Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Jamie is not having a a great day, He offends a vampire, almost gets strangled to death, catches his best friend in bed with his girlfriend and is about to get robbed by a gang of thugs But then the vampire he offended shows up and saves his life. they get to talking and they start to hit it off. Jamie offers to buy her a drink. she tells him there's a lovely restaurant they should go to only trouble is it's in France and they are in Birmingham, England. To be fair, its nothing a bit of late night flying wont take care of :) AND NOW THE STORY CONTINUES...


Jamie is not having a a great day, He offends a vampire, almost gets strangled to death, catches his best friend in bed with his girlfriend and is about to get robbed by a gang of thugs But then the vampire he offended shows up and saves his life. they get to talking and they start to hit it off. Jamie offers to buy her a drink. she tells him there's a lovely restaurant they should go to only trouble is it's in France and they are in Birmingham, England. To be fair, its nothing a bit of late night flying wont take care of :) AND NOW THE STORY CONTINUES...


Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012




The Goth girl spoke fluent French so I pointed out what I wanted on the menu and she called the waiter over and told him what I wanted and he must have complimented her on something because she went "Merci" and I picked up enough from my high school French lessons to know that that meant “thank you."

As the waiter elegantly strolled off, I leaned in and whispered "We are in Paris."

She smiled. "Oui"

I was still feeling a bit funny from our flight. There were flutters in my stomach and my leg was shaking under the table, all around us people were having their meals, most of them dressed in fancy suits and the waiters and waitresses were gliding across the floor with their heads held high looking glamorous and sophisticated a big step up from the bubble gum chewing, bored out of their minds cashiers I was used to seeing at My local Macdonalds.I felt a little self consious,sitting there in my converse sneakers, worn out jeans and "wu-tang" t-shirt.

"Relax, you look fine." She said.

"What?" I looked at her

"You don’t need to feel inferior. You are a better man than most in this room."

I laughed a little. "I don’t feel inferior."


I paused and then gave her a knowing look “Were you reading my mind?"

She smiled. "No."

"Liar." I smiled back.

Just then I felt a sharp pain in my head. It was like an instant headache, as if someone had driven a sharp spike through my skull, right into my brain, I was struck with crippling pain. I closed my eyes and gnashed my teeth together to stop myself from screaming.

"Are you alright?" she asked, looking concerned.

And just as soon as the headache had appeared, it vanished. My eyes were a bit watery and my heart was beating faster. That was the most intense headache I had ever experienced and I figured it had something to do with the whole flying thing, She must have read my mind because she quickly re-assured me that all side effects of the flight would wear off in the next few minutes and she told me about the first time she'd flown, she described how she'd felt and how she'd been afraid of falling down, she told me that her first flight had been a slow one and she'd flown over a lake. The powerful dark waves below had only added to the fear, She told me how she'd felt as if her lungs would explode, She was still in the middle of describing her first flight to me when out of nowhere I heard a voice in my head. The voice was clear as day, as if someone was whispering in my ear except there was no one there. The voice was telling me to stand up. The voice was in my head. Echoing against the walls of my subconscious, swimming in my thoughts. The Voice ordered me to stand up and I obeyed.

"You need to go to the bathroom?" the Goth girl asked.

I felt like saying "NO" but my lips didn’t move, everything felt surreal, like I was in a trance, like I had been drugged. My lips moved against my will, I spoke against my will, the voice that escaped from my mouth was my own but the words were most certainly not. "Yes, I feel nauseous, I shall return momentarily."

"Oh, sure, take your time “she smiled.

"Read my mind" I screamed in my head. "Something’s terribly wrong here. It’s like am being controlled. I don’t wanna go to the bloody toilet, I don’t wanna go anywhere. I just wanna have my meal and then go back home."

But she couldn’t hear me. I was trapped. A prisoner in my own mind. Slave to a voice that was now guiding me, moving my legs drawing me closer to what I feared was not a pleasant fate. Actually fuck the meal! I just wanna go back home now. I wanna go home!!!!

I moved forward, the voice pulling me closer, I wanted to turn my head around and scream out for help. I wanted to call the girl, which is when I realized that I actually didn't know her name, I’d been so busy perving on her I’d forgotten to ask her her name or find out vital information about her, It dawned on me that I didn't really know much about her. Fear gripped my very soul as I realized that there was a very strong possibility that I had been tricked. The vampire had brought me here to be devoured. It made perfect sense, she’d tried to kill me before but then maybe she'd decided to save me for later, share me with her vampire buddies. I was trying hard to believe that this was all the Goth girl's fault but the truth was I Knew it wasn’t. I could FEEL it. Yes she'd tried to kill me but she'd also saved my life and I had seen the look in her eyes when she'd apologized. I’d seen the genuineness in her smile; I’d heard the sincerity in her laugh. No, this wasn't her doing. She was warm and kind and beautiful, the person pulling me forward, the owner of this voice was not her.

I climbed up some stairs, my hand gripped the wooden railing, I tried to hold on tight and pull myself back but I had absolutely no control. Upstairs there was a short corridor, I moved forward and stood in front of a door that had a sign on it  "UPSTAIRS RESTAURANT ONLY OPEN ON WEDNESDAYS.SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS FROM 5 UNTIL 10"

The words were actually written in French but the voice in my head read it out to me in English.

My heart started beating even faster as my hand got up and pushed open the door.

I walked in, it was pitch black.

I stood there in the dark. Not moving. I was so petrified I was actually physically shaking. I wanted to turn around and run out of there but I couldn't move. My feet were firmly planted on the ground. The room was silent. There was not one sound. My heart was beating so fast I was positive that I was going to have a heart attack any second. Then I saw something move in the darkness. Something approaching me. My knees were almost knocking into each other, I was that scared. Whatever it was, it was now standing about an inch away from me, and I could hear its breathing. It was not human breathing. It was the breathing of an animal, an excited animal, one that had cornered its prey. My right arm involuntarily shot up, my fingers found the light switch, I pressed it.



The fluorescent light flickered on. The first thing I saw was bright green eyes and sharp fangs. I was so scared I pissed my pants. I wouldn’t normally admit something so embarrassing but I swore to myself that I wouldn't leave anything out when writing this story. Believe me, id love to say the lights came one and I jumped up in the air and kicked the creature in the face, Bruce lee style but that would be lying. The truth is, the lights came on, I saw bright green eyes the kind that looked like they belonged to a monster not a person and Fangs, sharp big white fangs like the kind you see on Viper snakes in those discovery channel documentaries and I pissed myself. It’s not something I did purposely; it was like a reflex action. In fact I didn't even notice Id pissed myself until those scary green eyes glanced down at my pants and then those red glossy lips that were pulled back exposing the fangs, curled into a smile and the creature laughed. It was a mean mocking laugh and it’s only then that I felt the warm trickle of urine trailing down my left thigh.

"You Mortals are so pathetic." The creature spoke. It was the voice I’d heard in my head, and it was only then, hearing it from the outside that I was able to pick up that it was a female voice.

The creature was significantly taller than me. Of course the stilettos she was wearing didn’t help.

I really just wanted to run out of there but it was as if the creature was controlling me, letting my eyes soak in her shoes, the shape of her ankles, the white pale legs disappearing under the red of the dress, the belt showing off the tiny waist, The cleavage, The vivid image in my head of pale ripe double D breasts struggling to pop out, the long vulnerable neck, The bright glossy red lips, the sharp nose, The long black eyelashes, the piercing sparkling green eyes, the jet black glossy hair.


She looked me up and down. "You are very plain and ordinary. Nothing special about you at all. She could have anyone in the world and she chooses you?"


I was too scared at this point to make any sense of what she was saying I just wanted to get out of there.

The creature laughed. "She thinks she can fulfil the Van der Meer prophesy with YOU?"

Her laugh was like firewood crackling on a fire. She laughed for what seemed like forever and then she stopped suddenly as if something worrying had crossed her mind. She pounced at me and grabbed me by the shoulders lifting me off the ground without any effort. She looked me straight in the eye and I couldn’t look away. Then she leaned in, opening her mouth, exposing those scary fangs and aimed for my neck. I felt the two cold fangs on my skin. I closed my eyes and accepted my fate.

The door burst open. The Goth girl stood there looking angrier than she had in front of the gang of thugs earlier.

"Put him down Zsanett!” She yelled.

The creature tilted its head and faced the Goth girl. “Long time no see Mónika, How is London treating you?”

So now at least I had a name. Mó suited her.

“Leave him alone.” Mónika growled, baring her teeth.

“Why,” She barked. “Because you love him?”

“Zsanett.this has nothing to do with him.”

“This has EVERYTHING to do with him!” She yelled and then in one swift movement she let go of my shoulders and punched me in the stomach.

The pain shot through my stomach and spread throughout my entire body. I looked down and it’s only then I realised that her punch had ripped a whole in my stomach and her fist was inside me. She pulled her hand out, she was holding what appeared to be my intestines and some organs in her hand, Blood was literally pouring out of me, the blood was mixed with liquids and what appeared to be bits of flesh.

Mónika flew forward and picked the creature up and smashed her into the wall with such force that the whole room seemed to shake. I remember hearing grunts and growls and the sound of nails tearing through flesh and bones breaking as I stood there covering up my wound with my hands and watching the blood slip through my fingers. The girls were fighting but at that point it did not matter.

I’d hit my pain peak. I wasn’t even feeling it anymore, I was numb. My heart rate had slowed down drastically and I was shivering. I sat down on the floor because my feet could no longer keep me up. I was seeing double and my hearing was beginning to fail me. I lay down on the floor because at that point sitting down was also proving to be difficult. They say before you die your life flashes before you, well for me all that flashed before me were the bad things I’d done. The times id stolen money from moms purse, The times I’d bunked off school, The girls I’d pressured into sleeping with me, The lies I’d told, The rumours I’d started, the hearts I’d broken, The tears that had been shed because of me, It all flashed in front of me and as I lay there dying I thought of the people that would mourn me and my mind drew a blank. I mean sure they’d throw a funeral and sure lots of people would turn up and yes a few of them would even cry but who would genuinely lock themselves in a room and cry because I was gone. Mom would cry but it would be mostly out of guilt, She wouldn’t be crying because she missed My hurtful remarks, Or my lack of respect or my ability to make her feel absolute shit that she was trying to move on after dad, She would not cry for me as I was then she’d cry for the little me when Dad was alive and I was happy and sweet and kind. As for friends...I really had no one. Yes there were guys I played ball with, guys I hit the clubs with but they weren’t friends till the end. For Christ’s sake even Dean had betrayed me.

As I lay there dying I felt utterly alone and then as my breathing begun to slow down I realised that I WASN’T alone, at that precise moment  Mónika was fighting for my life. Somebody thought I was worth fighting for, worth dying for...I smiled. That was the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for, my only regret is I’d never get the chance to thank her.

My heart stopped beating. My brain stopped functioning. My ears could no longer hear. My skin could no longer feel. My eyes rolled back. My pulse stopped.

January 22nd, 2009, on the floor of a classy French restaurant. I passed away.



My story like any story worth telling is about love but the love I speak of is not the kind of love Humans are accustomed to. Not the love that is found in romance novels or fairy tale books, it’s not the kind of love you see on a TV screen or hear in a song. Humans are born with an urge to connect with one another, they seek companionship and warmth and understanding and they set standards and they conform to what their culture or society defines “beauty” as and they seek out these “beautiful” People and they date, which usually ends in heartbreak and they get married which usually ends in divorces and separations and then they are back to seeking what they think is their perfect companion. Humans assume Love is a feeling. They assume it’s something you feel in your stomach or your heart or your soul. They think love is something you fall into, something accidental. Humans always think their perfect person is out there and completely ignore the person standing right next to them. That’s the difference between Humans and My Kind. For us love is a choice. A decision we make. We are not capable of feeling, so for us there are no flutters in the stomach, there are no skips of the heartbeat. For us, Love is simply the act of finding someone you enjoy being around and giving yourself to them for eternity. Of course they have to reciprocate. For us there’s no heartbreak, no divorce, no regrets. We pick our partner and we spend eternity with them, the end. Our version of Love is final, it is why most of us take a long time to pick a mate, we spend hundreds of years having fun and experiencing things and living out our fantasies and then we mature and Pick a mate. Like I said, my story is a Love story and it’s about the day I picked my mate. It’s funny actually because when we first met I tried to kill him.

But let me not get ahead of myself and take you right to the beginning. It all started with the day I broke up with Chad. Now I know I said earlier on that my kind doesn’t do break ups and that is true but we sometimes play by human rules especially when we get involved with a human. Most of my kind would never be seen dead with a human. I on the other hand am not at all prejudiced. I love Human males. Black ones, white ones, yellow ones, brown ones, I am more concerned with the character of the person and am usually such a good judge of character that I can spot a rotten egg in the first 5 minutes of meeting them. It’s probably why before Chad the last person Id slept with had been 200 years before. Hard to believe, I know especially because my kind are highly sexual beings, But for me sex always leads to more encounters and I need my mind clear for the inevitable war that's to come. Don’t misunderstand me though I do not mean that I didn’t crave sex at all in fact I spent most of my alone time “relieving” myself.

Chad was a rotten egg, I knew that but he was the lead singer of my favourite band and seeing him up on that stage, my sexual frustration got the better of me.

I made my way backstage which wasn’t hard to do; all I needed was a little bit of mind control on the security guards. Now despite how I look I am not some teenage groupie, I have lived for hundreds of years and it takes a lot for me to get excited but every once in a while a band comes along that rattles my bones. now of course they don't make bands like they used to, I saw the beatles, The stones and Nirvana Live and nothing could even come close to the sheer brilliance of such bands But Chad’s band had managed to bring back the mosh pit, screaming on top of my lungs  me of the 60’s  and standing in his changing room, staring at his cute dimpled face, his goatee, His chiselled tattooed arms, I knew I wanted him. He looked up at me and we gazed into each other’s eyes. He must have seen the hunger in my eyes because He didn't say a word, he just stood up and grabbed me, we locked lips and his tongue tasted of nicotine. I sucked his lip into my mouth and bit down gently. The problem with making love to a Human is that you can’t really let loose. My kind are extremely for us is one of the few pleasures we are capable of fully feeling so we submerge ourselves into it completly.when you are with a Human you have to be extremely careful because they are very fragile. It had been a while since id been with a human so it was slightly awkward at first because I was trying so hard to not hurt him, I was trying to kiss his lips as softly as I possibly could, fighting the urge to just bite into them and taste him, I was licking his neck as slowly and smoothly as I possibly could. I guess it was all too soft for him because he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. Now when I say pushed me to the wall what I really mean is I threw myself at the wall and made it look like he had done it, No human has the strength to man handle my kind. He used his knee to part my legs, I looked back at him and not only could I see the desire in his face I could read every single thought that was going through his mind, He was thinking how nice my “Ass” looked in the little short black skirt I was wearing, he was thinking it looked so big and soft like one of those black girls in the rap videos, He was thinking about hiking my skirt up and pulling my panties to my knees and “fucking” my brains out. I was flattered. I’d never thought of my posterior in that way before. I stuck it out and felt his erection pressing into me.Thats all the motivation he needed, he quickly scrambled to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants, and I almost forgot to move at human speed as I tore my panties off and pushed my skirt up to my waist. I grabbed my cheeks and spread them apart for him allowing him easy access. He positioned himself behind me; I closed my eyes in anticipation, yearning for that feeling of a hard throbbing penis filling me up. He rammed it in, his balls slapping my cheeks. I placed my hands on the wall and pushed back into him. It wasn’t the biggest specimen I had encountered by any means, 41/2 maybe 5 inches tops but the hard thrusts, the relentless enthusiasm made it a memorable experience. It lasted about 6 minutes and then he pulled out and sprayed his seed on my back.

I decided I’d had enough fun to want to do it again, our second encounter was more adventurous, we met up in Camden for a drink and when Chad left to go to the toilet I followed him. I remember there were 4 guys at the urinals. I stood behind chad,reached my arms around and placed my hands around his right hand, the one guiding his penis,he was a little startled naturally but then he looked back and saw it was me and he grinned. The other 3 men at the urinals reacted differently, one of them pretended to not have noticed me there at all, one of them an elderly gentlemen almost urinated on himself in shock and proceeded to march out, the 3rd guy a tall black guy with dreadlocks looked at me and smiled whilst holding onto one of the biggest penises id seen in a long time, my base sexual nature made me want to grab the black guy shove him onto the floor and straddle him, ride that monster till it erupted deep inside me but I had to stay focused, I got on my knees, A teenager walked into the toilet and blushed when he saw me, he contemplated turning around and leaving but decided against it and instead just stood there looking at me. I shook Chad’s penis, the last droplets of urine flicked off the tip then I kissed the head softly.i pulled back the foreskin to reveal the head of the penis in all its glory then I let my tongue circle around it. From the corner of my eye I could see that the black guy was stroking his now semi erect member whilst watching us, the teenage boy was also touching himself. The fact that I was being watched got me even more excited and I decided to really put on a show, I am very modest and I am not one to brag but I can honestly say I am an expert at cunilingus, especially when it comes to humans. I know that humans like it when you lick their balls with the base of your tongue whilst simultaneously stroking the shaft of the penis, I know they like it when your hands are well lubricated so I licked my hands and licked every inch so that when I grabbed it my hands slid up and down smoothly. I know that humans love it when you tease them a little, you can’t just put it in your mouth, you have to plant little kisses on the tip, you have to blow on it slightly, you have to lick up the pre cum oozing out and then when they can’t take it anymore you suck the head. I know that humans like it when you deepthroat them, for my kind this is easy, something we can do in our sleep. I know that humans love it when you look up at them as you suck on their penis; they love it when they can see vulnerability in your eyes. I am confident I can make any human male ejaculate in less than a minute but I was trying my best to prolong that experience. More men had entered the toilet and at some point there were about 16 men all crowded around us watching me make Chad shiver with pleasure, a lot of them had unzipped their trousers and were stroking themselves. When Chad ejaculated so did a few of the men. I got a round of applause when I exited the toilet.

That night I was so angry at myself for letting my urges get the better of me, I knelt down and smashed my fists into the ground repeatedly until my knuckles were broken and bleeding. I couldn’t let my urges take over because it would lead to other things, things that separated me from the rest of my kind. The third encounter I had with Chad was my final one. We fucked in his car. I apologise for the vulgarity but a fuck is precisely what it was. There was no passion, no real emotion involved it was merely an exchange of bodily fluids and to top it all off he was on heroin and wasn’t himself. I told him he would never see me again and I walked out the car, he ran out and grabbed my arm and begged me not to go, I told him we couldn’t be together and he lost his temper and slapped me and called me a slut and told me he had girls lining up to fuck him and all I was a little fat groupie chic. I shoved him in his car and killed him. I sucked every last drop of blood out of him and then I walked out. My mind was racing; I hadn’t killed a human in over a century. My kind does it all the time. We have rules, we are allowed to kill humans for food as long as we make it look like an accident and avoid exposure, but I never agreed with any of that nonsense and instead got my blood supply from farm animals. Human life was sacred to me. Killing Chad was not something I would normally do, I felt dizzy so flying was out of the question.i jumped on the next bus that came along and it was on that bus that I first met Jamie...


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