Moody Fragments Part 1: Sharon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A memoir of relationships...

Table of Contents

The Morning After the Night Before

I am awake now. The long green curtains are still drawn yet I can see behind them that it is daylight now. Morning. Early. I am naked... Read Chapter

Depraved Imaginings

The credits roll for the end of The Marathon Man. “That was really good!” I turn and say to her. “Yes, it’s one of m... Read Chapter

Red Car; Green Eyes

Sharon and I have just got off the bus. I am day off and I have met her from work – she is employed in a drawing office – and have tr... Read Chapter

The Luckiest Man Alive?

We are in Sharon’s lounge and her daughter has gone to bed. We take off all our clothes and begin to cuddle and caress each other on th... Read Chapter

She'll Make You Very Happy

I'm with my mother, my grandmother, my son, and Sharon. My mother says to me, “We are so glad you have met Sharon – she'll make y... Read Chapter

Would You Ever Be Unfaithful To Me?

We are walking along the road. Strolling really. We are holding hands and silent. We are not speaking but we are happy. In love. In lust.... Read Chapter

The Days Of Crying In The Bath Are Over

We are sitting in her kitchen at the table. There are mugs of tea in front of us plonked down on the bare wooden surface. It is about nin... Read Chapter

An Unsolicited Warning

“Be careful of her Matt, she is completely false.” I do not know quite how to take this. “I w-will…” I stutter out. ... Read Chapter


We're in bed in my late mother's house – my house now.  We are having a lay in as it is a Sunday. Sharon is joking about misbe... Read Chapter

I Thought She Was Going To Die

I dimly hear the words 'help me' followed immediately by a groan. I wake fully and I'm confronted by a ghastly spectacle - Sharon's featu... Read Chapter

I Don't Always Show It But I Do Really Love You

It is Valentine’s Day and around about ten at night. I am in my bedroom, alone, tired, and ready to turn in. I pull the covers ... Read Chapter


I am holding a recent photo of Sharon and myself in my hand. It is May and I have sold the old family house in Spencer Road... Read Chapter

Belongings On The Lawn?

“When you come back you will find all your belongings on the lawn!” Sharon snarls at me. She's hurting, hurting badly, because I ... Read Chapter

Are We Still An Item?

She's round at my new flat in Brigstocke Terrace and despite everything I still love her. “Are we still an item?” I ask her. ... Read Chapter

I Visit A Prostitute

October. My day off. No chores to do. Bored. Frustrated. Forty the previous August and a feeling that time is running out. Dumped... Read Chapter

The King's Shilling

I'm sitting in the Commodore Cinema and to my right is Diane. We are watching The Full Monty. Earlier in the day I had bumped int... Read Chapter

Hurt Me

Sunday morning is still Saturday night. I'm drunk and staggering up Ryde High Street on the way home. I've reached the junction w... Read Chapter

I Admit My Sins

We're walking along Queens Road. Things are going great between Sharon and myself. Her daughter now has a family of her own and I... Read Chapter

Do You Have Visions Or Premonitions?

“Tell me something Matt, do you ever have visions or premonitions?” It seems a strange question for a counsellor to ask I think, ... Read Chapter

You've Slept With Someone Else, Haven't You?

I take the video, Trainspotting, out of the player. “That was a really good film, Matt, I really enjoyed it. Do you fancy a drink?... Read Chapter

You Want To Know Why You Did It?

I'm sat in my counsellor's office. It's been a week since I slept, or rather overslept, with Diane. “You tell me that... Read Chapter

Is She Telling Me To Dump Sharon?

“Well, I must say, that you always come over as very chipper but, provided you've been honest, the questionnaire I asked you to complet... Read Chapter

I Vow Never To Hurt Her Again

We are in a guest house in Cherbourg. It is about eleven o'clock at night and Sharon is already in bed. She is sitting up reading a m... Read Chapter

Choose Life

I awake abruptly in the dark and flick on the light but metaphorically I am still enshrouded by the dark. There is only one... Read Chapter

Vanilla Sky Day

I am in the changing rooms of The Heights leisure centre in Sandown. I have swum a mile then spent about thirty minutes luxuriating in th... Read Chapter

A Red Rose For Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's day and I'm walking past the florists in Cross Street... It's been nine days since I shagged Claire and Sharon on th... Read Chapter

You Make Love Like A Woman

I am walking along Carisbrooke High Street. It is dreary Sunday afternoon in November. I have just been treated to a meal at Medina Q... Read Chapter

A Sudden Death

The time is 0835 and I am getting ready for work – I sign on at Ryde Depot at 0855. The phone rings in the hallway and I answer it ... Read Chapter

Never Part Of The Family

We are all waiting outside Bob and Lauren's house – well, just Lauren's house now – for Brad to turn up with the people car... Read Chapter

Taken Roughly In The Kitchen

I prop my bicycle up against the inside wall of the porch, slip my key into the lock of the front door and let myself in. I divest my... Read Chapter

I Think I'm Going To Die

I feel good, fucking good. I am in the changing rooms of the Waterside Swimming Pool which nestles at the Western end of Ryde Canoe L... Read Chapter

Caught Red Handed

I am upstairs in the dining area of Ryde Wetherspoons with my half-sister, Wendy, her husband, Stuart and their children, Cara and Martin... Read Chapter

Two Women The Same Day - Again

The aroma of lavender in the scented pillow my head is resting on is just beginning to overpower me. It is the first Tuesday in March... Read Chapter

Breathing A Sigh Of Relief

I am walking hand in hand with Sharon down Green Street on our way to the Commodore Cinema to watch Chicago and we are about to turn left... Read Chapter

I Don't Want To Be The Other Woman

I am waiting my time at Brook Chine on a 7B to Newport – it is nearly 0920. The double-decker I am in is gentle swaying in the wind... Read Chapter

It's Me With The Problems

“I have decided that my future lies with Thia – I can't cope with your moods and mind games anymore.” It is a dangerous and des... Read Chapter

You're A Fucking Weird One!

I am thrust reluctantly into consciousness – the door to my bedroom has been swung open noisily. In the doorway is framed the figur... Read Chapter

She Looks Like The Type

Her face has a malevolent expression. It is a Sunday afternoon. I am half-heartedly watching television in the lounge and Sharon ... Read Chapter

A Time For A Smart-Arse Reply

Sharon corners me in the hallway and prods her finger in my chest. “I've heard from good authority that you've fucking slept with h... Read Chapter

Sex With A Man I Don't Love

A weekday in early June. “Thanks for inviting me out for your birthday Morgan. I can't be too late as up at half five for an early ... Read Chapter

I Nearly Kill Her

I cannot stand it anymore. I do not know where she has been all night but she is back and playing the piano. Playing it badly. Playin... Read Chapter

A Letter To The Solicitor

I am on a late shift and it is the middle of July… The word processor stops printing. I take the document out, pick it up and h... Read Chapter

Beaten Severely By A Sadistic Russian Woman

I'm off on a long weekend. It is all over between Sharon and I – we have accepted an offer for the bungalow. Everythi... Read Chapter

Black And Blue

It is Saturday Morning and I still feel sore. I go to the bathroom and examine myself in the long mirror – my torso, buttocks and p... Read Chapter

Slavery Is Not For Me

It’s Monday afternoon and I am walking along the road to visit my Uncle and Auntie in Lake. The message alert sounds – it is Mist... Read Chapter

A Heart As Cold As A Glacier?

I am sitting in Claire's neat and nicely furnished flat. I remember the last time I was here about eighteen months ago when... Read Chapter

I Could Get Hit By A Bus Tomorrow

It is about ten and a Saturday evening in October. I am stretched out alone on the sofa in the lounge watching television. I am t... Read Chapter

The Post Finally Arrives

I call up to Sharon – she is on the top floor of a white washed hotel and looking out of the window. “Do you fancy going out for ... Read Chapter

Crying In The Dark

I slip my key into the lock for the last time – tomorrow the new people will move in. I am now renting a flat in Spencer&... Read Chapter