The Red Room - The PE Teacher

The Red Room - The PE Teacher

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Sasha's next job is to seduce a beautiful PE teacher.


Sasha's next job is to seduce a beautiful PE teacher.


Submitted: June 12, 2015

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Submitted: June 12, 2015



For the next week and a half I heard no word from Jamal - my jobs for the day given by either Erika or another servant. Not even a morning message to tell me how shit I looked. And God did I know I looked shit. Since kicking the bed that night, something I really recommend you never do no matter how pissed off you are, the pain in my foot had not diminished and instead continued to make every waking second agony. I refused to say anything to Jamal though.

Instead, I just kept dosing myself up on aspirin and every other painkiller I could get Erika to slip me - I didn't want Jamal knowing how much pain I was in so had begged her to keep it quite. Much to my surprise she did and when she had come to dress me last night she had slipped a bottle of tablets under my dirty washing for me. I tried to tell her how grateful I was, but she just shook her head. I wondered how scared of Jamal she actually was, to not want him to know she was doing something for me without his approval.

Despite the constant painkillers, the pain in my foot was starting to become unbearable. My past week's worth of clients had been easy, in bed jobs so I hadn't needed to put any weight on it but today I couldn't even move for it caused huge searing pains to shoot up my leg. Slowly, I rolled over and swung my legs over the bed. I caught a glimpse of my now purple toe and shoved my foot into a slipper. Wincing, I shuffled to the bathroom to grab more painkillers. However, when I opened the cupboard I saw that the bottle had been moved. I quickly began fiddling with the lid, only to find it empty upon opening.

With a renewed vigour that momentarily dulled the pain, I stormed back into the bedroom and began shouting at the walls. "Give me my fucking pills back Jamal. You have no right to take my things. I want them back."

The lights in the room went up and for a second I was blinded. "Jamal, don't be such a bastard. Stop messing about and give me the fucking painkillers."

"Someone's in a good mood today."

I perched on the edge of my bed, staring intently at the floor. I knew there were cameras in my room, even if I could never find them, and I was determined not to let him see just how much pain I was in - not just from my thumping toe but also emotionally too. "You're being a prick, Jamal."

"Talk." Only one word, yet it was almost enough to get me to spill my guts to him. Almost. I sat there in defiant silence for who knows how long, and as my mind began to wander I wondered what the weather was like outside. Then I remembered my key card. Without a word to Jamal I strode over, with teeth gritted so hard I feared they would break, to the drawer and pulled out the bit of plastic. I made my way to the door and swiped it against the spot Erika always used but nothing happened.

I tried a few more times, swiping the card against different parts of the door but still nothing happened. I spun around on my heels and put my hands on my bare hips. "Now you are being ridiculous. You said I could go outside whenever I wanted. Don't be so much of a bastard that you go back on your word."

"I will let you out when we have sorted whatever has been going on with you lately. You have been moody, rude to clients and you have been guzzling pills whenever you think I can't see all week. I know everything about your medication; they are not on your timetable and I have not given permission for you to take them. Tell me what is going on."

Jamal's tone commanded an answer, his voice booming around the room more than normal. I still couldn't find it in myself to answer him though. Over the past week my anger had festered and what had started as irritation had grown to hatred for Jamal right now. It was irrational, I couldn't really remember why I was so pissed with him. I just knew that I was.

"Sasha." This time his tone was more gentle, but the order to talk was still there. I sunk down against the door and rested my head against my knee. My hair fell around my face, covering it from sight. I started mumbling a reply but Jamal interrupted. "Get dressed, Sasha. There are some jeans in the bottom drawer."

Blindly, as if in some sort of trance, I did as Jamal said. The jeans were dark blue and tightly fitting, I had to breathe in to get them on, and I pulled a thin chiffon top over my head to cover my breasts. Once I was clothed, the door clicked open and I wandered out to the corridor. My gaze was immediately drawn to the window and as I hobbled over I noticed a little red box on the window sill. I took a seat on the ledge and watched the birds in the tree. Absentmindedly, I opened the little box and found an earpiece. I put in my ear and I could hear Jamal's voice in my head like it was my own.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Jamal said. He didn't say anything else for a long time. I watched the sun drift across the sky as the birds made a nest in the tree. It was inspiring to see them work in perfect unison all afternoon, making somewhere safe for their eggs. A servant seemed surprised to see me outside when her lift arrived on my floor but she quietly handed me a plate of sandwiches before disappearing.

I was shocked when the sun started to set, amazed that Jamal had let me stay out here for so long. My gaze was locked on the sinking sun when I finally heard Jamal speak again. "Are you ready to talk yet?"

"Can I stay out here a little longer?"

Jamal agreed, telling me that I was welcome to stay in the corridor as long as I desired. I decided that I would stay to see the stars again. Long moments passed before I finally opened my mouth, "I am still mad you know. I can't remember why, I just know that I am pissed off with you."

"That is a little unfair," Jamal remarked. "How am I supposed to fix something you can't remember? Never mind, we can get back to that. Tell me why you have been taking so many pills. If you wanted to drown out your annoying moral crises, I have much better medication for that than paracetemol and aspirin."

"My toe. I think I fractured it." I didn't elaborate, although it was clear that Jamal wanted me to. Eventually he just asked how and when. "About eight days ago. I kicked the bed frame. I was pissed off."

A small sigh escaped Jamal's mouth. There was an awkward pause before he carried on. "How bad is it? Are you being a pussy or is it actually fractured?"

I told him how it was purple and how I could put no weight on it. "Fine, I will get you some heavy duty drugs for the pain until I can get someone to come and check it out. Alright? Sasha... Is that alright?"

I let out a feeble response and continued to look out at the stars that had now appeared. "I used to know the stories behind all the constellations, you know. I could pick them all out without a second thought. I can't even find Orion anymore."

"Look straight up above the tree and to the right a bit. It's those three in a line."

My eyes focused in on Orion's belt and slowly I found myself remembering some of the nearby constellations. "It's sad, really. Those stars are long dead by now, just memories in the universe. At least they are remembered though. I've been gone so long that I doubt anyone remembers me, and I am not even dead yet."

"Why are you so angry, Sasha?"

"It doesn't matter. I will get over it. Thank you, for letting me out that room. I'm sorry if I ruined your business deal with those horrible Russians."

"Don't worry about them. Igor and his men aren't my problem anymore. I should apologise, I didn't realise they would be so rough with you." I shook my head, not caring. Apart from the scratches the men's belt had left on my ass, I had no marks to show the ordeal. I told Jamal not to fret, and tried to lighten the mood by telling him how much I had enjoyed the champagne. Out of nowhere, Jamal asked, "Had you already kicked the bed by that point? Or was it after they left?"

Without a thought, I said, "Before. At the time, I didn't even know there'd be six of them. That just pissed me off even more."

"Your foot seemed fine when I was in there with you."

"That's because I hadn't kicked the bed at that point. I did it after you left." Inwardly, I wished that I had never even brought up my possibly fractured foot, because I knew where the conversation would ultimately go and it was not a path I currently wanted to walk. My eyes dropped to a light in the distance, behind some bushes, and I realised it was a car coming towards us. "What's the job tonight?"

"She's a teacher," was the only answer I got. Instead on filling me in on the job, as I would have preferred him to do, Jamal instead, somewhat randomly, asked, "Biro or ink cartridge?"

It took a moment for me to work out what he meant, when it clicked I had asked for pens before his end had gone silent. "Biro. I have never used cartridge in my life. I like blue better than black. Job?" I added, as I watched the headlights through the bushes and realised that if that was the then I only had minutes to prepare myself.

I heard the ruffling of papers through the little earpiece before Jamal started reading the job. "She's a PE teacher," His tone was exasperated, as if it was common knowledge all female PE teachers were lesbians. I made a mental note to talk to him about gender stereotypes later. "Basically, you are going down to the gym and doing a workout with her. Yes," he said quickly, having guessed my next question. "There is a gym here."

"Slight problem, Jamal. I can't walk. How am I supposed to do a full workout?"

A moment's silence passed as Jamal weighed this up. After asking if I was completely certain that it was not an option he decided - without my input - that a swimming lesson would have to do. At that announcement, it was my turn to be silent. "Hello? Sasha, are you still there?"

"Yeah... Yeah... Still here. Jamal... I can't swim."

This didn't seem to faze him at all. In fact, he rather joyfully said, "Well that is even better then. Erika will be up in a second to give you your swimsuit and tidy you up a bit. I have given her the painkillers too."

There was a slight crackle in the earpiece and then silence, just as the lift doors opened and Erika stepped out carrying her box of wonder as I affectionately named it - you would not believe how much was in there. The box literally contained every beauty gizmo ever created. She motioned for me to follow her back into my room and I did so delicately, not putting too much weight on my foot. Immediately I was handed a pot of tablets, from which I downed two without so much as reading their name from the label. "Right," Erika said, her voice slightly huskier than normal. She gave me a look over a sighed. "I could have done with an extra hour, but five minutes will have to do."

I took the position against the wall, stretching my arms out and pressing against the wall with my legs opened wide, and Erika skilfully pulled out the few short stubs of hair from my pussy leaving me perfectly smooth. Quickly she stood up and turned me around before she starting attacking my hair with scissors.

"Wait a second!" I shouted, stepping away from her. "Why are you cutting my hair?"

"She prefers short haired girls. Don't worry, we can put extensions in it for other clients." Erika stepped towards me with the scissors and I decided it was best not to anger her when she was the one with the sharp objects. I watched with a pained expression as clumps of hair fell to the ground. Finally it was over and Erika handed me a mirror as she went rummaging for a swimming costume.

Slowly I opened my eyes, and found myself shocked at how much I liked the shorter hair on myself. Erika rolled her eyes in the background before handing me a swimming costume made of such a thin deep red fabric I wondered if it was even worth putting it on. There were pieces cut from the sides and when I put it on I found my boobs nearly fell out of the material and the crotch area was so thin that my folds were only just covered. My ass cheeks were not covered at all and the thong like back slid in uncomfortably between my crack. I noted the diamantes around my tits were designed so that my erect nipples were not covered and instead stood to attention through the fabric surrounded by the gems.

Erika led me down to the gym area where I was handed over to another servant until the teacher arrived. I sat on the bench in the changing room, aware of the male eyes watching me lustfully. I recognised the man as someone who occasionally brought me my food.  I swung my legs around so I was facing the servant and smiled sweetly, positioning myself so he had a full view of my pussy. I kept my hand above my pussy, my fingers gently teasing my folds. The familiar warmth started spreading over my body and I started touching myself more. His eyes nearly bulged out, but not as far as the hard cock in his trousers. I raised my eyebrows and he immediately averted his eyes.

Before I could do anything fun with him, I heard a nearby door open so turned around to face the newcomer, my fingers no longer near my now sensitive pussy. An attractive woman walked in; about 5' 6", 34C tits, a figure to die for. She had a massive grin on her face, one that actually reached her eyes, and she strode over to me to shake my hand. "Phoebe Jones, lovely to meet you. You must be Sasha."

I nodded slightly in awe. This woman seemed genuinely pleased to meet me, something that didn't happen often, and even more amazing than that her eyes held mine rather than taking in my body. She only once looked down below my neck and that was to see if I was changed. Her eyes immediately returned to my face, her smile growing more. "Shall we?"

Phoebe followed me to the swimming pool, and I had to double take at its enormity. There was so much of this house that I had never seen, having only recently been given permission to leave my room. "So Sasha, what standard are you?"

For the first time in as a long while I actually blushed and looked down in embarrassment. "I haven't swum for years. I am pretty much a beginner."

"That's okay! Lots of people can't swim, we will make a pro of you in no time!" Her enthusiasm was contagious. Soon I was in the pool and Phoebe was showing me the movements I needed to try. We started with a basic crawl, and as I slowly paddled down the pool Phoebe's hands held me up from beneath. Occasionally her hands would slide to my tits, and I felt her give them a small squeeze a few times.

Whenever we stopped for a short break I made sure to rest close to her, our arms touching, my leg less than an inch from her own. After what turned out to be a few hours of swimming, or more correctly flailing my limbs around, Phoebe helped me out of the pool. I looked up at the clock and saw it was coming up to one in the morning. A step or two later and I started to feel the sharp pains in my foot return. It was all I could do to not collapse to the ground.

Phoebe seemed to realise something was wrong so slipped her arm around my waist and helped me hop back to the changing room. Her eyes bulged when she saw my foot. "Sasha!" She cried. "What on Earth happened to your foot? You need to go to A&E as soon as possible! Get dressed, I'll take you."

"Oh no, don't worry about it!" I replied immediately, knowing that Jamal would never let me out the house. Praying that Jamal actually had kept his word, I added, "We've called a doctor, he is coming around in the morning to see what he can do for me. Thanks for the lesson," I said, still holding her arm as we sat down. "I really got into it by the end."

She smiled and I noticed again that the smile reached Phoebe's eyes. She really was a very beautiful woman and I for a moment I considered telling Jamal that this was one job I couldn't do. Phoebe seemed like a lovely person and my mind kept on nagging me that she didn't deserve this. I also wondered exactly who wanted the footage and what they would do with it afterwards. I would hate for her to remember me as the girl who slept with her for someone else's money. In a way, I wished we could actually be friends.

During my lesson I had gotten to know her a little and as one of the only women other than Erika I had seen in the past year it had been wonderful to have some female conversation. I had learnt that despite her tidy exterior she was an avid heavy rock fan and when she was young she had followed her favourite band around the entire country. Phoebe couldn't cook to save her life, her favourite colour was green and she had always wanted ginger hair but was too scared to dye it in case it looked awful.

"Have you got somewhere to stay tonight, Phoebe? It's far too late to go anywhere. The roads out here are super dangerous at night." I pouted a little and after a brief moment of hesitation she agreed to stay with me that evening. "Come with me then," I said as I grabbed her hand. We hobbled over to the lift and took it up to my floor.

"This is an enormous house, Sasha! Do you live here alone?"

I panicked for a moment, wondering what on Earth Jamal would have said to get her to come here. "My brother, Jamal, stays here occasionally. It is his house." I figured that it was a vague enough answer but without sounding like I was hiding something.

When Phoebe nodded, I let out a small sigh of relief. "Ah yes, he was the one who called me up and said you wanted to get fit. I thought it was strange that you wanted me since I don't normally do personal training."

"You taught one of my old friends at school," I recited. Erika had told me that Phoebe would likely ask such a question, she was after all a very intelligent woman, and I had been informed of one of her previous lovers - a student called Charlie Crossman. A soft look flickered across her eyes at the mention of her old lover's name. "I used to fool around with Charlie and she mentioned you a lot, even after you broke up."

Now a new look replaced that in Phoebe's eyes, one of both weariness and excitement. Before she could speak, the door slid open and I guided my trainer to my bedroom. I did a double take when I saw the flowers around the room and paintings on the walls. Someone had left old clothes and pants all over the floor and there were magazines I had never heard over brimming from a nearby bin that hadn't been there when I'd left. I raised my eyebrows quickly, knowing Jamal would see, but quickly forgot about my room's transformations and got to the task at hand.

"So you fooled around with Charlie?" Phoebe said as we took a seat on my bed - which had been given a new white and red flowery cover that I had never seen before. Whoever had decorated my room had really gone for it. I noticed a little jewellery tree on the drawers too but forced my attention back on Phoebe. I nodded, smiling to myself as if remembering the good times that never actually happened. "How did you meet her? You never came to our school, I'd remember someone as beautiful as you."

"We were in the same dance club," I made up on the spot, hoping to God that Charlie had been into dancing. I figured that if she had been into sport she must have been a dancer at some point. It was a few seconds until my addled brain spotted the compliment in there, and I found myself blushing. It was different to hear someone tell me that I was beautiful and actually mean it. Most people I served would scream it mid orgasm, or as a chat up line to try and get me into bed - they never realised they needn't have bothered since it was always my intention to end up there to complete the job. Looking away from Phoebe bashfully, I smiled, "Thank you. I think you are very beautiful too."

Phoebe was glowing brighter than half of the stars I had seen outside earlier that evening. She seemed so alive and sadness trickled through me. She was beautiful, funny and interesting - the perfect friend - but my job here tonight was to seduce her and then I would never see her again. My actions here were quite possibly going to ruin her life. Most of the time, I didn't care but recently my conscience had started to make its objections known. Part of me wished it would just shut up and I could return to the way things had been before when I hadn't cared at all.

I realised that I hadn't said anything in far too long, so looked back at her and smiled. I held Phoebe's gaze for a long time, my hand reaching out to find hers and our fingers interlocking. "Charlie used to tell me about the things that you and her tried. It sounded amazing."

Phoebe was now the one looking bashful. "She was such a sweet girl, but she had a wicked side, you know. Always wanted to explore her sexuality more, and I could never resist her. We almost got caught a few times, did she ever tell you that?"

I shook my head. I leant my head forward so my lips were just touching hers. Still admiring her eyes, which such light blue that they verged on grey, I whispered, "Show me."

"Are you sure?" Phoebe swallowed deeply. I could see that she wanted this, wanted to be with me. My smile widened, realising what I had just thought. She didn't just want me. She wanted to be with me. And that small difference made my mind up. There was no way on this Earth that I wasn't going to sleep with Phoebe, but I made a note to ask Jamal to destroy the footage. I couldn't let this ruin her, but if it turned out that I had no say then I wanted it to be the best film ever. And I was ready.

Without another word I brought my lips to hers, and felt a spark fun through my body. It was so refreshing to be with someone who didn't just want to fuck me then leave. I knew it would end no different with Phoebe, Jamal would never let me see her again, but if that was the case then I vowed to make this her best night ever. There was no hesitation as Phoebe returned my kiss, her hand wrapping around my neck, pulling my body against her own.

We were both still in our swimming costumes and I was all too aware of how the wet fabric clung on to our bodies. Phoebe kissed me passionately, occasionally pulling back slightly with my bottom lip still between hers. She teased my lips with her teeth, nibbling gently on the bottom one as her hands ran through my short hair. I brought my hand up to her neck and pulled her even closer, and rested my other hand on the curve of her hip.

Our tongues danced with each other, Phoebe's kisses becoming more erotic with each passing second. I let myself fall into the kissing, letting the world around me dissolve. All that matter was the feel of her fingers teasing the back of my neck, the gentle tugging on my hair. I rolled on top of Phoebe, spreading my legs around her waist so the thin, damp fabric over our pussies was touching. I was so wet, and not just because I hadn't dried off from the swimming pool. With every touch I felt small sparks flying across my skin.

Her hands slid down my back and rested in the small of my back for a while before slipping further to my ass. The feel of her warm hands against my cheeks made me shiver and I grinned against her lips as I felt her play with the thin piece of fabric that had housed itself in my crack. Phoebe moved the fabric out of the way and rested her hand between my legs, her thumb lodged between my folds. She mirrored my grin when she felt for herself how wet her gentle touches had made me.

I grabbed one of Phoebe's wrists and brought the hand that wasn't between my legs up to my tits. Without needing further encouragement, she slipped her hand into my swim suit and began rolling my erect nipples in her fingers slowly. The almost nonexistent movements made my head spin; men were normally rough and just pinched or squeezed. Not for a long time had someone shown my body such care.

Immediately I wanted to repay Phoebe and I brought my mouth down to her own nipples. To start I just licked the area around them through the drying fabric of her swimming costume. With every stroke of my tongue I kept my eyes on her, watching as she breathed heavily in time with my movements. Finally I couldn't take it any longer so pulled her swim suit off her arms and down to her waist, setting her beautiful breasts free.

I gave on nipple the same gentle treatment she had given mine, whilst taking the other in my mouth. Flicking my tongue over the erect nipple I watch Phoebe close her eyes every time I drew in breath around her sensitive tit. As if making out with her, I began sucking on her nipple, rolling it around in my warm mouth and passionately kissing the areola. Curious what she would do, I gently bit down on Phoebe's sensitive nipple, causing her body to jump up against mine. The look on her face told me that she loved the feeling of my mouth on her breasts.

Slowly bringing my mouth back up to hers, I felt the fingers between my folds beginning to move. I let out a small gasp and it gave Phoebe enough time to flip us over so she was now on top. I looked up at her, her breasts hanging free and beautiful, before she started pulling my swimming costume down from my shoulders. Instead of stopping at the waist as I had done, she brought it right down to my ankles and threw it to the side of the room. Good riddance, I thought vaguely.  

She climbed back up my body, her hands remaining by my pussy. Her thumb was slowly stroking circles around my clit and another finger was teasing the entrance to my hole. I knew it was wide open, begging her to enter me but it was clear Phoebe wanted to drag this out. I nearly jumped a mile when she blew a stream of cold air over my clit, but her hand on my flat stomach kept me still.

There was a glint in her eyes as she looked up at me and she suddenly thrust a finger into my pussy. I let out a gasp and started moving my hips so to get her further inside of me. Again, more forcefully this time, her hand on my stomach kept me still. She slowly moved her finger in and out of my hole, the squelching sound of my pussy clenching around it each time filling the room. Still keeping the movements controlled, her speed began to increase and my juices continued to keep her wonderfully lubricated. She expertly found my g-spot and began rubbing it with her thumb, which had now joined the other finger inside of me.

Each touch made my hips buck against her fingers and I felt my pussy starting to clench around them. "Phoebe..." I whispered breathlessly, my voice coarse with lust. "Get your pussy up here. Let me taste you."

She smiled at the directness of my request and, without removing her fingers from within me, clambered around so her ass and pussy were up by my face, her own face down by mine. Through the fabric of her swim suit I could smell her juices pooling and it was intoxicating. I blew a few cold streams of air at her holes, which caused her to shiver on top of me, her fingers curling up inside my pussy as she fought to regain control of her erratic  breathing.

I dug my face into her, and began slowly licking her pulsing clit through the thin fabric. The extra layer of friction seemed to be driving her mad, and every movement I made she matched with her fingers. It wasn't long until I lost control and started eating her pussy through the fabric, savouring the taste of her sweet cum.

My inability to pace myself seemed to only spur Phoebe on, and suddenly she was fingering me quickly in response to my tongue lapping up her juices. I felt her pussy clench above my tits and the fingers in my pussy paused as she let orgasm roll over her. Once she had recovered her breath, Phoebe was determined to repay me and within seconds her renewed vigorous pumping in my pussy had me cumming over the bed.

As I shook beneath her, Phoebe rolled off of me and as I closed my eyes to let my strong orgasm subside I felt her lips against mine again. She was sucking the remains of her cum from my lips, moaning as she did so. Without waiting for me to get my breath back, Phoebe was on top of me again but this time she was weaving her legs between mine and I realised she had slipped her swimming costume off.

Her legs either side of my own, our pussies now touching, she drew me up into a sitting position and began grinding her hips against mine. I joined her, our hip bones bumping into each other, our juices mingling between our legs. As she kissed me, I felt her grinding become faster and she squeezed me between her legs so my pussy was right on top of hers. Our clits bashed together as we scissored and as Phoebe clenched for a second orgasm I found myself mirroring the action.

Our bodies shook together as we screamed in sweet release, and I had one of the most fulfilling orgasms I had had in a long time. The same seemed to apply to Phoebe and we collapsed, legs still tangled together, into a lying position on the bed. Her fingers traced the lines of my breasts as we lay there, each gentle movement of her nails against my skin sending shivers down my spine.

"If only I had a strap on..." Phoebe mumbled in my ear and I found myself getting turned on again. I was surprised I could feel so horny around this woman considering the horrible week I had had. Perhaps that was why I was responding so well to her, I thought, because she was being kind in a week where everything had been shit.

I didn't care what the reason was, I just wanted to see her fuck me again, her tits bouncing in my face as she did. I grinned, still breathing hard and whispered, "Check the drawer."

I hoped Jamal had thought of putting a strap on in the toy drawer. Whenever he set up a job, he always put anything he imagined would be useful in the top of my bedside chest. My grin widened when she pulled out a huge black strap on. "This," Phoebe gawped, "Is fucking enormous."

Raising my eyebrows, I helped her put it on and watched her jump when she realised there was a vibrator at her end. Igniting her spark, Phoebe pushed me back down to the bed and clambered on top of me. Holding my wrists above my head with one hand and squeezing my tits with the other, she positioned herself over my pussy. Grinding slightly so the strap on rubbed up and down my slit I moaned loudly for her to "just fuck me already, you gorgeous woman" which seemed to do the trick.

Thrusting the strap on into my pussy, she fucked me hard - with far more vigour than she had when she'd been fingering me. I squirmed beneath her, the manufactured bumps on the strap on stimulating the inside of my pussy enormously. With each thrust I let out a louder groan than before and I soon came around the fake cock.

I realised that Phoebe still hadn't cum, but was very close, so without explanation I pulled away and got on all fours on the floor, offering her perfect access to my ass. She seemed surprised but excited so climbed down and began fucking my ass with the strap on. I felt her lean over me, her hands reaching around to squeeze my tits as she fucked me. It brought her pussy even closer to my ass as she fucked me and I started to feel the vibrations of the strap on flow through me too.

A moment later, Phoebe collapsed on top of me and I pulled us both down the ground. We lay there, me in her arms, in silence just enjoying the feeling of being close to someone. "Most girls don't want anything to do with the ass," Phoebe mumbled after a while. "It was the one thing Charlie refused to do."

"I am not most girls," I replied simply.

"Indeed not." Phoebe placed another kiss on my lips and we fell asleep in each other's arms on the floor.

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