The Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Mary didn't know what to expect when she went to tutor Jamie Harnett on her night off. But it definitely wasn't what she received.


Mary didn't know what to expect when she went to tutor Jamie Harnett on her night off.
But it definitely wasn't what she received.


Submitted: May 08, 2016

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Submitted: May 08, 2016



Driving up to the house, Mary gulped before stepping out of her car. She didn’t know why she had to do this. It wasn’t her fault the moron didn’t understand Calculus.

Jamie Harnett. That’s what they said his name was. Fitted him—a football playing jock.

Mary walked up the steps to his apartment and knocked softly.

Maybe he won’t answer. Mary hoped he didn’t want to do this either. Then she could go home and finish the book she started earlier that day.

Mary lived vicariously through other people’s lives—more specifically, fictional people’s lives. When Mary was in high school, she realized fairly quickly that guys were never going to be interested in her, and she soon dove into books to satisfy herself. At first, she read young adult romance books, like other nerd girls, but that only did so much. When she was 17, she found erotica and it continued to be the best thing she’d found as she graduated and started college.

Mary wouldn’t actually admit it to anyone, of course. She didn’t “look” like someone who was addicted to book porn. Her conservative clothing and big, nerdy glasses made people think she was the ultimate good girl. She was a good girl—in public anyway . . . she’d never had sex, never went to parties, never drank or did drugs. Anyone who looked at her would be crazy to think she had some sexual freak hiding in her.

When no one had answered the door yet, Mary took a step back. She knew she should knock again, just in case, but she really didn’t want to. She did get paid to tutor, but she didn’t want to tutor some arrogant football player, especially on her night off.

Mary laughed softly. There was nothing more cliché than a nerdy girl tutoring the sexy jock. She knew first hand. She had read several books where this was the entire plotline. Only difference was she doubted that this meeting would end up with Mary sexing up the guy. She actually didn’t know what he looked like. This would be the first time they’d meet. If he opened the door, that was.

Mary lifted her hand to knock again, taking a deep breath. She would just have to suck it up. She needed to pay rent this week. Mary’s hand rapped on the door a few times before she dropped it back down to her waist.

The door swung open quickly, startling Mary. When she focused her gaze, her breath stuttered out.

Jamie stood at the door with only a towel around his waist. Water dripped from his luscious brown hair onto his thick shoulders and down his well-muscled chest. Mary peaked at the bulge in his towel and shifted slightly on her feet.

Jamie cleared his throat. “You gonna stand out here and stare at me, or are we actually gonna get something done?”

Mary’s eyes flew up to meet his annoyed ones and she crinkled her nose, lifting the glasses up higher on the bridge. “I . . . uh—“ she stuttered, trying to think of something appropriate to say.

He stood back. “Come on. I don’t have all night for you to think of a response.”

Mary shook her head and followed him inside, shutting the door after her. “Dick,” she mumbled, rolling her eyes.

Jamie turned around, eyeing Mary up. “You didn’t have a problem with my dick just a second ago. You stared at it like a fat man stares at cake.”

Mary’s mouth gaped open and her cheeks immediately heated up. She didn’t realize she had stared so openly.

Mary cleared her throat and looked away from the Adonis in front of her. Surprisingly, his apartment was nice—much nicer than Mary’s. The furniture looked new and everything was really neat—even the magazines on his coffee table were organized.

Jamie walked into a bedroom without a word to Mary. She wiped at her face and threw her bag onto a chair in the dining room adjoining the living room. She sat in another chair and rested her chin on her arms.

What did I get myself into? Mary thought with a small groan.

Jamie walked out of his room, wearing a t-shirt and some basketball shorts. Mary let out a sigh of relief. She quietly watched Jamie walk over to her and set his Calculus book on the table before he sat down in the chair next to Mary.

“So,” Jamie started. “What’s your name?”

Mary looked up at Jamie’s face. His pale green eyes watched her. “Mary,” she answered distractedly. How was she going to get through this session with those eyes staring at her?

“I’m Jamie,” he told her.

Mary just nodded, not wanting to tell him that she already knew his name.

Jamie took a deep breath and opened his book. “So you’re good at Calculus?” he asked, flipping to a certain page.

Mary nodded. “Yeah, I guess.”

Jamie’s eyes slid up to meet hers. “You guess?”

Mary shifted nervously. “I’m not a mathematician, but I’m good enough to explain it to you.”

Jamie hummed, looking down at Mary’s attire. “You look like you’d be good at any subject. Honestly, you were exactly what I was expecting.”

Does he not understand the words that come out of his mouth? Mary thought. Or maybe he just doesn’t care if he hurts my feelings.

Jamie had a knowing smile playing at the corners of his mouth, and Mary looked down at her clothes. The khakis and loose blouse did sort of spell “geek.” She also knew that the glasses and tight bun on her head didn’t help any, either.

Mary kept her mouth closed as Jamie continued to flip through the book. When he stopped, he slid the book across the table over to Mary.

Mary looked at the lesson. Continuity. Looking up at Jamie, she asked, “What exactly is confusing you?”

Jamie laughed and it was rather pleasant. It served to make him even more attractive. “Everything,” he replied. “I’m clueless when it comes to math.”

Mary nodded thoughtfully. “Okay, well this lesson explains continuity. That describes how certain graphs behave.” Mary looked up at Jamie to see him gazing at the wall. “We just started and you’ve already disconnected?” Mary couldn’t help but be upset. She could be cuddled in her bed at home reading Harry Potter fan-fiction.

Jamie turned his head back to her and smiled. All the anger drained from Mary right then. She would forgo reading smut for the rest of her life as long as she got to see that smile every day.

“Sorry,” Jamie said quietly. “The only time I really pay attention is on the field and in bed.”

Mary felt her cheeks heat up and she looked down at the book. She immediately began imagining that body in bed, twisted in the sheets so she could just see his back and the top of his firm ass.

Mary shifted in her seat, not sure how to respond, so she just nodded absently.

Jamie chuckled and put his chin in his hand, resting his eyes on Mary’s face. “You’re pretty cute when you blush,” he said in a rather sultry voice.

Mary couldn’t help but scoff. She was only cute when she blushed? That was just her luck. Guys are only going to be interested in me when I’m uncomfortable or humiliated.

Jamie slid the book away from Mary and leaned closer to her. “How long are you scheduled to be here?”

Mary swallowed thickly, his close presence making her light-headed. “Um, the University said I should come for an hour today. If you needed more help, I could come back another time.” Her voice was too quiet, almost a whisper, and she cursed the man who made her flustered.

Jamie smirked. “We could get a lot done in an hour.”

The subtle innuendo wasn’t lost on Mary, though she wasn’t sure if it was intended. She just brushed a stray hair from her face and nodded. “Yeah, then you would be good to go.” And I could get back to reading erotica to get off. Not imagining myself in your bed.

Mary realized then that her panties were soaked. This man had turned her on viciously and he probably didn’t even notice. She doubted he even meant to; he was probably just looking for any reason to get out of doing work.

Mary shook her head, trying to rid herself of the consuming thoughts. “Anyway, this chapter—“

“Your eyes are beautiful. Why do you hide them behind those horrendous glasses?” Jamie asked, watching Mary closely.

Mary rolled her eyes. “My eyes are brown. And my glasses aren’t horrendous. Will you please focus on this book instead of insulting me?”

Jamie looked down at the book in front of Mary skeptically. “I don’t know . . . math isn’t as intriguing as you. And brown eyes can be just as beautiful as any other color.”

Mary did scoff at this, and rather loudly. The only intriguing thing she’d done that week was mix Pop Rocks and Mountain Dew. Although walking into this house was pretty interesting; Mary wasn’t one for risks. And today wasn’t the day she decided she was willing to take another one.

“I should leave. You obviously don’t care about math,” Mary said, standing up. “And I have more important things to do than sit here and goof off.”

Grabbing her bag off the chair next to her, she turned, but her arm was quickly snatched. She looked down to notice Jamie holding her, and she glanced at his face. He was biting his lip gently and it sent a zing straight to Mary’s nether regions.

“What could be more important than hanging out with me?” Jamie asked gently, but Mary just clicked her tongue. Yeah, this man had the ego of Napoleon. He raised his eyebrows. “Mathlete meeting?”

Mary jerked her arm out of Jamie’s grasp and glowered at him. “You’re not as funny as you think you are.” Mary walked—more like stomped—to his door, but before she could open it, Jamie’s arms were around her body, his hands resting on the door. Mary growled and turned around, Jamie’s chest right in front of her face. She looked up at Jamie’s smirking mouth, forcing herself from becoming distracted. “Do you mind?” she snapped at him. He smelled so good. Mary reminded herself that she was angry and she resisted the urge to bury her face in his chest and inhale his intoxicating scent.

Jamie ran the back of one of his hands down her cheek. “Why won’t you stay? I don’t bite . . . unless you want me to.” Mary groaned and tried to push Jamie off her, but the man was made of steel or something. “Don’t be like that. I just want to have sex, that’s all.”

Mary scoffed and tried to push harder, but he stepped closer to her, pushing her back against the door. Mary chuckled. “Wow, you’re such a romantic.”

Jamie shrugged, making Mary look back up at his face. “I never claimed to be.” Mary just glared at him. He sighed. “Come on. It will be fun. I’ve never done a girl wearing grandma glasses.”

Mary gasped and shoved him forcefully. Fortunately he took a few steps back and Mary turned, opening the door. “Like I would want to have sex with you. You’re an asshole.”

“You should lighten up.”

Mary turned and pointed a finger at her chest. “I should lighten up? Ha! Maybe you shouldn’t insult people. You’re not perfect, you know. You’ve gotten hit on the head so many times you’ve probably forgotten how to long divide.”

Mary thought Jamie would get upset, maybe even throw her out of his apartment, but his lips just turned up into a grin. “Yeah, just like that. Now come back in here and let my concussed head whisper dirty things in your ear while I take your mom’s clothes off your hot little body.”

Mary glanced down at her clothing before glaring up at Jamie. “These aren’t my mom’s clothes, you jackass.”

Jamie laughed, grabbing Mary’s hand and pulling her back into the apartment. He pushed her against the door once again with his body, effectively closing it. He dipped his head to brush his lips over Mary’s exposed neck. Mary gasped softly and a shiver ran down her spine.

“I promise you’ll like it.” Jamie’s whispered breath against her sensitive skin made her incredibly wet, soaking her panties even more. She had to bite her lip to suppress a moan.

Mary didn’t realize how much she wanted this until it was about to happen. She wondered for a moment if she should tell Jamie that she was a virgin, but she didn’t want him to stop. She knew this wasn’t the way to lose one’s virginity, but she didn’t care as much as she thought she would. Some hot guy straight out of her dirty books wanted her, even if it was just for tonight. She would be what he wanted. She figured she read enough to know what to do.

Jamie lifted his lips off Mary’s neck and looked down at her mouth. Mary looked up at him to see his beautiful eyes glazed over with lust.

“You biting your lip is the sexiest thing I’ve seen today,” Jamie said gruffly, grabbing the back of Mary’s neck and crashing their lips together.

Mary gasped into Jamie’s mouth, as he wasted no time in delving his delicious tongue through her parted lips. He pressed his body harder against hers and thrust his other hand into her hair, pulling at the rubber band that was holding the bun in place. When the bun didn’t come undone after a few good yanks, Jamie leaned away from the kiss and stood straight, looking at the back of Mary’s head.

“What the hell did you use to keep this together? Glue?”

Mary bit back a laugh and let Jamie yank the hair band out of her hair. She was lucky she didn’t have a sensitive head. When the hair band was successfully removed from Mary’s head, her hair fell down her shoulders in wavy, brown locks.

Jamie hummed approvingly and looked back down at Mary, who was currently wondering where she should rest her hands. He ran his own hands through Mary’s hair and tilted her head up, so he could kiss her again. Mary was too caught up in the taste of his mouth that their teeth smashed together painfully, causing him to hiss.

Jamie pulled back with a laugh. “Okay, well we can work on the kissing.”

Mary ducked her head as her face began to heat up. If she wasn’t going to tell him she was a virgin then she definitely wasn’t going to tell him that her first, and only, kiss had been with the boy that lived across the street when she was 13.

“Don’t try to eat my face this time,” Jamie said teasingly. “I’m told it’s one of my better qualities.”

Mary did laugh then. “Yeah, probably your only redeeming quality.”

Jamie groaned and ground his hips into Mary’s, making her body go up in flames. “Baby, all this dirty talking is making me horny as hell.” He leaned into her again, seizing her lips firmly but gently, sensuously working their mouths together.

It took Mary a little while to get the rhythm down, but soon, she was kissing Jamie back, even deepening the kiss. Jamie lifted Mary up, his lips never wavering against hers and began to walk them down a hallway. Mary wrapped her legs around his waist and ran her hands up his chest and into his silky, slightly damp hair.

Jamie pushed open the bedroom door and started walking further into the room. Mary pulled back from the kiss slightly, enough to bite Jamie’s lip, although softly. She didn’t know if the books she’d read had exaggerated guys’ reactions, but when Jamie moaned and practically threw her on the bed, she understood why biting was so sexy.

Jamie climbed over Mary’s body and his hands tore at her blouse, ripping a couple of the buttons off. She would’ve complained any other time (she really liked that shirt), but she was just happy Jamie was helping her remove her clothes. As Jamie’s hands worked the sleeves down her arms, he pressed down to peck Mary’s lips.

When the blouse was finally off, Jamie made quick work of getting rid of her silky camisole after rubbing his fingers along it a couple of times. Mary’s breathing quickened; she had never been this undressed in front of a guy before and was nervous. She didn’t know if a gorgeous specimen such as Jamie would enjoy her body.

However, when Jamie groaned and dipped his head to kiss the top of Mary’s breast, she moaned and arched her back up to meet his waiting lips. She assumed her body had to be decent if Jamie was kissing it with such passion. His lips slid down into her cleavage and he reached behind her already arched back to pop the clasp to her bra.

Jamie leaned up, his hips straddling Mary, though he kept most of his weight off her and looked at her body after he had discarded her bra somewhere on the floor. “Jeez, girl,” Jamie all but moaned. “Your body is so sexy. Somehow I knew a beautiful body was hiding underneath those baggy clothes.”

Mary blushed, the compliment making her somewhat uncomfortable. She had never been appraised like that before—and Jamie only had her naked from the waist up. He hadn’t touched her pants yet.

Jamie leaned down and brushed his mouth ever-so-slightly across Mary’s. “If you keep blushing like that, I’m going to take you right now.”

Mary lifted her shaky hands and set them on Jamie’s thighs, pushing her hands under his shorts. His skin felt amazing. “What are you waiting for?” she asked, her voice coming out surprisingly confident.

Jamie tugged his shirt off, revealing those exquisite abs again, and threw the garment behind him. He leaned down again and kissed Mary deeply, although briefly. “I’m going to worship your body until you’re begging,” he whispered in her ear, thus drenching Mary’s panties and probably her pants, as well.

Mary tenderly caressed Jamie’s arms up to his shoulders, where she squeezed before progressing to his neck. “If you don’t do something soon, I’m going to start begging now.”

Jamie chuckled and pushed himself farther back on Mary’s legs and commenced playing with the button on Mary’s khakis, leaning down and opening them with his teeth. Mary’s hips jerked at his mouth being so close to her, and a small gasp left her mouth. Jamie’s experience turned her on so intensely that she almost started panting. Jamie paid her no mind as he worked her pants off and then smoothed his hands over her calves and thighs, stopping at her sopping panties.

“Fuck, you are so wet,” Jamie breathed, touching his tongue to her slit through the thin fabric.

Mary clenched her teeth, but a whimper still escaped her lips. She had never been so aroused in her life. Books and her favorite vibrator were nothing compared to this.

Jamie pulled her underwear down slowly, dotting the skin with kisses as it was revealed to him. Mary was breathing heavily, in a way that she found unattractive, but Jamie seemed to have no qualms with it. Jamie finally got the panties down her hips and she watched as he met her eyes and slowly lowered his mouth onto the flesh above her clit and began sucking.

The unadulterated pleasure that shot through Mary in that moment was mind-blowing. She gripped the sheets in her hands as Jamie’s lips moved down and his tongue danced around her clit.

“Oh, fuck,” Mary breathed, watching Jamie take his time pleasuring her.

He sucked her clit into his mouth and Mary’s body locked, her teeth clenched. When Jamie’s fingers teased her entrance, she climaxed extremely hard. She hoped Jamie’s apartment was well insulated because her cries and moans would be easy to hear otherwise.

Jamie kissed her mound and continued to tease her entrance. “That was so hot,” he whispered, finally pushing his fingers into her core. “God, you’re tight as hell.”

Mary was still getting her bearings back from that orgasm when Jamie looked down at his hand and then back up at Mary.

“Are . . .” Jamie sounded uncertain and Mary looked down at him. “Are you a virgin?” His voice was barely above a whisper.

Mary looked away from him, her eyes on the ceiling as she shifted nervously. What could she say?

Jamie must’ve taken her silence as a “yes,” because he sat up and sighed. “Shit, baby,” he says, irritated. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Mary suddenly became irrationally upset, and she forced the tears to subside, hoping they don’t leave her eyes. “I didn’t want you to stop,” she told him, her voice choked.

Jamie wiped at his face before taking another deep breath. He chuckled and leaned over Mary’s body, kissing both her cheeks before her nose and then her lips. “I wouldn’t have stopped. I want this more than you think. But your first time should be special, right?”

Mary blinked up at the man. Was he trying to accommodate her needs before his own? He said he wasn’t a romantic, but . . .

“You don’t have to do that,” Mary protested. “I don’t want something special. I want normal.”

Jamie hummed, tilting his head as he peered at Mary. “Either way, I hear it’s painful, so I should’ve been warned. I don’t want to hurt you. I want this to be pleasurable for the both of us.”

Mary stared up at Jamie. He was being so kind all of the sudden. She guessed he was telling the truth when he said he paid attention in bed.

“I don’t want you to go out of your way to make sure I’m enjoying it. Because I will be enjoying it regardless,” Mary assured Jamie.

Jamie laughed gently before kissing the bridge of Mary’s glasses. “I’m pretty lucky,” he mumbled. “I get to have sex with a virgin wearing grandma glasses. Two firsts for me.”

As Jamie leaned over Mary to grab something out of the nightstand, Mary asked, “You’ve never had a virgin?” Her voice was timid, not exactly comfortable with the topic.

“Nope,” Jamie answered, leaning back over her with a tube of lube.

She looked up into his green eyes and tilted her head curiously. “What about your first time?”

Jamie laughed, popping the cap to the tube. “My babysitter took my virginity.” When he saw Mary’s disgusted face, he added, “I was fourteen.”

“Still, your babysitter?” Mary tried to keep the disdain out of her voice, but Jamie caught it anyway. However, he didn’t seem upset.

He just smiled. “Hey. She’s hot.”

Mary chuckled and moved her hands up Jamie’s thighs before settling them on his abdomen. She brushed her hands over the hard flesh. Jamie’s muscles twitched under her hands, and she felt proud that she was able to incite such a reaction from him.

Jamie moaned and smiled down at Mary. He backed off the bed, but before Mary could ask why, he pulled his shorts and boxers down in one motion. When Jamie’s erection sprang free, Mary gulped. She didn’t realize he was so big. She suddenly became very grateful that he knew she was a virgin and wouldn’t try to stuff that monster inside her in one go.

Climbing onto the bed, Jamie pressed his body to hers as he kissed her mouth forcefully. He shoved his tongue between her lips, and she found that she wasn’t disgusted at the taste of herself in his mouth. He could make anything delectable.

Sitting up, Jamie ripped open the condom packaging she didn’t even know he had and began smoothing it over his thick shaft. Trying to be sexy, Mary leaned up on an elbow and helped Jamie slide the condom on. She wasn’t sure exactly what to do, but when Jamie’s breath hitched, she reckoned she was doing something right. Squeezing him more firmly, she stroked him a few times. Jamie stopped her by adding a fair amount of lube in her hand, which she promptly applied to his arousal, pleased when his breathing quickened and his hips thrust into her hand as she worked his erection.

“If you don’t stop now, I’m going to fucking come right here like this,” Jamie gasped.

“Hmm, we can’t have that now, can we?” Mary looked up into Jamie’s fevered eyes and smiled slightly.

Jamie laughed, leaning down to capture Mary’s lips in yet another kiss. She reached her slippery hands up Jamie’s abs to his defined chest, kissing him passionately. Jamie’s hands curved over her breasts and up her shoulders, delicately laying her down on the bed. He settled his thighs between hers and used one hand to coax his throbbing erection to her entrance.

When Jamie’s thick cock rested in her slit, he moved his hips, sliding himself through her lips and bumping her clit. Mary whimpered, moving her hips as well, the pleasure tickling her stomach.

Jamie broke the kiss and an anxious Mary watched him nervously. He looked up into her eyes, pecking her lips before grasping his shaft and slowly pushing into her.

Mary gasped and gripped Jamie’s shoulders, her short nails digging into his hot skin. He looked back up at her, concerned, but she just shook him off. “I’m good. Don’t stop.”

He leaned down and brushed his lips over her left cheek, pushing in farther. The stinging hit Mary then, but she bit back any pained noises.

With Mary’s breath puffing out in pants, Jamie thrust himself all the way in. He groaned then, but Mary’s eyes were clenched shut and her face was twisted in discomfort.

Jamie rested his forehead on Mary’s as he let her get used to the feeling of him inside her. “God, you are so tight.” His scorching breath washed over Mary and she opened her eyes to gaze into his smoldering ones. He kept his eyes locked on hers as he kissed her mouth, pulling out of her more than halfway, only to shove back in.

“Fuck!” Mary cried, her back arching. She wrapped her legs around Jamie’s waist and thrust herself against him. Jamie moaned and timed his thrust with hers, but he was less enthusiastic. Mary assumed he was trying not to hurt her, but she wanted more. “Please,” she begged. “Harder.”

Jamie stopped all together and looked at Mary. “You sure?”

Mary growled and shoved Jamie’s shoulders, pushing him on his back as she climbed over him. Mary had never imagined that she would take the dominant role, and judging by Jamie’s shocked face, she doubted any girl had ever been so pushy with him.

Ignoring Jamie’s stunned silence, Mary straddled his hips and gripped his cock, pushing herself onto him. As her walls claimed him and took him in deep, Jamie growled lowly and gripped the flesh of her waist. He shuts his eyes tightly. “Fuck, baby, your pussy is my new favorite thing,” he told her through clenched teeth.

Mary smiled at the compliment and slowly began to move. Taking Jamie nearly all the way out, she slammed back down, making Jamie gasp and his fingers tighten.

Fuck,” Mary choked, her muscles tensing. She had never felt this much pleasure in her life.

The fact that she was on top of a real—sexy—man made the entire scene even more erotic.

Mary’s thrusting had her moaning and gasping, a climax building quickly in the pit of her stomach. She let her chin drop to her chest as she grinded faster on Jamie’s throbbing manhood.

Jamie was rocking with her, but when he felt Mary’s walls tighten, he sat up and kissed her neck as he vehemently rubbed her clit. “Come for me, baby.”

Mary moaned and felt herself come on Jamie’s cock. She sat still as the orgasm rode her body. She vaguely heard herself crying out as every one of her nerves was assaulted by a pleasure she’d never experienced before.

Jamie growled that sexy growl of his and flipped her over, once again on top of her, and exuberantly thrust into her, his breath coming out in choked gasps. Mary couldn’t keep up with him, though she soon felt another orgasm.

Jamie must’ve felt it also, because he moaned. “Come with me,” he told Mary, thrusting harder—deeper.

Mary’s moans turned to cries and her muscles flexed as the third orgasm racked her body.

“Holy fuck,” Mary bit out as every muscle in her tensed.

“Uhhhh,” Jamie grunted, thrusting once more before filling the condom. With a few more thrusts to milk his orgasm, he flopped down on top of a sweaty Mary.

Mary’s mind was blank; she couldn’t think straight. The events that had just occurred took everything out of her. Her hands rested on the damp sheets under her while one of her legs was still around Jamie.

Jamie rolled off Mary with a deep sigh and Mary instantly felt empty. She looked over at Jamie, but he was watching the ceiling as he tried to catch his breath.

Suddenly, reality struck Mary like a whip. She couldn’t stay. Jamie didn’t want her; he just wanted a place to stick his dick for an hour. Overwhelmed with crippling regret, she sat up and threw her feet over the side of the bed.

Before Mary could stand, her arm was grabbed. “Where are you going?” Jamie asked quietly.

Mary looked back at him. “Home,” she replied. “Aren’t we done here?” It hurt to say. She cursed herself. Great, she thought. I’ve fallen for the guy who took my virginity.

Jamie let her go and sat back, but his eyes appeared pained. “Yeah,” he said softly, schooling his features, but Mary had already seen.

Mary stood up and looked down at Jamie. “Don’t pretend you want me here. You said sex and that was all.”

Jamie looked up at her, but his eyes were pissed. “You’re right. Just go.”

Mary felt her throat tighten and she found her panties on the floor and pulled them on. “You can be a real ass when you’re not having sex,” she mumbled, but Jamie heard her.

“You’re the one who got out of bed immediately after I came.”

Mary looked back at Jamie, her stare penetrating. “What, did you want to cuddle and talk about our feelings?”

Jamie smiled sadly. “Well . . . yeah.”

Mary stared at him for a moment. Why would he want to do that? There couldn’t possibly be a benefit in that for him.

Jamie cleared his throat, looking down at the bed and picking at the sheet. “Were you pissed that the University made you tutor on your night off?”

Mary’s eyes widen. She never told him this was her night off. “How did . . .”

Jamie looked up at her. “Would you believe that I asked that you specifically tutor me?”

Mary shook her head quickly. “No, I wouldn’t.”

Jamie laughed and stood up from the bad, walking over to Mary. “Well, I did.”

“What? Why?” Mary couldn’t help but let the shock overcome her features. How was she supposed to believe that Jamie had chosen her out of all the other tutors?

Jamie just smiled and brushed his hand over her cheek like he’d done earlier that night. “You’re so adorable. You think that no one notices you because you dress like a 1950’s housewife, but people do. More than you know.”

Mary looked up at him, stunned. “You’re seriously telling me that you’ve seen me before tonight and decided you wanted me to be your tutor?”

Jamie laughed quietly. “Well, not exactly.”

Mary crossed her arms over her naked chest. “Then how exactly is it?”

Jamie grinned and looked down at her. “If a point is defined at that point and passes through without break, it is said to be continuous. If you cannot trace the graph without lifting the pencil, it is said to be discontinuous,” he recited, almost directly from the Calculus book still sitting on his dining room table.

Mary’s mouth gaped open and her eyebrows furrowed. “Wha—how did you—why?” she stuttered out, not understanding.

Jamie gripped Mary’s shoulders and kissed the corner of her mouth. “I wasn’t interested in being tutored.”

Mary pushed him away. “You planned to have sex with me the whole time?” she screeched.

Jamie nodded, his eyes suddenly unsure.

Mary didn’t know why she was upset; she just was. “That’s great,” she snarled sarcastically. “Was it everything you hoped? Got to take someone’s virginity without filling her in on your little scheme. Must have been awesome.”

Jamie grabbed for Mary, but she smacked his hands away. “I really didn’t know you were a virgin until tonight.”

Mary ignored him, snatching her clothes up off the floor. That just made the situation worse. She’d never felt so humiliated. She stomped out into his living room as she pulled her pants on.

“Mary, why are you so upset?” Jamie called after her.

Mary pushed her glasses up her nose with a finger and snapped the bra in place. “I don’t know. I just am.”

Jamie sighed. “I thought you would be pleased to know I liked you, and that you weren’t just some spontaneous one night stand.”

Mary stopped and looked back at a frazzled Jamie. “You didn’t say you liked me,” she replied gently.

Jamie threw his hands up in the air. “Of course I like you,” he cried. “Who would go through that much trouble to be with a girl?”

Mary frowned. “Someone who was really hard up.”

Jamie looked at Mary seriously. “Do you think I would ever be hard up?”

Okay, he had a fair point, but Mary wouldn’t admit that. He didn’t need his ego stroked anymore that it already was. Grabbing her camisole, she wordlessly untangled it.

“Did you know we have a class together?” Jamie asked, stepping closer to Mary.

Mary looked up at him, confused. That couldn’t be right. She would have noticed him before.

“Economics,” he added.

That just perplexed Mary even more. Her economics class was small—her smallest class.

Jamie heaved a deep breath when Mary didn’t say anything. “You’re so quiet and you never look up from your notes except to look at the professor. You’ve never once looked at me. But I won’t complain; that gave me more than enough time to watch you.”

Mary’s mouth opened, but no words came out. She swallowed, trying to wet her dry mouth, but that didn’t help any.

Jamie looked at the wall, biting his lip. “I think you interest me more than all the women I’ve had in my bed put together,” he whispered, almost too quiet for Mary to hear, but she heard every word.

“You really like me?”

Jamie looked at her, a little annoyed. “Yes. I really like you. If you were just some random fuck to me, why would I be standing here hoping you don’t walk out that door right now?”

Mary was, again, flustered beyond compare. “But why?”

She was nobody special. In fact, she was just that: a nobody. Jamie could have any woman he wanted, and he chose her? This had to be a dream, or a sick joke.

Jamie stepped up close to Mary, and tapped her nose playfully. “Because you wear those modest clothes even though every other girl is wearing shorts that don’t cover their ass. You’re so passionate about things no one else is. You get upset when people are rude to others. Your dorky personality is actually rather endearing, and I find that when I’m looking at you, I want to know the real you, not just the girl behind the nerd glasses.”

Mary looked up at Jamie’s flawless face, barely comprehending the fact that he already knew more about her than most. “So you thought the best way to get at me was to lure me here under false pretenses and then seduce me into having sex with you?”

Jamie shrugged. “I never said I was smart.”

“You’re right. You’re a dumbass,” Mary said somewhat seriously.

Jamie chuckled and leaned down, nearly touching Mary’s lips with his own. “Maybe I should get a tutor.”

Mary laughed then and Jamie kissed her smiling mouth. He ran his nimble fingers through her hair and then down her back. Mary couldn’t help but fall into the kiss. The man’s lips were like clouds. Sexy, tasty clouds.

Mary leaned back, confused. “What if I continued to say no to you and walked out the door thinking you were a sleaze?”

Jamie grinned against Mary’s cheek. “The thought actually didn’t cross my mind until you got up from the table. I had no idea you were such a little spitfire.” His tone was complimenting, and Mary kissed his mouth firmly.

“I still think you’re a sleaze,” Mary told Jamie.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Jamie told her happily. “I am a sleaze.”

Mary shook her head, but her lips remained smiling. This man was going to be the death of her.

“Can you come back to bed for the night?” Jamie requested politely.

Mary wrapped her hands around Jamie’s neck. “Take me there.”

Jamie laughed lowly, picking Mary up and walking back into the room. “You’re lucky I do like you.” He sat Mary on the bed and leaned down in front of her.

“Hey,” she admonished. “You’re the one who practically ripped me open with that beast between your legs.”

Jamie laughed loudly, resting his hands on Mary’s thighs. “I think I remember you being more than excited also.”

Mary crossed her arms. “I was. And then I stood up.”

Jamie, who was still laughing, unbuttoned Mary’s pants and slid them off. “This is a no pants bed,” he informed her as he helped her out of her camisole and bra. “Well, actually, it’s a no clothes bed.”

Mary chuckled, pulling her panties off for Jamie and scooting to the head of the bed with a grimace. She really was pretty sore. Jamie did a number on her.

Jamie saw her face and crawled up next to her. “I’m sorry, baby,” he said kissing her tenderly. “I can kiss it better if you want.”

Mary did want—she wanted very much. She nodded eagerly and Jamie smiled, moving back down her body. Mary silently watched his every move, but when she thought of something, she spoke up.

“When you said I was exactly what you were expecting . . .” she started.

Jamie looked up into her eyes with a shit-eating grin. “Maybe if you weren’t so offended by everything I say, you would learn to read between the lines.”

Mary glared. “I’m pretty sure I’m the only one here who can actually read, so . . .”

Jamie just bit the inside of her thigh, making her squeak, before his tongue began to make her feel much, much better.

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