The Red Room

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Meet Sasha, a young girl who for the past three years has been locked in a red room entertaining prominent members of society all under the watchful gaze of her master Jamal.

This, the first part of a collection of stories, introduces the characters and begins to explore their relationship.

"You look like shit this morning," Jamal's slow voice boomed through the hidden speakers in my room. No matter how hard I looked I could not find them, or the cameras he frequently told me about, a fact that angered me every day. For three years Jamal had been the only constant in my life, other than the thick red walls within which I spent all my time. "Oh for fuck sake Sasha, get up. Last night was not that bad. You have had worse."

I groaned as I rolled out of my bed onto the fluffy red carpet, letting out a louder grunt as I hit the floor. Immediately I pulled the silk quilt from my bed around me, my naked body shivering against the cold. "I feel shit Jamal. Let me sleep."

"Sasha, get the fuck up off the ground and remake your bed. It is not that cold." I heard Jamal sigh, and suddenly I felt the temperature of the room begin to rise. I grinned to myself, and thanked him. "Don't be a fucking sissy Sasha. It is not good for business if your charge is always complaining about the cold."

Rolling my eyes, I wandered into my bathroom and looked at myself in the full length mirror. Last night really had been rough. My back was covered in scratches, most were not deep enough to scar (unfortunately I knew a few would) but they still hurt like a bitch. The skin around my eyes was black and purple, bruised from the many punches I took last night. I had cuts on my lips, and my entire body ached.

I grabbed a tube of antiseptic cream and began rubbing it all over my body. Covering all of my back was difficult, but over the past three years it had become a lot easier. "It would be kind of you to come and help me clean myself up," I said to the empty room, knowing that Jamal would hear. He watched me all the time, except when he was discussing business with guests elsewhere.

A moments silence passed before Jamal answered, "You are a big girl, Sasha. I think you can cope without my help."

I let out a dramatic sigh and continued to rub cream over my body. Once I had finished, after a rather large amount of swearing, I returned back into my bedroom and paced back and forth. Ten minutes passed, or at least I assumed so since I had no clock in my otherwise well equipped room, before I lost my patience. "For fuck sake Jamal, I know you like watching whilst I pace back and forth in the nude but say something. I can't cope with the silence. What is today's job?"

"Well you lasted ten minutes longer than I thought you would," Jamal admitted. I smiled at the amused note in his voice, enjoying the familiarity in it. Over the past year, Jamal had become more friendly to me, and I appreciated it greatly even though I still had no idea what he looked like. "No job tonight since your back needs time to heal, but there are a few easy jobs lined up for you over the next few hours. Alright?"

Not often did Jamal ask my opinion, so I made sure to reply with thanks whenever he did. The jobs were as easy as he had insinuated: a few conference calls and editing another of his videos together. I sat down at my desk and booted my computer. When the programme loaded, I was unsurprised to see that today's video was of myself and a leading business man doing some rather interesting things. As I watched it back, I found myself raising my eyebrows at some of positions I had managed to get my body into.

Since I had first awoken in this red room, Jamal had made me 'entertain' many leading business men and politicians, each time recording it on his secret cameras so to use it for black mail at a later point. To start I had been disgusted, as I had with all of his requests, but over the past three years I had gotten over my initial repulsion and instead I now found it entertaining that I was able to bring down an important person when others failed so miserably.

The editing of the video did not take long. I cut together the best shots of my pussy, his dick and the stranger positions we achieved before enhancing the audio. I knew that Jamal was still watching me, so didn't bother to state when I had finished. Instead I just uploaded the finished video to the network and signalled for him to load up my next task.

I was unsurprised when my screen filled with horny old men, each holding their dick in their hands. I often wondered what these men did for Jamal in return for watching me play with myself but right now I knew there should be other things on my mind. Turning on my best smile I welcomed each one of them, making sure to say their names loudly and clearly for Jamal to record. Slowly I snaked my hand down my front, pausing on my tits. I gently began rolling my nipples between my fingers and played with them, my eyes closed. I pulled and pinched my tits, letting out quiet moans.

With my other hand I dug my nails into the soft skin around my nipples, leaving sharp indents on my tits. I squeezed my tits hard, and I could feel the wetness growing between my legs - and I knew that the camera would pick it up too. The thought made me smile, and the force of my nails into my skin increased. One hand stayed on my tit, whilst I slid the other down my flat stomach.

I lightly tapped my clit, jumping at each touch. The area was already wet with my juices, and I began stroking my clit with my fingers in a circular motion. I took a sharp breath in when I pressed down on my clit, and I slowly began rubbing my pounding mound. I felt the muscles in my pussy tighten, ready to cum already, so stopped touching my clit in order to prolong the show.

Standing from the chair, I went to a box beside the bed and rummaged around looking for a few toys whilst knowingly giving the men a wonderful shot up my ass. Once I had found what I wanted, I returned to the desk, sitting with my legs wide open for the camera. Raising an eyebrow, I brought a large dildo to my mouth and I began licking the long shaft as I would a cock. I closed my eyes again, and enjoyed the taste of the dildo - it still tasted of my own cum from the last time I used it. The smell of the juices culminating between my legs soon became too much to bare. I trailed it down the front of my body, holding it a moment over my clit, before I lifted my ass off the chair and then sat back down on the dildo which fit comfortably in my ass hole.

The vibrations from the dildo quietly buzzed through my body, and I shivered in ecstasy. From the desk I took a pair of nipple clipped and attached them to my already erect nipples. I felt the blood pounding in my chest, and was finding it harder and harder not to cum. I heard a quiet ring from somewhere in my room, and knew it was time to wrap things up.

I took another vibrator from my desk and shoved it straight into my pussy, letting out a huge groan. Roughly I began thrusting the dildo in and out of my pussy, and within seconds I began writhing as glorious waves of orgasm flowed through me. Once my stomach muscles released their hold on the vibrator, I pulled it from my pussy and placed it on the desk, too tired to suck my juices off. I removed the dildo from my ass, along with the clips on my nipples, and looked up at the computer screen to see that the men were splayed out in their chairs, eyes closed as they recovered from their wanking. I bid each a farewell and switched off the screen before going into the bathroom to wash up.

I had a quick shower, not having the energy to tease myself as normal, and just washed away all of my cum. As I stepped out of the shower I noted in the mirror that I had reopened some of the wounds on my back. A groan of annoyance escaped my lips and I returned to my bedroom, where I found a lunch tray waiting for me on the floor by my door. He always did that; snuck in whenever I was in the shower, so I wouldn't see his face.

"Thank you," I said sincerely to the room, even though I was irritated that I had once again missed an opportunity to see Jamal. I took a bite of the chicken mayo sandwich, my favourite, and flopped down on my stomach onto my comfy bed. In between mouthfuls, I asked the room, "So who were they? I recognised the politician, I've seen him before. He was in the running for labour party leader before I came here. Is he in charge now?"

"Yes he is, but thankfully not in charge of the country," Jamal replied. Every now and then, when he was feeling exceptionally chatty, he would fill me in on the people I entertained. Other than Jamal, I had no contact with the outside world. Who knew what had happened in the past three years that I had missed. "As for the rest of them, one was the new American vice president, one the main oil baron from the east and the other just an old friend of mine."

I realised that I had finished my sandwich and tried to move for another slice but could not. I groaned into the pillow, or as close as possible since I was now paralysed staring at the head board. He had done this to me before, but it never made the sensation of being unable to move less strange. "For fuck sake Jamal," I groaned, my words slurring slightly. "What have I done now?"

"Nothing out of the ordinary." Jamal's voice came from one point behind me rather than booming around me so I knew he was here. I tried to turn my head, even just move my eyes far enough to see him, but failed miserably. His voice was further away now, and I supposed he was heading for the bathroom. "But you know how I feel about you seeing me. Not good for business."

Moments of silenced passed in the bedroom, when suddenly I felt the bed sink as he sat on the edge. I hoped it would be enough to turn me, to allow me to glimpse his face, but alas no. Knowing that I would not succeed in seeing him today, I simply closed my eyes and prepared myself for the worse. "What do you want Jamal?"

"Do I always have to want something to visit you?"

"Pretty much." Over the past year, Jamal had made these visits to me far more frequently than he ever had done before. Sometimes he would come in and tease me whilst I was incapable of fulfilling the maddening urges within me. Others he just came to deliver a new toy or set something new up on the computer. Never had he come in simply to talk to me or comfort me.

Had I been able to, I would have jumped a mile high the moment the cold cream touched my back but it seemed being paralysed had some advantages. Slowly, Jamal rubbed gentle circles over the torn skin seemingly taking care to cover it all. "Don't worry," he said softly.

"Worry about what?"

I winced inwardly, unable to on the outside, when the cream began seeping in to the deeper cuts. I knew that they would take at least another few days to heal fully, even with the wonderful cream that Jamal provided. "About the man who did this to you. My contracts with our clients cover all sorts, Sasha. Destruction of property are included too. He damaged you more than was necessary, so he was fined a very large sum of money and the contract voided."

"Um..." I found myself unable to form any suitable response. Instead I just relaxed and let myself get lost in the expert way that Jamal was massaging my back. Finally my brain kicked back into gear and I managed to ask, "What was the contract for?"

Jamal let out a quiet laugh, leaving me momentarily confused. "Oh Sasha, only you would ask about the terms of the contract before enquiring about the money involved."

To be honest, the money hadn't even crossed my mind. I knew I had very little chance of ever leaving this room, and since everything I required was provided to me I had absolutely no need to try and accumulate money. I tried to shrug my shoulders as a response, and found that they responded - only slightly but enough to show the movement.

Obviously noticing that the drug was wearing off, I felt Jamal get up off the bed and heard him wander over to the door. "Most of my contracts are the same, Sasha. The client wants something, so I acquire whatever they desire. You are thrown in as a bonus but more as a test to see if the client is worth my time. If they hurt you, I end our contact and share the footage with the media."

I was slightly stunned, and not just from the drug. I let out a weak, "Oh," as a reply and heard Jamal open the door. He stood for a second in the doorway and just before the door shut I murmured a quiet thank you.

"You are most welcome Sasha. Now, get some rest and let the cream heal your back. I expect you to be able to work again tomorrow."

Realising that the drug had worn off, I turned around to try and catch a glimpse of Jamal but only saw the door closing behind him. I'd missed him again.

Submitted: December 31, 2014

© Copyright 2023 masterslittleslut. All rights reserved.

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That Red Head

I really liked this! Please do a sequel :)

Wed, December 31st, 2014 4:01pm


Thank you very much! And don't you worry, there are plenty of these stories in the works at the moment! Keep your eyes peeled! xxx

Wed, December 31st, 2014 8:04am


Wow this was amazing! You should make this into a short novel or story cause I just want more!

Tue, January 13th, 2015 11:46pm


Thank you :) xx

Thu, January 15th, 2015 7:46am

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