The swords oath

The swords oath

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


The tale of a oath that is bound for life


The tale of a oath that is bound for life


Submitted: June 10, 2017

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Submitted: June 10, 2017





The way I lived my life, of blood, of sword.

Oaths taken in alleys of dark,

Forsaken it would seem by the crows arrk.

To live, serve and die for one, my ward.


Without question, our weapons ran deep.

Men by the hundred and beast alike,

Fell, slumped, severed by spear sword or flail pike.

The fog would lift, nary a weep among us nor for the bodies no tear would roll or seep.


My body now wrinkled, aged, weathered one eye no longer can see.

Atop the valley I sit, battle long settled,

No merchant left, no weapon left to peddle.

I sit, rested, my steel helm sits atop my bended knee.


Thrown back, you ask, "for what, country, queen, fortune did you seek?"

"A body ripped, seared and torn from ankle to head,"

"In your own eyes you must see your better off dead."

I slowly turned to you, thoughts gathered for what I was about to speak.


"I marched when I was asked and killed when commanded."

"Do you think I lost my soul,

Was it sold, taken, paid to a butcher while the bells sang and for me did they toll."

"No, not once did my head betray me nor my soul taken from me or demanded."


"You asked for what...for what.. oh for what?

I was born for war, the heart of battle,

Not to fear death or the snakes deceptive rattle.

You joined me in my life, and threw in with my lot. 


Hardened my heart bore like iron plates.

You departed for you thought I had no love,

From the heavens you were sent to me high above.

I cared for you deeply although I had signed my fate.


So I sit atop this rock, above all, by my side my worn edged sword.

My oath was given to one I swore my life,

To live, serve and die by that sharpened knife.

To you, you have my all, my life, my ward.













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