The Akward Smile - Part 2 The Monster Within

The Akward Smile - Part 2 The Monster Within The Akward Smile - Part 2 The Monster Within

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The 18 year old boy's sex adventure continues as things are about to get really messy and his life is about to head to an unexpected direction...


The 18 year old boy's sex adventure continues as things are about to get really messy and his life is about to head to an unexpected direction...


Submitted: July 21, 2011

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Submitted: July 21, 2011




Part 2 – The Monster Within


I tried to struggle as much as I could, but it was to no avail. Pulling her fingers apart was useless. Trying to push her legs away, only made her spread her thighs even more to open up her clitoral hood to make way for her ultimate shrine inside. All I knew was if I didn’t get out soon she was going to do something really “bad “to me.

While I was still muffling beneath her, she bent down and whispered

“Do me….” My thighs had goose bumps as I felt one of her feet started to caress my thigh. My whole body shriveled at the feeling and I let out a small pre-cum in my underwear to this new sensation. She rubbed from my ankle passing through beneath my knees and all the way under my balls. Then she stopped.

“… And I’ll do you” she continued in a domineering but at the same time a seductive voice.

Now both of my legs were numbed from all these and I felt my body losing control, I was going to lose my balance and fall to my knees, submissively handing her complete control to do whatever she wanted with me, I couldn’t let that happen. Not while I am still a virgin not like this, I want to do with my wife or so I thought but not with her. Then again…

Both high heel shoes fell to the ground, as she slides her foot away. With her toes, she expertly unbuckled my long pants with ease. In expert precision she used her big toe and second toe to grab onto my zip and pulled it down releasing some tension that was kept inside. A white bulge appeared as my dick was pushing against the underwear.

“No… no… no…” I whispered to myself helplessly. She gripped my underwear and pulled it down, ever so slowly. As each of my pubic hair was slowly revealed finally like a catapult, my little brother sprang to life with my foreskin being pulled back naturally exposing my pink flushed bare head that shot out more pre-cum from the warmth I felt from her foot and landed on above her foot.

I felt all of my energy had been drained out. My head was feeling a little bit dizzy. Like a mice, she started to nibble on my right earlobe, her mouth watered and I felt some of her saliva dripping into my ear canals. It was warm. At the same time with her foot, she grabbed hold of my shaft and started to massage it vertically up and down, all the way from my balls to the head of my penis, like milking a cow.

I felt my balls tightened, I could just imagine her smiling at this moment when she was about to take away my virginity forever. With all of the will I had left, I refused to cum. However, I knew it was only a matter of time. Tiny drops of pre-cum were ejaculated involuntary, to make things worse she was used my pre-cum as a lubricant to lubricate the foot massage. Meaning I was going to cum sooner than before. A feeling of slight pain brewed in my balls and shaft from my refusal to cum when I should.

“You’re a stubborn one…” she teased.

All of a sudden, she let go off her grip around my head, dropping me to the ground on my ass with my hands barely supporting my weigh and my dick was pointing at her tummy directly. It was all of these sexual feelings I was keeping inside and the sudden fall that had triggered one of my longest cum shot right onto my teacher’s belly. She opened her mouth wide and gasped with awe.  I felt like a wave of sexual feelings crushed through me, as my whole body thundered with sheer pleasure. Pulse after pulse of orgasm ran through my body, which I felt had no end.

“That’s a good boy … but I am not done with you yet” she murmured as she rubbed the cum around her belly button tentatively.  I started to feel that this was just the beginning of a whole new hellish nightmare just waiting to be unraveled.

She then slides her hand from her belly over her curly pubic hair and all the way down to the lips of her vagina. I laid there still wearing my uniform but with my dick exposed and it started to soften a little bit after cuming. I felt giddier now, because of the lost of energy. My body was weakening for some reasons, maybe of exhaustion or it was because this was my first time. My arms could not support the weigh and like pillars crumbling, my body crash to the ground backwards and my head hits the teacher’s table with a loud thud. She looks at me and rubs herself with her fingers while walking towards me.  She bend down and kissed me on the lips and said goodbye, as my vision slowly dissolved to nothing.

* * * * * * * * * *

I couldn’t breathe; I was running out of oxygen to respire, my vision was blurred by the lack of O2. But it didn’t matter because it was pitch black I couldn’t see a thing, to make things worse, my specks was gone. With the realization of reality, I panicked and started to kick and punch around every direction. My worse fear had come through, I was trapped in a chest, in a fetal position but there was still room left for movement.

Suddenly my lungs were taking in fresh oxygen, but nothing around me had open yet. Where was it coming from? I felt more relaxed. Out of the corner of my eyes, I noticed a nozzle sticking out, upon closer inspection; I felt fresh oxygen being pumped from this nozzle to the compartment. I was inside a special compartment specially designed to keep whoever inside alive.

My eyes were pierced by a sudden entry of light from above me. The lid was open but the light was blocked by a figure I could not make out. Then an unmistakable grin appeared on its face. It was my teacher. I tried to back away although I had nowhere to go in this small compartment. I was terrified at the sight of her holding a small knife.

“Don’t kill me!!!” I shouted at the top of my voice, as I lie sideways all curled up in this chest. She took the back of the knife and placed it gently on my lips, then laid her index finger on hers and shushes me softly, while smiling slightly with a little wink. I thought I was going to die and maybe she wanted to kill me from the beginning and had seduced me, waiting for this very moment. How wrong I was, as what I was about to experience would be a paradox of sensations and feelings that no one had ever experienced.

With the back of the blade still lightly touching my lips, she came in the chest somehow squeezing  her body right on top of mine and closed the lid above us. Her body and mine had completely filled every empty space in that chest, leaving nothing but our physical body on top of each other. She was in a kneeling position on top of me and her face was just inches away from mine like before, but I could smell perfume and mint in her mouth this time. It was intoxicating. A dim yellow light came on just beside us.

She was looking at me with contempt, her front hair hanged above my head, teasingly brushing against my forehead. I could see every detail on her face. It was fair but with a tint of yellow because she was Asian. Her face was beautiful.  Something at the bottom of me started to tingle; it was my little brother getting excited again. She felt it too between her legs, which in respond she started to kiss me passionately, as our tongues intertwined, playing with each other like playmates passing the mint between our mouths, I was finally in ecstasy.

 It was getting really hot; the heat generated by our bodies was really enhancing the experience. Both of us were sweating heavily, while her body rhythmically started humping me bit by bit with whatever room that was left. The motion was slowly pulling my foreskin backwards again. I could feel the head of my penis rubbing against her belly button. It was somewhat painful without any lubricant but I managed to withstand the irritation.

Naturally I let out some pre-cum and the friction was lubricated. She then pinned me down with her weigh and strength as they started to get more intense, although it looked like I was being raped. Deep inside I was enjoying every bit of this, waiting for the right moment to unleash the monster within.

She started humping even faster and made some kind of growling sound in her mouth, she wanted to be in charge of this. I could hear her breathing rapidly, getting even more excited. She was out of control, and then started biting on my bottom lip. With both of her hand, she pinned my arms above my head. And with her legs she stepped my feet against the side of the chest. I felt helpless as more pre-cum came out staining her dress. Using her teeth she unbuttoned my school uniform then hastily licked my chest and sucked on my tiny nipples. I felt her hair brushing around my neck and the heat from her breathes on my chest. She wanted to eat me.

I gave in to submission and begged her to suck my dick, “please suck it… I can’t take this anymore… “. With a smile, she took her tongue and circled the head of the penis, like a girl licking an ice-cream, her saliva rolled down to my balls. Within seconds it was fully lubricated. With that, she formed a kissing lip, and pressed it on top of the head of my dick, she slowly pushed my foreskin down and I felt like I was about to break her hymen. It lasted for 5 minutes before my 6 inch dick went all the way though her mouth and deep into her throat, I felt her uvula tickling the head of my penis as it throbbed inside her warm mouth.

Then she started to suck and blow, making the oral cavity larger and smaller, creating the feeling of thrusting into a girl’s vagina. I grabbed her head and held it steady. With my hands I started to take her bra off and her c-cup was exposed. Eagerly I grabbed them with both hands for the first time. It felt firm and her nipples were sharp. I squeezed them as hard as I could and pinched them. Hanging my legs around her shoulders and hooking my feet behind her. In this position I was able to control the movements of my thrust and at the same time still being able to play with her tits.

I felt her suddenly choking from pushing my dick in too deep in her throat, so I took over this opportunity to be in control and make her pay. I tighten the grip firmly on her head, denying her movement of the head not for even one inch, as she tried to pull her mouth out helplessly. Ineffectively she tries hammering me with her fists on my body which only gave me more encouragement. At this time one of my hands was squeezing and pinching her breasts while the other tickled her underbelly with my fingers, adding yet another sensation to her body, while she struggles from my mercy.

 Finally at the last second I released her head ,as she gasp for air fervently while her head sprang back up, hitting the underneath of the chest lid as my love juice mixed with her saliva dripped down from her mouth. Her eyes went watery from the lack of oxygen while she coughed violently.

“Are you all right?” I asked sadistically. Before she could recover herself I grabbed her legs and pulled them towards me. Her private spot was facing my face. Her legs were now pinned upwards by my arms in a V-shape. I looked at her glistering pussy and savagely tore her pink panty apart with my teeth and cupped my mouth over her pussy. This position forced her clitoral hood to open up, giving way to the clitoral gland and finally to the abyss of heavenly pleasure. I licked my lips slowly savoring every moment, then I dived in and kissed the lips of the vagina passionately; using my tongue I slapped and licked my way though the veils of flesh, until finally I felt there were no more obstacles. With pleasure I extended my tongue upwards and touched her G-Spot.

Her body pulsed with this pleasure that I had given her and I could hear her mourning slowly like a cat for the first time. I wanted her to pay, with her fluid. Teasingly I poked her G-Spot using the sharp end of my tongue then I started to lick it little by little, each time sending chills through her spine, as tiny squirts of natural lubricant were squirted to my tongue.  It tested plain but with a slight sweet taste.

She knew I was going to do it, but she wasn’t ready for it yet. I didn’t care less; so I tickled her G-spot as fast as I could. Knowing something big was about to happen. I retracted my head and observed as her body pulsed violently, every part of her muscle beneath her contracted and released pleasure at the same time sending out waves after waves of orgasm over her body. She opened her eyes and mouth wide but could not scream except only gasped repeatedly like a fish on land, as her body twitched furiously, as if she was being posses. Even my arms could feel the muscles in the legs twitching as well. It was so intense that her body bends in arc in the chest we were in. After that, I saw sparkling transparent fluid flowing out from her clitoral gland, mixed with my saliva of course.  

Losing complete control over my body to a woman, physically and mentally had not only secretly turned me on but was slowly turning the key to unleash the monster within. For the monster was released.

© Copyright 2019 Max Chee. All rights reserved.

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