The Red Room - Double Trouble

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Sasha pleases the Chancellor of the Exchequer and a Lord of the realm.

"I know, I know. I look like shit this morning," I groaned, getting it out there before Jamal could tell me what I already knew. My stomach growled at me, condemning me for skipping dinner last night. I had been so tired that I just hadn't been up to eating yesterday - especially after the last thing I had eaten had been drugged by my boss/master/pimp (any and all of these would be suitable names for my relationship with Jamal).

I shuffled into the bathroom to assess the damage left from two nights previous. The swelling and deep purple colour around my eyes had gone down dramatically, the cut on my lip was healing nicely and the scratches on my back were almost gone. "Jamal, what is in that cream you use? You should sell it to mass market. You'd make a killing."

"I doubt I'd make more than I do in this little enterprise of ours." Jamal's booming voice used to make me jump but now it felt almost homely. I could never pinpoint from his accent where Jamal was originally from. It seemed that it was made up of accents from across the whole globe, a thought that I deemed very likely even though I had no proof to back up my assumption. "Breakfast is at the door. You need to eat today."

My stomach growled in appreciation when I saw the tray of syrupy pancakes. As I began stuffing myself with the pancakes - a rare treat, meaning today's jobs would be particularly horrible - I tried to strike up conversation with Jamal, and to my surprise he was happy to comply. "What is the date? Please... The last time you told me was on Christmas day, and that seems so long ago!"

"The seventh of March," Jamal replied. His voice was relaxed and I wondered if he was lounging around on a comfy sofa as he watched me through his hidden cameras. "It is nine degrees outside, with wind and heavy rain expected overnight. The headlines today are stegosaurus' have been cloned from dead cells found in ice blocks, the president of America crashed through some poor person's house as he fell out of control whilst skydiving and China has declared today international communism appreciation day."

I grinned to myself as I ate. I knew Jamal was taking the piss since I had no window to see outside, and even though I had absolutely no idea what was happening in the world around me there was no way those headlines were true. My thoughts were stuck on one piece of information though. "The seventh of March? Is it really? That makes me nineteen tomorrow!"

"It is your birthday tomorrow?" Jamal sounded genuinely surprised. I was sure he must have known, after all he knew everything about everyone. "What do you want?"

"You don't have to get me anything!" I exclaimed, though the prospect of presents made me very excited. I had not received a gift for any holiday since arriving here at Jamal's. "But if you are offering, I'd like a car, a flat screen television and a private jet."

Somehow, I knew Jamal was rolling his eyes at me. "I know I charge a lot for my services, but that would be a stretch even for me. What do you really want, Sasha?"

I placed the empty plate of pancakes on the ground and began pacing around the room. Jamal had kept the temperature high for me, so I didn't care about walking around in the nude. I thought of all the things I wanted but they all seemed silly. So I shook my head and announced to the room that I wanted nothing. To keep my mind off it, I asked, "So today's jobs are...?"

"Ah, yes. How did you like the pancakes?"

"They were lovely. Now come on Jamal. Give me the worst."

I braced myself for today's schedule, and sort of wished I hadn't asked when I got my answer. "The Chancellor of the Exchequer is coming in this evening. This morning's jobs are to set up for that."

Groaning louder than I had intended, I quickly asked, "He isn't the one that is into lesbian bondage is he? I mean, Dominique is great at what she does but I'm just not feeling it today."

"Better than that," Jamal said, the hint of a smile in his voice not lost on me. "He is the one who fancies his daughter's best friend. I've done the research; you are the right height and build so with a bit of work we can make you look just like her."

"Not another one!" I exclaimed. It was one of my least favourite jobs, becoming someone else, because Jamal made sure I was accurate to every last detail. It meant dying and cutting my hair, shaving, contacts (which hurt like a bitch) and dressing up in ridiculous outfits. Jamal was being incredibly quiet, making me in turn even more nervous. "Oh god, there's more isn't there."

"Unfortunately so. His friend, a Lord of the realm, wants a bit too." I stared at the wall, waiting for the bit of this that I knew was coming. "She also has a few interesting piercings."

I threw my arms in the air. Threesomes I could cope with. I could even get through dressing up as a fifteen year old for the sake of dirty old men. But piercings were my limit. "I am not getting my pussy pierced. I do a lot for you Jamal, but not that. If you make me do that..."

My threat was left hanging in the air, both of us knowing I was not in a position to actually do anything about it. I threw myself on the bed, grimacing as my back hit the mattress, and I stared at the ceiling. Finally Jamal answered me. "I appreciate the work that you do for me, Sasha, and I have no intention of making you do something that you are not willing to do. Erika will be here momentarily to help you get ready."

Nothing else was said from Jamal's end, so I just lay around until Erika showed up. She let herself in, for I did not have a card to open the door, and got to work. Within mere hours I had become a different person. Shoulder length black hair, jade green eyes, rings on my nipples and all the other features like freckles and scars too. Erika expertly shaved my pussy, so it was once again as smooth as a baby's. She had rubbed vanilla lotion all over my body and for good measure stuck a butt plug into my ass.

Erika pulled my clothes for the evening from her bag and I nearly died of laughter. "Jamal, are you telling me that a fifteen year old wears this?"

"Sasha, you have been away for three years. Twelve year olds wear clothes like this now. But I dare say it will look better on you than it would on any of them."

Rolling my eyes I got dressed. A lacy black thong (through which the butt plug was easily visible) and matching push up bra started the look off, fishnet tights covered by a tight leather skirt which barely skimmed my ass, a thin white blouse with a cleavage line so low it showed half the bra already and I was finished off with a choker necklace, a pair of huge earrings and a ridiculous amount of eyeliner and lipstick. "Time?" I asked the room.

"Coming up to six. They will be dining with me and then come up to see you as soon as they are done. Tonight, you are fifteen year old Brianna, understand? You do everything they say."

I nodded. A sandwich was passed through my door by a maid I had seen once or twice before and I barely had time to eat it before the men arrived. I darted to the bathroom to check my makeup and when I returned to the bedroom they were waiting there for me. For the first time in a long while my stomach turned at the notion of what I was about to do. Why did this make me so nervous? I pushed the feeling away and strolled over to the men, placing a kiss on each of their lips. "I'm Brianna," I told them. "It's lovely to meet you."

"Have we met before?" One man asked. I recognised him from before I came here, and decided he was the Chancellor. The Lord stood beside him, a dark twinkle in his eyes as he studied me.

"I am sure I would remember two such handsome men," I told him, pulling him into another kiss. I could feel his erection against my stomach, and out of the corner of my eye I saw that the Lord had one too. Pulling away, I spoke to both. "So, what are we going to do tonight?"

I sat on the edge of my bed, opening my legs so they could see the wet fabric that hung over my pussy. With a finger, I beckoned the Lord over to me and I quickly undid his zip, throwing his trousers into a corner. His cock was pressing hard against the fabric of his pants, but I turned to the Chancellor and pulled down his trousers too.

Slowly I undid the buttons on my shirt so the men, who were still standing above me, had a perfect view of my tits. This seemed to push the Chancellor over the edge. He grabbed me by the back of my neck, pulling my face towards his dick. With my teeth I pulled down his pants and took his cock into my mouth.

The Lord grabbed my hand and brought it to his own cock as I continued to suck his friend's dick. The Chancellor thrusted in and out of my mouth, pulling tightly on my hair to make sure his cock went all the way to my throat whilst the Lord seemed more than happy to leave me to jerk him off at my own pace as he watched me.

Without warning, the Chancellor slapped me around the face and ordered me to take his friend's cock into his mouth. I did so happily, and replaced my mouth with my hand on the Chancellor's saliva covered dick. The rhythm soon returned, and the Lord thrusted gently in and out of mouth. With my tongue I traced trails of spit up and down his shaft, drawing circles with it at the base of his cock, before returning to taking the whole thing in my mouth. I alternated my spare hand between the men, squeezing their balls in turn and expertly massaging the sensitive skin under their cock.

In scary synchronisation, the men pulled away from me and pulled me to a standing position, sandwiching me between their bodies. I was facing the Lord, and he began kissing me passionately, his hands pulling my tits from my bra before starting to roll the skin around in his warm hands. From behind, I felt the Chancellor's hands join his friends and I was quite happy to stand there and let them play with my tits.

I jumped and let out a small squeal when the Chancellor dug his nails into my skin at the same time that the Lord pulled on one of the rings attached to my nipples. From behind the Chancellor whispered into my ear, "You are a right little slut Brianna. Sluts are supposed to please their masters."

In response, I stuck my ass out and began rubbing it against his hard cock. The Chancellor squeezed my ass through the leather skirt and quickly undid the zip so it fell around my ankles. I kicked it away to the side of the room with the rest of our clothes. I felt a tugging at my ass and remembered that Erika had shoved a small butt plug in whilst she had been dressing me.

"What is this?" The Chancellor whispered in my ear, his voice husky with lust.

"What do you think?" I replied, engrossed by the Lord who had placed his cock back in my hands and was kissing me passionately. The Chancellor did not approve of my answer, and I felt a hard slap hit my ass cheeks. I jumped and pulled my ass forward away from him, but his hands snaked around my waist, bringing my body back against his hard cock - which was now starting to slide between my legs. "It's a butt plug," I answered, in between kisses from the Lord.

The Chancellor bit some of the skin around the back of my neck gently and continued nibbling the skin playfully as he said, "I can see that Brianna. Why do you have one?"

I rolled my eyes at the Chancellor, and started placing kisses down the Lord's chest. I nibbled on his erect nipples for a while and traced a trail of saliva down his well toned chest before another slap from the Chancellor made me reply, "My ass felt so empty without a cock in it, so I had to make do."

The Lord gently pushed my head down towards his cock and I happily explored him with my tongue, making sure I had tasted every inch of him. He let out quiet moans every now and again, but otherwise was silent. I was more than happy to focus on his, but the Chancellor caught my attention when his hands lifted my ass up to his dick.

"Brianna, all you need do is ask," The Chancellor grunted and I could feel his dick pulsing against my ass hole. The Lord's cock still in my mouth, I groaned something and the Chancellor took this as encouragement to go. His cold fingers move the fabric of my thong out of the way before he pulled the butt plug out in one swift movement. I let out a grumble, my ass really did feel empty without the plug, and he was happy to help by shoving his dick in.

His cock was a lot bigger than the plug had been, so it made me jump at the sudden feeling of my ass being filled. Without encouragement he began thrusting in and out of my ass, the fabric from the fishnet tights going in with his dick too, and I moaned against the Lord's cock. This seemed to invigorate the Lord, who began thrusting in time to his friend - one cock went in as the other came out. Both dicks began to grow in my holes at the same time and within seconds of one another both of the men came. I swallowed the Lord's cum, while the Chancellor's cum spilt out of my ass hole and began dripping down my leg.

The Lord collapsed on to the bed, but the Chancellor wasn't finished with me. "You naughty little slut, taking to dicks at once. Clean me up."

He grabbed my hair and shoved me to the ground, where I found his cock being forced into my mouth. I hated sucking cock after it'd been in my ass but I obliged anyway. Within minutes, the Chancellor's dick was hard again and he pulled me roughly up from the floor before throwing me against the wall.

Raising an eyebrow, he got down on his knees and pulled my thong down with his teeth, exposing my throbbing clit and my soaking pussy. Without a word, he began sucking on my clit, making it throb even more. I leant against the wall for support as my legs began to shake. The Chancellor teased my sensitive skin with his teeth, pulling on my folds and biting down on them to make me jump. Out of the corner of my eye, I was aware that the Lord was rubbing his dick as he watched us but I was too preoccupied to watch him.

With his tongue, the Chancellor started licking up the cum from my pussy. He pushed my legs further apart to get better access to my pussy and his tongue was soon inside me, drinking up all my juices. It drove me crazy and I soon felt my pussy clench around him. It seemed though, that the Chancellor had other plans than to let me cum. He pulled away, his hand on my stomach keeping against the wall, and started blowing cold air over my clit.

I jumped, the air feeling even colder against my burning hot pussy. "Oh fuck!" I screamed, and the Chancellor bit down on my folds in response.

He got onto his knees and thrusted a finger into my pussy, much to my surprise. "Hmm..." The Chancellor mused. He did not remove his finger, instead he just drew circles on the walls of my pussy, quickly finding my g-spot. He tapped it gently as he said, "Such a loose pussy for one so young. How old are you Brianna?"

"Fifteen..." I stumbled, my body writhing at his touch.

"Wonderful," the Chancellor grinned wickedly, continuing to tap my g-spot. He stopped for a moment, and I looked down longingly at him. "How many cocks have you had, you little slut?"

The Chancellor inserted another finger and soon both were tapping away on my g-spot, driving me mad. "A lot... I can't... I can't remember," I answered truthfully between the spasms in my pussy, which were becoming more frequent.

Smiling, he inserted his whole hand into me suddenly, and I groaned against the wall. He thrusted his hand in and out of my loose pussy, twisting it around, letting his fingers tease my g-spot until I could no longer cope. "Ahh... Please... Please fuck me..." I groaned, not sure how much longer I could hold the orgasm off for.

He willingly pulled his hand out and replaced it with his cock. The Chancellor thrusted in and out like a machine, hitting the top of my pussy with each and every stroke. He shoved the hand covered in my juices into my mouth, and I happily sucked the cum from his fingers. Once clean, he began slapping my tits in time to his thrusting. I felt him grown inside me and I stopped resisting the oncoming orgasm, letting it wash over me. My pussy tightened around his cock, milking the cum from his dick, and my juices flowed down his cock.

We stood against the wall for a moment, before I pulled away and quickly cleaned his cock of my cum. I turned to the Lord, who was just about to cum too and I took his dick in my mouth just as he began squirting his cum. I swallowed the whole load again before collapsing on the bed next to him. The Chancellor joined us, laying behind me with his hand snaked between my legs. His fingers teased my pussy and he slipped a few inside me, resting his head on my shoulder.

I don't know how long passed, but eventually one of Jamal's maids came to collect the Lord and the Chancellor. They were escorted away, but not before each gave me a long passionate kiss. The Lord thanked me for my wonderful work, whilst the Chancellor gave me a quick ass fingering as he kissed me goodbye. Once they left the room, I collapsed on the bed, not having the energy to wash myself clean. I stared up at the ceiling, and eventually fell asleep but not before hearing Jamal wish me a good night.

Submitted: December 31, 2014

© Copyright 2023 masterslittleslut. All rights reserved.

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Wow that was hot ;) but weird, I mean a fifteen year old really? How sick can guys be? Please kmu I can't wait for more of your hot writing love you :)

Fri, January 2nd, 2015 3:23pm


Thank you my darling! Guys certainly can be strange creatures! I will hopefully be uploading once a week this year, so long as inspiration continues of course, so I will happily keep you up to date ;) xxx

Fri, January 2nd, 2015 10:53am


Love it!

Tue, January 13th, 2015 11:59pm


Thanks! xx

Thu, January 15th, 2015 7:48am

naughty nicky

Very nice!! Even if this girl is 15?? Its still a very good piece you wrote! I love reading your stories. Never stop writting

Wed, February 18th, 2015 1:12pm


Thank you very much darling! Don't worry, Sasha is 19 but part of the act was pretending to be younger for those dirty old men. I am glad you enjoy my writing, and I don't plan on stopping any time soon :) Watch this space for a few updates coming soon :) xxx

Wed, February 18th, 2015 9:03am

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