Poisoned Ivy

Poisoned Ivy

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Two straight women who hated each other unexpectedly became close and developed a romance that became a huge scandal which turned both their lives upside down.


Two straight women who hated each other unexpectedly became close and developed a romance that became a huge scandal which turned both their lives upside down.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Of Loyalty And Love

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Two straight women who hated each other unexpectedly became close and developed a romance that became a huge scandal which turned both their lives upside down.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 21, 2013






24:30:07; Wednesday; Courtland, Alabama.

Anxious footsteps echoed through the pavement of the lone 17th Street near the deserted Rocky Hill plantation. A young woman in ruby-red dress hurriedly walked down the long, dimly lit street. Scared, she constantly glanced at her back, making sure she wasn't being followed. Her once lustrous hair hid her beautiful face in a massive heap. Her torn dress swayed in every direction creating a ghostly figure as she struggled in frantic steps.

"Somebody help me!" She called out in the midst of struggle, fatigue and hunger, hopeful that somebody would hear her. But she knew it was nearly impossible.

 The residential area was half a mile away from the vast plantation. The land suffered neglect since the last owners abandoned the plantation in 1960's. Some of the streetlamps down 17th street were broken. Only a few gave light in some parts of the old road.

She went on with her unsteady pace. Her delicate feet were bleeding but she didn't feel pain. All she ever wanted was to reach the other end of the road and find help.

 The silent wind blew all of a sudden causing the lines of Maple trees to move in jerky motion. The weak lamp posts wavered. It brought an eerie metallic sound like a rattling chain. She stopped walking and tried grasping for some air to stimulate her breathing. She felt a sharp, smarting pain as the wind passed through the cuts on her face. She grimaced. She was about to start running again when she heard hurried footsteps behind her. She turned around to check the source of the sound. Hoping it was someone who could help her. But her eyes were blurred out with sweat and dried blood that caked around her temple. It took her a while to clear her vision. When the image cleared, she gasped.

Her eyes darted to the figure that was dementedly running after her with a hunting knife and a piece of cloth that was previously used to bind her. She panicked. She wanted to run as fast as her aching feet could go but her instinct told her to go through the thickets a few meters away from her. She thought that running away will only cause further chasing and her feet were not as strong anymore. She jumped swiftly into the dense, almost impenetrable of its thickness. She felt the tiny twigs cutting into her arms and legs but it didn't seem to matter.


 The underbrush seemed to loom over, as if protecting her from the person who was trying to kill her. She felt a little relieved as the total darkness enveloped her.




Chapter 1

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Ivanne Mari and her girlfriends kissed each other goodbye as she hurried along the hallway to her grammar class. She was wearing her two inches above-the-knee school uniform paired with black knee socks that reached just below her kneecaps. An oversized school badge was patched on her sweaters’ left pocket like it was a special amulet that will turn her into a superhuman. Her leather shoes created a heavy sound against the tiled floor. She glanced at the huge digital wall clock at the end of the hallway. She was just on time.


Ivanne Mari Bishop was a straight girl or so she thought. She was involved in various relationships with boys in the past but nothing went serious. They were all short terms and just as complicated. She was not only pretty at her age, she was stunningly beautiful. A beauty that is a sum of all faults as what Michelle Harrison, an old lady living at the end of the street always says.

She grew up surrounded by men. She's the only daughter in the family. She grew up with toy guns, Jedi swords and a huge collection of Marvel superhero cards. She was often called a tomboy by her neighbors until her three brothers went to college and eventually got married. She became lovelier over time and started to love wearing dresses.

She became a prom queen in her senior year but she was never been a cheerleader. Instead, she played as one of the school's flag football team's defensive backs.

Ivanne Mari was one of the hottest girls in school along with her clique. She was called Poison Ivy by most students who knew her. Named after a poisonous plant that gives a rash to the skin if walked through or touched. Not because she was the antagonist but because she was tougher than her looks and was intolerant to the mean, infamous and beautiful sororities around Three Springs High School.

She was in the flag football team. The girl opposite to her reputation as being one of the hottest beauties in school, her rival in almost everything, the girl she hated the most was a cheerleading captain - Celine Taylor.

They clashed since the first day in high school.

Everything was almost perfect until a moving truck pulled over the driveway of an empty Victorian house next to her parent's house one summer morning in Courtland, Alabama. She was in the balcony and was about to leave the house for a weekend tune up game when she saw a gorgeous brunette in a white shirt, tattered denim shorts and red flats from the moving truck. The girl looked exhausted. She looked up by chance to the balcony where Ivanne Mari was standing and happened to see her. Ivanne Mari flashed her friendliest smile in hope that she and the new girl can somehow become friends but the girl walked toward the house indifferent and uninterested.

That was the day when Celine and her family moved in. That was the day when Ivanne Mari’s life started to turn upside down. Celine's room was located at the east side of the luxurious Victorian house in front of Ivanne Mari’s room where they could clearly see each other at their glass windows every single day.

Celine was the only person who was capable of ruining Ivanne Mari’s day without doing anything. For Ivanne Mari, Celine was a deadly virus ready to take over her body and break her sanity down at any given time. For her, Celine was like a ghost haunting her every single day. It started in the morning, at the glass window. And it ended at night, by the glass window in her bedroom. She didn't dare show it to Celine or to anybody else for doing so means defeat except for her best friend - Annie Thompson.

Annie was in the cheerleading squad. Annie hated Celine secretly but didn't dare to show it out of respect being her captain. She was Ivanne Mari's best friend since first grade and if there was somebody who knew Ivanne Mari too well, it was Annie.

After her grammar class, Ivanne Mari found a pink stationery paper inside her locker. It was from Greg Harris. Greg was the school’s football team quarterback and was considered as the hottest guy in school. Girls were crazy about him. Ivanne Mari thought that girls were not crazy for Greg at all. They really went crazy of his varsity jacket. She knew how a varsity jacket could make a huge effect on typical girls even if it was worn by a douche bag. The person wearing it fades, the jacket shines. That's high school, she thought.

Ivanne Mari wasn't surprised when she got the note. She was used to getting them everyday from suitors, secret admirers and creepy stalkers. She was a little bit of a celebrity back then. The note simply told her the basics. That he liked her and he's looking forward to knowing her well which she found out to be unnecessary because she and Greg were in the same team and has been classmates since fifth grade. She thought that it would be a lot easier for him to simply spit the words at her face in the open field. She was no longer dating anyone for two years after her last boyfriend Ian, whom she eventually found out to be a married man. She felt the need for a little adventure so she decided to grant Greg's request.

Her date with Greg would be on a Saturday evening at a local cafe where most of the sororities gather on weekends. It was not her first date and Greg was definitely not the person who would knock her off her feet but because of her celebrity status, because of the place itself and of Celine who would possibly be there with her friends, Ivanne Mari started thinking what to wear to stand out if not to outshine Celine.



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She made her way to the pavement of the small dimly lit cafe. The coziness of the place was inviting and it made her comfortable even though the place was a bit crowded on a weekend. She heard the laughter and the low indistinct voices of the people inside that helped created the place more youthful, modern and outward-looking. She paused at the entrance and scanned the place.

She looked for Celine. She didn't see her. She didn't see her in her room by the glass window earlier. She thought that maybe Celine would give the night to her. She smiled at the thought of it. Don’t be ridiculous, Ivanne Mari! She found a vacant wooden chair at the corner near the entrance and seated herself immediately before somebody could take it.

Is Greg really serious about having a date with me here? This place is a riot! Ivanne Marie Mari thought as she waited in her stunning backless dress.

Ivanne Mari looked fresh in her surplice sweetheart neckline with a ruche blue and green fabric and beaded accents on the straps that crossed the low cut back. The entire package made her looked stunning and elegant with her sleek brown hair in a low pony tail. It was a perfect match for her pale skin. Few of the girls inside noticed her. They chatted with her for a moment and left shortly as it was obvious that she was on a date.

She waited.

She waited a little more.

She waited past thirty minutes.

Finally, after a long wait, Greg showed up. She was surprised when she saw Greg in his faded denim jeans and his usual varsity jacket. She lingered for a moment and watched Greg approaching some of his friends at a nearby table. He looked like he didn't have an idea that she was there.

She became impatient and decided to approach Greg by herself who was already busy chatting with his fellow footballers. She was about to leave the corner she where she stayed for a short while when a party-looking chic wearing a sexy short print dress with sparkling beadwork in beautiful summer colors appeared from a corner. The girl headed directly towards Greg.

It was Celine Taylor, an inch taller than Ivanne Mari in her perfect tan. Her big and glamorous brunette playfully fell on the bare skin of her back. Ivanne Mari was taken aback and suddenly stopped.




Page 3


Ivanne Mari was unsure of her next move. She was standing there for a moment, trying to absorb everything. Greg gestured for Celine to come closer as if he was already expecting her to. Ivanne Mari saw Greg's arm slipped into Celine's tiny waist, smoothed the skin of her back with his thumb. Ivanne Mari was flabbergasted. That was the only thing she remembered. Celine and Greg melted in to the crowed. The place went dull. She couldn't bring herself to move. She was furious.

When she found the courage to move, she rushed outside. She was unable to stand the loud voices of the people and the blaring techno music or her own anxiety. She thought a fresh air would help. She rested herself against a lamp post on the pavement. A passerby tossed a cigarette butt. It landed in front of her. The ember scattered around her like fading fireflies. Did she see Celine flashed a mischievous smile at her before she reached the exit? She crushed the cigarette with the tip of her shoes.

So what was the letter all about? She pondered angrily.

She kicked the remaining dust of the cigarette or what was left of it away and blindly scanned for her cell phone inside her red purse. She hooked the earphones into her ears and played random music from her old playlist. A very old playlist she barely knew existed. She didn't care. All she ever wanted was to get away from that place. She never cared to get a ride because she needed to loosen up her senses. She took her blue stilettos off and walked home in her stunning backless dress and bare feet.

"It takes so much to pretend... tell me how to make amends..." goes Duncan Sheik's song in her playlist as she slowly walked home.

Her bedside clock told her it was past two in the morning. She lied awake in her bed glaring at the glow-in-the-dark galactic figures at the ceiling. She wasn't actually looking at any of it. Her mind wandered back to what had happened earlier. Damn! I was humiliated, she thought in great contempt. And she didn't do anything about it. She has never allowed humiliation without real time reaction. Not even before anything goes forgotten. It was one of the traits that made her famous.

Did she do it on purpose? She thought of the mischievous smile she thought she saw when she glanced back to Celine.

Maybe Celine didn't do anything at all. Maybe Celine was innocent. Maybe she was just seeing things, she thought or maybe that was what her mind wanted to make herself believe. Maybe Celine... Celine... Damn! Why always her? Why does she always get in my way? How about Greg? How dare her get Greg out of the picture? Did he change his mind and pursue Celine instead without telling her to back the shit off?

She saw Greg's arm slipped into Celine's tiny waist, smoothed the skin of her back with his thumb. The scene played inside her head over and over.

She buried her face on to her pillow. No, something's going on, she thought. The letter in her locker was too tidy for a douche like Greg. It was on a pink stationery paper. Guys don't do that, do they? She hated to be judgmental but she found it hard to avoid especially when Celine was involved. Something needs to be done, she thought as she shifted to the other side of the bed.


Ivanne Mari’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of crushing tires pulling in the driveway. She quickly looked at the glass window. It was Celine in her little summer dress. The tanned shoulders glowed beautifully against the yellow fabric. Her hair looked soft. Her gaze followed Celine from the porch to the bedroom. She watched Celine turned the light on, kicked her high heels off and tossed her green purse on a nearby table. She was expecting Celine to close the drapery at her glass window as what she always does. The thought made her realize she's been doing this all her life and it almost made her vomit. She was about to go back to her bed when she caught Celine in the corner of her eyes unzipping her dress without closing the drapery.







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Ivanne Mari looked at herself in the mirror. She saw a beautiful young woman. She has an incredibly defined and distinguished jaw line connecting down a fine chin with a slight indentation in the middle. It made her face looked regal and intimidating at the same time. Those full and gorgeous lips, those smoky eyes were something that many women want. Her prominent cheekbone and swanlike neck exquisitely added the sexiness of her features. She wondered why her relationships with men never lasted that long. She was cut off by a sudden flashback of the things she has seen at the glass window earlier.

Celine... that little evil... The villain of my life.

She thought of Celine’s scornful lips that she sees everyday. The unusual tired eyes that seemed to mock her whenever she fell in her traps. Ivanne Mari bit her own lips thinking of Celine’s delicate shoulders and fine collarbone that seemed to jut out from every movement. She touched her own collarbone and ran her own fingers to her shoulders. Soft, porcelain skin. Very different from Celine's dark skin, she thought as she gazed at her own.

Ivanne Mari removed one strap of her nightshirt from her right shoulder to reveal an athletic shoulder bone. Feeling her own skin, she imagined touching Celine's long neck and supple breasts. She thought of the swelling pink nipples that laid over the vast copper skin. The thought brought an unfamiliar longing within her.

She unconsciously removed the other strap from her left shoulder. The nightshirt fell limply on the floor. Her own reflection in the mirror surprised her. Perfectly chiseled figure from hours of training in the game field. From her high shoulder bone, proud and protruding large breasts, shallow waist down to the arching hips. How can anyone resist her?

Fragments of memories from the spectacle she secretly devoured earlier played over and over inside her head. She saw Celine's flawless neck down to her breasts. Like a wanderer exploring a new-found land, she hastily touched her left breast with one hand. A small unfamiliar spark of sensation emerged from the depth of her being. Nervously, she cupped her breasts. She began to move her index finger in a gentle circling motion on her swelling nipples. She was in a trance like her body was not her own anymore.

Ivanne Mari was drawn into an endless swirl of new sensation.

She imagined touching the velvety skin of Celine's tiny waist above the rounded hips down to the firmness of her bottom. Her head spun. Her body ached like never before. Rigid breathing quickened like a wild beast on for its prey. She closed her eyes, removed her right hand, freeing one breast and slowly, carelessly slid the hand down to her belly, exploring every inch of it like a new territory. Her hands went downward reaching between her legs, touching her thickness, the velvet dampness of her being. Tiny whimpers escaped her lips. As her forefinger slid into her wetness, she let out a faint cry.

The phone rang...





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Ivanne Mari returned to her senses again. Surprised at what she just did to herself.

"What the hell have I done?!" She murmured and shuddered at the thought of her masturbating to another girl. She was disgusted. Embarrassed, she quickly grabbed her night shirt off the floor and slipped it on. The phone on the night stand kept on ringing. She mounted herself on one side of the bed and picked the receiver up.

"Hello?" It was twenty past four in the morning and she was wide awake.

"Hey...” went the female voice in the other line.

"Hey, why this early?" she asked, her voice was a little weary. She has not gotten over her little self discovery yet.

"Nah, just felt like talking to you. Thought maybe you're awake. I need to tell you something'."

"That important? But yeah, go ahead Annie. You know I'm always here for you no matter what." She reassured her best friend.

She heard Annie cleared her throat out. “Look, I know what happened back there and it's pretty obvious that it has been a set up. Celine did this to you. I just don't understand why you let it pass. I mean come on!" Annie frustratingly exclaimed.

She shuddered hearing Celine's name thinking of her indecent pleasure. She struggled to regain her composure and took a deep breath.

"I know how you feel sweetie. I thought of it too. But we don't have proof, do we?" She intended to keep the pace of the conversation as cool as possible. She was not ready for any argument. She was still exhausted from her little adventure.

She heard Annie ranted in disapproval when a sudden realization came to her. How did Annie know so fast when it's only hours after it happened and no one really close to us was there? Who would tell Annie as early as this when everyone should be sleeping?

Annie was still ranting in protest. Her boisterous voice agitated Ivanne Mari. She needed to stop Annie. “Annie, stop it."

The line went silent as if the connection was cut off.

"How did you know what happened back there? I thought you said you're not going because you're sleeping over Ron's house?" She suspiciously asked but still trying to keep it cool. Ron Randall was Annie’s boyfriend for over nine months. She and Ron barely knew each other and didn’t have the intention to.

There was an unexpected silence in the other line. Finally Annie burst out that she changed her mind and decided to follow her instead because she has the feeling that it was all a trap. She said that she saw the same pink stationery paper when Celine dropped her tote bag during their practice a day before Ivanne Mari found the letter in her locker.

"So you knew it all along? You were there and you never showed up? You saw me! You saw how frustrated I was." Ivanne Mari complained and keeping her voice as low as she could.


"You could have helped me get through it Annie. You could have saved me from humiliation. How can you do this to me?" She went on. Frustrated of the thought about being stood up.


"Sorry..." Annie sighed. "All I ever wanted was for you to find out for yourself because I didn't want to hear you say I was overreacting again." There was the recurring silence again. Annie sighed. She was frustrated. "I love you and I wanted to protect you."

Ivanne Mari suddenly felt a lump in her throat. She wanted to swallow it but her mouth was too dry. She struggled to find for the right words to say. Was she overreacting? Maybe Annie didn't really mean anything about what she just said. Oh God! What am I thinking? Have I gone mad? I am talking to my best friend!

"I love you too. You're my best friend." Ivanne Mari managed a casual reply but she felt really awkward saying those words. She didn't understand her sudden change of perspective. She had never felt so alone for the first time.

Annie has been like her sister since first grade. They shared common interests. They shared almost everything they had. She didn't want to ruin the relationship. She didn't want to lose Annie - her best friend.

There was a long, awkward silence over the line. Finally, she heard a clicking sound in the other end.

Annie hung up.




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