Further Erotic Encounter on the Cruise

Further Erotic Encounter on the Cruise Further Erotic Encounter on the Cruise

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Following Ben and Helen's erotic coupling on the cruise ship Helen meets Johann, the Captain, and enjoys great sex with him.


Following Ben and Helen's erotic coupling on the cruise ship Helen meets Johann, the Captain, and enjoys great sex with him.


Submitted: October 26, 2012

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Submitted: October 26, 2012



This story follows on from my first story entitled 'Erotic Encounter on a Cruise'. Not essential but it does help if you read that one first (if you haven't already done so of course!)

Ben had told Helen that he was going on a pre-booked excursion driving snowmobiles the following day and Helen was left to her own devices little knowing where the day was going to end up. The sex with Ben had reminded her how much she missed having a man in bed with her, the foreplay followed by the hot sweatiness of prolonged sex. ‘Perhaps I'm a fucking nymphomaniac' she said to herself. ‘I feel almost ready to go out there and find someone else'.

She showered slowly, fingering her breasts and pussy while the warm water sprayed on her body recalling the moment that Ben had entered her for the first time. Drying herself and changing into her sexiest outfit, a short skirt, tights, bra, panties and a nice white blouse she wandered out of her cabin and went up to the lounge bar. Outside was a notice board with various posters, one of which caught her eye. It advertised a meeting with the Captain of the liner on the bridge where he would explain some of the routine of handling a cruise ship this size.

Following the directions she went up two decks in the lift and found a queue of about ten people waiting to see the Captain. A younger officer in the smart dark uniform was taking names and when Helen's turn came she smiled sweetly and had her name added to the list.

Glancing out the window she saw another cruise ship coming towards them and she saw an opportunity. She looked across at the Captain. "Do we have to turn away?" she said. "That ship looks like it will pass us fairly closely."

"Not at all" the Captain replied. "We always pass fairly closely so that everyone can see the other. Are you enjoying your trip?"

"Very much so. Excuse me." She added and bent down to adjust her shoe so as to give the two men a good view down the front of her blouse. She straightened up and stood watching the other liner still approaching.

"Is your husband with you?" asked the Captain.

"Oh no, I'm not married anymore but I am having a great time. There are some nice people on here."

"I'm so pleased. It's nice to hear that sort of thing. It's good that we have got things right. Jimmy" he said turning to his companion. "Pop downstairs and check that they have solved that small problem they had with the loudspeakers in the lounge will you?"

Unbeknown to Helen the Captain gave the young man a broad wink and the man nodded knowingly and went out.

"How's your cabin?" he said turning back to Helen. "Comfortable enough?"

"It's fine. I bet it's not as big as yours though."

"Yes, I have to say that they do rather well with their facilities for ship's captains. Would you like to come and see it? Perhaps we could have a glass of wine together."

"Oh that would be nice" said Helen. "The one thing I dislike about my cabin is it's a bit cramped for two people and the shower is rather small."

"Why don't you go and wait in my small office over there until my second officer returns then we can carry on this conversation in my suite." He smiled and pointed to a door at the end of the bridge and Helen smiled back and went through into his office and sat in the chair by his desk studying a photo of the Captain and a severe looking woman, presumably his wife.

Five minutes passed and then the door opened and Johann came in and held out his hand as she got up. He smiled and bent over and kissed her hand then led her through another door into a short passage way and then into a door at the far end. It was the Captain's suite, a huge room tastefully furnished with a huge settee, a round coffee table, chairs, drinks cabinet and a huge television set. A door at one side was half open and she saw that it was the bathroom.

"What a lovely room" she said, "can I have a look in there?"

"Of course my dear. By the way call me Johann."

"I'm Helen" she replied and walked to the open door and peered inside. "Oh what another lovely room. Now that's what I call a shower, big enough for two I think."

"Yes, it is, but I don't often get the chance to share it though."

"Oh, so your wife doesn't accompany you on your trips then?"

"No not very often. I prefer it that way and I think she does too; she's not a good traveler. Now how about that glass of wine?"

"I think I had better pass on that. I have to go and shower and get changed for lunch. Perhaps I could take you up on your offer later."

"I have a better idea" said Johann. Why don't you have a glass of wine with me now, take your shower here and then stay and have lunch with me here as well. It can be a lonely life in command sometimes."

"Well, that sounds very nice. Thank you."

"My pleasure.... Helen" he said. He went to the drinks cabinet and poured two glasses of wine and handed her one. "Scholl" he said and she raised her glass in a salute.

They sat down on the settee and sipped their wine in companiable silence and Helen noticed his gaze had dropped to her bare knees and the small length of thigh that was exposed. Carefully she inched her legs apart very slightly as though adjusting her position and let her skirt ride up a little higher as she did so. Johann was taller than her, he was good looking with a sailor's tan, fair hair and a twinkle in his eye that made her feel as if she was in the presence of somebody of great importance, which indeed he was she thought. She finished her wine and stood up.

"Is it really alright to use your shower?" she said and when he nodded she walked across to the bathroom door and went in closing the door behind her. It really was a luxurious room, all the fittings were polished silver, there was a large shower, a sink unit, a bidet and a long bench with hooks for clothing. A dozen soft fleecy towels stood on a shelf and an array of bottles of gel and shampoo. She quickly stripped off and, naked, stood by the door for a moment, listening but could hear no movement in the other room.

‘I wonder if he's tempted' she thought to herself as she studied the rack of bottles. It felt good standing in the Captain's cabin stark naked, knowing that he might just come in any minute.

At that moment she heard his voice. "Everything alright?" he called. Without answering Helen Quickly went and stood in the shower leaving the door open. This time he knocked and called out again. Again Helen said nothing and then the door opened very slightly. "Are you OK?" he said.

"I can't figure out this shower" said Helen. "How do I turn it on?"

"I'll come and show you" he replied. "Are you decent?"

"Not really but don't let it worry you."

Joann stepped inside and stood for a moment seeing the naked woman in his shower, her hands covering herself between the thighs but his eyes drawn to the beautiful breasts topped by the tender shape of the nipples.

"Oh!" he said and slowly walked towards her.

Helen didn't feel the least bit embarrassed at his stare and felt quite proud of herself. This was turning out just like she had hoped when she first saw the handsome cruise ship captain. She took her hands away and pointed at the shower controls and immediately saw his eyes drop to her pubic hair. She noticed too the swelling in his trousers and felt her heart beating wildly.

"Turn that handle to the left for hot and then the knob above it to the right to turn the water on" he said standing quite close now and reaching across to point to the two items. Very aware of the closeness of her tits Johann forgot to move back as she twisted the two controls and a jet of warm water poured out drenching Helen who squealed loudly, but the spray also caught Johann and in seconds his smart uniform was soaked.

He stepped back laughing loudly and Helen joined in as she stood loving the warm water that sprayed her body.

"You'll have to join me now" she called over the noise of the water and ran her hands down over her tits and then down to her thighs before turning slightly as she circled her hands round the cheeks of her arse.

Johann moved over to the bench and swiftly undressed, throwing his clothes onto the floor in his haste. Helen watched and when he stepped out of a pair of blue shorts she saw his cock pop into view. He had an enormous erection and for a minutes Helen wondered if she had bitten off more than she could stand. He came across to the cubicle, stepped inside facing her and pulled the door too before leaning forward to kiss her. The first thing she noticed was his cock pressing against the base of her stomach and as his mouth slid down to her tits she reached down and fingered his erection.

"How many women have enjoyed this shower with you?" she breathed into his ear. "I bet you don't go wanting with a cock that size, do you?"

Johann lifted his mouth from her breast and grinned up at her. "I make it a rule to have only one per trip. One woman that is; that's not to say they don't come down here just the once though. My first officer, that young chap you saw earlier, likes to have a selection. I think he has more stamina than me."

He started to nibble her tits and after a few seconds Helen took hold of his cock and guided it between her legs forcing Johann to bend his knees to accommodate her. She felt the top of his cock touch the lips of her pussy and felt his body press gently forward so that his length entered her easily and began sliding deeper and deeper into her. The water continued to pour down over their naked, straining bodies as Johann fucked her smoothly but gently all the time kissing and nipping her nipples while Helen cupped her hands round his arse pulling him into her so that his full length was fully immersed in her pussy at the end of each stroke.

"Oh fuck" he moaned, "you are one gorgeous young woman. When you came into the bridge earlier I wanted you straight away. I could see young Daniels looking at you as well and he usually goes for the young women. You'd better watch out for him."

As he spoke his movement became much quicker, his cock starting to pound her faster and faster as he felt his orgasm building. He let out a strangled gasp as he began to pump his cum into her and Helen moaned in delight as her own orgasm built and built then seemed to burst as her own orgasm joined his. Long after he ceased to cum he kept his cock deep inside her sucking and nibbling at her tits. They were both gasping with the exertions and Helen sagged back against the wall of the shower feeling his cock slowly losing its erection.

"Oh my" she gasped at length as he began to slip his cock from her body. "Let me get my breath back. I feel well and truly shagged and I thought you had no stamina."

Johann was breathing deeply but managed grin wickedly. "Oh don't you worry. There's plenty more where that came from."

"Prove it Mister Captain Sir" she said and turned round with her back to him. "I bet you can't."

"I never pass up on a bet" he replied and his hands went down to her arse and stretched the cheeks apart exposing her arse hole. Helen giggled when a finger pressed at the opening and slipped inside. Once again she reached down and found his cock and started to finger it toying with the foreskin and drawing it back. With her other hand she pulled his finger out and guided the head of his cock towards the hole and as she felt it probe between the lips of her arse so she felt him starting to grow bigger again.

"Oh boy" he gasped as he slipped inside her, "I haven't had anal for ages."

"Be my guest" she murmured feeling his length gradually penetrating her arse. She knew it was going to be a tight fit but she enjoyed anal sex and when he started to move inside her she grunted with the pain. As he began fucking her the pain gradually receded and she started to enjoy the feel of his hands that alternated between her breasts, her clitoris and her pussy, exploring, every inch of her body as his cock worked its magic again. At first neither of them heard the knock on the cabin door but the second knock was much louder and the Captain paused in his exertions when he heard the cabin door open. The door to the shower room was still half open and looking over his shoulder Helen saw the young officer, Daniels, looking in, a broad smile on his face.

"Captain Sir" he called, "you're needed in your office. You have a visitor."

"Oh fuck off Jimmy" he grunted and continued to fuck Helen. "Can't you see I'm busy?"

"I think you ought you know that it's your wife who wants you and I get the feeling she's not happy and will be coming to your cabin soon if you don't come and see her. I told her you were down in the engine room but I'm not sure she believed me after the last little incident."

"Oh shit" said Johann. "I'm sorry Helen. I'll have to go."

Helen turned off the shower as Johann eased his cock from her arse and stepped outside and grabbed a towel. He quickly dried himself off and went back into the cabin leaving his damp uniform on the floor where he had dropped it in his haste to look after Helen. Helen watched him go and also stepped out of the shower and draped another towel round herself.

"So it's Jimmy is it?" she said smiling at the young man who was lounging against the wall having taken in all the delights of her body, the nice tits and the hairy pussy especially. He had a massive erection since the first moment he had seen Johann fucking the woman and without realising it his hand slipped down to the swelling in his trousers. "Tell me, what was that last little incident then?

"Well his wife doesn't often come on these trips but a month or so ago she did and nearly caught the boss with a young woman in her cabin. She apparently spotted him going in with her and although she didn't catch him at it, so to speak, she made one hell of a fuss."

"And was he ‘at it'" said Helen still wrapped in the large towel and making no move to getting dressed.

"Oh yes. Jo and I don't have any secrets like that. In fact we quite often share things if you know what I mean."

He grinned as he saw that Helen understood him completely.

"I'd better get dressed then you can show me the way out of here. Don't want the Captain to bring his wife to the cabin and catch me here do we?"

"I certainly don't want any more scenes like we had then. Do you want me to wait outside?"

"It's a bit late for that now, isn't it?"

The grin on Jimmy's face widened and he fingered his erection quite openly as Helen dropped the towel and started to dry herself. He particularly liked the way she spread her legs to dry between them and he had the feeling that she was playing with him.

"What's your cabin number?" he asked, "I might be able to get you upgraded."

"Why thank you. I'm in 622" said Helen as they checked that the passage outside was clear.

Jimmy showed her out and then left her to return to the bridge working on the plan to get Helen into a bigger cabin which would give him the opportunity to visit her and maybe, just maybe ...

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