Another fantasy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A fantasy of another woman, the weakness of man

We met one night in a quiet car park.

Not caring what others thought,

Your large  breasts with your shining smile is what you bought.

Dazzled by you, you definitely left your deviant mark.


We continued to message one another day to day,

Wanting each other's grasp, embrace, anything come what may.

I had a partner who wouldn't relieve my throbbing cock.

You took the time to believe in me no matter the time that ticked by on the clock.


We met a few more times and chatted just casual talk.

Maybe a hand slip there on your boobs or to my dick,

How many times I hoped you would release it for a tender lick.

But we held out knowing we shouldn't, just continued our beach walk.


Late night phone calls leading to filthy fantasies in my head.

Pics flowed in to my phone pinning me with hand on cock in my bed.

Then a call to follow your Pic, breathy voice moaning not a word was said.

You pushed me to stroke it and told how long it's been since your pussy was fed.


You wandered and  danced to your hungry dripping slit.

Pulsing inside yourself you begged, screamed and yelled my name.

Fuck me matt! Now! Hard! Pierce my valley, cum inside and relieve my pain.

I stroked and she vibed and we came together more than just a tiny bit.


We both wanted our bodies to slam and pump to our song.

Phone fucking again and again increasing the lyrics in our song.

So much cum flowed down my cock and your cunt but it did still ache so long.

For it had half its fantasy fulfilled but wanted my cock to write the last verse in our song.


Many invitations you sent my way,

Each one I wanted but didn't accept.

Now I think should it be something I regret.

I may never know what it would be like to feel you devour my balls.

Nor to see you above me, riding hard atop my tower so strong like iron so tall.

I may never know the tastes and smells your pussy sprinkles to the air.

But I know one thing, I'll tell you........

That thing is you are the greatest lover on the other end of my phone beyond compare.



Submitted: June 18, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Matt edge. All rights reserved.

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