The hit

The hit

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A drug lord gets a blowjob that contains a nasty surprise.


A drug lord gets a blowjob that contains a nasty surprise.


Submitted: February 10, 2017

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Submitted: January 18, 2016



It had taken some measure of persuasion. Antonio Sebelgado wasn’t exactly easy to access. She had had to capture his interest by wearing her flimsiest outfit, one that left little to the imagination. Sheer lace, with her nipples poking right through it and beckoning him and every other woman loving cock and cunt within eye shot. 

The bastard smelled of Jose Cuervo and silver tipped cigarettes, mixed in with mint. Go easy on the mint, motherfucker. Don’t do me any favors.

He was as much an animal as they said he was. He had deep pockets and a deeper record. He was wanted by the police of ten countries, and the Interpol. Every peso he’d made came at the expense of young people on the streets, getting hooked on coke, heroin, marijuana, opium, a ton of other controlled or illegal substances. But Langley was content to look the other way. That was until he received a call from El Quad. Al Quaeda. The big bad terrorists who wanted buyers for their poppy. That was when he had the attention of Langley, and the Feds, and the NSA, and the MI5, and a whole bunch of other organizations John Q Public doesn’t know protects his innocence.

He kissed her on the lips. She wanted to throw up when he first did it, but she let him do it. He was an animal when it came to women. She knew from word on the street that every one of his last girlfriends was either an insider, who was living inside his private compound, with dilated pupils and a bloodstream that would take a whole year of detox, or she was carved up into little pieces, having not been considered compound worthy. The bastard always gave the women he killed a burial, after brutally degrading their bodies. No one understood why. Some said he had had a Catholic mother, and some of her survived inside him. Not enough, motherfucker. Not by half. 

The bar where they met was in downtown Buenos Aires. His local mansion was on the outskirts, a long ride away. She suspected she was compound material. That was why they’d chosen her. The long, golden blonde hair, the stunningly large breasts and voluptuous body, an ass that J-Lo might envy. Her best asset, though, was her face. Move over Erin Andrews. There’s a new beauty in town. The large aquamarine eyes always hit men like a shotgun round. Once they looked in her eyes, their ass was hers to spin whichever way she fancied. Usually. 

Sebelgado was a tough nut. He was a lecher, and he was an animal, but he wore suspicion like a bad smell that out reeked even his BO. She had to flirt as though she was a regular lady of the night who saw wealth and threw her sex in its direction. She caught the look of lust mixed with pity in the eyes of his security men. She knew why. 

So she worked her magic on him. After she initially got his attention, she played the expert dance of pushing and pulling. If she swooned all over him right away, she wouldn’t get to be with him alone. If he smelled a rat, he would shoot first and vanish. She wasn’t afraid of a bullet in her brain, but she wasn’t stupid. She wanted the bastard to be the one going down. 

So she did the dance. Expertly feigning interest, but resisting when he suggested a private rendezvous, when that was precisely what she was hoping for. The bastard was of the type who needs conflict and violence to be aroused enough to be distracted. She, stunning as she was, couldn’t give in too easy. So she turned down his suggestions for one on one time three times, until she knew he was salivating, and seeing her as a challenge. 

He asked her to take a walk with her. This time she agreed. The bodyguards tailed them at a discreet distance. Sebelgado liked doing it in seedy, run down, dirty places. He led her into an alleyway that was deserted. A couple of dumpsters that gave off the pungent smell of rotting meat and rancid milk products, but nothing else. She was so used to his vile BO by now that she didn’t even mind the dumpster smell. 

There was no prelude. He pushed her against the wall, and she felt his hard cock against her thighs. He was grunting, and calling her maduras and puta. She didn’t give a shit. She wanted him to be distracted enough not to notice what she was doing. 

He pushed her down to her knees. Here it comes; bastard’s drug dealing cock. 

It was large, but she had expected as much. Several inches of dark brown meat, smellier than she liked. He pushed it into her mouth, while she gagged, and he enjoyed her discomfort. 

Enjoy it while you can, puta madre. 

His balls slapped against her lips and chin, as he went in and out. He was screaming in both English and Spanish, and sometimes in Ukrainian. She remembered that he did a lot of arms business in that part of the world. Plus one of his compound regulars was a Ukrainian beauty who was probably regretting her decision to bed the darkly handsome Latin drug lord. 

It’s life, honey. You fuck a drug lord, he fucks you right back. In all the ways he knows how.

When his groans became frantic, and she knew he would explode anytime, she did the deed. The delivery system was a simple pin that was secured inside a thin glass tube. She’d hidden it in her panties. It was extremely important that it stayed intact before the delivery, and it was extremely important that she disappear after.

As his cum shot out of his cock, and down her throat, she knew he would ignore the pinprick. It wouldn’t even register, not even for this suspicious a bastard. He pulled his cock out so he could humiliate her further, and allowed the secondary spurt of jizz to land in her forehead. It dribbled down her eyelashes, and she mentally shot him between the eyes, while she moaned in faux pleasure. 

The bastard was happy. Sebelgado asked her to report to his compound the next day, and pushed four thousand Argentine pesos into her hand. 

“Buy yourself one of those fancy alligator purses, babe,” he said, trying out an American accent and causing her to cringe. 

You should have said ‘no hablo ingles’, bastard.

She nodded, and crooned, as though having his jizz on her face and in her throat was a lifelong ambition. 

Sebelgado dropped her off at her house. The back story was perfect. It was boarding house, and she was a grad student at one of the several local universities. She had been living here for three months now, right from when the semester started. Fake name, fake background, fake everything. His gang members would investigate days later, but there would be no leads to follow up. 

After they dropped her off, she had a scalding hot shower, and tried throwing up a few times to get that salty jizz taste out of her. She had only half an hour for the entire clean up job. Her plane left in two hours.

Sebelgado knew something was wrong two hours later. His heart was palpitating, as he sat in his obscenely opulent mansion, abusing one of his Colombian chicas. He stumbled to the bathroom, wondering what was happening. That was when the compound started working rapidly. The Langley scientists had outdone themselves. Delayed reaction, but what a reaction it was. 

It felt like a heated steel spider web was inside his skin, being pulled to and fro. The pain was excruciating, and it went for hours. His bodyguards didn’t know what to do, except to call the doctor, and to send prayers up to Madonna Maria. The entire compound erupted with Sebelgado’s screams, as the compound invaded his system. 

As he died, he remembered something was off when he was ejaculating. 

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