Moody Fragments Part 2: Claire

Moody Fragments Part 2: Claire

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance

Chapter1 (v.1) - I Am Her's For As Long As She Wants Me

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 10, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 10, 2020



I am sitting in Long John's Restaurant which is located at the bottom of Union Street where it meets Ryde Esplanade and time-wise it is about a quarter to six.

Opposite me is Claire and she is as attractive as ever with her neat, collar length blonde hair, arctic blue eyes and strong but pretty features.

Her fragrance, Chlöe, drifts over me with every little movement of air in my direction – each waft takes me back to that surreal day I first fucked her.

I am a lucky man, lucky apart from my broken heart, to have her – she attracts a lot of male interest.

We are each having a cup of tea and in the background the radio is playing – I am not paying much attention to it.

I am in my bus uniform – she told me a little while ago that I look good in it but I had, cynically, wondered at the time whether it was really because it had reminded her of her ex-husband, Christopher, who is also a bus driver.

I am in my bus uniform because I am still on duty – I have been 'spare' since 1300 when I booked on.

This time of year, when the tourists and foreign students have gone home, 'middle spare' is normally a doddle, but, not today - I have been covering break downs, absences and late running since I started.

In the last twenty minutes or so activity had died down as the service frequency reduced for the evening and I had been about to make myself the first cup of tea since I had started work, in the rest room, when Claire had phoned to see if I had got time for a cuppa as she was doing some Christmas shopping in Ryde.

I had asked the Duty Inspector, Steve, if it was okay to nip over the road to meet a friend for a tea.

“That's okay - keep your phone on in case I need you suddenly though,” he had said as a precaution...

“How's your son, Matt?” Claire inquires in her slightly toned down Liverpudlian accent.

“Well, he's not too bad thanks, he's working in a garage at the moment. I would like him to settle, he's had a lot of upheaval since Leanne and I divorced all those years ago. Funny enough he seems to be staying a lot recently, I reckon he could move in with me full time soon which I would like.”

“That's probably good for you, I worry about you being lonely, Matt.”

“Thanks Claire.”

I wonder, perhaps unkindly, if she really cares or rather just wants to appear to care.

I hear the melancholic piano introduction to a track over the radio – it is the beginning of Mad World by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules.

I stop talking.

Claire notices and says, “Are you okay?”

“No, not really I think I'm going to cry - it reminds me of her…”

Claire suddenly leans across the table and takes each of my hands in hers – she says nothing.

I close my eyes hoping that action will prevent the tears rolling down my cheeks – I do not want to draw humiliating attention to myself in a public place.

I try not to think of Sharon and I in the Commodore Cinema watching Donnie Darko, but to suppress a thought is to give it life.

Donnie Darko – the last film we had watched together when there was still a chance for happiness.

I see Sharon sitting next to me in the dark, her face only illuminated by the flickering light from the screen.

God, how I miss her, yearn for her to be back with me.

The music fades away.

I open my damp eyes – I have managed to prevent myself from breaking down. It was a close call though.

Claire is still gripping my hands – she is observing me with a concerned expression.

“Thanks, thanks, for being so understanding, Claire – I thought I was going to lose it for a moment.”

She squeezes my fingers affectionately, releases her grip and then picks up her cup.

“That's okay.”

By that simple gesture of kindness and non-judgemental understanding of my loss (how many other women would countenance their man sobbing over an ex?) she guarantees my loyalty and I will never hurt this woman in any way – I am hers for as long as she wants me…

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