Glorious Anya

Glorious Anya

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Anya services multiple cocks at an enclosure with many gloryholes.


Anya services multiple cocks at an enclosure with many gloryholes.


Submitted: May 28, 2018

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Submitted: May 28, 2018



Anya sat in the gloryhole enclosure. There were apertures all around her, and she could just about fit in there, so that a penis inserted behind her would enter her behind (either her anus or her pussy, based on the angle), while one inserted in front could be taken in her mouth. She could use her hands on members that entered from the sides, and if she stood, she could trade her pussy for her mouth. 

There were four apertures, but only three cocks currently. They were big, thick, black dicks though, and that made Anya giddy with lust. They were long, varying shades of ebony, and turgid and swollen, with their veins standing out, and announcing their impending explosions.

One was right behind her, and two were adjacent to each other, so that she could suck one and pump the other with her hand simultaneously. She raised her buttocks up in the air and felt them brush the cock behind her. Her body shivered in anticipation.

The one on her left was a gigantic member, and nearly a foot long with balls that were like kiwi fruit, fuzz and all. Anya licked the thick veins running along its turgid length, and its purple head, coating it liberally with her saliva. It was so ebony that it was almost as black as the pubic hair peppering the balls.

The one on her right was nine inches long, but was considerably thicker, with ugly veins gleaming along its length as well. This cock mocha colored, and came with two tangerine sized clean shaven balls. The evil pink head that peeped out from the end was fatter than any head Anya had ever encountered in the gloryhole.

The third one, the one that was exploring her buttocks currently, was colored like teakwood and was nearly ten inches long, with navel orange sized balls. It was the only uncircumcised dick, and when erect, and was thinner than the other two, but was just as turgid and just as insistent.

She wolfed down the footlong penis, while she grabbed the nine incher with her right hand, and shoved her ass further behind and above, indicating to that gentleman behind that she wanted him to focus on her pussy doggystyle. 
She focused on sucking the giant cock, and engaged another part of her brain to pump her right hand rhythmically. The guy who was fucking her doggy style was grunting like an ape in heat. 

The ebony hand of the footlong guy reached in and brushed her golden hair first. Then it rested on her ivory skin. His near jet black hand on her near colorless skin. She felt his cock in her throat, as she wrapped her lips around the base of his penis, barely being able to contain the enormity of the member.

His balls slapped her chin, as he thrust his hips forward, while she sucked his cock with gusto. He had shaven his balls a few days ago, so they had a very annoying stubble that irritated her chin as they slapped against it.

She heard him encourage her using nasty and heated language that came more from the loins than from the brain.

She gave him an encouraging sign, since his moving his hips helped her plenty. His ebony hand crushed her breasts and pinched her nipples. She cried out, hoping he’d continue, but not take it any further.

The guy behind her was fucking her at a more rapid pace, and his grunts became more frequent and urgent. The guy on the right, whose cock she was pumping with her right hand was silent mostly, but she heard an occasional groan, showing her that he was progressing along in his own erotic journey.

The most common sound in the proceedings was the sound of Anya’s tongue and lips traveling up and down the ebony shaft of the guy in front, while mouthing his balls alternately. He fucked her mouth, and she felt his balls slap her with increasing viciousness.

She gagged on his cock, and her saliva and his pre-cum oozed onto his shaft, as she moved her lips up and down its length. She opened her lips wide, and rotated her head so that her golden ponytail was tossed hither and thither, as she wolfed his cock down her throat, enjoying the thrill of sucking such an enormous treat.

The owner of the footlong was a nasty bastard, and he called her the nastiest names. As if to spite him, she pulled his cock out of her mouth and bit down on his dark chocolate balls. He gasped.

She glared at him, with her lips firmly holding his ball sac, as she continued the hand job on the guy on her right. She placed her middle finger against his glans, feeling the pre cum dribble down and hearing him moan.

The guy behind Anya was only too happy to continue fucking her doggy style. She heard him groan presently.
The black guy with the nearly foot long dick that was in her face was very close to the brink of explosion, and she felt it right then. Since he was the nastiest of the lot in terms of language, and she wanted to hear him yell more, she decided to piss him off.

She caught his cock and balls with her left hand, but didn’t give him a hand job. She just held them there, prisoner while she started sucking the nine incher on her right.

After twenty seconds of inaction, the guy in front started cursing, while she sucked the mocha colored nine incher on her right with greedy cries of lust.

The guy who was fucking her doggystyle tried something that she hadn’t approved yet. He took his turgid, quivering cock out of her pussy from behind, and stuffed into her anus.

There was no warning or anything. She nearly screamed as the uncircumcised dick went from her cunt to her asshole in a split second. She almost bit off the mocha balls of the nine incher guy, and he screamed.

The guy behind her continued to fuck her asshole, his hands rubbing and fondling her buttcheeks. It hurt more than she thought it would, but it also turned her on. She would make him pay though, and stretch out his ejaculation. He hadn’t asked her permission for the anal.

Anya returned her attention to the two cocks in front of her. When she last got distracted by the uninvited penis up her anal aperture, she was working on sucking the nine inch cock in front of her to her right, while she was simply holding on to the footlong cock in front of her to her left. Now she wolfed down the nine incher again, and continued sucking it, spitting on it, teasing the glans, sucking the frenulum, and kissing and sucking the balls, the best she knew how. The owner of the mocha cock and balls groaned in ecstasy, and told her that he was close to cumming.

He had been reasonably well behaved, so she decided to finish him off. She tea bagged his balls, and sucked them to high heaven. She finished the teabag with a slurping kiss.

She started to pump the foot long cock in front, but very slowly. She didn’t want his climax to come yet, and she had big plans for the cum.

She took the nine incher again in her mouth, and gagged on it, and felt his balls slapping her chin as she did so, and he thrust his cock in her direction. She felt tremors in his dark brown balls, and knew that eruption was nigh.

She felt spasms building up in his thighs and his balls, as he arched even more in her direction. His knees bent slightly, as he tried to gain more access to her mouth. She bit down on the base of his cock, and allowed him no mercy. She felt the tremors in his balls travel up his shaft, and explode in her mouth. She held onto his cock, while she heard him scream in ecstasy.

She was on the verge of gagging, but she lost track of the guy who was tearing up her asshole and the footlong guy just then. She just drank up the entire volume of cum that he shot down her throat. It was thick, salty, and oh so delicious, and she drank every last drop up. She felt his secondary spurt with less volume bathe her throat and she drank it down as well, and then his remaining piss ant squirts shot with reduced velocity down her throat. His big, black cock wilted, but she bit down on it and made sure that every last drop came out of it, before she let him go.

Now Anya had to deal with the nine incher fucking her anus, and the bad boy with the near footlong, whose orgasm and ejaculation she had purposely held up. She made up her mind as to the best course of action.

“Guy fucking my asshole,” she said. “I am going to suck your cock now!”

He grunted.

“Nasty ass big boy,” she said, addressing the guy with the footlong, “you get to fuck me in the pussy!”

He nodded. 

She turned around, to face the nine inch teakwood colored uncut cock which was the thinnest of the lot, while positioning her cunt to face the footlong ebony cock. Both cocks glistened with varied mixtures of juices. A slick mixture of saliva, pre-cum and whatever else these guys had put on their cocks was dripping off their entire lengths.

Long, persistent threads of this mixture glistened on the purple head that faced Anya now, poking out of the foreskin, and dripped off it onto her thirty six D's. She used her lips to force his foreskin back so that the head of his penis was out of its natural cover, and her tongue slathered the head with saliva.

She heard him moan, as the footlong dick invaded her pussy. She squealed onto the cock that she had in her mouth, feeling the biggest cock that she’d ever taken inside her.

She held the nine incher in front of her in her hand, and spoke to the footlong’s owner, encouraging him with nasty talk.

She went back to sucking the nine incher in front of her.

“Mmmmmm,” she said, moving between sucking the cock, mouthing the balls, teabagging, biting the ball sac, licking his dark shaft, and moving his foreskin up and down the head of his cock for maximum effect. She darted her tongue towards his frenulum and tongued it while he moaned. Simultaneously, she felt fire in her pussy being torn up by the footlong member.

She sucked the nine inch black cock harder, breathing down on it, while the nasty big boy fucked her cunt, and started creating a delicious pain between her legs. It was like she had an itch in her pussy all these years, which her husband’s piss ant cock couldn’t quite scratch. Finally, this guy with the footlong penis was scratching that itch, and she loved every moment of it. She was glad that she had pissed him off, because he gave her the fucking of a lifetime.

She kept sucking the nine inch cock, and teabagged this guy a lot more, mmmming and aaaaaing while slathering his bald balls in her saliva, and in his own pre-cum. She bit his ball sac again, and rubbed his balls on her forehead. She ran his thin but long cock up and down the length of her face, just enjoying its veins, while her pussy screamed in delight.

Then she felt quivers and tremors in the nine inches clean shaven balls. She knew that it was time to put him out of his misery, but not before she got some payback for invading her anus without asking. She kissed his balls a last time, and then wolfed down his cock, and used her tongue to manipulate his foreskin on and off his cock head. He was loving it, and screamed in the pleasure. She stretched out his orgasm the best he could, until he begged her to give him release.

Then she held the nine inch cock in her hands, pushed it further into her mouth, holding the balls and trying to fit part of them in her mouth as well. They wouldn’t fit, but the tightness and the movement of her hands and mouth against his tender balls was all the guy could take. She felt a final tremor in his balls, and then spasms hit him, and the head of his cock squirted a thick, gooey wad into her throat. She felt it explode out of his head, as she was tonguing it. Her tongue created an obstruction, so that a part of the prolific explosion fell back against his shaft, and she mopped it up again with her tongue. His secondary and tertiary squirts leaped into her throat as well, and she felt the lovely salty taste of thick cum again. This guy had lots of zinc in his diet, and she tasted the slightly bitter taste in his cum.

After she had drained every last drop of cum from his balls, she let go of his shriveled schlong, and gave it a parting kiss.

His voice trailed off, as she heard him singing as he went on his merry way, and she was left with the footlong cock rapidly thrusting into her pussy, and never showing signs of cumming. That was strange because she had pulled this very cock and balls back from near the edge of cumming a while back.

She saw that one thick, well oiled brown cock that was around eight inches long when turgid, had appeared in the aperture that was vacated in front of her. It came with two gigantic caramel colored balls - the biggest she ever had the fortune of beholding, or holding for that matter. They were covered with thick, black curls. It was a veritable jungle down there, and she was afraid she’d get lost in them.

She didn’t panic though. Since she was receiving a sound fucking, she was happy and wanted to share the happiness. She took the brown cock in her mouth, and took it all the way upto the hilt. After having gagged on the footlong, this was a piece of cake. 

The footlong continued fucking her for another ten minutes, and then told jer that he was close to cumming. That was when she knew she had to stop nuzzling the black forest of the well oiled brown cock guy. She whirled around, and asked the brown cock guy to place into her pussy, which he did with alacrity. She took the eleven inch cock that was trembling and quivering into her mouth, and sucked the evil purple knob that was its head, teasing it past the exploding point.

She sucked it deep into her throat, gagging on it, and feeling the ebony balls against her chin. They were turgid, and quivering with the abundance of cum stored within them. She felt it already. Then she felt him spasm, and knew that a deluge was headed her way.

Little did she know that his plans were opposed to hers. He wanted revenge for the delayed ejaculation. While she planned to drink every last drop of his cum, he planned to ejaculate it all over her. He yanked his giant cock out of her mouth at the very moment it exploded. The purple head of the cock erupted an inch outside her lips, and the primary spurt shot out of it. It was thick, creamy and prolific wad of jizz that smashed into her nose and her upper lip.

He kept his cock moving for maximum coverage area. The same primary spurt lasted a while, and it’s trail shot across her face, and covered her eyelashes and dripped down her cheeks. He angled his cock upward and the secondary spurt, which was no less prolific and just as thick and persistent shot onto her forehead and into her golden hair. He angled his cock further up, so that its trailing end fell on the crown of her head, as she ducked and dodged and tried to minimize how much goo hit her. The tertiary spurt started as soon as the secondary got done, and he angled his cock down and hit her breasts with it, as she slapped his penis away. Cum was dripping in her hair, on her forehead, down her eyelashes, off her lips, down her chin, and now off her breasts and nipples.

His footlong now shriveled up, and his kiwis were shrunken from all the ejaculation. She nibbled the purple head of his cock one last time, and said her goodbyes to it, but not before giving them a quick bite so that the black guy yelped.

“You know what that’s for!” she said, dismissing him from her attention. “Come back when you’re full, and we’ll see who wins next time.”

She heard him thanking her in his own nasty way. 

Then she devoted all her attention to the hairy brown balls and the eight inch brown cock that was currently fucking her in the pussy. Just one more cock to service, she thought to herself.

Two ten inch, white cocks entered the apertures on both sides. She sighed. Sometimes a girl’s work is never done, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Note to reader: This is an adaptation of an earlier piece of mine titled 'Glorious MILF'. 

© Copyright 2019 Megalanthropus. All rights reserved.

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