he couldn't help but stare again. She was tall; at least 5'9. She was far from being as slender as her friends or Melanie.

She sported her weight in all the right places. Her breasts where full and her bottom was nice and round. The perfect hour glass figure. He was shocked to feel the first stirrings of desire. He shook his head to rid himself of such an image. He sure was acting like a teenage boy instead of his 32 years. He really needed to change his ways of life.

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