The Playboy Jamie

The Playboy Jamie

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Jamie can't get that one nerdy girl out of his mind. When the stars align in such a way that allow him a chance to be with her in the ways he's been fantasizing for months, will he screw it up or will she prove to be his perfect match? ***This is a prequel to The Virgin Mary, my very first story ever published on BooksieSilk (and the first erotica I've ever written). Many people asked for a continuance, but I decided this is exactly what all you guys needed. These two stories CAN be read separately, but where's the fun in that?! Also, I just wanted you guys to know I really sorry my updates are all on hold for the time being. Enjoy this story!***


Jamie can't get that one nerdy girl out of his mind. When the stars align in such a way that allow him a chance to be with her in the ways he's been fantasizing for months, will he screw it up or will she prove to be his perfect match?

***This is a prequel to The Virgin Mary, my very first story ever published on BooksieSilk (and the first erotica I've ever written). Many people asked for a continuance, but I decided this is exactly what all you guys needed. These two stories CAN be read separately, but where's the fun in that?! Also, I just wanted you guys to know I really sorry my updates are all on hold for the time being. Enjoy this story!***


Submitted: October 12, 2016

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Submitted: October 12, 2016



(A.N. This is really, really unedited. LOL it's like I pulled this out of my ass (which obviously can't grammar like most of the BooksieSilk population). So I'll get that finished up soon. Until then, I guess you'll just have to deal with this shitty piece of work by yours truly.)

“Harnett,” the coach yelled. “Get your head out of your ass!”

Jamie grumbled under his breath and shook his head, hoping to rid the consuming the thoughts from his mind. But his eyes were drawn to the girl again, forced to watch her as she walked across the second flight of bleachers. Her head was kept down and she was carrying three books in her arms. Jamie was enraptured in the way she sat down, not once looking up as she opened one of her books and began reading.

Preston ran over then, snapping his fingers in front of Jamie’s helmet. “Dude, pay attention.”

Jamie managed to tear his eyes from the girl and blinked his eyes at Preston. Jamie just shook his head and ran toward the ten-yard line, where the rest of his team was gathered. Throughout the rest of practice, Jamie felt his eyes gravitating toward the girl, only to find that she had yet to look up from her book.

Jamie also spent the rest of practice with a raging hard-on. But he was used to the interference. He spent his economics class with the same problem. He still didn’t know the girl’s name; he only knew he was smitten with her. She sat in the back of the classroom and she never spoke. He watched her all hour, just marveling over how such a plain girl could be so goddamn attractive.

Jamie knew there was something inherently different about the girl the moment he laid eyes on her. She was like nothing he’d ever seen before, which was also why he had no idea why he was so paralyzed by the mere thought of her. Her clothes always looked like they were dug out of the closet of a World War II widow, and the gargantuan glasses adorning her face were way to big for such a small, delicate girl.

Yet, despite her attire, she was absolutely breathtaking. She had such warm, chocolate brown eyes and a small, petite nose hovering over perfectly plump lips that were just the color red that never needed any kind of lipstick. Her hair, that was always pulled into a tight bun on the back of her head, was a dark brown and Jamie just knew that it was as soft and shiny as it looked. He longed to yank it out of that hairband and watch it topple over her shoulders in wavy, heavenly locks.

Of course, he would if the girl actually looked at him. Jamie used to be irked at the fact that the girl never once looked at him, even when he’d hold open the door for her or pass her a handout in class. But then he realized it wasn’t personal; she never looked at anyone. She was just caught up in her own thoughts, at least that was what Jamie assumed, and she was too busy in her mind than observing the external things around her.

Practice ended with the coach yelling more obscenities at Jamie. Jamie ignored him and walked over to the bench, pulling off his helmet as Brad shook out his sweaty hair. He took a drink of water, looked up at the girl and groaned. Jamie’s face twisted in confusion.

Does Brad know the girl?

“What’s up?” Jamie asked, taking a drink from his own water bottle.

Brad looked over at him for a moment, and then back up at the girl. “My tutor,” is all he said as he pulled his gear off.

Jamie was still confused, staring up at the girl who still didn’t look up from her book as the guys talked about her.

“You don’t like her?” Jamie asked softly.

Brad shrugged. “Mary’s alright, I guess. Just really quiet,” he said, glancing up at the girl. “She’s super smart, though. As much as I hate math, she’s helped me bring my grade up from a D- to a B. That’s the reason Coach isn’t planning on kicking me off the team anymore.”

Jamie was nodding slowly. “I get it. Math is tough.”

Brad chuckled, punching Jamie’s arm softly. “You’re going to be an engineer. You can solve functions in your sleep.”

Jamie smiled, shrugging nonchalantly. “Not all of you are as gifted as me. I can sympathize with stupid people such as yourself.”

Brad guffawed and punched Jamie for real, making Jamie wince and rub his upper arm with conviction. “Jesus, that was painful.”

“Now you know how my brain feels when Mary makes me do Calculus,” Brad said, gathering up his gear and heading toward Mary, who surprisingly, still hadn’t looked up from that damn book.

Must be one hell of a book, Jamie thought, shaking his head and turning to go into the gym to shower. He was stopped short when he realized something.

Brad told Jamie her name.



“And Ivy was too busy trying to hook up with Greg that she just totally blew me off.” Jamie was barely paying attention to Hannah’s useless babble as they walked to economics together. Somehow—in a way unbeknownst to Jamie—she had gotten it into her head that they were dating. She barely left his side, and Jamie often found himself sneaking off to corners of campus just to get away from her.

Jamie was silent as they walked into the small classroom and took a seat near the back. Jamie was constantly irked that Hannah sat next to him every day. He just wanted to shove her out of the seat and offer it to the girl who captured his attention during every class.


He spent the entire night before just saying her name aloud. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal since Mary was such a popular name—one of the most popular female names. But something about the fact that Jamie now knew her name made the name exotic, as if it was foreign and new—exciting.

Just then, Mary walked into the classroom, not looking up from her feet as she walked behind Jamie and sat at the table next to his. She didn’t look up, didn’t see him watching her, as she opened her backpack and pulled out a book. There was no cover—the paper cover had been removed from the hardback book, which twisted Jamie’s face in confusion. He wondered why she would remove the book’s cover.

Looking back up at Mary’s face, Jamie smiled slightly as her eyes began to move across the pages of her book behind the giant, ridiculous glasses. Jamie often found himself thinking that the glasses were obnoxious in a way that made Mary amusing, but sometimes Jamie would stare at her for so long that he began to think the glasses were an extension of who she was as a person. He liked the glasses, but he knew he’d only like them on her. Only a girl like Mary could make such horrendous glasses look adorable and even sexy.

“Why don’t the nerds just go to Harvard and leave being the teacher’s pet to the people who actually need the grades?” Hannah all but snarled, making Jamie look over at her with raised eyebrows.

Jamie knew Hannah wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box, but this was economics. People who couldn’t pass this class didn’t deserve to be in college in the first place.

The classroom began to fill more steadily and a slim, nerdy girl with unfortunate acne and a terrible fashion sense sat down in front of Jamie. Hannah guffawed, leaning over to look at the girl as she dug through her backpack. The girl saw Hannah watching her and she stopped rifling through her bag, looking between Hannah and Jamie, probably wondering why they were both staring at her.

“I suggest you choose a later morning class next semester,” Hannah said to the girl in a sickeningly sweet voice that made Jamie’s eyes narrow suspiciously. “So you’ll have time to hide that pizza face under mountains of concealer.”

The girl’s eyes widened in shock as she stared at Hannah, no doubt wondering where the vicious attack was stemming from. Hell, Jamie was wondering that, too.

“Laney,” a soft voice said suddenly, making Jamie’s head swing over to look at Mary. She didn’t even glance at him, though, as she watched the girl in front of him. “Come sit over here by me.”

The girl, Laney, nodded, smiling gratefully, and she began to slide out of her seat. She suddenly turned around, looking at Hannah with confidence. “I would hide my pizza face under mountains of concealer,” Laney said, making Hannah’s eyebrows rise. “But I’m afraid all the stores are sold out. Seems you’ve been having problems covering up the green skin.” Laney stood then, walking toward Mary’s desk, before she turned again. “That was a Wicked reference, in case you were too busy thinking about lipstick and quarterbacks to realize I just called you the Wicked Witch of the West.”

Watching the girl with admiration, Jamie couldn’t help the smile that made its way onto his face. However, Hannah wasn’t as thrilled to see the smile. She slapped his arm and slid out of the chair. “Why the hell are you smiling?” She hissed lowly. “You’re supposed to stand up for me.”

She was already walking away before Jamie could tell her that he’d wanted to say those exact words to her since the moment he laid eyes on her.

Jamie looked over at Mary’s table to see her head, once again, buried in the book, but Laney was watching him with furrowed brows. Jamie didn’t know what to say to her, so he just smiled wider. The girl was fierce and sassy. Something in him wished Mary possessed the same spark.

The professor walked in then, addressing the class. Jamie forced his eyes from Mary as she put her book away and took her notebook out. Jamie didn’t fail to notice the way Laney watched him, like she knew what he was thinking. And he felt a small thrill go through him at the thought of Laney telling Mary about him.


Jamie pushed the small woman into the wall in his hall, delving his hands into her soft hair, sucking her lips into his hungry mouth. There was little talk between the two as they let their bodies speak for them. Jamie lifted her shirt off her head and guided her back into his bedroom, not letting his lips waver from hers.

She gripped the back of his head desperately, then began hauling his own shirt up over his head. He assisted her with the task, and then gently laid her on the bed, crawling over her lithe body with a smirk. Her small chuckle warmed his heart and it soothed the ache in his chest.

He quickly removed her bra and slid her pants off her legs. She lifted herself onto her elbows to watch him and he looked up at her beautifully familiar face. The right side of her lips turned up into a crooked smile and Jamie felt all the tension leave his shoulders. “I’ve missed you,” he said softly.

She rolled her eyes, but the smile remained on her face. “Don’t be such a sap,” she admonished. “Just remove your pants and fuck me.”

Jamie chuckled. “You’ve always been such a romantic.”

She just rolled her eyes again. “Duh. It takes a special kind of girl to take a boy’s virginity, you know.”

Jamie scoffed and threw his shorts off, crawling over her body and kissing the side of her mouth. “It feels like my first time all over again when I’m with you.”

The girl just laughed and gazed at him with sparkling blue eyes. “Stop being mushy. I’ve only been gone a month. What did that girl do to you in such a short amount of time?”

Jamie groaned, not wanting to talk about Mary right now, not when Taylor had been gone for more than a month this time. She had to spill the beans sooner or later. But Jamie knew he wasn’t the only one smitten with a beautiful girl.

Jamie kissed Taylor, closing his eyes just to savor the moment. Just because he wasn’t in love with her, and he never would be, didn’t mean he didn’t love Taylor in some way. She was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Jamie slid his lips down Taylor’s neck and kissed the skin between her breasts. When he began to move further down her body, Taylor grabbed his head. Jamie looked up at her face with confusion. “No foreplay,” she whispered. “Just fuck me.”

Jamie rolled his eyes at her bluntness, but couldn’t help the clenching of his stomach. Taylor disliked foreplay when she was in pain. He sighed, leaning back over her body to kiss her lips. “We’re going to talk about this after I impale you.”

Jamie groaned as he reached into the nightstand to pull a condom out, and Taylor laughed lightly. “Out of the two of us, you are definitely the romantic.”

Jamie ignored the sarcasm that was constantly evident in Taylor’s voice and let her help him put the condom on. Jamie wasted no time in positioning himself between Taylor’s legs and pushing his erection through her tight pussy walls. No matter how many times he fucked her, she was always tight in a way that blew his mind and made nerves in his arm spark, making it hard to himself above her.

For a moment, Jamie thought about what it would feel to fuck a virgin, but he imagined nothing could feel better than Taylor. And he knew Taylor liked sex with him. Her moans were loud and her long, acrylic nails dug into his upper arms as he pushed himself balls deep into the older woman.

My God,” Taylor gasped. “I have missed this.” She looked up at Jamie and he leaned down to peck her lips as he began to move his hips. Her back arched slightly and her half-lidded eyes sent shivers of pleasure down his spine. “You are better than any vibrator money can buy.”

Jamie chuckled lowly at the warped compliment, but pulled back and thrust into her roughly anyway. Her cry of pleasure coupled with her nails—which he was sure were breaking the skin by this point—hardened his cock more and his thrusts became harder and faster, the sounds harmonizing with Taylor’s sharp gasping moans and Jamie’s panting breaths.

Jamie buried his face in Taylor’s neck, sucking and nibbling the sensitive skin there, his thrusts becoming more erratic when he felt her walls clenching his cock. “And you are the best babysitter any boy could ask for,” Jamie rasped into Taylor’s ear, biting the lobe with force, making her cry out. “Now come for me.”

Taylor’s screams of sexual release filled the apartment and Jamie felt his balls tightening, threatening to empty soon. Jamie sat up onto his heels and moved Taylor onto her hands and knees in front of him. Doggy style was their favorite position. It allowed them both to be as enthusiastic as they wanted with each other.

Jamie slipped into Taylor’s hot, dripping pussy easily, hissing as the clenching of her walls on his dick was felt directly in his balls. He didn’t even hesitate as he began to thrust in and out rapidly and forcefully, dropping Taylor to her elbows as she bit her forearm to muffle her cries. She thrust back against Jamie’s dick, matching his rhythm and bringing his orgasm to the surface after only a few strokes.

“Fuck!” he hissed, his fingers digging into the soft skin of her waist as he thrust violently. His vision started to get spotty and he vaguely heard himself grunting with each thrust.

“Uhhh,” Taylor yelped, her eyes shut in sexual agony. “I’m gonna come again. Jamie, baby, fuck me. Make me come.”

“Come with me,” Jamie gasped, just as he climaxed, shooting his load into the condom. “Ahhggghh,” he cried out, still thrusting in Taylor, who was screaming her own orgasm.

As soon as Jamie was finished, he fell down onto the bed, taking in big gulps of air, trying to catch his breath. He removed the condom slowly, his hands shaky from the adrenaline still pumping through his system. Taylor cuddled up next to him, laying her head on his shoulder. She was quiet, just tracing her finger along his abs.

“Were you running to her or from her?” Jamie asked softly.

Taylor sighed. “I don’t want to talk about my fucked up love life.”

Jamie laughed. “Yet you make me talk about mine constantly.”

Taylor shrugged. “You like a girl who seems safe. The girl my heart belongs to is breaking it every day.”

“A little dramatic, don’t you think?”

Taylor just shrugged again. “Being a lesbian is hard, Jamie. I wouldn’t expect you to understand.”

Jamie sighed, rubbing Taylor’s arm. “You’re right. But I do know what it’s like to fall for a girl who doesn’t give two shits about you.”

Taylor snuggled closer to Jamie. “Tell me about her.”

Jamie smiled, finally allowing himself to think about Mary. “Her name is Mary,” he told Taylor. “She’s a freshman, I think. She likes to read. She’s always reading. She wears terrible clothes that do nothing to dispel the fact that she’s absolutely gorgeous. And she’s apparently a tutor, or something. She’s helping one of my teammates keep his place on the team.”

Taylor sat up, looking at Jamie with a victorious smirk. “Well, you know what you have to do, don’t you?” she asked. “You know how you can get her to notice you?”

Jamie sat up, instantly feeling another adrenaline rush run through his body. He knew that look in Taylor’s eyes. She knew how he was going to get Mary.


Jamie walked into the tutoring center, feeling oddly out of place. He bumped into a small girl and instantly grabbed her shoulders to steady her, but she was staring up at him in shock and awe, which prompted him to let go.

Jamie shook his head and walked to the desk in the back—where they set up individual appointments. Jamie was somewhat shocked to see Laney sitting behind the desk, popping a piece of gum in her mouth. She had her eyes closed as she bobbed her head to the music blasting in her headphones.

But that wasn’t what stopped Jamie short and dropped his jaw to the floor. The girl’s face was completely blemish-free. There wasn’t a pimple in sight. He knew there were cures for acne, but none that worked over night. He had seen her face covered in pimples—nasty, white-headed monstrosities—just yesterday. What the hell happened? Was this even the same girl?

But then Laney opened her eyes and looked at Jamie. She popped another bubble and then removed her headphones, staring up at him blankly. He still didn’t know what to say.

Laney huffed impatiently. “I know I’m not as pretty as your Barbie doll, but that doesn’t mean you get to stare.”

That closed Jamie’s mouth and he cleared his throat, looking down at his shoes.

“So whatcha here for, stud?” Laney drawled, making Jamie look back up at her flawless face. She was actually rather beautiful. More beautiful than he could have thought possible. Definitely more beautiful than Hannah. Laney’s purple eyebrow flicks up. “Let me guess: it has something to do with Mary?”

Jamie opened his mouth to deny that accusation, but then he just closed his mouth and shrugged. There was no use denying it. It was what he was here for. “I want her to be my tutor.”

Laney chuckled and wiggled the mouse to her computer monitor. “Good place for that,” she mumbled and typed a few things in. Laney glanced up at Jamie. “Mary’s only a math tutor. Is that what you’re looking for?”

Jamie nodded quickly, not caring what she tutored.

Laney scoffed, typing more things in. “Of course it is.” She held out her hand to Jamie. “Let me see your student ID.”

Jamie quickly got it out of his wallet and gave it to the impatient girl, who typed in a few more things. She looked at the screen, and then Jamie’s student ID card, and then back at the screen. She stood then, staring at Jamie with hardened eyes. “You’re an engineer major, Mr. Harnett,” Laney said, and there was something in her voice that made Jamie swallow back his fear. “You have a 4.0 GPA.”

Jamie didn’t feel like explaining himself to a girl who got rid of acne, and all the scars that came with it, overnight. “Just make the appointment,” he growled.

Laney’s mouth turned into a grin. “Why don’t you just talk to her like a normal guy?”

Jamie slapped his palms down onto the desk, but Laney didn’t even flinch. “I don’t have to explain myself to you. If anything, you should be explaining why you were covered in disgusting pimples yesterday and they seem to all have vanished today.”

Laney’s eyebrows completely disappeared under her bangs and a slow smile graced her mouth. “Is that why you were staring at me when you walked in?” Jamie didn’t make a move to answer her, but Laney was already laughing and waving her hand absently at Jamie. “I’m a special effects make-up artist,” she explained. “Or well—an aspiring one. That was mere child’s play.”

Jamie’s mouth opened into a wide “O.” That made sense. He didn’t mention that it was a decreasing profession, and in ten more years, there would be no use for her talents. He doubted she would react kindly to the news. Hell, maybe she even knew already.

Laney sat back down in the chair and looked at the screen. “Anyway, tutors are to see those that are averaging a C- or lower on tests and such. They don’t have time to screw around with guys who have higher GPA’s than they do.”

Jamie was desperate. “Please,” he begged Laney. “I’ll pay for it. I just want to schedule time to see her. Please. Can do you do this for me?”

“Mary is not a prostitute, dude. And what about your girlfriend?”

Jamie’s face twisted with confusion. “You mean the trollop who follows me around and ruins my reputation and good name by convincing other people I’m stupid and insane?”

Laney looks shocked. “Huh,” she said softly. “I thought she liked you.”

Jamie rolled his eyes. “She does. And people think I like her back, hence the stupid and insane part.”

Laney laughed. “Okay, I like you.” She typed in some things and then bit her lip, looking disappointed. “Bad news. Mary isn’t free until after finals.”

Jamie groaned, rubbing his eyes forcefully. “No, I can’t wait that long.”

Laney stood up, looking at Jamie with compassion. “Might I suggest you just talk to Mary? She’s super nice.”

Jamie looked at Laney helplessly. “Can’t you get her to work on one of her nights off?” he asked, almost whining. “When is her next night off?”

Laney sighed. “Well tonight—“ Jamie perked up and Laney was quick to add, “But I can’t schedule her to see you.”


Laney bit her lip, looking stressed. “I can only authorize appointments on tutors’ nights off if they’re an emergency. Like if you were averaging a D- in English before a final. I can’t authorize you to see her if you have a 4.0.”

Jamie smacked his head off the counter, groaning again. He lifted his head, ready to give it one last shot. “Are you willing to break some rules?”

Laney gave Jamie a perplexed look, but still smirked. “What do you have in mind?”

“How much does Mary make each session?”

“Uhh, like 20 bucks an hour, I think.”

Jamie grabbed his wallet, pulling out two twenty-dollar bills. “I’ll pay double.” He set the money on the counter, looking at Laney soberly. “Just tell her she has an appointment tonight. You can give her the money separate from the check so your boss doesn’t fire either of you.”

Laney looked away from Jamie’s face long enough for her to glance at the money, but then she was looking at Jamie again. “You really like her, don’t you? Like...this isn’t just about the sex to you?”

Jamie shook his head sadly. “I wouldn’t try so damn hard if it was just sex.”

Laney nodded. “And I doubt you would choose Mary of all people to take to bed.” Laney sat down in her chair then, grabbing the money and shoving it in her pocket. “Okay, hotstuff, she will see you tonight at seven. Is the address the school has for you your residence?”

Jamie sputtered, gripping the counter for fear he might fall over. “She’s coming to my house?”

Laney looked up at him, flicking that damn eyebrow again. “Yeah,” she replied coolly. “It’s quite common for tutors to go to students’ houses, and vice versa. It wouldn’t be suspicious or anything. Why, do you want to do it here on campus?”

“No!” Jamie said a little too loudly, making Laney jump and a few people look over at them. “I mean, my house is fine,” he adds softly.

Laney shook her head. “You are one strange man, Jamie Harnett.” She smiles and winks at him. “I think Mary will like you.”

God, I hope so. Jamie gave Laney a tight-lipped smile and turned to leave, but then Laney was calling his name. He looked back to see Laney watching him with narrowed eyes. “If you hurt Mary,” she started, “I will commit heinous crimes upon your footballs. And any other balls you might possess.”

Something in the girl’s eyes knotted Jamie’s stomach, and he knew that she was serious.


Jamie stared into the mirror, unsure of what he was doing. It was a little before six, and he was getting ready to shower before Mary came over. His stomach twisted with more thoughts of Mary, and Jamie was ashamed to admit to himself that he was nervous as hell. He had no idea how to approach her. He didn’t want to seem too sweet and seem fake, but he didn’t want to be—well, himself, because he knew that would just piss her off and she’d go stomping out the door. He tended to have that effect on people.

Wiping at his eyes for the millionth time that day, Jamie stripped out of his clothes and stepped into the shower. He took his time, washing his body, wanting to make sure everything was perfect when Mary came over. Not a speck of dirt in sight.

Except Jamie could have sworn someone just knocked on the door. Jamie wiped the soap from his face and turned the water off, jumping out, slipping on the floor and nailing the bathroom door with his shoulder. “Fuck,” he hissed, looking for his towel. “Where the hell is my towel?”

He opened the door and jogs to the linen closet, grabbing the fresh towel and wrapping it around his waist as he walked to the door. There was another knock on the door and Jamie froze. It wasn’t just his imagination. He looked at the clock in the living room. It was a little after six. If it was Mary, she was an hour early.

Jamie looked around his apartment and growled. The place was a mess. He shook off the thoughts and jogged to the door, throwing it open, facing the small girl.

Jamie felt himself sigh deeply. She was an hour early, and nothing was ready for her. Jamie bit the inside of his lip to keep from snapping at her. Who the hell shows up an hour early to an appointment?

Mary’s wide eyes were slowly moving down his wet body, because he wasn’t able to properly dry off before the shower, and stopped at the bulge in his towel. He knew he was packing some heat, but he was still biting his cheek to keep from lashing out at the girl.

Jamie cleared his throat, still extremely pissed. If she couldn’t respect a simple schedule, maybe Mary wasn’t worth the trouble Jamie thought she was. “You gonna stand out here and stare at me, or we going to actually get something done?”

Mary’s eyes instantly moved up to meet his. Jamie felt a little of his anger subside and then it was chipped away a little more as she crinkled up her nose to lift the glasses up higher. “I . . . uh—“

Jamie sighed, standing back so she could walk past him into the house. “Come on. I don’t have all night for you to think of a response.”

Mary shook her head and stepped up after him, closing the door after her. “Dick,” she murmured, but Jamie still heard her.

Jamie looked back at her, surprised at her boldness. “You didn’t have a problem with my dick just a second ago. You stared at it like a fat man stares at cake.”

Mary’s mouth gaped open and her face turned a bright shade of red, which made her even more attractive. Jamie felt his cock begin to strain against the towel. Mary was quick to look away from him and toward the inside of the dirty apartment, so Jamie took that as a good time to slip away.

He walked into his bedroom, taking the towel off and pulling briefs on, hoping his semi-erection wouldn’t be too noticeable. Jamie looked at his phone charging on the nightstand and the notification light was blinking, so he walked over to find a text from an unknown number. Curious, he opened the message up.

Hey, this is Laney, the girl who helped you today in the tutoring department. I talked to Mary and she told me that 6pm would work better for her and I told her that works for you. I’m hoping it really does work for you, because if not, you probably just ruined the only shot we had to make this work. So anyway, sorry for such short notice. Hope your night goes well anyway.’

Jamie noticed that the messaged was received at 5:14. Jamie groaned and set his phone down, rubbing at his face. So Mary wasn’t early. She was right on time. Suddenly, Jamie was no longer upset at her. He just felt guilty for being such a jerk and for bringing her into such a messy house. She’s probably disgusted out there right now. Jamie quickly threw on some shorts and a t-shirt, grabbed a Calculus textbook he borrowed from Brad and walked out of the room.

Trying to be casual, Jamie sat down next to Mary at the table. She was frowning and picking at a fingernail. Jamie felt terrible about being so rude to her. He knew that if it weren’t her job to be here, she probably would have left already. “So,” Jamie started, unsure of where to even begin. “What’s your name?”

Jamie didn’t want to tell her he already knew her name. He didn’t want to be a creepy douche. Just being a douche was bad enough.

Mary looked up at Jamie with those expressive brown eyes and he felt his knees go wobbly. It was a good thing he was sitting down. “Mary,” she said softly, seemingly lost in thought as she looked into his eyes. Jamie got the sudden urge to just forgo all reason and pull her into his arms and kiss her. But Jamie wasn’t sure if Mary would like that.

“I’m Jamie,” he told her. Mary nodded, her cheeks heating up a little, turning his cock to something of substance, and filling even more space in his briefs. Taking a deep breath to calm his racing heart, Jamie opened the book with shaky hands. “So you’re good at Calculus?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

Jamie looked up at Mary. “You guess?” Maybe Mary was the one who needed a tutor.

Mary shifted in the seat. “I’m not a mathematician, but I’m good enough to explain it to you.”

Jamie hummed and looked down at Mary’s clothes. “You look like you’d be good at any subject. Honestly, you were exactly what I was expecting.” Jamie had to keep the laugh from bursting from his chest. The irony of the statement—that she was literally what he was expecting when he opened that door—only made it even more amusing.

Jamie began to flip through the book in front of him, not failing to notice the way Mary looked down at her clothes. He got to a random section, turning to Mary as she lifted her eyes from her body. The clothes she wore were loose and “vintage,” but Jamie still desired to know what was underneath. She left so much to the imagination. Unlike girls who flaunted what they had, undressing Mary would be like unwrapping a Christmas present: he didn’t know what lay underneath, but he knew he’d like the surprise.

Mary leaned toward Jamie to look at the book, and the smell of her fruity shampoo sent sparks straight to Jamie’s groin, hardening him to uncomfortable lengths. He pondered how long he could sport this boner without Mary noticing.

“What exactly is confusing you?” Mary’s voice cut through the fog in Jamie’s mind, and looked up at her expectant face.

He smiled coolly, suddenly thinking about how—if—he could seduce a girl like Mary. She looked like she never really got around. She probably didn’t have a boyfriend, and even if she did, they would be steady and exclusive.

Jamie ran his hand down the page slowly and laughed softly. “Everything,” he lied easily. “I’m clueless when it comes to math.”

Mary nodded slowly and she looked down at the book and Jamie watched her eyelashes lightly brush her glasses. “Okay, well this lesson explains continuity. That describes how certain graphs behave.”

Jamie had to physically grab his chair and look away from Mary’s face as she started speaking in mathematical terms. The phrase “talk dirty to me” had never nailed Jamie so forcefully before. He swallowed painfully as his erection now strained to tear free from his briefs. It was all settled in Jamie’s mind, all in that small instant.

He was going to take this smooth-talking girl to his bed. Maybe she’d recite the Pythagorean theorem to him while he pressed her body into his sheets.

“We just started and you’ve already disconnected?”

Jamie turned to Mary, somewhat surprised at her sudden curtness. But a part of him knew, and was pleased, that there was a spark of fire inside the shy, misunderstood girl. He smiled pleasantly, slipping into familiar territory, although he knew he would have to test the waters. He didn’t know how to get Mary into his bed; he just knew he needed to get her there. And she wouldn’t be an easy catch like all the other girls he’d had in there.

“Sorry,” Jamie said quietly, searching Mary’s eyes for anything new he needed to know. “The only time I really pay attention is on the field and in bed.”

Mary’s cheeks immediately heated up and Jamie almost hollered and jumped up with his fist in the air. Blushing was good. Jamie shifted as his rock-hard member protested. Mary’s blushing was going to kill him, actually.

“You’re pretty cute when you blush,” Jamie told her while setting his chin in his hand. He wondered how much it would take to light Mary like a match. If he got her hot enough, she would be easier to read and oh so much hotter to fuck.

Mary scoffed and looked away. Jamie’s eyes narrowed slightly. He needed to keep prying at that soft spot, whatever it is.

Jamie slid the book away from Mary and leaned closer to her, surprised at the pleasant, flowery scent drifting from her into his every sense. “How long are you scheduled to be here?”

“Um, the University said I should come for an hour today. If you needed more help, I could come back another time.” Mary’s voice was too quiet, almost a whisper, and Jamie cursed his cock for trying to harden even more. He was leaking precum so badly that his shorts were becoming even more uncomfortable than before.

Jamie leaned close to Mary, looking into her beautiful eyes. “We could get a lot done in an hour.”

Mary’s eyes glazed over for a moment, and Jamie almost leaned back with victory, but then Mary was shaking her head and focusing on the book in front of them. Jamie panicked a little, not wanting to lose the momentum he’d already gained. “Anyway, this chapter—“

“Your eyes are beautiful,” Jamie blurted out before he could think about the consequences of his words. “Why do you hide them behind those horrendous glasses?”

“My eyes are brown. And my glasses aren’t horrendous. Will you please focus on this book instead of insulting me?”

Jamie felt a small twinge of pain in his chest at her words. He hadn’t meant to insult her. He looked down at the book, wondering how he could recover from this unfortunate setback. “I don’t know . . . math isn’t as intriguing as you.” That really was one of the highest compliments Jamie could pay, regardless of the fact that Mary thought he was a moron. “And brown eyes can be just as beautiful as any other color.”

Mary chuffed loudly and Jamie glanced up at Mary’s face to see her delicate features twisted in humorless amusement. “I should leave. You obviously don’t care about math,” Mary said, standing up and grabbing her bag. “And I have more important things to do than sit here and goof off.”

Jamie felt a little more panic seep into his bones and he quickly grabbed Mary’s arm, biting his lip as he thought of something to say. He looked up at Mary. Behind her eyes, he saw an alpha female he’d never known existed until that very moment. It frightened him a little, to know that Mary wasn’t the submissive flower he thought her to be, but it also turned his cock to stone. She was a little fox, whether she knew it or not.

And now Jamie knew exactly how to get Mary into bed.

“What could be more important than hanging out with me?” Jamie asked softly, looking up at Mary with passive eyes. Mary’s eyes flashed with disdain as she clicked her tongue and Jamie felt his ego pulse irrationally. The girl was playing with fire. “Mathlete meeting?”

Mary jerked her arm from his grasp, her eyes on fire. “You’re not as funny as you think you are.” Mary stomped toward the exit, but Jamie made sure he was there before she could open the door. She turned around and glared at Jamie’s face, although Jamie detected a small amount of resistance in her eyes—an internal resistance, like she was denying herself something she desired. “Do you mind?”

Jamie ran his hand down one of Mary’s cheeks. “Why won’t you stay? I don’t bite . . . unless you want me to.” Mary tried to push Jamie away from her, and his heart pinched in pain, closing his throat uncomfortably. He was losing her. Steeling his face and trying to push emotions away, Jamie tapped into his inner playboy, just wanting to have one special night with Mary, even if she didn’t want anything more. “Don’t be like that. I just want to have sex, that’s all.”

It hurt to lie to Mary, but Jamie knew it was for the best. The probability that Mary would want much to do with Jamie was slim to none. But he would take what he would get while he could.

Mary shoved against Jamie’s chest, but Jamie just nuzzled her soft neck, inhaling her delicate scent, nearly undetectable. “Wow, you’re such a romantic,” she spit out.

Jamie stood up and looked down at Mary’s face. When Mary looked at Jamie, he saw a hardness he hadn’t expected to see. Was she expecting romance? Did she want him to sweep her off her feet like he wanted to? Jamie thought she wouldn’t go for that. Jamie shrugged, looking away. “I never claimed to be.” When Mary glared holes in his face, Jamie sighed. He didn’t know how to please this girl. “Come on. It will be fun. I’ve never done a girl wearing grandma glasses.”

Those were the wrong words, you insufferable asshole! Jamie’s mind screamed at him, but Mary was already gasping and shoving him forcefully, sending him a few steps back.

Mary turned and opened the door, walking out. “Like I would want to have sex with you. You’re an asshole.”

Jamie rushed to the doorway, panic seeping into his bones. He was losing her. He searched his mind for a reasonable response. He watched Mary take a few steps down and he gripped his hair, visualizing those eyes hiding behind those absurd glasses with so much pent up anger and aggression, just looking for any kind of escape—

Jamie’s head snapped up and his hands fell to his sides. “You should lighten up.”

Mary turned and looked up at Jamie with so much hatred, Jamie almost stumbled back. However, behind her eyes, there was a certain level of passion that Jamie needed to see.

Jamie almost smiled. He won.

I should lighten up?” Mary asked shrilly, pointing a finger at herself. “Ha! Maybe you shouldn’t insult people. You’re not perfect, you know. You’ve gotten hit on the head so many times you’ve probably forgotten hot to long divide.”

Jamie’s cock, which had softened a fraction, was now, once again, straining against his shorts. He grinned at Mary; he couldn’t help it. She was so beautiful—more beautiful than he knew a single woman could be. “Yeah, just like that. Now come back in here and let my concussed head whisper dirty things in your ear while I take your mom’s clothes off your hot little body.”

Mary glanced down at her clothes before looking up at Jamie with that same look of hatred. “These aren’t my mom’s clothes, you jackass.”

Jamie laughed, walked to Mary, grabbing her hand and pulling her into the apartment. Surprisingly, Mary didn’t struggle and when Jamie bent his head and brushed his lips across the vein in her neck, Mary gasped and a shiver down her body. Jamie almost came then.

“I promise you’ll like it,” Jamie whispered to Mary, closing his eyes and smiling gently. I know I will.

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