The Akward Smile - Part 3 Hurt Me No More

The Akward Smile - Part 3 Hurt Me No More The Akward Smile - Part 3 Hurt Me No More

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


After being kidnapped and stabbed, this boy will have his ultimate way of revenge, for what his teacher had done. At this last part of the short story trilogy.


After being kidnapped and stabbed, this boy will have his ultimate way of revenge, for what his teacher had done. At this last part of the short story trilogy.


Submitted: August 12, 2011

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Submitted: August 12, 2011



Chapter 3 – Hurt Me No More

Her eyes… her eyes were glistering with tears; slowly she began to lose consciousness as she smiled at me. Her arms and legs were turning limp. She felt suddenly less warm than before. I was worried; I hope she was not dead. My teacher looked like a prisoner being chained to the wall, by my arms. I let go of her. She hit the floor with a soft thud.

Now, that she lay asleep below me. I felt the urge coming back, I wanted to fuck her so badly at this state but it seems so unfair. However, her bare naked legs were inviting me to pry them apart again. I resisted. Maybe I can just touch her legs a little bit and I’ll be gone.

With my hand, I brushed her silky legs, so smooth and yet so pale. I gave a little squish at her tights. I felt a stirring in my groin. Instinctively I started to stroke myself with the other hand. It felt so good. My hand went higher to her waist. Excitedly I played with myself slightly faster. But it was not enough. I grasped her leg and folded it up., creating a long crack in between her tight and below her knee cap.

I held my little brother in my hand and push it in. it felt weird and dry at first, but I spat on the hole to moisture it. I had a great idea to pleasure her and myself at the same time. I pulled off her panties with my toes like how she did to me with my underpants. I slid my big toe into her V-Hole.

She didn’t move. She was still asleep after the orgasm I gave her. Carefully I clutched her leg and started fucking her tight. With each thrust I gave the more my leg strained and the deeper my toe went in. her clitoris started to get tighter strangling my toe.

A sudden thought hit me, I wanted to cum all over her face. So I fuck her faster. When the feeling came I release her leg and pulled my toe back. Quickly I took her head place it below my cock. I shot all of my seed at her face, covering her with my semen.

Behind me I heard movements. As I turned my head, a sharp object came from behind me and pierced me right at my shoulder. Out of pain I grasp the wound. More blood was sipping through the crack of my fingers. It was a deep wound.

My vision became misty and I felt I was losing the grip on myself. My head slanted sideways to face my teacher. In her hand she held the knife dripping with blood. Her head got nearer to mine and kissed me gently. “Thank you for the pleasure” She whispered.


I woke up in a room with a blanket over me. I didn’t know how I got here. All I remembered was the searing pain. Maybe it was just a dream. As I tried to get up, I felt the stab of pain on my left shoulder again. It wasn’t a dream.

Something touched me on my waist. It was her hand. She was lying just beside me in her sleeping gown, looking as beautiful as ever. Her eyes were now filled with only passion and lust. We both look at each other’s eyes. The pain…

“Why did you stab me?” I asked calmly

“I wanted you only for myself; I could not let you go ‘till you make love with me”

Before I could answer she placed her hand on my groin and started rubbing it. I then realized I was naked. “Don’t move, just relaxed and let me do the rest…” She said with a smile. Her hand felt warm as she slowly stroked my shaft up and down.

Then she brought my head closer to hers. I closed my eyes, as she pressed her lips against mine. Her lips parted slightly and I explored it with pleasure, feeling her inner cheeks with my tongue. Our tongues twisted around each other like slithering snakes. It was getting harder.

I felt the back of her gown and pulled the zip down, opening up her cocoon. She made a small moan of pleasure as she felt my knuckles graced across her spine. We broke our kissed. I then pulled her gown all the way down while both of us were still lying on the bed.

Now we were in our birthday suit. She blushed slightly as she now had a good look at my full erection. I smiled back and told her to lie on her back facing the ceiling. I crawled over her body, while I gave a few strokes to my shaft before placing the head of my penis against her entrance. We kissed again. Slowly I pushed into her inch by inch and I could feel my foreskin retracting to allow the trunk to enter. I was in her now. I started pumping her, moving backwards and forward at a steady rhythm. Each time I refracted, I will follow up with a forceful thrust. Her moaning was bumped by my thrust as she let out a tiny cry of pain and pleasure.

I slid my hand across to her hard nipples and with my index finger and thumb, I pinched and rolled it, while the rest of my hand tried to grasp her breast. My rhythm was naturally getting faster. It felt more slippery inside. The feeling rose up again in my groin, my balls tighten and my whole body strained.

She knew it was coming. Quickly she pulled my face away from hers, breaking our passionate kiss. “Pull it out” she said desperately. I pretended not to hear, so she started to panic. She tried to push me away but it was useless. I wanted to impregnate her so her husband would know that she was unfaithful. She screamed, but it was all the more enjoyable for me.

With a final thrust, I shot streams and streams of seeds deep into her womb. She was going to have my baby. She flailed around helplessly as I emptied my load into her motherly womb. She started to cry like a little girl. There was no way she could get my sperm out her now. She was doom.

I love to see her sob. I wanted to see her suffer more. I twisted her body so she was lying down flat with her face to the bed. I took one of the pillows and placed it around her neck. “Now I am going to fuck you from the back. If you scream I am going to suffocate you” with that I pressed the pillow against her head to give her a warning.

Feeling in control now, I spanked her bottom as hard as I could. She let out a muffled scream below me, which got me even more excited. Suddenly I felt the pain in my shoulder which angered me and gave me more reason to spank her even harder. After five minutes of spanking, she was sobbing uncontrollably while fighting to breathe.

She was going to pay dearly for kidnapping and stabbing me. I would fuck her anus until she bleed. I bent down and spat her hole to lubricate it, and then I pulled her bottom’s cheek apart, with one hand and my right knee holding her ass down. While my other hand held my penis and rubbed it across her anus, every now and then I would pretend to try and penetrate her, only to pull out at the last second.

She was beyond scared at this point; my teacher was petrified, finally as I felt my brother fully loaded again. I pressed it against her anus and she screamed so loud that even the pillow could not muffle it, which reminded me to let her breathe every now and then. I pierced harder and deeper inside. She was tight, guessed her husband never fully explored her.

After much screaming and moaning, my fully erected shaft was inside her. However, it was dry as hell and it would hurt me if I fuck her now. So I kneeled on top of her, enjoying the tight virgin feeling around my dick. I was aroused and let out a few spurt of pre-cum which was good because I could use that as lubricant. I started moving inside her slowly as it was dry but soon my pre-cum helped and it was slightly smoother. I moved faster creating a slow rhythm and felt the head of my penis gracing the walls of her anus.

However I could see it was hurting a lot. Both her hands were grasped tightly at the edge of the bed and the mouth of her anus was squeezing my dick tightly as well, which made it harder for me to thrust . I told her to relax a little and she obeyed although she didn’t look like she was paying any attention at this moment. I collected her long hair in my hand made a pony tail, so I could pulled her head backwards and see her pinkish sobbing face as I fucked her harder.

“Please don’t…” she pleaded

“You started this, bitch” I retorted, splitting her pony tail to two with each of my hand grabbing onto one. Like a horse I rode her to the abyss of pleasure and insanity. After awhile I fell liquid sipping around my penis. Could that be? I look below me and true enough she was literally bleeding from my brutal fucking I am giving her but she was in too much pain to realize that.

Now, with more lubricant I thrust her more forcefully and faster. I could hear her billowing beneath me under the pillow. I felt it coming again and with all my might I pulled her head upwards with my hands holding her pony tails as she screamed in agony and at the same time I thrust her as hard I could and let out a couple of streams into her.

At the end of her scream, her head dropped down. She fainted and I was exhausted so I let go of her hair and her head crash down safely on the mattress. I then pulled out of her lay down next to her body. Her face sparkled with the tears that I had caused, but I think in the end both of us got what we wanted. The only difference was that I won simply because I was more domineering. The End.

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