Yes Master - Into the Woods

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Jackson takes Lorraine to a small shed in the woods, where their games take a dark turn.

"Shit. I figured we had longer than this. Grab something from the cupboard and get ready to go. I will be back in two minutes." Jackson placed a kiss on my lips and disappeared, leaving me against the cold wall. Staying out of the view from the window, I hurried to the cupboard and grabbed one of his shirts, throwing it on along with a pair of old trainers I found under the bed.

Jackson reappeared in less than the estimated two minutes, carrying a massive duffle bag and a smaller backpack. He gave me the once over, his eyes lingering on my nipples which were pushing through the thin shirt, before nodding and taking my hand. Handing me a coat from the hallway, Jackson then directed me out a back door which lead straight into the forest I had seen before.

We powered on, travelling along a seemingly completely random pathway in silence and I tugged on my coat to keep the evening cold out. Within ten minutes I had no idea where we were and the skyline of fields had long since vanished. Jackson's pace increased considerably when we heard men shouting behind us. In our haste I caught my leg on a sharp twig and as I hobbled after Jackson I was very conscious of the fact my leg was pouring blood.

Noticing that I had slowed down, Jackson paused allowing me to catch up before grabbing my hand and half pulling me along with him. We hurried further into the forest, which was now pitch black, and I knew that if I let go of Jackson's hand I would be lost in its depths for a very long time. Out of nowhere we took a sharp turn and began storming off in the other direction.

"Jackson..." I panted, my breath running out. I was still not fully recovered from my ordeal, and letting Jackson fuck me clearly hadn't helped my health. "What is happening?"

"I will explain soon. Come on, keep up. We are almost there." I took a deep breath and ploughed on, listening carefully as Jackson muttered to himself, "Should've left earlier, you fucking idiot. You knew it was only a matter of time. She won't... Don't fucking kid yourself."

It left me even more confused, so I decided to focus on moving through the forest. At any other time of day I figured that this would be beautiful, and walking through with Jackson would have been so wonderfully romantic. But there was no gorgeous red sunset, no gentle breeze blowing the flowers around us and being chased by angry policemen (for a reason still unbeknown to me) was far from the romantic stroll that I envisioned.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, Jackson began to slow down. He gripped my wrist, pulling me behind a set of bushes and we came face to face with a tiny wooden shed. It looked no more than about 2 meters wide and a meter high. When we entered, I found that it was about 5 meters deep. It was barely big enough to house one person, let alone two.

The small shed smelt damp and dirty, so I was overly happy when Jackson pulled out a massive sheet from his duffle bag to lay across the floor. He pulled out a pillow and laid it on the ground, before sitting down next to it. I ungracefully plonked myself down next to him and rested my head on his shoulder. My entire body ached, and I was mentally exhausted. "So..." I ventured carefully. "What the heck is going on?"

"I will tell you later, I don't want to upset you tonight. We can talk about it tomorrow." Jackson twisted underneath my head so he was facing me, and cupped my face gently with his hands. "But right now... I think we have some other business to finish."

With that he kissed my lips quickly before undoing my coat and slipping it off with my shirt, leaving me naked once again. I vaguely thought that I seemed to spend more time naked than clothed of recent but my train of thoughts vanished when Jackson started planting kisses down my neck and onto my collarbone. A quiet moan escaped my mouth.

My nipples were hard, and I began rolling them in my cold fingers. Jackson's warm hands joined mine on my tits, except he focused on the skin around my nipples. To start he was simply massaging my boobs, but when he noticed the effect pinching the skin had on me he switched tact. He pinched the skin between his nails with varying pressure, leaving small marks on my sensitive skin. His actions became more aggressive and his kisses behind and around my ear grew in intensity to match.

Burying his head between my tits, Jackson soon took a nipple in his mouth and sucked on it softly to start before becoming more desperate. With his hand he continued massaging my other tit, digging his nails into the pink skin at the same time he bit down on the other nipple. I let out a groan and thrust my chest against him eager for more. My nipple still trapped between his teeth, he pulled away from my chest and it felt like he was ripping the skin away. This made me scream, but Jackson's hand was immediately against my mouth before too loud a noise could escape.

"Remember," he said, my nipple still in his teeth, "They are still looking for us."

I nodded and he moved his hand away from lips. He released my nipple from his teeth and turned to the backpack he had brought with him. "Do you want to play some more?" He asked, a twinkle in his eyes. "I have some great games in mind."

"Oh yes Master..." I moaned. One of my hands had replaced Jackson's on my tits, and I was now massaging, pinching and twisting just as he had done, whilst the other was sliding down between my legs. I was so wet and could barely believe the effect that this man had on my body.

"Don't you dare touch your pussy, slut," he whispered venomously. "You belong to me, remember? Only I can bring you pleasure."

My hand immediately flew away from my pussy, but the heat between my legs grew. Something about Jackson's words bothered me, however my brain was a little preoccupied to dwell on it. I stared as Jackson pulled out a roll of what seemed to be leather tape. I eyed it cautiously, but his smile eased my worry.

"Lie on your side." I did as he ordered. From behind me, he leant over my naked body and began wrapping the tape around my tits. He circled the base of my tits and pulled the leather rope tightly so my tits were bound and sticking out ready for the taking. Next he trailed the tape around my waist to my back, were he bound my hands. After tying a knot in the end of this rope, he got out another roll and wrapped it around my ankles, before slipping the rope through my legs and attaching it to the rope around my wrists. It left me tied in an awkward position, where my tits looked twice their normal size and I was contorted into a shape sort of like a crescent moon which allowed perfect access to my pussy.

I attempted to pull on the leather rope to see what give it had, but could not move at all. Right now my pussy was growing, my clit was thumping like mad and all I wanted to do was finger myself to reach sweet release. However, I could not do anything. My body was at the complete mercy of Jackson. And that thought excited me even more.

I waited for Jackson's touch, but it did not come. I murmured his name questioningly, and felt a whip with many tails slash down against my already torn side and back. I let out an enormous scream, and I was certain that he had reopened some of my flesh wounds. The whip slashed down again, and I bit into my lip to stop another scream from escaping my lips. The taste of blood filled my mouth and I suddenly had the feeling that perhaps I was no longer in a good position. As I jumped, I hit my head on the hard ground.

Squeezing my eyes shut in an attempt to dull the pain, which unsurprisingly failed, I felt tears roll down my face. I didn't know how long had passed. To start I had been painfully aware of Jackson sitting in the corner of the small shed but, after lying tied up for however long it had been, all I felt now was numb. I drifted into a doze, needing to stop my brain from going crazy.

I was woken out of my daze suddenly when a thick vibrator was thrust into my ass. Despite having various dicks in my ass over the past week, my hole was still tight and the fat dildo hurt. It was left for a moment before Jackson began thrusting it in and out viciously. His strokes were no longer lovingly. He was hungry for sex and I realised that my caring Jackson had disappeared again. Jax, the sadistic rapist, was back and I feared by engaging in these games I might have lost Jackson forever. He pushed each stroke in as far as it would possibly go and after a few minutes he turned up the intensity of the vibrations to match that of his thrusts. More tears rolled down my cheeks, but I could not ignore the wetness growing between my thighs.

"You like that slut?" Jax murmured. "Answer me!" He whispered maliciously, pushing the vibrator into my ass as far as it would go. I could not make myself coherent, and ended up mumbling like a crazy person. With the vibrator still humming away and the heat between my legs growing, Jax slapped my ass cheeks and dug his nails into the plump flesh.

I screamed a reply, although I was certain I was now only agreeing to this because I knew it would cause less pain in the long run. However, right now I really wasn't convinced about that fact. The vibrator was ripped from my ass hole and replaced by a huge plug, so big that Jax had to use all his strength to push it in. Every inch it moved, my pain increased by at least double.

Jax moved behind me and suddenly I had a thick blindfold over my eyes. I tried to wriggle against the leather rope but it only caused more pain, and I ended up whacking my head on the ground once again. Quietly sobbing to myself, I lay still and prepared myself for the worst. What came though was surprisingly gentle - to start. It felt like he was placing a trail of kisses down my back, along all of wounds he had reopened. I must have visibly relaxed because suddenly I felt him lean over my body and attach tight clips to my nipples. He pulled on presumably a piece of attached metal and it felt as though my tits were being ripped from my body. Still pulling on the clips with one hand, he began slapping the flesh around them. I tried to writhe away only to end up with my back against his hard dick.

I was flipped onto my back, still bound awkwardly. He moved on top of me, his weight resting on my chest, restricting my breathing more, and my mouth was forced open to accommodate his hard cock. I tried to snatch a breath, only to have Jax force his dick further into my mouth. I felt Jax's hands behind my neck and lift my head further against his cock. A quick slap across my cheek and I began sucking on him.

Never had I really hated someone before. All reservations that I had about Jax being a horrible person were quashed as he thrusted in and out of my mouth. There had never been any kindness in this man. I had no doubt in my mind now what I needed to do. In my head I chanted a song I had known for many years. It helped slow my mind.

Tracing my teeth along Jax's dick, I took him as deep as I could, milking him so he would cum. I felt him grow in my mouth and was sure that he was going to squirt. Just before he did though, he pulled away letting my head drop like a stone to the floor. He trailed his cock down my stomach, leaving a line of precum and my spit across my skin, and started rubbing his tip on my clit.

Moments later his cock was in my pussy, and he was trusting with all his might. As he thrusted harder and harder, he pulled on the clips attached to my tits and slapped my clit forcefully. Jax pressed his thumb onto my clit, his nail digging into my skin, and he twisted it underneath his weight.

Jax paused for a moment, leant back with his cock still inside me, and grabbed something from beside me. It was the vibrator. He lifted my hips up and shoved the vibrator into my pussy underneath his dick. With one hand keeping the dildo in my pussy, he continued thrusting so I was being stretched to the width of two thick cocks. My pussy could take it no longer and clenched around Jax's dick.

I screamed out in mock ecstasy, trying to end this ordeal as quickly as possible. Whilst my body responded positively to being fucked, my mind was in turmoil and I wanted nothing more than to finish this. "Please Master," I moaned quietly. "Untie me and let me please you."

For a moment, I feared that he would not but I felt Jax untie my hands and feet, so only my tits were still bound. He took off my blindfold and I tried to fake a grateful look. Before he could see through my fake look, I pushed him to the ground so I was on top of him, my pussy hovering above his erect dick. I flashed a smile at him and put the blindfold over his eyes.

"Oh Master," I moaned, rolling my eyes now that he could no longer see me. How could I have been so stupid? Rapists don't stop being rapists. I should never have let my guard down. It was ridiculous of me to think that I could change this man. Maybe I could make him see it from my point of view instead. "Let me play with you."

A smile crossed his face, and I clambered over him, brushing my tits across his cock and face, before tying his hands and feet together with the same leather rope that had bound me. I flicked my tongue over his cock tip and grabbed his balls in my hands. I squeezed them hard, digging my nails into his flesh with as much force as I could manage. I channelled all of my hatred for this man into my actions and as I stood up I stepped onto his dick. He let out a scream and for a sick twisted moment I felt happy to see him in pain.

As quickly as the feeling had come, it was gone. I was not going to stoop to the level of this man. I looked him, tied up and in pain on the floor, and squatted down over his dick again. I jumped down on it, enjoying the feeling of it for one moment before asking," Jax, why are we running?"

"You want to ask this now?" he moaned, as I gently rocked on his cock.

I needed to know, and a part of me still enjoyed the feeling of a cock within my pussy. I leant forward, his dick now pressing against my g-spot, and I dug my nails into his chest. "Tell me Jax. What is going on?"

I felt him stiffen beneath me. "What did you call me? Why did you call me Jax?" He asked, trying to pull himself up, but I pushed him back down to the ground.

"Tell me."

"Lorraine..." he tried. It seemed that he could not get his words out. I pressed my nails further into his chest in an attempt to 'encourage' him. It seemed to work."Those men, the ones we were planning a business deal with..."

I was frozen on his dick, and Jax took advantage of my stillness. He leapt forward and rolled over so he was on top of me, my neck snapped backward and my head hitting the ground. I hadn't even notice that he had untied the rope around his wrist until he whipped the blindfold from his face and was leaning above me, his hands around my wrists keeping them pinned to the floor. "Lorraine, what are you doing?"

I sagged into the ground, grimacing as my torn back touched the floor, my mental walls collapsing and at that moment I thought I wanted to die. I was so confused. The pounding in my head was not helping either. This man above me, who was he? The expression on his face offered no answer; he seemed angry and lustful, making me think Jax, but I could swear there was still a gentleness there. Jackson, Jax, who ever this man was, seemed to be in as much turmoil as me.

Keeping my eyes shut did not stop the tears from rolling down my face. In fact, it seemed to make the salty drops fall faster. Did I want to be here? Had I really sunk down so far that my body, my mind, was happy to let this man fuck me? To humiliate me by torturing me and treating me like a slutty little fuck bag. Once again my insecurities took over and all I wanted to do was run away from this and never come out in the light of day again. Life wasn't supposed to end up like this.

The man above me rolled off of me and lay down beside me. I was painfully aware of his body beside me, but I noticed that he was consciously refraining from touching me. We stared up at the roof of the shack for a long time. The silence stretched between us, it was uncomfortable and clammy like the weather outside, but I was grateful for it. It gave me time to think. To be honest, it was the last thing I wanted to be doing though.

Finally, I heard the deep voice beside me say my name. "Lorraine. Talk to me. Tell me what is on your mind."

"I am not sure you want to know..." My voice was quiet, and I could hear the shakiness of it. Even if I had wanted to, I was not sure that I would have been able to divulge my feelings since they were so messed up.

The silence stretched a few moments longer, before the man beside me rolled onto his side and began staring at me. I refused to look at him though, so closed my eyes. I tried to keep my breaths long and deep in an attempt to stop the tears from flowing down my face. "Lorraine..." When I did not answer, he continued anyway. "I need to know what you are feeling. Please talk to me."

"And tell you what? That I am beginning to feel like a relationship with you is poisonous? That I can't work out who you are, what you want from me or why I am even here?" I took a deep breath to curb my growing anger. "I don't understand you. One moment I feel like we are connecting and then suddenly you are gone. You go somewhere dark. Somewhere I am scared to follow. When you go there... When you are Jax and not Jackson... I am scared. Scared for me, for my safety, but also for you. I fear that if you go further into the darkness then you will never escape."

I felt his hand search for mine but I pulled away, resting my hands on my bare stomach. I couldn't let him touch me otherwise my resolve would crumble. I would let him take me in his arms and kiss me till day break. Surprisingly, there was pain in Jackson's voice when he spoke. "I won't ever be able to apologise enough, will I? Lorraine, I am truly sorry. Please look at me."

After a moment's hesitation, I rolled on to my side, wincing as I moved. I was certain my back would never heal now. I opened my eyes and just looked at Jackson. My Jackson. A sad smile crossed my lips. "Jackson..." His eyes lit up when I called him by his name. "I can't do this. I am sorry. I just can't keep going on like this. You don't know when to stop, and I just can't... Oh Jackson..."

I lifted a hand to the side of his face and gently stroked his cheek. Jackson leant forward towards my face so our lips were millimetres apart. I realised that my lips had parted and before I could stop it, Jackson and I were kissing once more. They were tender, almost sad kisses as if this was our final goodbye.

He pulled away slightly, our lips still touching, and sighed, "Could you ever forgive me? I am so sorry for everything. I've ruined your life."

"Yes Jackson." I didn't know which part I was answering. Maybe I forgave him, maybe he ruined my life. I wasn't sure. Only time would tell. "Let's just give it time."

Jackson smiled, and we just lay there for a while, taking in every feature of the other's face. I must have drifted off to sleep, but when I woke Jackson was still staring at me. "You watched me whilst I slept?" I groaned, my mind groggy. I couldn't really recall much for the night before. I ached all over though. "What happened last night? I can't remember..."

"You don't remember anything?" There was a concerned look on his face.

I shook my head, but stopped that immediately as it made me feel dizzy. I tried to think about it, but I drew a blank. In fact, I couldn't really remember much of the past few days at all. When I told this to Jackson, the concerned look on his face grew. "I remember them... Those horrible men. I remember you picking me up after. I can't really remember anything else. I was in your bed... Why was I in your bed? Where are we?"

I sat up but suddenly found myself resting on Jackson's shoulder. He told me that I had collapsed when I moved, so he had rested me against a cold wooden wall. I noticed I had a blanket draped over me, and I was naked underneath. My head was pounding, and I was finding it very difficult to keep my eyes focused.

"There is a dress in the duffle bag." He smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes. I slipped it over my head, admiring it for a moment. It was dark blue with a white collar, came in at my waist and the skirt panned out to the knee. Jackson helped me up, I realised for the first time that he was already dressed, and swept me up in his arms. He began carrying me through a forest, and I wondered why we had been in such a small shed.

The wind blew the dress up, exposing my pussy. I shivered and rolled against Jackson's chest. "Where are we going? Jackson, please tell me what is going on. I want to sleep."

"No, no, no," he chimed, his deep voice making me smile. "I will explain soon. Promise. Don't go to sleep. Talk to me about something... Tell me about your family."

I thought about my family, and suddenly wondered what they were doing right now. "I live with my mum and Kelly, my sister. Kelly is twenty five, and pregnant with a little boy. Her boyfriend left her once she told him they were having a baby. Mum is ill at the moment. They don't know what is wrong with her. Jackson... Can you tell me why we are running?"

"We are running from the police, Lorraine."

"Really? What did we do?" My brain was buzzing. How exciting. On the run from the law. "Is it because I did all of those things on the bus? Or because of those men?"

Jackson slowed to a walk and rested me against a nearby tree. "It is me they are after. Those men, Lorraine, I killed them. I was angry at seeing what they'd done to you. They degraded you, hurt you. I had to deal with them."

I looked up at him, and scrunched up my face. "How did you do it?" I wasn't sure I wanted to know, but I was really curious.

"I set a bomb. The whole building went up." I looked at him and then suddenly it clicked. The whole building. There had been at least ten floors, all with people living in them. He had killed a whole building of people.

All I could muster was "oh". I could feel my brain slowing to stop, even though I knew it should be reeling with this news. The pounding in my head was getting worse and worse, it felt like someone was beating it with a club. I became very aware of the scorching pains in my back, the spreading heat where he hands held me up.

"Lorraine... Lorraine!" I vaguely heard Jackson screams over the throbbing in my ears, but I could see his lips moving. I eyed him with a confused look before I collapsed onto the ground with another crash. Frantically I tried to gasp for breath, but the harder I tried the harder it became. I don't remember anything after that.

Submitted: January 31, 2015

© Copyright 2023 masterslittleslut. All rights reserved.

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Please, tell me you will write more...

Thu, February 19th, 2015 1:29am


Of course darling! This story isn't quite finished yet ;) xxx

Thu, February 19th, 2015 3:05am


Hope you update soon. Love to know what happens next...

Sat, March 14th, 2015 11:22pm


Don't worry, I am working on them as best I can, unfortunately real life keeps getting in the way! xxx

Mon, March 23rd, 2015 7:58am


How long do I have to wait to read the rest of tis dam I'm new to tis page and soon I started reading tis I can't help to want to read more only ur tho is there more plz yes I love it others are blah blah but urs got my eyes and can't won't take eyes off how long I have to wait hope not long I love tis ...

Tue, April 7th, 2015 8:07am


Wat happen next tell me more tell me more

Tue, April 7th, 2015 8:08am


Thank you so much my darling! Your comments have made me smile so much! Just for you, I will out down my latest project and get to writing the next part for you right now! Hopefully it should be up within the next few days, but if I am inspired it will be sooner!
Thank you so much for you comments, it is great to know people enjoy my stories. I hope I can encourage you to have a read of my other stories while you wait! Xxx

Tue, April 7th, 2015 8:04am


Always nice to read good bdsm material. If you enjoy stories that have bdsm theme but are not all out erotica, please check our story Curiosity Killed Humanity (on booksie, not silk). And for the perverts, yes, there will be sex scenes, but it's not the main focus of the story.

Wed, May 6th, 2015 4:43pm

Laura Lewis

Love a bad boy. This had a bit of everything. Love your writing style. It's so raw and gritty. You're not afraid to explore the darker themes either. Loved it :)

Wed, June 10th, 2015 8:25pm


Thank you very much! Sex and love are so powerful in themselves, I find it hard sometimes not to venture into the darker sides of them! Your comments are really appreciated xxx

Fri, June 12th, 2015 8:38am

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