Little Kara

Little Kara Little Kara

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


When Kara meets Uncle Mattie, her life changes and she experiences adventures that she wouldn't have been able to, had it not been for the man who is at least old enough to be her father.


When Kara meets Uncle Mattie, her life changes and she experiences adventures that she wouldn't have been able to, had it not been for the man who is at least old enough to be her father.

Chapter1 (v.1) - First Adventure

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Submitted: May 19, 2016



172, Dayton Street." Kara said, sliding into the car and proceeded to shut the door. She was a little behind schedule and the tingling in her stomach and the constant state of anxiety and waiting was making her more nervous. Plus, it didn't help that her heart kept making random summersaults once in a while.

"Soon, Kara" she muttered to herself. Her phone pinged, distracting her from her nervousness but the name on the screen started the vicious cycle all over again.

'Where are you?' the message read. Quickly typing in the reply, she took another deep breath to calm her nerves. It had been months since she had met Matt and she couldn't wait. Her body quivered in excitement, just at the thought of those hands running all over her.

She had been 19 when she first met Matt or as she had addressed him then, her Uncle Mattie. Sure, he was way, like way way older than her, almost by 25 years but he had been the first person who had shown an interest in her. Her parents had never really cared for her, thinking that they were good parents as long as they provided their child support in the form of a good home and food every day. As a result Kara had always been shy and preferred being alone, assuming that no one would care for her. But her Uncle Mattie was different. Although he wasn't really an uncle but a family friend, she had ended up calling him that in their first meeting and the name had stuck. *** "So I heard you're planning on becoming a financial advisor?" uncle asked, the first night he had come over for dinner.

A little surprised initially, Kara had looked up from the kitchen counter as she cleaned up utensils and just nodded. "That is actually a really good career path, Kara. Not to boast, but I do know a few advisors who would be happy to assist you." And thus, the relationship had blossomed. Uncle Mattie would come over once in a while to check over her and slowly, she began to trust him, and like him as well. He made her feel things she couldn't understand. She just loved being with him. The intimacy continued to develop until one day, Matt made the first move. And that day changed her life completely.


"Kara, you have something on your shirt."

Kara looked up from her book, surprised. "Huh? Where?" she asked, keeping her book away

"Right here." Matt said, moving closer. Kara hissed as Matt ran a finger across her right breast. Her breathing hitched as it stopped right on her nipple. Even through the shirt, she could feel it hardening.

Matt waited, gauging Kara's reaction. When his eyes met hers, he saw that they had darkened. Taking it as an encouragement, he continued to rub his thumb across the hardened nipple. "It won't go." he pretended.

"Try harder?" Kara suggested shakily.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." she encouraged. The next few moments felt like an eternity. Kara was more than aware of the hand that was fondling her breast and for some strange reason she liked having it there. She had never felt anything like this before. The finger continued to twirl at her nipple and she gave out a low moan as it was pinched.

She looked up to see Uncle Mattie staring at her, the lust quite evident in his eyes. "Do you want to me stop?" he asked, his voice sounding hoarse. Unable to speak, she just shook her head, which encouraged him further into capturing her entire breast into his hand and giving it a hard squeeze. The action just made Kara moan louder.


Breaking herself from her haze, Kara answered. "Yes?" The squeezing stopped, surprising her. "Why did you stop?" she pouted.

Matt just looked at her, "Do you like this, what I'm doing right now?" he asked.

"Yes, she said once more, making him smile. "I want to do so much more." he confessed, looking rather bashful.

"Why don't you?" Kara grinned, making Matt smile once again.

"If you wish." he mocked, bowing his head down and continued to assault her breast further. ***

Since then, their relationship changed. The confession that her Uncle Mattie really did like her made Kara feel like a completely different person. No one had ever said that to her. No one had ever touched her the way her Uncle Mattie had. They met almost everyday after that, most of their time being spent in Matt making her feel things she had never felt before.

"Ohh I didn't think it would feel this good." she moaned as Matt pushed her on the sofa, both his hands squeezing her breasts harder than ever. Those sly hands did things to her everywhere the touched. As they squeezed her breasts she could feel a wetness between her thighs, making her squirm. Still as rough as ever, her shirt was hastily pushed away and those hand continued to squeeze her nipples through the bra making her moan further.

Kara looked up at Matt staring at her and he suddenly bent down to capture her lips with his. Matt's teeth nipped at the lips creating a small opening and slowly, he slid his tongue into that delicious mouth. The moans were not helping his self control in any manner whatsoever. Automatically, his hand were pushing those perky little breasts out of their confinement, allowing him a direct access to the nipples that he squeezed a little too roughly in his excitement.

"Uncle Mattie, Kara screamed, pulling away from his mouth, her breaths coming in short pants.

"I want to make you feel so much my little Kara." Matt confessed, groaning at the strain he felt in his pants.

"I want you too. Why can't we, Uncle Mattie? It's not wrong if we both feel the same way. And my parents don't have to know. I'm an adult." Kara ranted.

The plan emerged from this conversation. Kara would visit Matt at his home one day, and they would take their relationship further.

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