The Red Room - A Birthday Treat

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

It is Sasha's birthday and Jamal has some surprises lined up for her.

I felt like shit. Holding in an orgasm for so long is not good for the stomach muscles. Plus to make things worse, my ass hole hurt, my nipples were still recovering from having rings pierced into them, and I was covered in dried cum. Oh, and my back still hurt too.

My legs were barely working, so I had to crawl to the bathroom where I turned the taps on and ran myself a bath. Ten minutes later, I was relaxing in a boiling hot bath, full of bubbles, letting the gorgeously warm water loosen my joints and make me human again. The bathroom smelt of roses, and I breathed it in happily. Not often did I get to relax like this, so I was certainly going to make the most of it.

After about an hour, I decided it was best to get out so after washing the dye from my hair (which was now thankfully back to its natural brown rather than the emo black it had been) I let the water run and dried myself off. Once I was dry, I dropped the towel to the ground and returned to my bedroom naked. If I could avoid it, I didn't bother with clothes now. It felt far more natural to walk around with nothing on, and it was nothing that Jamal hadn't seen before.

Jamal! I hadn't heard anything from him this morning. A sudden panic shot through me. "Jamal? Are you there?"

"Of course I am, where else would I be?" I took a deep breath and relaxed, slightly astounded at how tense I had become at the thought of losing Jamal. "You look..."

"Like shit, I know," I finished his sentence before he could get the words out.

"Actually, I was going to say better."

 I was slightly taken back by his compliment. "Oh... Well, thanks Jamal."

The gentle laugh that I was beginning to get used to filled the room. "Sasha, I am not as completely heartless as you seem to think! Do you have any requests for breakfast?"

For the second time that morning I found myself speechless. Jamal never asked what I wanted to eat, and only ever gave me more than cereal if it was a particularly rubbish job. I racked my brain, thinking of a breakfast I had not had since I came here. Suddenly one came to me. "A bacon sandwich!" I proclaimed, for some bizarre reason feeling very proud of myself. "And more of those pancakes if you've got them."

I had noticed early on in my time here that Jamal was only feeding me healthy foods; things good for my immune system, my skin or my stamina. A fatty bacon sandwich had never been a part of the deal. You can understand my shock when he agreed to both the sandwich and the pancakes. "Someone will bring them in for you soon."

"Jamal..." I suddenly growled, after a minute's silence. "Just tell me. What job could be so horrible that you cave in to a bacon sandwich? It's a fucking dominatrix, isn't it?" I slammed my fist into the mattress and groaned. Whilst I was more than happy to take control during sex, being a dominatrix pushed my acting skills too far. Plus all that leather was so uncomfy. I had only done it once before, but it had been weeks before I finally stopped telling Jamal how much I'd hated it.

"No, no! Not that, not today anyway." I let out a sigh of relief, but made a mental note to bring up the fact there was a dominatrix job in the future at some point soon. I must have had a puzzled look on my face, because Jamal continued, "Does there have to be an awful job for me to let you eat a bacon sandwich?"

I nodded. "Yes. Yes there always is. Why should today be any different?"

The next few silent seconds passed slowly, as if Jamal was waiting for a penny to drop. It did not. Realising that I had no idea what was going, Jamal asked, "You really don't remember?" I shook my head. "The date, Sasha. You asked me the date and told me that today was your birthday. So I figured it would be kind of me to let you choose your own breakfast. Of course, if you don't want it I am sure we can find something else. Tofu maybe?"

"No tofu! I want my bacon sandwich!" I jumped onto the bed so my face was in the pillows and Jamal could not see my massive grin. I had completely forgotten. Time meant nothing in this red room, and I had been somewhat preoccupied last night to think about my birthday. I turned over and faced the ceiling before saying to the room, "Thank you Jamal. I really do appreciate it."

I received no reply from Jamal, but a few minutes later the maids turned up at my door. She eyed me, and the look in her eyes was entirely disapproving. I gave her a hard look back, and she immediately dropped her gaze before placing the tray of food on the floor. Once the door was shut, I practically leapt across the room and grabbed my bacon sandwich. I savoured every bite, not knowing if I was ever going to get one again, before tucking into my pancakes. My breakfast was gone in minutes.

Soon after I had finished, the maid returned to pick up the tray and I noticed that her eyes never left the ground. I smiled to myself for some reason. "Jamal," I asked when I was sure the door was shut. "When did you get a maid?"

"About a week ago but it's only temporary. I have been busy recently and I just needed to make sure you got fed." There was a small note of affection in his voice, and it made my skin tingle.

"She doesn't seem to like me much," I said, staring at the ceiling again. More often than not I spent my mornings staring at the ceiling, waiting for a job or for something to do. "You should have seen the look she gave me earlier."

"I will make sure that she doesn't look at you like that again," Jamal said firmly, and I wondered for a moment what I had just set into action.

The thought disappeared though and my brain became cloudy but not before I worked out what was happening. I tried to move my body, to sit up or roll over, but had no luck. I could still move my fingers and toes, but that wasn't going to do much good really. I closed my eyes to blink and found that I could not open them. "I hate you, Jamal. I can't believe you drugged me on my birthday."

"You don't hate me Sasha," Jamal replied, and I knew he was in the room with me. He took his normal seat on the edge of the bed even though I hadn't heard him move across to me. "You'd stop eating if you did."

"Alright I don't hate you," I conceded, feeling his fingers drawing circles in my palm. I curled my fingers up and he took my hand in his. It was difficult to keep my brain forming sentences, but as I focused on the feel of his fingers in mine the task became easier. "But I still can't believe you drugged me on my birthday."

Jamal stood from the edge of the bed, letting go of my hand. Inwardly I whimpered, I enjoyed these gentle touches between us - be it whilst drugged and blind to him - far more than any orgasm. The room had gone eerily quiet, so I called out for Jamal. Thankfully, he answered immediately, "I'm still here. Just piling a few things up for you. There. All done."

I heard a few footsteps going towards the door, but Jamal seemed to change his mind and he returned to my bedside, taking my hand again. He traced the lines on my palm, the gentle movement making my skin tingle. We sat in silence for a while, but the moment that my eyelids began stirring I felt Jamal rise. He squeezed my hand comfortingly and then left the room.

It wasn't long until I could move again. When I finally opened my eyes, and I saw a pile of presents against the wall, I squealed with joy. Jumping around the room like a dog on steroids, I screamed, "Thank you so much Jamal! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Well are you going to open any of them?" he encouraged quietly.

I stared at the pile deciding what to open first. I picked the biggest one and ripped the neatly wrapped paper away from the box. Inside, there sat a massive pile of newspapers. I jumped for joy. For the best part of three years I had been asking Jamal for updates on the outside world, having never once left this room since first being put here, and now I had a pile of papers dating back to three months ago.

Excitedly, I ripped open the other boxes. Jamal had gotten me a whole range of presents: a gorgeous purple silk dress that I couldn't wait to try on; a small pot of malteasers (I had frequently complained about missing chocolate when I first came here); a gorgeous gold necklace and matching earrings but to name a few. There was one little box left, the one Jamal had told me to save until the end.

"I know you miss the outside world," Jamal said, having been silent the entire time that I had opened my presents. "Whilst I can't let you out to see the whole world, I wondered if seeing the stars would be enough?"

I nearly started crying there and then. I had grown up on a small farm, and consequently spent every night staring at the stars before I went to sleep. I couldn't remember when, but for a while ago now I had decided that I would never see the outside world again. The thought of just seeing the stars was a freedom I had long given up on.

"I'm sorry if I have upset you," Jamal said, but I could hear the worry in his voice. He had misinterpreted my tears and I quickly told him I was not upset at all. "In the box is a card to the door. It will let you out on to a corridor at the end of which is a window. It gives a wonderful view of the stars on a clear night."

"Thank you so much, Jamal. I can't put into words how much this means to me." It was the truth. I didn't even care when he told me mine was the only door on the floor and that I would still be watched outside my room. He had given me a freedom that I had lacked for three years, the freedom to leave the room. "Thank you."

"Don't get soppy Sasha. You still have a job to do. It's nice and easy on your part. He just likes to tease, so Erika will help you get into the frame later. You just get to lie there and enjoy yourself." For a moment I wondered if Jamal was joking. Only once in a blue moon did I ever get a client who just wanted to play and didn't care about the sex. It seemed too good to be true for a birthday. Jamal seemed to sense my doubt and reassured me it was the truth. "Trust me, I know him well. It will be fine. Enjoy your day."

After that Jamal refused to talk to me so I sat around reading up on the past three months worth of world affairs. Whilst it did not tell me everything I had missed in the past three years, it certainly satisfied my curiosity for now. Much to my delight, each paper also had a page of puzzles that I could not wait to dive in to - the problem was I had no pens in my room. I decided I would ask Jamal for one later.

I tried on my new dress, spinning around the room in it until I got too dizzy to stand. It hugged my body beautifully, and had one of those princess skirts that was made for dancing. I smiled at the thought and was soon dancing around the room to music in my head. I finally stopped dancing when my lunch arrived: chicken pasta salad and a slice of chocolate cake. I devoured it happily.

The day went on in much the same way. I ate my dinner (Chinese noodles, if you're interested) and Erika let herself in to find me sprawled out across the floor. "Get up Sasha," she said, her voice quiet but full of authority. I was used to her now, but when I first arrived Erika was the scariest thing about my whole situation.

She pulled me out of my dress and instead slipped me into a black corset that pushed my boobs up whilst simultaneously stopping me from breathing. "You know these things are so fucking uncomfortable," I complained, but Erika took no notice. My comfort didn't matter, only meeting the client's desires did. I sat quietly as she did my hair, commenting on how nicely her black dye had come out of my hair. She made sure my legs, underarms and pussy were smooth before disappearing out the door and reappearing seconds later with a black frame. I sighed and said, "I hope you've warmed it up this time. Last time it was freezing."

Erika rolled her eyes at me, but I was grateful to find that she had taken the time to warm the frame. She helped me onto the small footrest before clamping my arms and legs to the frame so I looked like a starfish. I figured we were done, but Erika went to her bag for "just a final touch. He likes his women to be blindfolded."

I sighed but complied. Once the blindfold was tied, Erika wished me a happy birthday and left me alone in the room. I was left waiting on the frame for quite a long time, which seemed even longer because of the blackness that filled my sight. Finally I heard the door open and someone placed a heavy box on the ground.

I was shocked that the first thing the man did was tilt the frame forward so he could kiss me. Jamal hadn't been lying after all. This really was a nice guy. I kissed him back, savouring the taste and the intoxicating smell of his aftershave. It was a familiar smell but I couldn't place it. Instead I lost myself in the gentleness of his kisses, which were now being placed delicately down my neck. As he kissed me, he rested my face in his hand and was stroking my cheek with his thumb. Even though I was in the darkness of the blindfold, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the absolute tenderness of his movements.

 The man finally tilted the frame backwards and stepped away for a moment. When he returned he began trailing something incredibly soft down the line of my face, parting my lips with it. I realised that it was a flower of some kind, guessing a rose from the beautiful smell.  He then continued down my neck to my breast line where he stroked my tits with the soft petals. I let out a quiet breath, losing myself in the nearly nonexistent movements of the flower against my skin, and he responded by placing another gentle kiss on my lips. Whilst continuing his kiss, he trailed the rose up my arm and when he reached my hand he traced each finger with the petals before wrapping my hand around the flower. I held on to it tightly as I heard him walk back over to his box.

When he returned and placed a cold ice cube in the gap between my cleavage I tried to jump away, but the frame held me in place. He chuckled quietly to himself before taking another ice cube and dragging it down the side of my face and popping it into my mouth. I was very aware of how the ice cube balanced between my tits was melting and dripping freezing water down my front. Another piece of ice explored my bottom half; the man dragged it up from my feet, around my ankles, right up to my hips before returning down to the inside of my thighs. He held it under the line of my pants and the contrast in temperature sent further shivers down my spine.

I let out another sigh when he began kissing the inside of my thigh, the ice cube in my mouth long since melted. His hair tickled the inside of my other leg, making me smile to myself. I felt him pulling on my thong with his teeth and the feel of his breath on my pussy was beginning to drive me wild. He stood up to get something else but quickly returned to where he had wrapped himself around my leg. I felt something cold and sharp trace a path up my leg, and I suddenly became very aware of him when he cut my thong away with it.

Shit, he's got a knife! I pulled myself inward, backing away against the frame as much as I could. I began whimpering, hoping that Jamal was watching the proceedings. Calm down, I told myself. Jamal would not let anyone in with a knife if he thought it'd be dangerous to me. Slowly, my breathing went returned to a normal rate and I began to enjoy the feeling of the knife edge tracing veins up and down my leg.

I jumped as he let out a warm breath against my exposed clit, letting go of the rose in my hand. When he started kissing and sucking on my now pounding clitoris I wondered how I had ever doubted the man. I rested against the frame, tilting my hips forward so to give him the best access to my clit. I squealed in shock when he held a new ice cube on my clit, and then suddenly his tongue was in my pussy and he was eating me out with a vigour I had never experienced before.

As he nibbled on my folds, rubbing ice around my ass hole, I felt my pussy clenching. I could feel his smile against my pussy and he sucked up every drop of my cum as orgasm flooded through me. Once I had stopped writhing against the metal frame, I felt his hands slide up my body to my tits, which he carefully began massaging. He rolled my nipples in his fingers, so gently that I forgot the earlier pain I had been experiencing (courtesy of the horrible nipple rings that I had worn yesterday). I suddenly felt his mouth around my nipples, and he was playing with them with his tongue expertly. The skill he possessed was like nothing I had experienced before, and much to my surprise I found myself cumming more than I had before when he'd eaten my pussy. The orgasm that ensued sent shockwaves through my body, reaching every nerve in my body, and I screamed out in pleasure.

Finally he pulled away from my breasts and placed another kiss on my lips. I kissed him back gladly, trying to get across how grateful I was to him. I felt him untie my wrists and ankles, but when I tried to take my blindfold off, he caught my hands quicker than I could move them and brought me into another passionate kiss. Gladly, I allowed myself to be dragged to the bed. He lay me down, and traced the line of my face with the rose I dropped earlier. As I breathed in the gorgeous scent of the rose, he gave me a final kiss before turning and leaving.

As soon as I heard the door shut, I pulled the blindfold off and saw a bouquet of burgundy roses sitting on the end of my bed. I smiled to myself, feeling surprisingly exhausted by the evening's job. I began reading a newspaper from the pile Jamal gave me, but fell asleep before I even made it to the second page.

Submitted: January 05, 2015

© Copyright 2023 masterslittleslut. All rights reserved.

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I totally love this chapter :) I don't kmow why but I think that the guy that was with her in this scene was Jamal please kmu love you :)

Fri, January 9th, 2015 4:29am


You will just have to wait and see, won't you! Thank you my darling, love you too :) xx

Thu, January 15th, 2015 7:47am


Naaaw that was adorable! It was totally jamal, wasn't it? Oh I wanna know if she says anything to him about her liking that client!! Please update soon :*

Wed, January 14th, 2015 12:11am


I will do! Thank you so much xx

Thu, January 15th, 2015 7:48am

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