The Red Room - A Breakdown

The Red Room - A Breakdown

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Sasha has a breakdown after a dealing with a client


Sasha has a breakdown after a dealing with a client


Submitted: March 23, 2015

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Submitted: March 23, 2015



Jamal's booming voice pulled me from my deep sleep. "What pretty flowers. You, on the other hand, look like shit."

"Well thank you very much," I groaned, pulling the quilts up over my head. It soon got too warm under the thick covers, so I pushed them down to just under my nose. "I can't look that bad, I got a solid night's sleep!"

"Sasha, I have told you many times that the better you sleep the worse you look in the morning. It is one of those unfortunate truths. Go and have a bath. It will at least make you presentable." Whilst his words were harsh, I knew Jamal meant well so I did as he said and ran myself another hot bubbly bath. I sat there for what felt like more than hour, reading another newspaper from Jamal's box.

I read each story at least twice, taking in every word and trying to piece together previous history from the background to each story. One story in particular caught my interest; a girl, who had been missing for more than five years, had been rescued from a man's shed and the story said he used her as a sex slave for himself and his friends. When they found her, she had been looking after a two year old baby. The man, and many of his friends, had been arrested and were serving a jail sentence.

A strange nervousness filled my head, but I shook it away. My situation was very different from that girl's. I had my own room, I was always fed, Jamal made sure I always took my pills and I was comfy here. Whilst this had not been the life I imagined it was, from my perspective, a good life I led. Perhaps what I did was not completely moral, but I was no prisoner. Right?

I suddenly had no desire to stay in the warm bath, so I got out and dried myself off. When I returned to the bedroom, I noticed that my roses were now in a beautiful vase on my desk and a bowl of cereal sat on the floor by the door. "Jamal?" I said, with my mouth full of cereal. "Where did I put the door card?"

"Top drawer," he replied, sounding almost nonchalant. "You ready for the work list?"

I nodded, searching through the drawer. I had no memory of putting the card away, so assumed that he must have done when he brought in my breakfast. Finally I found it, and I plonked myself on the edge of the bed, running my fingers over the thin card. I didn't really pay much attention to what Jamal was saying, and it must have shown because he called my name, bringing my thought back. "Sorry, what? Do you want to start again?"

Jamal sighed but complied, "A quick job this morning with a young man, and then something a bit different for you at dinner. A party, in fact. I thought it would be nice to expand your horizons."

"What?" I exclaimed. I was nearly as excited as I had been yesterday by the sight of my present pile. "You mean, you are actually letting me come downstairs?"

"Down a floor, at least. I will explain more tonight. First you must focus on the young man who is currently on his way to see you. This is a different sort of job. We have been paid an awful lot of money to make him seem unfaithful. It doesn't matter if he is or not, I will leave that at your discretion, but you must give me some decent shots. When I came in earlier, I hung up an outfit for you. It is in the wardrobe."

Jamal said nothing more, so I pulled my outfit from the wardrobe. I admired it for a few moments; white lace pants, and no bra, to be worn under a respectably low cut dress of the same colour which came in at the waist before what seemed like miles of fabric flowed down my legs. There was a long slit up the slide which showed the band of my pants. As always, the outfit fit me perfectly. I quickly put my hair up and kept my makeup light.

Before I could make any more adjustments, there was a knock on my door. I wandered over and opened it, inviting a cute young man into my room. He looked around anxiously before sitting on the chair at my desk, staring at me nervously. "I'm Jake..." he stuttered, his eyes bulging out his sockets as he took me in. "I was told to wait up here before the meeting."

I laid down on my stomach on the bed, kicking my legs playfully. As I did this, the fabric of the dress settled around my waist, my bare legs now on show. "Sasha. So Jake," I smiled, purring his name quietly. "What sort of business do you have here?"

"Oh, you know..." Jake seemed unable to keep his trail of thought, his eyes scanning the room for something else to look at other than my body.

I got up from the bed, pulling the dress down to expose more of my breasts, and wandered over to him. I leant on the back of the chair, and whispered into his ear, "Are you comfy, Jake?" He nodded weakly, staring at his hands as he twiddled his thumbs. "Do you know what I like to do in this chair when I am alone? I like to take my dildo and fuck myself. That wonderful smell is my cum on the chair."

Jake jumped up from the chair and backed up against a nearby wall. "That's... That is nice..." He shuffled around the room until he reached the door, trying desperately to find a doorknob that wasn't there. "Look Sasha... You seem like a lovely girl..."

I strutted over to him in a matter of steps and pressed my body against him. Jake turned his head away from me, but I pulled his mouth to mine and planted a hungry kiss on his lips. For a few moments more Jake fought against me until his defences gave out and he began kissing me back. I found myself being led to the bed where Jake's hands started running themselves up and down my bare legs, his mouth never leaving mine.

Jake's kisses were gentle but I could feel the reluctant passion behind them. I don't know how long we spent kissing, but Jake never went further than running his hands along my skin and his mouth remained on mine. When the door clicked I registered it long before Jake, having long since become accustomed to the quite sound that most clients never heard. Whoever stood in the doorway let out a loud cough, which made Jake jump away from me.

I vaguely recognised the man at the door as one whom occasionally delivered my food when the regular maids were ill. He had a disapproving look on his face, which seemed to make Jake even more nervous. When the man at the door spoke, even I found myself slightly scared. "Mr Shah no longer wants to keep your appointment. You may leave."

His words left no room for argument and Jake hurried out, giving me a partially angry, partially disappointed glance as if now realising this had been a set up. I gave him a sweet smile, although I was starting to wonder myself if I was living a bad life. The man at the door gave me a sideways look and nodded in my direction before closing the door. I sighed and plonked myself back onto the bed.

Silence stretched in the room, finally broken by Jamal. "For fuck's sake Sasha, spit it out. What's wrong?"

"I don't know," I groaned. "I was just thinking to myself."

"Sasha, I have told you before that thinking is bad for your health. Your pretty little head just can't cope with it." When I gave no reply, he sighed and tried again. "Come on, give me something to work with. I am not as omnipotent as I may have led you to believe. Mind reading is just outside my skill set."

Despite myself, a small grin passed across my lips. "I was just thinking about something that I read in one of those papers you gave me. It made me wonder if what I am doing here is right or not. If I am happy here."

An even deadlier silence filled the room and it soon felt like I was being crushed under its weight. Eventually I got sick of Jamal's lack of conversation so I spoke again. "I am happy here," I said, although for a moment I did wonder. "Honestly. I am fed, clothed when necessary, looked after when I get ill. If you ignore the fact that you drug my food and call me shit every day I would say that I live a pretty great life. Jamal? Say something."

"Surely I don't call you shit every day?"

I couldn't help but laugh at this. I jumped up, pacing up and down the room as I so often did in our conversations. "Pretty much every single day. Don't worry, I got over it a long time ago. I actually find it quite relaxing now. It is like a familiar alarm clock. Not that it makes me want to get up any more."

"That is certainly true," Jamal said lightly. I could hear the smile back in his voice, and it relaxed me enormously. My pacing slowed, and I realised that I had been very worried that I had upset my host. "It doesn't matter you know."

I paused by the door before continuing my journey around the room. "Sorry, what?"

I could practically hear Jamal roll his eyes. "It doesn't matter if you think it is right or wrong. Whether you think we are on the right moral path or not, it is what we do. You may or may not realise this Sasha, but a lot of what we do is on request by someone else. That means someone else has made the moral decision for us. People come to us knowing that I will get things done by whatever means necessary. Anyway, you have no moral responsibility since I am the one who decides if we take the job or not."

"I suppose so." I leant against the nearest wall and slid to the ground. I knew he was trying to cheer me up and I appreciated it. "You know what Jamal? The last time I thought about anything like this was just after I got here. When you let me out of that dark room and put me in here, I used to think about morals and how depressed I was all the time. The first time you came in to visit, when you sat on the edge of my bed and talked me out of whatever had been bothering me... Well I realised that it really wasn't that bad - after I got over that you had drugged me, of course."

"I don't remember that," Jamal replied slowly. "I am glad that you are happy here though. It is not good for business when the staff are not happy. Is there anything else you want?"

"What?" I did a mental double take. I was getting suspicious now. For the past week, Jamal had been kinder to me than he had ever been; giving me presents on my birthday, talking to me far more than he used to, making sure I was happy. Something had to be wrong. Three years of my life had passed without my host being remotely concerned with my life and now suddenly Jamal cared? The only explanation was that something dreadful was happening.

For a brief second I thought I would let it go, but the words seemed to leave my mouth before I could stop them. The words sounded sad, as if I was giving up on something, but also more than mildly hysterical. "Jamal, what is going on? I don't think I can take this anymore. I appreciate your kindness, really I do, but if you aren't going to be straight with me then I don't think I can carry on."

"Sasha, what the fuck is wrong with you? I have no idea what you are babbling about. I think you need to take a deep breath and try to calm down."

"Calm down? Calm down? Are you fucking joking? Jamal what is going on? Why are you being so kind? Tell me why you suddenly care so much if I am fucking happy. Just tell me the job! I need to know why you are doing all of this! I can't go on not knowing! You are only ever kind when the job is bad! This past week you have been considerate and wonderful and everything that you normally aren't! God, I can't breathe." The walls were starting to close in on me and my vision was blurring. Each breath I took seemed to make my chest collapse further in on itself. As if things couldn't be worse, I could feel bile climbing up my throat but I couldn't swallow it down so even less air was entering my lungs. My whole body was trembling and I tried to rest against the wall but I couldn't feel a thing. It felt like I was suspended in air, the world swimming around me in total blackness.

Suddenly I could feel a hand rubbing my back and I was vaguely aware of some foreign voice whispering calming things in my ear. I was relieved to feel something solid beside me, but it didn't help me draw breath. I tried speaking, to inform whomever sat beside me that I still couldn't breathe but nothing came out.

"Come on Sasha, I am right here. You are going to be absolutely fine." Slowly my chest relaxed and my breaths started frantically coming again. My vision did not clear up but my head was no longer imploding. The body of mass besides me spoke again, my brain taking a few moments to recognise the meaning of the words. "That's it my darling. Now try taking a deep breath, in... Now out. In... Out. Better. Can you speak?"

I opened my mouth but I couldn't remember how to make any sound. All that came out was a rough croaking noise, making my throat burn. "Don't worry, Sasha, just keep on breathing. That's it. Now, let's get you up."

I felt a pair of arms slide around my waist and lift me up. We started moving, but it took too long for us to be moving to my bed. I tried to open my eyes but all I saw was black. My breathing began to pick up again as the darkness seemed to come rushing at me, but I found myself relaxing ever so slightly as the pair of arms around me pulled me into a tighter embrace.

Finally we stopped moving and I felt the pair of arms put me down. Against the top of my head, the voice said, "Come on, Sasha, open your eyes now. You'll want to see this."

With enormous effort I managed to get my eyes open and the world around me began to focus. It took me a moment to realise that I was staring out a window. It was light outside, and the hundreds of trees I saw were swaying gently in a breeze I could not feel. There were birds sitting in a nest on a nearby branch, and I could just hear their song through the thick glass. I looked to the distance but could see nothing except fields.

Looking out to the greenery relaxed me unimaginably, and finally my heart slowed to a near normal rate. I had forgotten just how beautiful the world was, so consequently I took in every last detail I could knowing that this wouldn't last. From the corner of my eye I spotted a butterfly and my gaze was immediately drawn to it. I watched it fly around, admired its beautiful colours shining in the sunlight and found myself feeling very jealous of the small creature.

A beam of sunlight peaked out from the clouds and settled on my window, as if by design of Gods. Much to my surprise I could feel the warmth through the glass and I closed my eyes, tilting my head backwards, enjoying the heat. It had been years since I'd felt the sun, so even feeling it through the window was a special treat - one I thought I would never have experienced again when I first arrived here.

"How do you feel?"

"Fantastic," I replied, still watching the butterfly float around on the other side of the glass. "I never thought I would see the sun again. It is so beautiful. I would give anything to be out there. To feel the grass between my toes."

"I am sorry Sasha, but you know I can't allow that. I think you should get back to your room now. Come on." His arms slipped around my waist once more and I was carried back to my room. My eyes never left the window as I took in my last glimpse of the outside world. I closed my eyes, trying to burn the picture onto my brain forever. I was laid down back on my bed, resting on my side.

I lay there in silence, watching the image of the green outside world slip away from behind my eyelids. Once it was gone, I tried to roll over but a pair of arms were around my waist, a body resting against my back, keeping me in place. Fingers laced their way in between mine and I took comfort in their familiar feel.

"I promise you Sasha that nothing untoward is happening here. There is no awful job, I swear on my life. I really did just mean to be kind." Jamal pulled me against his body and I relaxed into him. He placed a kiss on the back of my neck and I let out a small gasp. Never before had Jamal kissed me. He seemed to realise this too but, instead of pulling away as I had expected, he just smiled against my skin. "Truthfully, Sasha, I am upset that you expected the worst of me."

All I could give was a feeble "sorry". I lay in Jamal's arms breathing in his scent, letting the gentle muskiness sweep over me. I squeezed his hand in mine, a gesture that he immediately returned. "I really am sorry."

"No more apologies, Sasha. Just lay off the thinking for a while," Jamal's voice exuded kindness and care but there was a hint of worry still. Much to my surprise, I felt Jamal place another kiss on my shoulder. "Everyone has a panic attack every now and then. To be honest, I am surprised it has taken you this long. When you first came here, I thought you'd only last a few months. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised though. I always knew you were tough."

I didn't know how to reply so lay mute for a while. Suddenly, something came to mind and, rather triumphantly, I whispered, "Pens."

"What? You want pens?"

I smiled, "You asked if I wanted anything. I want pens. I can't do the crosswords or puzzles in the papers without pens."

Jamal chuckled behind me. I could feel the movement of his strong chest against my back and he pulled me closer into him. "Oh Sasha..."

We lay on my bed for some time, Jamal's hands still laced in mine when eventually he had to leave. "I should get going. As much of a shock as this may be to you, I do have things to do other than watching you all day."

"Do you still want me to work tonight? That party you mentioned... I feel better. Honestly." 

 A few moments passed when eventually Jamal nodded. He told me that I should be prepared to eat early because there would be little food at the party and I would need my strength for the evening. Jamal pulled his arm out from mine and placed a kiss on my head. "Try and sleep Sasha. We can talk later."

As he moved off the bed the lights dimmed and by the time my eyes had adjusted Jamal was standing at the door. I could only make out his silhouette but it was more of him than I had ever seen. "Thank you Jamal," I said as he stepped out the door.

I saw him pause at the threshold before turning to leave but not before he added, "You have a key card Sasha. When you want to see the outside world again, you need only ask." With that, Jamal left the room and I let myself fall into a light sleep.

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