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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Featured Review on this writing by DampKitten

Riley Brooks appears to be leading a charmed life on the outside. On the inside, she's spiraling as a result of an abusive relationship. Once the relationship comes to a tumultuous end, she loses very nearly everything, her sanity included. As an effort to promote her career, she is forced to tour with an all-male rock band and is not looking forward to the experience.....that is, until she meets the cryptic, playful lead singer, Landon Stone.

Over time, she finds that he's everything she wants, but he has life-threatening demons and addictions that she's not sure he can overcome. She lets herself be sucked into the turbulent world of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, picking up her own addictions along the way. Danger and loss is at every corner, and she isn't sure how much she can take. While she invests herself into this man in efforts to heal him, will she be able to heal herself before it's too late?

Note: This is potentially very triggering and contains instances of drug abuse, violence, sex scenes and sexual assault. Read at your own discretion.

Table of Contents


I rate this story M for language, violence, disturbing and sexual content. Please do NOT read this if you are under 18. As of 10/29/2019 my novel "Image" has been registered with the copyright
office. Don't plagiarize me, please.

Please leave comments, and PLEASE fact check me if you notice anything. I intend to get this published and I need your help! I am also open to taking requests to read and comment on your novels as
well. :)
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The Bottom

  CHAPTER ONE - THE BOTTOM Dying - Hole   I was just about... Read Chapter

A Little Bitter

Copyrighted by me!
Feel free to comment, fact check, and grammar check me. I will return the favor if asked. Read Chapter


This novel is under copyright.
Please comment and I will reciprocate if asked. Read Chapter

The Marks

The banner website I used to make pretty chapter banners has completely changed. So no pretty banners until I find another one. :( Read Chapter


CHAPTER FIVE - HANGOVER Heavy in Your Arms - Florence and the Machine ... Read Chapter


CHAPTER SIX - MEADOW Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana   ... Read Chapter


CHAPTER SEVEN - ASSUMPTIONS Eyes on Fire - Blue Foundation   ... Read Chapter


Wow, we're at page 65!! Only 35 more until shit really starts to go down. The whole dynamic of the book changes soon. I'm excited and a little scared of what's to come. Thanks for sticking it out guys! Read Chapter


A couple things:
- I changed the main character's ages slightly. It just makes more sense to me now. Riley is now 22, Landon is now 23, Miles and Owen are now 25, and Brent is 27. Sorry. Perfectionism. Bleh.
- Secondly, every chapter following this one will be a challenge for me. A challenge for me writing-wise and emotional-wise. They're the very reason why it has taken me so long to complete this book. My insatiable perfectionism, and my self-doubt to be able to convey things properly as a quite young, semi-novice writer.
This book WILL be finished, but the following chapters may take a little longer to release, as they need to be PERFECT. And even then, they may be different in the finished, published product. GRR. I'm frustrating. Read Chapter

The Halloween Party

Damn, this chapter was hard to write. I've read it so many times, I hope I never do again. Read Chapter

Ashes And Dust

Sorry this took so long. I had a really weird month with my personal life. Love you all.
The chapter song seems like it'd be inappropriate, but it has the saddest lyrics ever. Read Chapter

Sweet Dreams

Again, I apologize for the delay. My personal life is NUTS right now. Read Chapter


Okay, here it is. I don't think this is very good, as I've had a lot on my mind. I'll get back on track eventually. My life's been a shit show. As most of you know, my father passed away very unexpectedly and I've been in a bit of a depression since then. Please allow me some time to catch up on everyone's stories and chapters. Thanks so much to those of you that've stuck around and supported me! Read Chapter

The Monkey On His Back

  CHAPTER FOURTEEN - THE MONKEY ON HIS BACK   I awoke from a vigorous shoulder wobbling as Brent’s concern... Read Chapter


Meep.....I have nothing to say.....meep Read Chapter


Sorry this took so muthafuckin long. Life is crazy right now.
Sorry if this one sucks. Next one will be better, I swear! Read Chapter

The Reckoning

  CHAPTER SEVENTEEN - THE RECKONING High and Dry - Radiohead &... Read Chapter


Meep. I really excited for the next two chapters. Meep. Read Chapter

The Slow Unravel

This one was nice to write. The next few are gonna be a real doozy, I tell ya.
I hope you guys are well with this COVID craziness! Read Chapter


Sorry this is so long overdue. Shit's been rough lately. I hope you all are well. Read Chapter


Okay, here it is. It’s shit, I know.
And I know I’ve been a shit for not replying to anyone or reading your stuff. I’m working on it, I swear.
This time, my excuse is that I somehow gave myself fucking stomach ulcers. Lol WHAT THA FUCK??!! And because of that, I’ve barely been able to eat without getting horrible pain and heartburn, so I’ve been kinda weak and not been able to think straight. No energy and I’m constantly doped on Tums and Dramamine. I can’t even drink coffee, my FAVORITE THING that gets my mind going because it burns so bad.
My doctor is giving me some meds tomorrow that’ll allow my stomach and esophagus to heal itself. Thank god. Lol This has been a nightmare. Wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.
I’d kill for a cheeseburger right now.

Also, it’s just been hard to write these boring chapters. My future chapters are so exciting I can barely contain myself. I’ve already started writing little sections! Gahhhh I can’t wait.

I think that’s also another reason why I had to write “Dirt” because I needed a little excitement.

Anyway, I’m blathering, so I’ll conclude with this. Hope you guys and your family members are safe. I can’t believe this COVID shit is STILL going on.
Those of you that I talk to on a semi-regular basis are like my little family, so pleaaasse take care of yourself. Social distance is crucial and who knows, maybe you’ll get some writing done, eh? Read Chapter

A Small Favor

This ones a bit shorter. Surprised at how quickly (and sloppily) I've reeled this one out. I've also been calling out of work and been in bed all day due to my weird GI sickness so that helped. I'll find out soon what that is, hopefully. Anyway, here it is. Read Chapter


CHAPTER 23 - STRANGER Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know   ... Read Chapter


This chapter is a little on the lighter side. I try to add some funny parts to even out the depressing ones.
I can't believe I'm on page 240 and how much I still have to go. A lot of crazy shit happens and I'm so excited to get to it, but I have to bear in mind that things need to ravel out as organically as possible. Relationships still need to develop. I will be jumping ahead a little but am trying not to do it too much. I don't want it to be jarring.
I have a timeline on events that I follow. I'm realizing that this might need to be cut down a bit for publication. I'll have to get to that once I'm done.
This one embarrassed me a little while writing it. You'll see why. lol Read Chapter


I can't believe it's been over a year without an update. In all honesty, my job and the strange headspace I've been in has prevented the update. COVID has really screwed everything up. Life just
got too crazy and I had no room for creativity. I'm trying to come back to it, but my brain still feels like exhausted mush everyday. This whole time I've just been WAITING to get back into the
groove and the flow, but it never happened. And now I'm just forcing it until I can get back there again. I'm going to work harder to update at regular intervals again and increase my presence on
this site. I don't like this chapter. It's all over the place and I don't think it's my best writing. That's another reason why it's taken so long. This is not work that I feel good about, but I've
decided to stop delaying and just move forward. I decided that I can just go back and edit later. The most important thing is that this story gets finished.
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High And Dry

  CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX - HIGH AND DRY Blow Up The Outside World - Soundgarden Read Chapter

Truth Or Dare

    CHAPTER 27 - TRUTH OR DARE Linger - The Cranberries   ... Read Chapter