The Akward Smile - Part 1 Dominance

The Akward Smile - Part 1 Dominance The Akward Smile - Part 1 Dominance

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


An 18 year old teenage boy is seduced by his teacher for the first time but it turns out it is'nt what he had expected to be


An 18 year old teenage boy is seduced by his teacher for the first time but it turns out it is'nt what he had expected to be


Submitted: July 19, 2011

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Submitted: July 19, 2011



Part 1 – Dominance

I should have finished my stupid French homework but it was too late, because I was trapped in a detention class with only my teacher sitting in front of me. Although I knew her for two years she was always the kind of woman who was domineering in almost every aspect and demanded that you pay your school fees on time or else both of your collars would be pulled up against the wall just like a bully would. Despite all these bad threads of hers, there was always something about her that had always intrigued me but I just couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was, maybe it was her everlasting beauty or maybe it was the domineering character she had. Maybe it was both. But what really sets her apart from other teachers was that her whole body including her face seems to be chubbier in the most beautiful way anyone could imagine. She was unique. The fairness of her Asian skin gave a beautiful and mystifying complexion

She was smiling at me awkwardly but I didn’t really care, to my surprise her head shifted sideways and was looking right in my eyes lustily. I couldn’t help thinking what was going on beneath the table we were using. It could have been my imagination, as she was pressing her breast right on the flat edge of the table making her breast look bigger from my point of view. Then she snapped from her lusty look and shouted at me to continue doing my homework. Out of embarrassment I gave a quick smile and look back my French workbook.

Unable to do my work, my thoughts were going wild with all sorts of sexual activities I would love to do with her. With each passing second I felt my underwear getting stretched like a tent with my “little brother straining to get out of its hellish prison which was getting hot as well.

Suddenly I felt her smooth long shaved leg, gently rubbing against my long pants, I could tell that she wasn’t wearing any woman’s stocking and it was really creating an image in my mind of how beautiful her legs were. At first I thought she was just shifting her leg and must have accidentally graced against mine, but boy was I wrong. I heard another high heel shoe tapping off the ground and wrapping around my right leg together with her other leg.

I swear to God, as a virgin it felt like fucking paradise. I thought my underwear would rip open anytime with my dick releasing small squirts of pre-cum. But it didn’t happen at least not yet… although there was no one around to see what was happening, I couldn’t just return the favor and open hers instead , because this was a school and sexual encounters between teachers had never ever existed let alone a teacher with a student. I didn’t dare look back at her face just in case it was all in my imagination and in reality it was me who wrapped my legs around hers.

Each of her feet went inside both cuffs of my pants. I felt a sudden pain as she pressed her heels on both of my feet and I let out a sudden yelp but it was soft enough that only both of us could hear. She caught my eyes and for a few second I could admire her beautiful complexion of her face, such fairness. I never knew existed until now. Her pony tail hair tied up in a 90 degree angle with the end just drooping down.

I couldn’t take it anymore I just couldn’t. It was too much for me to bear, as it was my last year in an all boys missionary school. I barely have had good conversations with girls in these past five years, much less making love a with a female teacher who already had a 6 month old child but she started it and my manliness was about to reach the edge.

Suddenly I broke away from the table, pushing myself away with my hands and at the same time barely getting out of the chair while slightly stumbling backwards. I stared at her face directly daring her to let out whatever she was feeling inside but all she said was

“Get back and do your homework” in a neutral voice

“No! I am not gonna do my homework cause you keep harassing me sexually” I shouted back in rage and lust

“What are you talking about?” Still talking like nothing had happened, in a real situation like this you’ll be sent off to the head principal for discipline but she still stayed calm correcting ourhomework.

“Don’t you already have a husband and a kid? Why are you doing this?”

She slowly looked at me while flinging her hair and pointed her red pen beneath me, I was too angry to see what she was pointing at but when I look down, I realized that I had a huge sharp tent at my manhood. Guessed I was hornier than angry or maybe it was just me trying to encompass my lust with anger. I blushed and tried to cover my crotch. All she had was a grin across her face showing off her perfect front teeth.

When a sudden gust of wind blew from my class window towards our position; her front hair was blown gently enough to reveal her flawless forehead rendering me more reasons to lose my virginity to a woman who is at least 20 years older than me.

She stood up with such grace and walked tentatively to me still looking at me like a tiger that was about to eat its prey. I gulped. I couldn’t believe this was happening I thought things like this only happened in a teenager’s fantasy or maybe even a short written story on an online website. But this was as real as it gets. With the red pen still in her hand, she slowly took the edge of the pen and grace the edge of the pen from the bottom of my chin passing across my throat and over my small Adam’s apple at the same time drawing a wiggly red line all the way to the first part of my shirt which was buttoned. I gasped, as I felt ticklish but with a flushing sense of lust spreading all over my body. I was sure whatever technique she just used on me was what she uses to get her husband, but use it on a virgin boy like me and you know it’s going to drive me nuts. Like adding salt to a wound she came closer with only a few inches of breathing space between us

I could smell her natural lady’s odor surfacing between us, as she stares at me contently. Now I know how we could have populated this earth so fast just within a few hundred thousand years even without the help of the perfume, which was to me like a guise for girls just to cover up the sweat, but what they didn’t know is that God gave all females an odor which attracted men or in this case boy like me, and she knew this like the back of the book.

She proceeds to pulling off her hairpin from her pony tail hair, but I just shook my head involuntarily. So she lifted her arms high, exposing the shape of her body. Although she had a little bit more flesh than most hot super models, the beauty before me was just jaw dropping gorgeous.

“Undress me…” she said softly

*gulped* at this point I had to remind myself not to gulp again or else, I would be gulping with every thrust I would be giving her afterwards.

Instinctively with my fingers I picked both of her dress sleeves and lifted it all the way up, although she was taller than me I still managed to stand on my toes while doing this. As soon her dress was lifted a wave of more odor went through me and she gave a cheeky but sinister like smile. I had no idea what I was about to get myself into, the encouragement from the wave of smell had me trying to suck or just lick her breasts but I was an amateur and just wanted both even if it’s still covered by her bra. She grabbed my head and guided me to her right tit, there I found her hard solid nipple just piercing through her thin bra, she as afraid I was going to bite it with my teeth. She whispered

“Nibble and suck it with your lips gently...”

I just looked up at her while still nibbling on her nipple and noticed she was closing her eyes had the look like she was in ecstasy. I took the opportunity and proceeded with trying to lift her lower dress which was like a long skirt and a loose black belt around her waist. I wasn’t familiar with girl’s clothing so I just started to unbuckle her belt.

Before I could start doing that, she was already guiding my hand beneath her skirt. But I had never touched a girl’s private part, so my hands slightly jerk at the realization of this. She wanted me to masturbate her. But I doubt she was going to enjoy but slowly I went inside and felt the warmth of her body that was giving off. Ahead of touching her vagina, I felt a warm droplet of cum dripping from her heavenly hole through hey panty I assumed.

I had no idea how wet she was, but when I touched it I could feel her body reacted with a sudden squirmed. I took advantage of this while I swept my mouth from her right tit to the left. I slowly pulled down her panty in synchronization with the swapping of her tits. Now it was she who gasped as I secretly smiled under her dress.

At this time she was leaning against one of the student’s table on her back, while I bent down half way and it was giving me a terrible backache. So I stopped nibbling her nipple and stood up while stretching my back and a sudden gaze from her gave me the chills like I just sinned. Her expression turned to anger. She roughly grabbed my top hair and forcefully pushed my head right onto her vagina bringing me back to my squatting position which caused more pain in my back.

It happened too fast for me to react, from her dazzling beauty I was admiring just a minute ago had now turned to dominance over her face and body. I could feel the muscle around the cleavage straining out of this. My heart suddenly skipped one beat, I was new to this and was still a virgin who had never been touched, kissed or seduce. You could imagine how it felt when a girl suddenly turns rough on you on your first time. It’s a frightening experience, especially with only both of us in the class with no one else.

Her fingers were interlocked with each other behind my head, with her strength I was trapped breathing in the heavy smell of her pubic hair which smelt like heaven to me while my mouth was kissing the lips of her vagina, I felt her love juice being smudged all over my lips and it tasted weird but at the same time it was turning me on. It was begging the animal in me to be released so it can eat her up a whole. Despite all these, all I wanted to do then was just to get out of this mess and run back home before things get really messy.

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