Deceptive Blessings

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A church executive meets a local Memphis fireman, and his whole world is turned up side down as he battle the Bishop and First Lady of a large congregation.

I was so adamant about not going back down that failed road again. But there he was; 6 feet 3 inches, average build, a lil on thick side, fat dick; size 12 shoes and a fat booty. He was fine as fuck, he had a slight stutter, but he was popular on Racelook, a social media site we both frequent.

We broke up many years ago, so I guess we sort of rekindled just a social chance by saying hello to one another on the chat page. He was a firefighter at our city's main branch in Memphis. A masculine fire house where black firemen were a plenty, and homosexuality was not heard of or discussed.

Nonetheless, I’d met Remy in Wal-Mart of all places. Way out in the suburbs of Tennessee. I was in there buying vegetables and fruit platters for the church board meetings. And yes some of the shit you see on these television shows like Greenleaf and Saints and Sinners, is really going down in these megachurches and regular congregations.

My church was not as big as a megachurch, but it had it shares of dramas. And my horny nerdy gay ass done sucked many dicks up and down the aisle. As the minister of music, these young cats would come in off the streets, and next thing I knew, I was sucking their dicks.

So enough of the church, let's talk about Remy. He saw me with the platters, and as a fireman he wanted to be inquiring. He asked me was I having a Super Bowl party, in which the next day was Sunday that year. I told him my Super Bowl would be all day at church and a board meeting.

We laughed and right then and there, that fem side of me caught his attention. I made sure if that. No matter how private you try to be as a gay man, it is always important to present that fem side in front of a curious straight man.

You will never know how quick the interested fellow will clock your tinker bell ass and then want them wet lips. I made the first move by inviting him to church one day. And as luck had it, he lived in Shelby County by the church. I almost passed out when he told me, our church pastor was his damn father.

He helped me up as I did an exhausted fall for drama. Bishop Remando Cross was his mf father, what the fuck? All the years I have gone to this church, and the pastor nor the first lady ever spoke of having a fireman for a son. Anyhoo, soon as he showed up on the low low. The first lady rolled out the red carpet for him. Bitch sit down, you have never mentioned him before.

They still didn't know I was the one who invited him. At that time they had become estranged with him, because of his wife's working in a seedy Beale Street nightclub. Shit she must have been putting it on his sexy ass, otherwise why is he still with her?

But I know how it goes with these straight mfs will fuck anything just to get off. And then they would mess around just to get that extra pleasure.

When I first met Remy, I knew he was curious, yet I had to be cautious due to him being married and a Memphis firefighter. He had two kids, Sherry was 12 and Demarko was 9, so if course if I wanted the dick, I had to play his game.

Yes, I wanted the dick, because he texted me in church that afternoon on Super Bowl 2020, and told me to meet him in Trenton. Trenton wasn't an idea place to meet Santa Claus, so why were we meeting almost two hours North of Memphis?

I found out that night when I walked into room 345, it wasn't The Ritz Carlton, but it had its moments. The bed was comfortable and the cable worked. He tired me up and slipped me a mickey. The next thing I knew, I was naked and he was sticking these huge vibrators up my ass.

I was so horny and hot for this man. I just didn't care. It was the thrill of the chase, a married man, a fireman and the Bishop's son. So I had no chance to challenge his freakiness. Then he ate my ass to completion, nutted, untied me and left me in the room.

I just laid there as the Super Bowl was coming to a close on the screen. I nutted again and left the town. All I could think of was his big manly hands on my butt, his long dick never entering me, and that wet was tongue pulsating my being.

Now, as we chatted on Racelook, he was asking me for a do over. I really didn't think I had the energy. He was so much a freak, and I loved it. But every time we got together it was the same thing. Last summer was different though, he fucked me a couple of times. But how will I face his parents at church once again knowing what I know about their thirsty son.

The Bishop kept looking at me as if he sensed that I was helping to keep his son sexually stimulated. But he stated he felt something was bothering me, because I was so quiet. And my bubbling personality was gone...If he only knew.

He was right at one point, something was eating at me, that his sexy ass son had my mind wandering. Wandering and wishing he was my man. Free of his slow fucking wife and bad ass kids. So I did the right thing breaking up with him.

Here we were a year later in the chat room of Racelook, talking and he was sharing pictures of his dick.I agreed to meet him this time in St Louis, MO. The Firemen Federal Board was headquartered there and some firemen went to network with other firemen from around the nation.

So, I had to get ready, hop on a plane and meet him in St Louis, no puns intended. I have never been to Missouri, so St Louis was exciting to me. They didn't have a Beale Street, but it was a fun and exciting place. The Gateway Arch was fabulous; I took pictures and sent them to my mom and sisters.

The Bishop called me after my big mouth assistant told him I went to St Louis. He cheerfully, unknowingly told me that Remy was there too, and I should link up. I was like Lord, you know what is going on. Why are you not stopping Bishop from putting my filthy gay self with his nasty freaky ass dl son?

That evening we met at a St Louis county hotel, but he was not alone. Two other firemen were with him. My hoe ass was in dick heaven. One of them was a white boy with long sexy blonde hair. I almost passed the fuck out. What were they about to do to my ass in St Louis?

I couldn’t believe Remy was thinking that my freaky ass yes, was going to do a foursome, with these white boys. He started lighting up candles, and the white boys, who were local firemen, were smoking meth. I heard a lot of stories about the Missouri white boys that were heavy into meth. They looked very attractive and built up, and were some crack heads.

That’s until I saw Remy fine naked ass join them, it was rather a turn off for me. Then the worse-case scenario happened: they tied me up. Whip and chain action was about to overwhelm me. I was so mf horny and needed some good dick that I almost forgot my standard.

As Remy started pouring some hot sex oil and tugging on me for dear life, I was trying to break free. Then one of our visitors started licking on every fiber that the good man has given me. My dick was rock hard, while my anal cavity was crying for dick any dick, and there was little that I could do tied up like a corpse.

Erotically, Remy started kissing me, while the two white freaks were finding amusing ways to molest me. I think I busted three nuts and was fucked by both white boys with a condom of course. Remy was so got damn high he only kissed and tugged on me most of the night. His big huge dick never entered my thoughts.

I was pissed, I thought this would be an intimate night of passion for just me and my fireman, and he had to include these rednecks from Missouri. I passed out briefly from the sex oil stimulation and still could have sworn these clowns were snapping photos, but I didn’t trip.

Remy untied me, paid them off and cuddled with me in the very moist bed we all four shared our filthy tryst in. I asked him, why he didn’t fuck me with the others, he just smiled and went to sleep? I thought about flipping the script and grabbing his delicious cakes and having me some fun. But the little bottom in me couldn’t gather the strength to even get hard anymore.

The next morning I was back in Memphis, and really didn’t care if he was home or not. Why, he was back with his lucky wife and kids? I was once again lonely and eating Grape Nuts cereal without the milk. My best friend, who was straight, Hellena came over begging for some money. She didn’t even care to hear about my chronicles in St Louis. All this bitch Hellena wanted was some money to play the lottery.

I got a very not so welcoming phone call from my big brother Paul, he was doing more shouting then saying hello. He instructed me to get on Racelook real quick, and my whole entire life became a nightmare. Hellena brewed me some coffee and lit up a joint. I couldn’t believe this shit, those white boys took pictures of me and Remy and placed us on Racelook, and it had gone viral. My life was toasted.

The next knock on my door was the Bishop and his wife; these two never came down in the hood. So I knew this wasn’t a visit from the Saints. They had placed a restraining order against me, banned me from the church and never ever wanted to see my face again. It hurt like hell, and I still hadn’t heard a word from Remy.The only consolation from the Bishop was my final check from the church for $400.

Hellena left, I needed my space, I needed to clean my body. I needed my man. After the shower, I lit some healing candles, drink a Budweiser, thought of St Louis and then sat naked on the couch watching the news.

There was a horrific shooting in the suburbs, I couldn’t hear the reporter on the television voice. I didn’t want to entertain the thought of it being Remy. But oh yes, it was him dead. His wife also saw the Racelook viral post.She killed him and herself.

It was over, I was now banned from his parent’s congregation, and he was dead. I think I had some rat poison somewhere in my cabinet; it was time for me to take a little trip of my very own!

The poison entered my body slowly as I fell to my kitchen floor. I had already left my parents and siblings a note to all my possessions. I deleted all the pornography, social media and personal information off my computer. Lord just think, if they would have seen the filthy stuff my mind on. It would shame that devil.

I also had a grand in the bank and my rent was due, so auto pay would snatch half of that. I was fired from the church and they had paid me in cash so this weekend I won't see a direct deposit. So I laid that cash on the counter for anyone to see.

One, two, and three, my blood vessels were choking as my heart fought to pump oxygen to my brain. No blood was ready to go upstairs to my brain, so I was just about near death. My lungs were calling out to anyone who would listen to save me.

However, I had nothing else to live for. I was done, death by shame, death by guilt, death by suicide. Then as I coughed my last cough, my crazy brother was kicking in my cheap ass door. He kept demanding that I open it, and he had heard me wheezing on the floor.

His worse fear was, my faggotry ass met some killer and they had robbed me and left me for dead. But he later found out I was trying to kill myself. I was angry yet happy at the same time as he knew CPR, from a job class he had taken, so I was brought back to the land of life.

He helped me up and was reading the notes I left for them. He made a joke, dang you were leaving me that leather jacket and gold bracelet, wow he asked? I just coughed a relief from death door and tried to lie quietly on my sofa.

Then he called our parents, and they rushed right to my side. My father was laid off from his job at the auto plant, so all he did was go fishing, even in the cold. My mom was a domestic worker, who helped push me into the church a few years ago, after I came out.

They embraced me and thanked my brother for saving me. My brother actually was coming over to continue to badger me for my stunt with Remy. They took me to the hospital, and the doctors saw me, pumped whatever was left in me out, and gave me some meds, and sent me home.

Then the miraculous revelation happened my dad ( he saw the commotion at the hospital) told me Remy survived the shooting, but his wife died from her self-inflicted wound. Funniest thing she thought she killed him, and didn't stick around long enough to make sure. She is probably standing at the gates of Hades screaming, let me go back and finish the job.

I came back to life, and my Remy was alive, the man I love. Really, the first man I could ever love. After all these tacky gay relationships with these heathens from the streets, I felt love was in the air. I alsowas learning, as my brother took my death note cash on the counter and sent out for dinner from Uber Eats, that Remy's mom First Lady Sharon was at his side at Memphis General Hospital. I was there, but didn't know until my dad mentioned it.

The stubborn Bishop was at church praying, and knowing him he was thinking about his dead daughter-in-law oppose to his own son in a coma. We ate, and they all left. My brother wanted to stay once he found out I had beer in the refrigerator. But my mom suggested I be alone to think about my actions. Remy was indeed on my mind.

My apartment was small for a 32-year-old music major. However, I made do with it. I got frustrated thinking about all the shit I deleted off my computer. It will take days to remember passwords and get shit rolling again. The porn video of the two 18 year olds, was gone for life. I shot that a year ago, and I didn't have any copies. I was scared the Feds would bust my horny old ass for child pornography.

The guys were members of the church and they had come by to rehearse a revival the Bishop was putting on. We started chatting and they told me they both were gay. I never tripped off them being so young, because they were from the streets and very mature. Then one of them grabbed my dick, and the other one, who was built like a linebacker for the LA Rams, was trying to eat my ass.

I tried to pretend like I was being a bigger adult, by refusing their sexual stirring. However, my old horny butt was enjoying that shit, as long as they kept their mouth shut. I supplied them with some weed and liquor, forgive me Father, and they stripped naked and let me film them.

They fucked each other and I could see one of their tight butt muscle widening as the other huge dick claimed its territory. That shit was hot, and then they took turns raping my flesh. I sucked the big dicks very thoroughly and passionately. I had to show these gay teen boys how it is really goes down on the gay flip.

Man, as I sat trying to rekindle a relationship with my desktop, my friend Hellena was calling to check up on me. Then I told her what had happened, the trip to the hospital with my saved suicidal fling; where Remy was, after surviving his wife's murder suicide attempt. My brother spending my money after saving my life and my parents saying I need to rebuke the demons and seek help. I was already in the church so they knew God was somewhere in my life. As I talked with her, I noticed there was only 80 dollars left from the dinner he ordered and of the $400. That thief ganked me, but hell, he did save my life.

Helena was livid, and the next thing I knew she was flying down 240 from the suburbs to see me. I really can say this fool cared about me. She had two teen daughters, and left them at her mom's, just to come see if her gay friend was ok. But you know females can be very over dramatic. Even my sister, who was at work called to check up on my ass.

We laugh and drink, smoke weed and just enjoyed each other. I was suppose to take the meds the doctor had prescribed for dehydration, but the weed did the trick. Then the phone ring, it seemed as if my life would never settle down.

It was First Lady Sharon and she was like the Exorcist scene as she berated me over the phone. She said if Remy didn't survive the coma, she was coming for my ass. I am like wow, this is the Bishop's wife threatening me .I told Hellena I was not tripping off that crazy woman. The Bishop has been cheating on her for years, they asses are not saints for real. She was caught gambling at the Tupelo, MS casino, so she need not toss any stones.

I understand the woman was grieving for her son's wife, but she needs to let me live. Hellena stayed a few more hours and left my apartment. I was horny and needed someone's son up in me. So I called my freaky church member Rahman, he was closeted gay, but at 29, he knew how to lay pipe.

He arrived quickly and made jokes about Lady Sharon and her hatred of me seducing her son. We started kissing, then he ate my ass. I ate his ass, but got a few hairs in my mouth, but it was ok.

Then he let me suck his huge baby making dick.I think even though he was a gay man unknown, he had 2 baby mommas. He nutted and begged me to swallow, but I said no. Then he was ready to enter my hole once again, I was ready to receive him. He was the perfect gentleman, and he treated my cakes very well. I must say there was a little pain from my escape from death, but he made me feel better.

As I closed the door to let him out, I could have sworn the ghost of Remy's wife, was standing right in my face.

I had to get myself a job, because I was going crazy living off the little I had left in the bank. My landlord hasn't taken out my rent yet, so I was rich until he did...My dad and I painted my grandmother's sewing room and she tried to give us a $200 check. My dad refused his mom, but she slipped me $80 in cash anyway.

Nana knew my dark days were coming after the church fired me. However, she didn't approve of my shenanigans, but she loved me anyway. My maternal grandmother Charlotte, she didn't like my choices and preferred that I stayed far away from her.

My fave Nana loved me tho, my dad's mom, and she created this paint job just to slide me some money. My mom's mom was a man eater, she doesn't care about me or my siblings, all she cared about is those old dicks she has been swinging with since my grandfather died. My paternal grandfather left my sweet Nana, after her cancer diagnosis, so she is all alone and it is my dad's responsibility to help her out around the house. I put the $80 in the bank, because my big head brother Paul bought back some of the 400 dollars he clipped weeks ago.

I told him to keep it, since he did bring me back to the shores of life. But as always with Paul, his pride are at him. He kept me abreast of the church activities and told me that the Bishop had spent a lot of time with Remy, who now was out of his coma and in rehab.

His late ex-wife shot him twice, once in the leg and once in the side. He passed out, because he figured she was trying to kill him. So, she assumed he was dead, so she killed herself after. But him being a fireman and trained for disasters, his faked death actually saved his life. His kids stayed with her parents and they were fighting hard to get custody of them.

Remy was able to give a statement to the cops, per church gossip. So my baby was working his way back. He could barely walk because of the pain in his hip from the shooting. But thank goodness, he still had his dick and tongue. Hell,  I was glad to have my baby was alive was most important.

But I still couldn't forget about that bitch ghost that has been haunting me. I still had my own personal Obama's health insurance, so I was going to make plans to see a therapist. I need to get that dead wife out of my head.

Back to his father, the Bishop, why was he so adamant to be at his son's recovery? Was he grooming him to get right and come back to church? Was the Bishop preparing him never to see me again?

I had to get up to that rehab that was part of Memphis General, to sneak and see my baby. Hell, I do not know if he wanted to see me or not. Perhaps he was so distraught at his wife trying to kill him and then herself. That he, didn't want to ever see my ass again. I wasn't sure, but I had to find out.

I called my friend Karen, she was on the church board, she quickly told me that they had a restraining order on me. I could not go anywhere near them or Remy. That shit didn't scare me, I still loved that man and fuck his father and his insane mom. I was going to do what I had to do to taste that man's dick in my mouth again. There was this agency that was hiring for medical professionals that contracted at Memphis General. I applied for food service aide, and long behold they hired me. First Lady Sharon and the Bishop might have the power of keeping me away from Remy, but they couldn't keep me from working, and being near the hospital rehab.

Hellena thought I was insane for trying to be close to Remy...But I just had to know, Remy made me feel like the bitch I always had in me. I needed to hear his booming laugh, touch his six pack chest, and taste that huge dick just three more times.

My first day on the job, no one recognized who I was, and that was a good thing. So I had to be careful while I carried out my plan of action. The rehab center was on the 7th floor, it was a small wing near the Dermatology offices.

I almost bumped into the Bishop as he fussed at the nurses at the station. I could over hear him say, don't come in his room while we are in prayers. Then the nurse told him, she was just treating his wound that is healing slowly. I forgot Remy was diabetic so of  course his wound would heal accordingly.

So, why was his looney dad; the Bishop and owner of a big church harassing his son's plan of care? There had to be something more going on. His ass was at this dude's bed side too damn much.

The weekend, I went over Hellena's, she had her wild brother and his friends over. I didn't know where her kids were. So I assumed this was her evening to suck dicks and get weed. So, I kicked it with them and her crazy ass brother asked me to give him a lift to the bus stop. He had to go to the Arkansas' suburbs to get some pussy.

So after I grabbed some things out of Hellena's closet, I told him to come on. In the car he was high as fuck, telling me he got his dick sucked before by a fag. I ignored him and continued to take him to the midtown bus port. I was not about to drive him on the other side.

There was a bus that left the city of Memphis that regular took passengers to Arkansas. Anyway he kept grabbing on me, talking shit. Then the next thing I knew he unzipped my jeans, my shit stayed hard. This dude sucked my wet dick....

After I dropped him off, he going to say you better not say shit. Damn is everybody fucking us gay men?I told him trust me, I might need that again. That dude was 40, and could suck some dick. I knew he had been in jail, so I figured he had skills.

When I got home, there was a summon taped to my door. I know dam well it wasn't an eviction. Had the church gotten to my landlord? Anyhoo, it was from the court, I was being summon to court to answer a wrongful death suit filed against me by First Lady Sharon. What the entire fuck, bitch I just fucked Remy, I didn't try to kill him. I was so pissed.

I took the bag of stuff I got from Hellena, and it was time to implement my plan. Ok Tyler Perry, it was time for a Madea remake. I had Hellena's old wig, make up and drags, to pull it off. I was ready to sneak into see my baby as Marilyn Madson....I use to drag every other Halloween, so I wasn't a stranger to dressing up. I just had to do it long enough to fool the staff and elude the Bishop and First Lady Sharon.

I jumped out of my Batgirl cave and was ready to go. Madea ass didn't have shit on me, I looked fire. My damn landlord was in my building, even his white ass whispered, he must've thought I was my moma. I was impressed with this conservative wig I snatched from Hellena. She just texted me screaming "Bitch, I said the Dolly Parton hair not my Anita Baker wig!" I almost broke her heels laughing. Yes, I could fit her size 10 boots.

I arrived at the hospital just as I noticed the Bishop leaving. I wasn't sure if Sharon was upstairs, but I was going to go and see. The nurses didn't recognize me, and thought I was Remy's aunt Marilyn, so they allowed me in. There was a willing guard paid by the Bishop at the door. So all he saw was my big breast-fake in the tight dress so he let me by. Remy was watching TV, looking so sexy yet tired when I came in.

He told me I had the wrong room, but busted out in a laugh when I told him it was me. Then he warned me that there was a restraining order out on me. But I reassured him they didn't catch on, and I just wanted to see him. He said cool he was gamed and horny, but still sore.

I snuck and kissed him and he pulled me closer. He then cried that he was so sad he couldn't see his kids, nor would be see his wife again. This bitch tried to kill him, and his sweet precious self was missing her. That's just who he was and I loved him for it. He told me I was a rough looking drag queen and he never want to see me like that once he got better. We laughed until I cried. I rubbed his dick, and kissed him and left.

Man, that felt so good, I saw my baby and he still cared about me. As I was leaving Sharon popped up, and I hurried as she screamed who is that bitch, I don't know her? The guard was like I don't know, I thought that was your sister or something. She then said I don't know that ugly bitch.

Why was she a church woman cursing so much, and suddenly the guard chased me as I tried to get to an elevator. So, I took the stairs, he was quick as he caught up with me. He grabbed me by the waist and knew instantly I was a man. He made me suck his dick on the stairwell, after I told him the story. I licked his balls too, he wasn't bad looking either. Then it dawned on me, he was the Bishop personal security and part time driver. He said he knew it was my faggot ass all along. So, he was just playing the game.

He followed me out the building to my car and said he wanted my ass later. He said he and the Bishop heard how my ass felt, as the Bishop sat in the room questioning his son one night.

I was shocked, why was the Bishop even remotely discussing homosexual activities with his hospitalized son? This shit was getting a freakier  to me even further. The guard Steven, promised to sneak me back in as long as I gave him some more head and ass later.

I agreed, so much so, because I loved Remy. And I needed some dick anyway until Remy was better. What the church didn't know wouldn't hurt them. Yet, I still wanted to know more about this strange father and son relationship. So my Marilyn disguise was going to stay permanent.

With Steven on my side, I would know when Sharon or the Bishop was not at the rehab center. I would see Remy and fuck Steven from time to time. So it was a win win for my gay busy ass.

Hellena was cracking up when I told her. I was having so much fun, I even forgot my shift, and the agency fired me. I didn't care, I had a degree and there were other jobs. I even thought that Steven wanted me because he told me he fucked around, and was divorced.

He came over and I was ready to please him. We smoked some good weed from Columbia, and then the party started. Then one of my tricks stopped by hating. It was the 29-year-old trade;  he even tried to fight Steven with his jealous ass. But the Smith and Wesson Steven had on him, sent my trade home.

We started in my shower; Steven licked my neck and then had me put on Marilyn's wig. Now, I was looking like Diana Ross with my hair wet in the shower. Then he took the soap, stuck it up my tight ass. I screamed like crazy, that shit felt so damn good. The next thing he did was grabbed my wig, and got on his knees. I almost passed out with sexual ecstasy. He started sucking my hard dick. Then I nutted, he spitted it out. I tried to suck him, but he violently took me to my bed.

We were wet like two pigs in Mississippi, and I was like McDonald's; loving it. We fell on my bed like Niagra Fall, and he kissed me like no other man could. His hard male hand rimmed my tight butt and then I just quickly had forgotten Remy, and the reason I was using Steven.

This man was a beast, and I couldn't understand why his wife divorced him. Or was it a man, was he gay all along? He fucked me raw, and I was on prep so the cum was welcomed inside me safely.

The next morning he called me, saying I needed to get up to the hospital. They were setting up for Remy to recover at home. They had made arrangements  to have 24 hour care for him at the parent's huge home near Bartlett. So it was my goal to come sneak in to see Remy for the last time.

The Bishop and First Lady were gone out of town on church business so I was good. I could go as myself, as long as Steven was on guard duty. When I got there, Remy had a lot to tell me. The Bishop was not his father, and Sharon was his aunt. First Lady cracked addict baby sister, who had him at 17 died when he was 2.So when the Bishop got the church the congregation assumed he was one of their kids. All this time I thought they were his parents.

Now the sick part of it, The Bishop molested Remy at 6, 9 and when he was 13.First Lady knew of it, but she didn't want to let go of the lavish church life. They were robbing the members out of millions, and getting grant money to run a lot of non-for-profits that were lining their pockets and helping no one.

The First Lady was also lousy in bed since her breast cancer, so the Bishop could stick his dick as he pleased. Then the kicker, Steven and the Bishop were former lovers.Remy caught them in the church rest room fucking.  I almost passed out. Why Steven didn't tell me this?

Remy loved me, and he gave me the permission to use it as leverage against the First family so they could drop the suit and the order, so I could see my baby. He even told me he had a huge firemen fund, and insurance money from his wife's death, and enough money to hire me to take care and live with him.

I cried as Steven came in to escort me out. I think Steven was getting jealous and attached to me. Time will tell, I had too much to take in. I don't think my story has ended just yet.


Spring was just around the corner and I felt the rain drops hit my window pane more than once. The morning air was moist and tangy, and my mom was calling me on the telephone and not my cell. Only time this woman calls my landline, is when she assumed I am at home on a lazy Sunday morning. She paid for my landline once when my cell got cut off.  I answered the phone and she immediately told me to get a life and stay out of Remy's.

Remy 's so called parents, the Bishop and First Lady Sharon, went all the way to St Louis to retain a hot and expensive lawyer. They were filing a wrongful death suit against me, and tightening the restraining order. Some nurse snitched against Steven's wishes and told them I was at the hospital tampering and manipulating Remy.

What the fuck did that mean?  This made it sound like I was some disgusting pervert gay and miserable or something. My cell phone was dancing as I tried to get my sweet mom off the phone. She was only 62, and this wasn't the way I wanted her to greet her twilight years. Her son a faggot, and needing to stand in line for purgatory.

I have indeed done too much, but not enough to be with Remy. A man who was now without his wife or children. Remy was a very sick and recovering man, whose parents were not his parents, but two church frauds who took the pleasure of having tea with Satan.

I had to figure out a way to fight them, that dick was too good to leave now. Besides, Remy was a catch and any white girl would sop him up, anytime any place. I ended my call with my mom; I promised her I would get help and figure this thing through.

My sister called me with the same mess; I just wished I could have been an only child. This attack mechanism my family was doing was getting tired and old. I knew no matter what I was a Cancer, and I wasn't about to be scared of a restraining order nor a suit that meant nothing. Remy's wife shot him and killed herself had nothing to do with me. And thanks to Remy filling me in, I had all the ammo I needed to take down the whole church. Boom!

My doorbell rang momentarily, I was not feeling any guest. It was Steven, he looked like hell. He was wet from the cheap rain and smelled like a rat that ran down Beale street. I let him in, and he told me about Remy. Remy has been moved to a rehab in Denver, and they had fired Steven from the church duties.

Many stimulating duties that included the wicked Bishop's bed. I almost passed out, I was so angry and discombobulated, so much so I fell to my sofa. Steven decided to take a shower, he had been out all night drinking and getting high.The church removed him from the Cadillac Escalade truck he loved, a 2,500 dollar condo on the north end and many other amenities. All he had left was some good sex and a mind.

We kissed, and next thing I knew, this man was trying to end my plans with Remy.He took his time with me and claimed my soul with ease.For one hot minute, I had forgotten all about Remy and his Night Gallery folks. We complete 3 rounds of sex and both fell asleep in my bed. When I woke up, he was gone and so was about $200 I had in my wallet and $60 I had on my Capital One. I screamed and got on my knees and asked God to just find room for me now.

Then my phone ringed again, it was Remy, he was in Denver, his folks had declared him mentally unstable to handle his finances. He had nothing, and was forced to rehab in Denver. I needed that rat poison!
I was so emotionally drained, not because of that bogus restraining order, the pending wrongful death lawsuit or not being able to find Steven. I was missing seeing Remy's face, and he hasn't called me in weeks.

I was just about to end it all and here come captain save a hoe, my loyal girl Hellena. She poured me some coffee and then she had a plan.She must have been at home brainstorming because her plan was brilliant. It was like something out of daytime television: The Young and the Restless or maybe Days of Our Lives.

She was a straight female slut, and I was a gay male slut, so we got along just fine. I met her years ago when we worked as telemarketers at a collection agency. She flirted with me and then realized I was the Queen of the night, and we became fast 'sisters'.

She was screwing around with this attorney she met on this online dating site. He was the answers to all of my prayers. He stated that I could stop the lawsuit and get the restraining order dropped. If I could prove indiscretion with the church and the Bishop and that wicked First Lady.

But there was only one problem standing in my way. Where the hell was Steven? It was time for him to lay some pipe down and give me all the dirt he had. His cell was disconnected and he simply was ghost. I was running out of time. I could destroy the church and help Remy get his financial situation back intact.

That afternoon a check posted in my bank from an agency job I had done. So instead of moping, I decided to enjoy the Spring sunshine and hit Wolfchase Galleria, a mall that was in northeast Mempy, but a welcome retreat from reality.

The crowd was in there, you had the shoplifters scoping out the scene, the queens watching the trades and the hoes trying to get some cheap shit for the club. I grabbed me a Macchiato from the coffee shop and walked to Macy's to find me some jeans. As I was about to walk in there, this bitch comes out with plenty of shopping bags, with her church secretary and her thousand dollar manicure in tow. Yes, for a First Lady, Sharon mf ass could dress and keep her weave fly. She had to be around my mom's age or a few years younger, so she always tried to maintain strength and arrogance.

She screamed as her phone fell to the ground, her secretary picked it up as she spoke softly to me to keep moving. Her secretary knew me and was actually trying to save me from a scene. But today I was ready for any scenes this bitch had to pitch.

I am sick of these eccentric characters of that church. It was time to expose their asses and get my man home to me. So I said "Bitch, I have been waiting for you for a long time." Then she tried to pull out a copy of the restraining order as she called the police on me. I pulled the phone out of her hand and then she slapped me. I felt her claws in my flesh and I slapped her back.

Then the mall just got entertaining as everyone grabbed coffee and popcorn to watch the show. Security was too busy chasing shoplifters, so I had time today. We start scuffling as her bags and $300 Coach purse fell to the ground. The church secretary gathered her things, as Sharon screamed for her to help fight me.

The secretary balked, she said no honey too many people around I have to secure your bags. Security arrived and grabbed me of course because I was a man. She started screaming; he is a former church executive, he is mad cause we fired him. He followed me here to attack me. She was lying through he false partials.

The guard asked the secretary, and she said honey I don't know what is going on. Sharon then said I called the Memphis police they are on their way.I have a restraining order on this faggot. Then the crowd screamed in "OOooooh and Ahhhh!!!I was truly embarrassed but glad I got some good punches in on her Mary Kay face.

The police arrested me and I was headed down to a Memphis police department. One of the cops was a lesbian stud, she recognized me from a party we both attended. So I told her the story, and she let me call my lawyer at the jail. When my lawyer arrived, he was pissed at me as he drove me to my car.They released me to my lawyer, and of course I had to appear in court. However, he said he would get it thrown out.I didn't know she would be at the mall, and I tried to get away from her and she attacked me.


When I got home I was so angry, yet satisfied that I got that bitch.

But I wasn't alone, how in the hell did Bishop and some goon get in my apartment? They pulled a gun on me and tied me up on my bed. Then the Bishop said he was going to teach me a lesson about fucking fighting with his cousin. I almost pissed in my pants. What the fuck was going on here? First Lady Sharon was not his wife, but was his cousin. I wanted to jump out of my 3rd floor window and call God.

How did Remy and Steven not know this one.But I could see it, this man was sick and in a relationship with Steven, molesting Remy and I remember how they would leave the church in separate cars. They never sat together on the pulpit, and he never said my wife ever at the sermons. In the 7+ years I worked as minister of music and church PR, have I seen them in a husband wife embrace.

So it was making sense, this faggot Bishop was using his cousin to fraud the church, so he could cover up his homosexuality. So I assumed the kids probably were hers, and I wondered why they never attended the church since Bishop took over years ago.

My throat was dry as fuck, I did take my blood pressure medicine, but my Prozacs were right in front of me on my computer desk.Then Bishop 's goon undressed me as he stood by drooling.He started telling me the story of how he was gay all along. First Lady Sharon was a distant cousin, and they pretended to be married to take over the church from his late pastor friend.

Sharon was from California, and the children she had were not his. Just like Remy, they were adopted.

She was down on her luck and he needed a wife to inherit the church and a few dollars. The late pastors mentored him and groomed him to be the Bishop he enjoyed now.

He also reflected that since he probably will die and go to hell anyway, he might as well fuck me and then strangle me dead...... The Bishop stood over my naked body looming as his piece got wet and hard. For a church pastor he was built and popped Viagras like they were candy bars. His goon stood on in disgust maybe, because I don't think he was into gay shit.

They untied me but the Glock pointed toward my bed told me to submit as if my life depended on. My apartment was small, so in the front room you could hear my cellphone ring tone of Beyonce pinging in the other room. My anxiety and stress was killing me as I mentioned my Prozac. Who was on the phone I wondered as the Bishop entered me the first time?

The second time was excruciating, and death defying. He was actually tried to torture and kill me. Then he punched me in the face for winning the fight against his 'wife' First Lady Sharon. I tried to remain conscious as I was being tortured and raped. Then I passed out and sudden there was no more pain, and a fire broke out.

The next thing I heard was Satan banging and kicking as the fire was eating at my carpet. I couldn't move because evidently after the torturing session, the goon had tied me up against my bed. My  face was bloody and I could not feel my legs or the pain in my anal area at the moment.

The banging and kicking saved me, and it was not Satan. It was Steven, he was in the area and decided to pay me a visit. He heard an alarm and smelled smoke from the room, and he kicked the door in and wrestled me from the burning bedroom. The fire department was already dispatched because my neighbor called them soon as my alarm went off.

I was so glad to see this man, and he looked so much better than the last time we were together. The Bishop had paid him off to keep quiet after he threatened the church and told them if they didn't give him $20,000, he would own the church with all the dirt he had on them.

He drove me to the hospital and then called my attorney for me. I attorney rushed in like he was Perry Mason and ready for action. He took my statement, as well as the police. They immediately had enough information to arrest the Bishop.

The media grabbed a hold quickly of the current events, I was plastered on the front page of the Memphis Scrutner newspaper. My mom called my phone, and immediately rushed to my side. My stubborn dad didn't want the embarrassment, so he stayed at home.

My leg had been shot with a vial of muscle relaxant, and my anal area was bruised badly. The doctor did many tests to make sure I didn't get any sexually transmitted diseases or anything else.

When my mom got to my triage, I was so embarrassed, I had an oxygen mask on and was bandaged up.She wanted to cry but she decided to be the strong one. She squeezed my hand and began having a conversation with the doctors.

My bedroom was totaled and my apartment suffered minor smoke damage. But if Steven wouldn't  have saved me, I could have died of smoke inhalation or maybe worse.

My sister and my brother Paul arrived, I was half sleep and I could hear my big brother with the negativity.He should not have been messing with that church woman was his words. My mom told him to just shut up. My big sister grabbed my hand and prayed.

I prayed a lot, but somehow it wasn't working in my favor. The police came in my room hours later as they moved me to another floor.

The said the Bishop was nowhere to be found, and they went to the church and they said he had emptied his offices, shut down his computers and emptied the church bank account. The Bishop was gone, and so was the First Lady Sharon.

I had Steven, who was by my side through it all, call Remy. Remy was still at the rehab in Colorado, he was getting better and was learning to walk after suffering from a minor stroke. He too didn't have any idea where the two he called his parents where.

I drifted off to sleep, as Steven promised my family he would look after me. So they all left, but my attorney decided to hang around. I drifted off to sleep, I could taste the Bishop’s huge dick in my mouth as he pushed and pushed. Then he entered my warm booty hole, it felt so good at first, and he seemed as if he was enjoying it. As if he wanted to fuck me for 7 years. He was a handsome man, and the women of the community and congregation loved him.

I had a huge crushed on him years ago, and never would imagine being raped by him. There was a sort of passion to it; I just couldn't put my finger on it. As a gay man the Bishop sordid sexual attack actually turned me on.

There was an APB out for the Bishop and First Lady Sharon; the church had no funding, no computer system and no authority. So  one of the deacons and board members met and closed the church. I couldn't believe a night in St Louis, Missouri, caused this month catastrophe.

Every time from now on any mentioning of St Louis will be very traumatizing to me. The next morning, Steven arrived at the hospital, he was such a man.  Possibly would he become my man after all this is said and done? I don't think Remy will ever recover and be the same man I once knew.

Steven had thousands of deceptive dollars in the bank, so I felt good knowing if I did choose him, he had great startup funds. However, was he in to me like that? He didn't look gay or act gay. But he was into the gay lifestyle and I think he really liked me.

Steven had some business to attend to so my attorney took me home days later so I could prepare my case against the church. Then as I settled in at another apartment and what my sister and generous Steven could salvage from the old one, the worse-case scenario happened.

Remy was murdered at the rehab in Colorado, and a man hunt was out for the Bishop and First Lady Sharon.I sat on my new bed in tears, I remembered his alluring smile and how our sordid tainted relationship had gotten me here........

Memphis Progressive Baptist was not a huge church, and was far from being a mega church. However, when I first attended the church over 7 years ago, we were like a suburban family.Everyone spoke to one another and looked after each other. As I grew with this church, my parents and my two older sisters attended services up until my mom felt the women were too pretensive. And in a way my mom was partly correct. My dad was glad that he didn't have to drive with her anymore and my sisters just lost interest.

My hoe ass big brother Paul was trying to find him a sugar moma, so he started back attending, and right today he was dating one of the deacons daughters. I was still worn out from being raped by the Bishop, and shoved around like a Build A Bear, by his goon.

However, I still couldn't come to terms with Remy being dead.Or was he, Steven thought it was First Lady Sharon way of cutting ties with Memphis.They still haven't found the Bishop, nor has Sharon popped up.I think with all that money they had, they probably was in Timbuktu somewhere.

My mind and body was telling me to just forget out them and move on with my life.Steven had moved in with me, and bought me another reliable car.So, I guess my little hoe card was over.I liked Steven, but what will happen when the money ran out.Time in my eyes will tell.

My mother could care less about whom ring my bells, but she didn't think it was a good idea for a man to be living with me.Paul also thought it was a bad idea and so embarrassing.

I just wanted to live a normal life and enjoy a man that exclusively was my very own.Steven had gotten a job driving deliveries for Amazon, so he was gone most of the day. That gave me time to call an end to all my tricks and trade, relax around the house and catch up with my DVR soaps.

The agency has work for me, but shit I was going to play wifey far as long as the money was in the bank.Steven had given me access to his bank card, and it was close to 12 grand left.The car was in lease, so he could stop payment on that anytime though.

I went to boil some tea one Saturday afternoon, and then my phone ringed, it was Remy.I almost passed out and could have sworn I saw angels......What the fuck now?

He told me they moved him to a Canadian Rehab Facility, he was gaining a little momentum in his mobility.His voice was clear so I assumed he was getting better.He also told me First Lady Sharon was living somewhere nearby and the Bishop was preparing to turn himself in to authorities.

The way he was sounding, it was as if someone was coaching him on.But my thing was, why are they bothering me now?I was happily in a relationship with Steven and he was all the man I would require at this time.

Remy detected my unconcerned attitude so he asked me was I happy to hear from him.I told him I was, but I thought he was dead.Then he said it was staged so they could collect his firemen's fund and insurance. I told him quickly I have heard enough and told him not to call me again.

He then told me, that my life was in danger, because I knew too much.I hung up the phone and called my attorney and he also confirmed that Remy wasn't dead.My attorney had hired a private investigator to go to Denver and do some snooping, but shyt it has been almost two months and they have already defrauded the insurance company and have fled to Canada.

My next thought was, did Remy really love me, or was he so concerned with me staying alive?I didn't care anymore, I just wanted to be happy with Steven, or until the money ran out.

But something inside of me was calling Remy back to my heart.I just couldn't place my finger on it.But for now as I sipped this tea, and enjoy a quiet new life I just wanted to be fresh and anew with Steven.











Submitted: February 22, 2021

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