Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Set in a place that is reminiscent of ancient Arabia - Sultana chronicles the turbulent adventures and sexual intrigue in an ancient kingdom, ruled by a powerful, ruthless and beautiful woman.


Set in a place that is reminiscent of ancient Arabia - Sultana chronicles the turbulent adventures and sexual intrigue in an ancient kingdom, ruled by a powerful, ruthless and beautiful woman.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Nubian

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Turbulent adventures, sexual intrigue, magic and monsters are all set in an ancient desert land.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 25, 2018




The whole palace had the smell of myrrh. The myrrh was a decoy, a mask, a facade. It masked a subtle odor that one would not want to associate with such an esteemed part of the desert land.

The emperor sat on his throne, leaning forward, trying to pay attention to what his vassals were saying. He didn’t really need to, nor could he hear that well. He had been a powerful man once. He stood several inches over six feet in height, and had been a great warrior. He had felled many rival claimants to the Sultanate through fell swoops of his bronze sword. Then he had lost power by degrees to the Sultana. First he lost his loins to her. Then his heart. Then his throne. 

His bushy beard was more black than silver, but the silver would soon claim a victory. His gray eyes were tired from the heat and grime of so many battles of sword and state, and kept drooping while hearing out different appeals from citizens of his kingdom. His face was smooth, but it had faint lines of age showing up as though the desert winds were gently uncovering some hidden structure under his skin. His raiment was the traditional robes of the monarch, a deep scarlet shirt with emeralds for buttons, and black pantaloons that were laced into his dark brown sandals. A red and black turban sat atop his head, and had been passed to him by his father, who had received it in turn at the end of a long line of succession. 

She was force personified, in comparison to her ‘lord and master’. She sat in a seat that was modest compared to his jewel encrusted throne. It was still luxurious to an extreme degree, with orichalc and rubies weaving a brilliant bejeweled tapestry around its edges. Nothing in the room was as dominant as the Sultana. 

She was of average height for women of the Sultanate. She was a sturdy specimen of womanhood, and was built like the Venus de Milo. She had gorgeously defined bosom that many a man lusted after, but would be put to sword for expressing any lust. She had raven hair that was thick and braided into one plait that fell down her back, all the way to her regal and very luscious buttocks. And she was a force to behold.

Every man, woman, animal and inanimate object in the throne room was enthralled by the sheer force of her personality. It was this one quality that many attributed her current position to. She presently conferred in whispers with a trio of nonagenarian advisers, who had been serving the kingdom for well over fifteen decades between them. 

There were whispers about how she got the Sultan under her spell. She was very talented in the secrets of the perfumed chambers, where the royal babies are sired. She had birthed four sturdy children, three girls and one boy. Still her beauty hadn’t paled an iota. She hadn’t become thicker at the hips than the day their Sultan had announced his undying love for her in front of all the kingdom. 

Many wondered what her secrets were, but they were only hers to know. What was clear was that there were days when the Sultan could barely stay awake, while the Sultana had an excess of animal vitality. Many whispered that she sucked his very marrow into herself, so that his span of years were added to hers. None knew the truth of it.

Younos walked up a less explored corridor in the Sultan’s palace. He was in a room that connected several secret chambers to the Sultan’s chambers. His goal now was to discover the subterranean secret passages of the palace, so that he could learn actual secrets of state. As a humble errand boy who had recently found favor in the palace kitchen, he knew that the only way to power was through control of information, and he was searching for information.

He never heard anything from the so-called Sultan’s chambers. A couple of groans and moans, which vaguely sounded like lovemaking, but no words. Today, however, he had discovered something that made inroads even into the so-called ‘Sultan’s chambers’. These were a labyrinth, and he wasn’t even sure how many chambers he’d have to cross before he actually reached the vicinity of the Sultan and the Sultana. 

He was keenly aware of one thing however. To be caught snooping would mean instant decapitation. No tribunal, no court, nothing. He would be executed in front of the Sultan by his guards if the Sultan but snapped his fingers. If the Sultana snapped her fingers, he would be executed in half the time and with twice the brutality.

He was playing a dangerous game though. He knew that great rewards come to only to those who are willing to undertake great risks. So he plodded on, ever alert and ever cautious. His keen sense of navigation kept him from losing his way within the labyrinth. His bold meanderings would have made him the envy of Theseus.

Then he heard a sound. It was rhythmic sound. There were frantic moans that were deliberately hushed. He slowed down, sensed the direction - and tiptoed. The moans and grunts became louder, but only slightly - and then he found that he was in cluttered storage area filled with earthen amphoras and bronze statues from distant Rome that were gathering dust. All statues were of well endowed men, or of buxom women - in different states of lovemaking. The moans and grunts were coming from an adjacent room.

A brick wall with a stone grill built into it separated the storage room from another storage area that was much smaller. Here Younos saw what he sought - the source of the sounds.

It was Mediha, the eldest progeny of the Sultan and the Sultana. There was no mistaking her twenty two year old body, or her long, oval face, or her dusky skin and her jet black hair. She was buxom, curvy, thick - and very desirable. Right now the one desiring her, other than Younos and so many other young men and women, was a giant Nubian slave. 

Younos felt horror at what he saw. The princess Mediha was fucking a common slave. The slave was running the grave risk of execution so that his cock could get its due. Younos could see what attraction he held. He was giant in his own proportions - he must have been close to seven feet tall. His member was gigantic - and currently princess Mediha was straining to contain it in her vagina. The Nubian was taking her from behind.

Her face was a contorted and wore a mask of sheer ecstasy - and occasional pain that she was clearly loving. Her dusky face was the picture of someone who has just experienced heaven, and her luscious lips drooled as she reached behind her and caressed the Nubian.

Younos suppressed his urge to cheer them on. It was splendid lovemaking. His horror and the fact that he didn’t want to be discovered shut him up. Of course that didn’t stop his cock from becoming very, very hard. 

The Nubian’s balls were the size of small oranges. Younos wondered if he was a soldier. Where had the princess found him. There was not one hair the entire length of his ebony body. 

The princess in stark contrast had a luxuriant forest between her legs, and in her armpits. Thick, black brambles that served to both accentuate her beauty, and to provide some sort of cushion in the frenetic activity she was engaged in now. 

He heard her moan something in a throaty rasp. The Nubian grunted, and pulled his penis out of her. He rose to his full height, and she turned. Now he lifted her, while standing, and placed her on his cock. They continued their lovemaking in this manner. 

Younos was hard as a rock now. He hid, turned on and yet daring scarcely to breathe. He desperately wanted to pull his cock out and join the action. That wasn’t an option. The second option was to pull his cock out and quietly masturbate while watching the scene. He knew that this was a bad idea also. But he was compelled to do it when he watched the Nubian plunge his cock into princess Mediha’s for the hundredth time as he leaned against a wall. Their gasps and moans were too hot for anyone to ignore.

Younos pulled out his member, rock hard as it was, and started pumping it. The sect that he belonged to did not believe in circumcision - so he had his foreskin to play with. He pumped his foreskin up and down the head of his penis - watching the action in front of him. He restrained his movements so that his hand didn’t knock into any amphora or bronze statue.

The Nubian’s grunts became more frantic - as did princess Mediha’s. She was bouncing like a rag doll as the Nubian plunged his member into her with increasing mania. Her lovely large breasts bounced with the rhythm they had established. She started moaning with increasing urgency. She moaned something into the Nubian’s ear. He grunted, and put her down, and lay down on his back.

She lay on top of him, and took his giant cock in her mouth - almost choking on it when tried swallowing it to the hilt. Not even close - she was gagging when only two thirds were in her. The Nubian reached down and fingered her dripping pussy. He was too tall for them to give each other oral happiness at the same time - so he had to settle for using his fingers. 

His ebony fingers darted in and out of her lovely folds, and were lost in the black brambles down there. Her actions alternated between gagging on his cock, and mouthing his giant balls one at a time. 

Younos was having a tough time keeping his climax away. It appeared he would climax before them - as he beat his cock. He lusted after the princess - imagining that her lovely pink-brown lips were sucking his own cock, and that he was rubbing his balls all over her lovely face. 

Very soon he felt his balls quiver, and his cock exploded in his hands, as his body spasmed. He let out a low moan - very low. As the semen erupted out of his cock he heard the slightly louder moans and grunts - and saw that the Nubian’s cock had exploded in the princess’s mouth as well - and he shot a geyser of love juice all over her lovely black hair and her face. She was dripping from her pussy in spurts as well - and had reached orgasm. Both of them were straining to keep their cries muted. 

Younos took the semen he’d collected in his palm and dripped it into the nearest amphora. He didn’t know what it contained - dark as it was - but he was sure it would be improved by his seed. 

The Nubian and the princess were done for now, and he heard them whispering to each other. They scanned the room and the grill behind which Younos was with suspicious eyes. His heart almost leaped into his throat - thinking that they had heard his moan. They didn't investigate further though. They went back the way they must have come - the way that led away from him. They remained covered in each other's fluids, and stark naked, as they went.

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