Bound to Happen

Bound to Happen

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Lexi had no idea that when her friend ditched her in a gay bar on a Friday night that she would meet a guy interested in her. Lake West seems to want more than Lexi is used to, however, and she has to step out of her comfort zone if she's going to experience something she knows she wants to with the intoxicating man. ***WARNING: There will be several mentions of homosexual relations and the protagonist's "love interest" is bisexual. If you're one of those people who thinks book porn is cool, but gay love isn't, stay away from this particular piece of work. I don't have time to deal with haters. Thanks!*** ***UPDATE (3/20/2017): As this was supposed to be a short story in the first place, I will leave it as so for the time being. As you may know, I am going through some severe personal challenges and fear that I may not finish in a timely manner. I am leaving the three chapters up, as was the plan originally, and I may or may not finish.***


Lexi had no idea that when her friend ditched her in a gay bar on a Friday night that she would meet a guy interested in her.

Lake West seems to want more than Lexi is used to, however, and she has to step out of her comfort zone if she's going to experience something she knows she wants to with the intoxicating man.

***WARNING: There will be several mentions of homosexual relations and the protagonist's "love interest" is bisexual. If you're one of those people who thinks book porn is cool, but gay love isn't, stay away from this particular piece of work. I don't have time to deal with haters. Thanks!***

***UPDATE (3/20/2017): As this was supposed to be a short story in the first place, I will leave it as so for the time being. As you may know, I am going through some severe personal challenges and fear that I may not finish in a timely manner. I am leaving the three chapters up, as was the plan originally, and I may or may not finish.***

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

Author Chapter Note

Sooo this story is currently undergoing some insane edits right now. Please bear with me as I work to complete them. (For more information, see my profile.)

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Chapter One

“You look like you could use another shot,” the bartender said over the music, his lips turned into a smirk as his eyes danced across Alexis’s face.

Alexis slid the shot glass toward him and nodded. “Hit me.” He shook his head in amusement, chuckling softly as he filled the small glass. Alexis took the time to check him out. For a clearly gay man, she wouldn’t have minded seeing him in her bed. His face was covered in glitter and his eyelids were brushed with purples and pinks. The leather vest hugging his otherwise naked abdomen offered little to the imagination and Alexis find herself appreciating the nice package that must have been suffocating in those tight, black jeans.

The bartender slid the glass back to Alexis and winked. “Sorry, beautiful,” he said with a smile. “If I played for your team, I would definitely bring you to bed, but vag is really not my thing.”

Alexis smiled awkwardly and looked at the shot glass, running her fingers along the rim. She looked behind her, but she lost sight of Justin a long ago. The club was packed and she was currently squished between two bears that both had twinks plastered to their arms. She grumbled under her breath and turned, picking up the shot glass and downing it in one go. She coughed as the burning liquor glided down her throat and slammed the glass onto the bar. The bartender was popping the cap off a beer for another patron, but he looked at her with a grin. She tried to force a smile, but it came out more of a grimace.

Alexis couldn’t believe she let Justin drag her out. She had a huge final next week and of all places he takes her, it had to be a fucking gay bar. Then he walked in and left her. It’s his fault she wasn’t studying and he didn’t even choose a place they both would enjoy.

Alexis felt a solid chest press into her back and an arm shot around her body to wave over the bartender. The arm was muscled and she know instantly that it wasn’t Justin pressed against her back. Twisting her head to see the guy’s face, Alexis looked up to see an attractive man, probably in his late twenties, not even offering her a glance as he smiled at the bartender.

The bartender walked over, beaming at the man. “Lake, it’s good to see you,” the bartender said. “I thought you dropped off the face of the earth.”

The man, who must have been named Lake, laughed softly and the sound was like music. “I’ve just been busy. I was up North for awhile.”

Alexis looked back at Lake while he spoke to the bartender and her eyes watched his lips move. Never had she seen such kissable lips before. They were just begging to be sucked. She shook her head out of her thoughts and forced herself to turn around. He was obviously gay. Straight guys weren’t regulars at gay bars.

The bartender hummed in understanding. “A cold beer on tap?” he asked.

Lake smiled. “You know me too well.”

The bartender just rolled his eyes and grabbed a mug, walking to the tap. The bear to Alexis’s right stood and picked his twink up, stepping away from his stool. “You can sit down, Lake,” the giant man said. “Timmy and I were just leaving.”

Lake took a step back, his chest no longer heating Alexis’s skin. “Thank you, Rob.” Taking a seat in the stool next to hers, Lake took the beer as the bartender set it on a napkin in front of him. When the bartender walked away, Lake took a drink and set the beer down, looking over at Alexis and raising an inquisitive eyebrow. She realized just then that she was openly gawking at the man and cleared her throat, looking down at her hands.

Good job not being obvious, Lex, she internally scolded herself.

The bartender came over and grabbed the liquor bottle, motioning to Alexis’s shot glass. She nodded gratefully, sliding it closer to him. As he filled it, he glanced up at her face. “I saw your friend ditch you when you two walked in,” he said, putting the bottle down and resting his chin on his hand. “If you’re so miserable, why don’t you just call a cab?”

Alexis sighed, rubbing her face. “Because Justin won’t be leaving in his car and I’ll have to take it home.”

The bartender raised his eyebrows and stood up, finally nodding in understanding. “I see.”

Alexis nodded solemnly, lifting the shot glass and swallowing the toxic liquid. She took out her phone and checked the time, but it had only been twenty minutes since the got to the club. It was a little past nine and Justin had been known to stay past midnight.

Alexis saw movement in the corner of her eye and looked to her right to see Lake scooting his stool closer to her. He stuck his hand out toward her. “I’m Lake,” he said. To be heard over the music, he had to lean close to Alexis’s ear and she could feel his breath tickle her neck and goose bumps instantly popped up all over her body.

Alexis took his hand lightly, feeling his warm, calloused skin. “Alexis.”

Lake smiled pleasantly. “Sorry I invaded your personal space earlier.”

Alexis shook her head. “Don’t worry about it. It’s so crowded, it’s bound to happen.”

Lake leaned back and looked at Alexis’s face. He seemed to be committing her features to memory and Alexis smiled at the thought. His soft brown eyes were almost a honey color and they were gentle as they rested on her. Tattoos were hidden under his v-neck shirt and she could only see the edges where the neckline dipped low.

“It’s not very often that I meet a beautiful woman in here,” Lake breathed, his voice sensual and wrapping Alexis’s body up in a sexual heat she couldn’t deny.

“It’s not very often I get hit on in a gay bar,” Alexis quipped.

Lake just grinned, his eyes searching Alexis’s for something. She tilted her head curiously, but he was already leaning in, his lips brushing hers lightly. She froze; her eyes still open as she took note Lake’s own half-lidded eyes. He moved closer to her, moving from his stool to stand in front of her, knocking her knees away with his own so he could stand in between her legs. His hands cupped her cheeks, lifting her face to his, as he deepened the kiss and she could feel herself giving into it. Alexis closed her eyes and relaxed her mouth, listening to the deep moan emanate from Lake’s throat as he delved his tongue past her parted lips.

Lake’s moan shot straight to Alexis’s groin and soaked her panties. Hesitantly reaching her hands up, she ran them up his chest and around his shoulders while she wrapped her legs around his waist, using her heels to pull him closer. His breathing quickened and he pressed his body up against hers. The feeling of his arousal on Alexis’s inner thigh had her gasping for a breath and Lake’s lips turned into a smirk as he nibbled her bottom lip and slowly kissed a path to her neck.

Alexis opened her eyes and instantly found the bartender watching them with an amused smile. He winked at Alexis and turned when a patron snapped their fingers in his face.

Lake bit Alexis’s earlobe and she yelped, jumping slightly. “Come home with me,” he rasped in her ear.

Alexis shivered. “You could be a murderer,” she said shakily.

Lake chuckled and leaned back, looking at Alexis’s face. “That’s true. Can never be too cautious.” He grazed her cheek with his mouth before sucking her lips into the hot cavern. Letting them go with a loud pop, he smiled as he pecked her lips softly.

She leaned forward, wanting to feel Lake again. “On the other hand,” she breathed. “I can imagine it would be a good way to go.”

Lake just grinned and proceeded to ravish Alexis’s mouth again. The brutality of his lips was somehow the sexiest thing she had ever experienced, and she found herself wanting more—needing more. Parting her lips with his tongue, Lake explored her mouth while she suckled on his tight muscle. Pulling his head further down so he could kiss her deeper, she lifted herself a little and allowed her arms to wrap themselves around Lake’s corded neck.

Alexis felt Lakes hips thrust softly into her heat through her jeans and her breathing began to come out in pants as she attempted to control her heart rate and keep her lips moving in sync with Lake’s.

Hearing a loud screech somewhere near them, Alexis jumped a little, but tried not to let the outside noises distract her from the sweet taste of the stranger currently rubbing his tongue on her own.

“Alexis Torres,” a voice rang out from almost right next to them. “What the fuck?”

Alexis tore her mouth from Lake’s to find Justin’s wide eyes staring at her. He was standing a few feet away with an equally stunned man standing behind him.

“This is your shy friend?” the unfamiliar boy asked Justin. “The one sucking face with Lake West?”

Lake buried his face in Alexis’s neck as he stifled a laugh. She didn’t know what was so funny, or why the boy seemed to talk about Lake like Justin knew him. She looked back at Justin and shrugged.

Justin chuckled and stepped closer to Lake, as Lake removed his head from Alexis’s neck. “I’ve been coming to this club for a year,” Justin said, looking at Lake. “To see if I could run into you. I’m a huge fan of your work.” Justin glanced at the bulge straining against Lake’s jeans, but looked back up at his face. “And the first time I meet you, you’re making out with my friend.”

Lake smiled. “I’m happy to hear I’ve got such dedicated fans.”

Fans? How did Justin know who Lake was and Alexis didn’t? She didn’t remember him ever telling her a reason why he attended this particular club. She looked between Lake and Justin. Everyone here seemed to know who Lake was except for Alexis.

“Hell yeah, I’m dedicated,” the unfamiliar boy said from behind Justin. “Dedicated to get into those hella tight jeans.” His hungry eyes stared at Lake and he licked his lips, making Lake laugh.

Justin cleared his throat and looked at Alexis. “You’re going to fulfill my fantasies before I am,” he whined. “No fair.”

“Wait, wh—“

“If you’re not going to be home tonight,” Justin interrupted Alexis. “I’m gonna take Brock home with me then.” Justin kissed her cheek as she continued trying to process several things at once. “Be safe. And have fun.” With that, Justin and his date walked away.

Alexis looked up at Lake’s face and he raised a sexy eyebrow.

“Nice friends,” Lake commented, sitting back down in his stool, making Alexis frown in disappointment. She wanted him touching her again.

“How do they know who you are and I don’t?”

Lake took a drink of his beer before looking back at Alexis with a smirk. “Do you all share the same wavelength?”

Alexis huffed. “You know what I’m talking about. Everyone seems to know who you are.”

Lake just shrugged. “I come here a lot. I know lot’s of the regulars.”

Alexis almost nodded in understanding, but then she shook her head. “But Justin said he started coming here to see you,” she reminded him. “Which means he had to know who you were before he started frequenting this club.”

Lake just laughed and turned to Alexis, grabbing her face and crashing their lips together in a quick kiss. “You know,” he said against her mouth. “Most girls wouldn’t care who I was. They would just come home with me.”

Alexis leaned away from him and turned to the bar. “Well,” she started. “At the risk of sounding cliché, if that’s really what most girls would do, then I am not like most girls.”

Lake hummed, but he jumped a little, pulling a smartphone from his pocket and sighing. “I have to take this,” he told Alexis. “Please don’t leave yet.”

Alexis nodded slowly, but Lake was already walking away and putting the phone up to his ear. She sighed and rubbed her eyes. Justin had probably left already and expected her to find somewhere else to sleep. She had never had a one-night stand before. She got out of a two-year relationship with a man a few months ago and he was only the third guy she’d slept with. She’d been focusing on her studies since they broke things off and hadn’t had time to think about men.

“So I see you and Lake have become well acquainted.” Alexis looked up to see the bartender’s signature smirk. She grumbled and shook her head. He just laughed lightly. “Easy, killer.”

Alexis leaned back and looked up into the bartender’s aqua eyes. “Why does everyone know who he is?” She asked, hoping he could give her some answers. “Is he famous or something?”

The bartender’s eyebrows shot up. “You don’t know who Lake West is?” Alexis frowned angrily, ready to snap at the bartender. “But your friend is so gay. Hasn’t he ever said anything before?”

Alexis sighed, but shook her head. The bartender looked mildly surprised. “I’m not going to tell you. That would be awkward as fuck.”

Alexis growled. “Tell me right now. Is he some kind of rapist or something?”

The bartender snorted. “To be a rapist would imply there are people not willing to have sex with him.”

Alexis glared at the mouthy bartender. “You know what I mean,” she said tightly.

Alexis didn’t know why she even cared so much. If the man didn’t want to tell her, was it really her business? But…Justin knew and that meant that it wasn’t some kind of secret. If he weren’t willing to share something personal, just one thing, before she slept with him, then it wouldn’t be out of line to get up and walk out right now.

The bartender nodded slowly. “He’s not a criminal, if that’s what you mean.” He seemed to think about something and he shook his head with a chuckle. “But he’s not someone a girl like you should just jump in bed with.”

Alexis glared at the glittery man behind the bar. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

A small man sat next to her on the stool Lake was occupying and asked for a soda. Alexis give him a glance, but turned back to the bartender as he got a soda for the boy. “It wasn’t supposed to be an insult,” he said, popping the cap off the coke before handing it to the boy and turning to her. “You’re clearly not a shallow girl. You don’t just whore around and sleep with man after man.”

Alexis stayed silent and spun the shot glass on the counter in front of her. She felt the boy looking at her with a confused stare, but when she looked up, he was already looking away.

The bartender patted the bar and moved down to help someone who was calling for him. Alexis heaved a big sigh.

“Guy problems?” the small boy finally asked, looking at Alexis.

Alexis forced a smile. “I guess. I don’t even know the guy. I’m just uncertain, I suppose.”

He hummed empathetically and took a drink of his soda. “Someone here?”

Alexis laughed softly, nodding. “Surprisingly, yeah. I literally just met him.” She shook her head. “Given the way he probed my mouth with his tongue, I’m assuming he’s probably straight.”

“What’s his name?” The boy’s eyes were interested and Alexis couldn’t help but smile.


The boy’s mouth gaped open. “Lake West?”

Alexis slammed the shot glass into the bar and the bartender’s gaze shot to hers. He looked shocked at first, but then he shook his head in a scolding manner. She ignored him and looked back at the boy. “How do you know who he is?”

The boy blinked a few times, but then he smiled and shrugged. “He stuck his rod in me a few days ago.”

The boy’s blunt honesty had her sputtering for a few seconds before Alexis just stopped trying to talk. So Lake was bisexual? That would explain him frequenting a gay bar and making out with her, all in the same night.

“Don’t worry,” the boy said, standing up as he looked at his phone. “It was strictly business.”

Alexis nodded, but her face twisted in confusion. What did that mean?

The boy patted her arm before leaning close to her ear. “If you really want to know who he is, just Google him.” He leaned away, but then clicked his tongue and leaned back near her ear. “Make sure you’re in incognito mode and you’re not in front of like your parents or something. NSFW.”

As the boy walked away, Alexis considered his words. His “work” is NSFW...

Does he do what I think he does…?

Quickly pulling out her smartphone, Alexis opened the browser and opened an incognito tab. When she typed in “Lake West,” so many results came up. Link after link confirming her suspicion.

Of course Justin knew who he was. Of course every man in this gay bar seems to worship him.

Shakily clicking “images,” Alexis scrolled through picture after picture of Lake West fucking other men. There were so many men here. How does one man even have that much time?

Alexis felt a hand on her shoulder and she jumped, yelping and almost dropping her phone. Lake sat down next to her with wide eyes. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“You’re a gay porn star,” Alexis blurted out loudly.

Lake’s eyes widened even more and his jaw went slack as he thought of something to say. Alexis garnered the attention of the people around us when she thoughtlessly spoke—more like yelled—and some men, including the bartender, were watching them closely.

Lake cleared his throat. “I see you put two and two together while I was gone.”

Alexis shook her head. “No, I Googled you.” She showed him the phone and he blinked several times as he looked at the pictures. She suddenly felt stupid sitting there and she slid out of the stool. “I’m leaving now. Sorry,” she mumbled, throwing a twenty on the table, nodding at the bartender before turning and walking away.

Weaving through the crowd, Alexis stumbled to the exit. When she got outside, she took a deep breath to calm her nerves. Why was she so awkward and clumsy? Lake probably thought she was some kind of freak. She stepped closer to the edge of the sidewalk and attempted to flag down a cab.

“Hey, Alexis,” Alexis heard someone shout. “Wait a second.”

Alexis turned to see Lake jogging after her. She sighed, turning away from him and finally getting the attention of a cabby. She walked into the street as the cab pulled closer to her and opened the door. Too quickly, Lake had caught up with her and he shut the cab door, pounding the roof a couple times and the taxi drove off. Without her in it.

“You don’t just get to walk away because you don’t like what I do for a living,” Lake told her.

Alexis scoffed. “Excuse me?” She put her hand on her hip. “I’m pretty sure I live in a free country where I can do whatever the fuck I want. Also, I don’t care what you do to make money. I just got uncomfortable, so I left.” She looked up into Lake’s patient eyes. “I’m allowed to leave without your permission. I’m a semi-functioning adult, after all.”

“Do I make you uncomfortable?” Lake asked, his voice hushed. Now that they were out of the noisy club, his voice sounded so much sexier. It’s deep, yet comforting.

Alexis sighed, dejected, looking down at her feet. “I make myself uncomfortable,” she mumbled.

Lake laughed softly. “What?”

Alexis looked into his beautiful eyes and took a deep breath. “It’s nothing you did. I’m sure you’re a great guy and obviously you’re good in bed,“—she almost smacked herself. We’re trying not to be weird right now, she reminded herself—“But I’m just so awkward and strange. I just wanted to get out of there before I humiliated myself further.”

Lake lifted his hand to cup her cheek. “I didn’t think you were being awkward. I think you’re rather adorable.”

Alexis pushed his hand away from her face with a soft laugh. “Flattery won’t get you anywhere.” She stepped back onto the sidewalk and started walking. There was a decent hotel a couple blocks from the bar. She guessed she could stay there until she was allowed back into her own house.

Lake’s body began walking next to Alexis’s and he whistled softly as he followed her. “So where are we going?” he asked, looking down at her.

Alexis sighed and stopped. “I am going to a hotel. You are going somewhere else.”

Lake blew out an aggravated breath. “Why are you playing hard to get? We already made out.”

“I’m not playing hard to get,” Alexis protested, walking away from him again.

Lake grabbed her arm, rubbing his face, frustrated. He chuckles humorlessly and then looks down at her. “I’m not leaving without you. I don’t care if I have to seduce you right here. I’ll do it.”

Alexis try to pull her arm from his grasp. “Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why are you so insistent that I come home with you?” Alexis asked, crossing her arms like a child. “Why can’t you just accept the fact that someone might not want to have sex with you.”

Alexis almost laughed at herself. It was blatantly obvious that she wanted Lake. She desired the man more than any other man she’d ever met. But she wouldn’t subject herself to humiliation when she somehow found a way to ruin the night for either of them. More than she already had, that is. She would rather daydream about being in his bed for the rest of her life than have to remember the night with sick embarrassment.

Lake gripped both her upper arms in his big hands and pulled her closer to him. “Because,” he whispered, his breath washing over her face, smelling like mint and beer. “You don’t get to kiss a man like that and then just leave him hanging.”

Alexis shook her head. “I do get to. That’s the great thing about being a free American citizen.”

Lake growled and Alexis would be lying if she said it didn’t turn her on. “Stop being a smartass.”

“No.” Alexis didn’t know why she was goading him. Although she was rather tall for a woman, Lake was much taller and could easily hurt her if he wanted to. However, she didn’t think he ever would, even if he did want to.

Lake’s mouth was slamming onto her own, startling her and Alexis gasped, allowing Lake the opportunity to slip his tongue into her mouth. She moaned, lifting her hands up, gripping his light hair and pulling him closer to her as she sucked his delectable tongue. She was sure Lake West was the only man alive who could make toothpaste and beer taste like an expensive dessert.

Lake backed Alexis into the brick wall of a closed business next to the club and he sucked in a breath when Alexis gently bit the tip of his tongue. Pulling her hips closer to his, he deepened the kiss, letting her explore his mouth this time. And she took full advantage. Scraping her tongue on his top teeth, she groaned, and let the tip of her tongue lightly brush the roof of his mouth, eliciting a shiver from Lake that she feel in her most sensitive areas. Lake’s fingers were digging into the flesh at her waist, but the pain felt good. It made her hotter than ever.

“Get a room,” a monotonous voice rang out in the night and it startled both Lake and Alexis.

Lake pulled his mouth from hers and they both looked at the person who spoke. When Alexis saw it was the boy from inside the club—the one who ordered soda in a bar—she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Jesus fuck, Caise,” Lake scolded the younger boy, and Alexis remembered that they knew each other. “You scared the shit out of me.”

The boy, Caise, smiled and took a drag of a cigarette before slowly breathing the smoke out. He dropped the butt and kicked off the wall, stomping on the orange light still burning on the ground. “In my defense, I was here first.”

Lake shook his head. “Get the fuck out of here, you little perv.”

Caise looked over at Lake for the first time, his right eyebrow raised. “I remember you liking that part of me, if I’m not mistaken.”

“If you don’t mind,” Lake said with an eye roll. “I’m trying to get laid here.”

Alexis coughed out a laugh and then both men were looking at her. She shook her head. “I see why you do porn,” is all she said.

Lake blinked, appearing hurt. “What does that mean?”

Caise walked past them, slowing to give Lake a pat on the back. “You have never been one for romance.” And then he was walking back into the club without a glance back at them.

Lake looked down at Alexis, gnawing at his lip, looking entirely out of his element. “Is that what you want?” he asked quietly. “Me to be romantic?”

Alexis looked down at Lake’s shirt as she considered the question. “Honestly,” she whispered, and then cleared her throat. “All I know is when you kiss me, I don’t want you to stop.”

Lake didn’t reply. He just grabbed her hand and pulled her down the sidewalk. After she caught her footing, Alexis could follow him easier. His longer legs carried him faster than hers were capable of and she had to jog sometimes to remain by his side. They reached a nice car after a few moments and Lake was pulling keys out of his pocket and pushing the unlock button on the key ring. After, he opened the passenger door for her and she smiled as she took a seat in the car.

Lake jogged around the driver’s side and hopped in, turning the car on and pulling out of the parking lot.

“Opening the door for me was very romantic,” Alexis noted softly, looking out the window.

Alexis heard a snort and Lake took a right to get on the freeway. He must live on the other side of town. “Yeah? Does that mean you’ll suck my dick now?”

Alexis knew Lake was only teasing, but she unbuckled her seatbelt and lifted the center console, sliding over to him. “I suppose so,” she breathed, letting her lips graze his ear.

She could be a tease, too. Maybe.

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