Seduced by a Student

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Jaime decides it would be fun to seduce her teacher, only the encounter ends with an unexpected outcome. NOTE: THIS STORY MAY OFFEND, I ALSO WISH NOT TO ENDORSE THE ACTIONS TAKEN BY SOME OF THE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.

"Sir," Jaime said, resting her elbows on my desk as the rest of the A-level class left the room. She was basically falling out of her clingy low cut top but I kept my eyes on her face. "I have been having a bit of trouble recently in this class."

"What is the problem Jaime? Your grades are some of the best in the year," I replied, busying myself moving papers around my desk. My eyes lowered for a second, focusing on her beautifully rounded breasts - she was not wearing a bra - but I quickly checked myself and continued shuffling things about.

She shuffled slowly around my desk, so she was positioned in front of me once more. She leant down so her chest was right in front of me and I could feel the heat of her body near mine. "Well sir, it is you," she purred softly. "I just can't concentrate on anything when you are in the room. I want to feel you near me."

"Jaime," I warned. There was already enough tension between staff without one of us having an affair with a student. You are a happily married man, I told myself. You love Emily. Don't throw it away over a hormonal 18 year old. "I think you should go."

She walked around to my side of the desk and stood behind me, her arms resting around my neck and her head near my ear. She began sucking my ear gently, and spoke between her light kisses, "But Mr Rassel, you are all I can think about. I spend my days and nights thinking just how amazing we could be together. And I know we could be."

I shuffled in my seat trying to shrug her off of my shoulders but she would not move. "Jaime," I said quietly, fighting the urge to sink into the chair and let her continue. I stood up quickly, and hurried around to the opposite side of the desk so there was at least something between us. "I am married. Happily married. I am not throwing that away for you. You are an attractive young lady and I am sure you can find someone your own age to obsess over but you and I can never have something."

"I knew you fancied me," she giggled. She turned to walk towards the door and for one moment I thought she was actually going to leave because she was right - I did think she was an attractive woman and if encouraged I would not be able to control myself. I wasn't sure whether to be happy or terrified when she bent down and locked the door, her ass plain in view as it spilt out from under her short leather skirt. "Do you imagine us together?"

"No," I replied sternly. Whilst I had admitted she was beautiful, and she certainly was for an 18 year old, I had never gone further than acknowledging her beauty. "This is wrong Jaime. Nothing can happen. Nothing will happen."

"I understand that Sir." In three swift strides she was in front of me, looking deeply into my eyes. She was a few inches shorter than me, so I was left looking down at her - and it was very difficult to not look at her 36C breasts. Tilting her head upwards, her lips were within centimetres of mine and they brushed mine as she spoke. "But nothing that feels this right can be wrong.You must agree with that."

"No," I repeated, although whether I was trying to convince her or myself I was no longer sure. My arguments were silenced when she began to kiss me gently. Jaime sucked slowly on my bottom lip before drawing away slightly. I took a deep breath, steadying myself, and asked, "What are you doing Jaime?"

"Nothing Mr Rassel." There was a twinkle in her eyes and, cupping my face in her hands, she pulled my lips down to hers once more. Her kisses became faster now and, getting caught up in the moment, I had begun to kiss her back. I felt her smile as she continued to suck on my lip and within seconds our tongues were dancing around one another. I brought my hands up towards her and lightly grabbed her neck, pulling her closer to me and as we kissed my thumbs stroked her cheeks.

I pushed her away from me, suddenly having a moment of clarity. "Jaime. Leave now. Nothing will happen between us. You are my student. Now go." I walked over to the door, unlocked it and basically pulled it off of its hinges in my attempt to open it, as I was so desperate to get her out of the classroom.

She pouted as she walked towards the door, and stood on the thresh hold for a moment as if waiting for me to change my mind. When I said nothing, she stormed off down the hallway. I didn't realise that I had been holding my breath until she had disappeared from my sight.

I mentally slapped myself. What had I been about to do? If it hadn't have stopped there then I could have lost my job, ruined my marriage and gone to jail. I thanked God for the moment of strength he had given me. Trying to push the incident from my mind, I continued with my work until about 5.30 when I collected my things and left my classroom. As I was walking down the hallway, I bumped straight into someone - I couldn't see who; my files were packed up high to eye level. I appologised, and kept walking without taking a look at who I had crashed into for fear that my precariously balanced pile of work would fall and my hours' worth of filing would have been for nothing.

Shuffling around the corner of the hall, I found my waist being grabbed from behind and was suddenly pulled into a small cupboard and pushed to the floor. It was completely dark and I heard the lock click closed. When Jaime switched the lightswitch on, illuminating the mini room, I found mysef unsurprised by her actions. Even so, I still seemed to be refusing her advances - the words left my mouth before I even realised what I was saying, "Jaime, I have already told you. Nothing will happen between us so please just let me out of this little cupboard and I will make sure that the Head's punishment is not to harsh."

"I don't think so, Mr Rassel. I am going to have you one way or another," she said sexily as she climbed on top of me, her legs around my hips and her breasts in my face. She leant forwards, so my face was literally in her chest and she shook her tits in my face. She slowly slid her hands over her tits and unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her errect nipples and firm tits fully. "Well go on then, sir, I know you want to taste me."

I kept my mouth shut, refusing to play her games. Looking away from her beautiful breasts made it far easier to refuse her offer. However, Jaime was still intent on getting what she wanted from me so she slid down my legs slowly so she could kiss my neck. I felt her tongue trace the veins in my neck, her lips kiss my ear lobes and then suck the skin on my collarbone. She slowly became hungrier, and she began to suck my skin harder and bite on my ear lobes. I rolled my head away from her, but this ecnouraged her more. She continued to suck on my ear, whilst her hands slid to my chest. She slowly undid the buttons on my shirt, until my top half was competely on show. Her kisses moved to my lips, and her tongue forced its way into my mouth. She began sucking on my bottom lip and before long I could no longer resist her kiss and began to return the favour. I sucked on her bottom lip as she had done mine, and forced my tongue deep into her throat. I savoured the taste of her mouth when she pulled away and smiled at me.

I suddenly felt her sharp nails slide down my chest, leaving a distinct set of red scratch marks much like a cat would leave. I swore loudly but she silence me, with a finger on my lips, and her tongue running over the lines she had left on my skin. She sucked on my nipple, where one trace had been left. When I felt her teeth bite down on my right nipple I grunted in pain, to which she bit down harder and began to twist my nipple with her teeth. I grunted louder, trying to push her away but the further I pushed her away the tighter her grip on my nipple became and the more pain I experienced. I bit the inside of my mouth to prevent myself from grunting out again as she scratched my chest from the other side, leaving marks in the shape of an x.

She grabbed my hands and pulled them up to her tits, and held my hands on her warm chest - still never letting go of my nipple. The moment she let go of my hands I let them drop. This seemed to make her very angry. She bit down very hard on my nipple, drawing blood. She smiled as she licked some of it up, before moving her concentration to other things. She released my nipple, from which a trail of blood was dripping, and traced her tongue down my chest to the band of my trousers. She held me against the wall with her hands on my shoulders and undid my belt with her teeth. She pulled it out of its buckles and took it in one hand.

Smiling, she drew it down across my chest; the buckle drawing blood as it scraped my skin, the actually leather belt leaving a huge red burning mark horizontally across my chest. She leaned back and laughed, still sitting on my hips, and smashed the belt down onto my body again. This continued for about 10 more strokes, until my entire top half was numb from pain. She grinned, enjoying the pain she was putting me through, and pulled the belt around my neck, doing it up like a collar around a dog. Still keeping a tight grip on the free end, she slid down my legs until her face was over my crotch.

In one swift movement she had pulled my trousers down to my ankles. She stroked my dick through my pants as if stroking a pet. Her hand slipped into my underwear and gripped hard around my cock. Squeezing it tight, she pulled it out of my pants. "So small," she giggled. "I wonder why I even bothered. Mr Bennet has a far larger cock that you. And he is willing to play with me."

The grip around my cock tightened, and I began seeing stars in my eyes. For a moment, I was sure that I would pass out. Instead, she suddenly released me and took each of by balls in her hands. She ran her thumbs over them slowly, put a small amount of pressure on them and then began full out massaging them. I moaned in appreciation, although I knew I should have been trying my hardest to get away from her. I slumped against the wall when she began to kiss my balls, sucking on them as she had done my ear and shoulder, and licking them as a child would ice cream. I felt her teeth graze against my skin and I shuddered in fear of what she would do next. Instead of biting down, she moved to the head of my cock. 

Her tongue flicked across my head and I knew I was very hard by now. She would flick her tongue across my tip quickly and then change to a far slower, more sensual movement. I felt her smile again as she licked the precum off of my cock. She took my tip in her mouth, and sucked it very slowly. It felt so good to have the warm of her mouth around my dick. Her hands had risen back to my balls now, and their movements varied between stroking, scratching, rubbing and digging her nails in. Every time she did the latter, I grunted in pain but the wonderful feel of her fingers flicking across my balls made the pain disappear from my mind.

In these simple acts, she had made me so hard and when she began squeezing my balls I knew I was going to come. She began to treat my balls more roughly now, squeezing harder and scratching them, continually milking me so when I came it would be big. She suddenly pulled away, taking her mouth from my dick and her hands from my balls, leaving me unfulfilled. She pulled the belt around my neck, tightening it so far I found it hard to breathe for a moment, and whispered into my ear, "Sir, I don't think I said you could come. That would be very inappropriate for a teacher to come in his student's mouth, don't you think?"

I turned to face her and begged for her forgiveness. I had been so close to release that I would have agreed to anything to get her to finish her work on me. She leant forward, her hips directly ontop of my erect and naked cock, and kissed me on my lips. As she pulled away, she said, "Well, if you want something, Sir, you really should ask for it."

"Jaime, please make me come," I begged desperately. I was so close to release that I did not care that she was my student any more. I would take any punishment as long as I could come right now.

"Mr Rassel!" She exclaimed, mock shock on her face. "That is a very inappropriate question to ask a student."

"For fuck sake, Jaime," I pleaded. "You want me? Well I am all yours. Now please..."

My submission clearly pleased her, but I would worry about that later. Right now, all I wanted was to come. She bent over my dick, taking it completely in her mouth, and began to suck again. I thrusted my hips against her face, needed desperately to feel release, forcing my dick right to the back of her throat. I had never been so rough with a woman before, but I needed to come so badly, so I grabbed her tits in my hands and pulled on them as I thrusted deeper into her mouth. She looked like she was about to gag, clearly never being fucked in the mouth so hard, but continued to suck my cock without protest. I felt her hands back on my balls, squeezing harder than she had before, and within seconds I came in her mouth. She swallowed the entire lot, but I hadn't exactly given her much of a choice. For the first time that afternoon, I finally felt back in control.

I pushed Jaime away from me, and now I was ontop holding her down with more force than necessary. "You think it is fun to tease your teacher? You think it is ok to lock him in a cupboard and make him beg to come in a slutty 18 year olds mouth? Well, Jaime?"

"No Sir," she whispered, now very scared of me. Before, it had been a game to her. She wanted to see if she could actually get her teacher to come, to forget about the boundries that their roles set and no longer see her as a child. But now, with me ontop of her and the consequences of her actions becoming clear, she had realised that she was in trouble. Shit loads of trouble. Except, she had expected to be punished through school proccedures. Isolation. Expulsion. Not tortured by the teacher she had seduced.

I pulled the belt from around my neck and thrashed it down on her chest. It left a huge red mark across her tits, and I felt a slight pleasure at the fact that I was about to degrade her as she had done me. "You want something to happen between us? You want to feel my body beside yours? Get up."

Shoving her across the room so she stood right against the wall, I drew the belt back once more and slashed it down on her. I gripped the hem of her skirt and ripped it down to the ankles. She was wearing a thin black thong made of silk. Holding her against the wall with my forearm against her neck, I began stroking her clit through the soft material with my other hand. She moaned quietly, and tears were rushing down her face. I didn't care though. She had made me suffer, and I was going to do the same to her.

Before she could react, I shoved one of my fingers into her pussy - the silky material entering her around my finger. I moved my finger around inside her, until I found her g-spot - which I hit with some force. I fucked Jaime with my fingers, adding another with every passing minute, until my entire hand was inside her and ripping her apart. For a slut, she had a very tight pussy.

As I fingered her, she moaned against the wall, her body feeling immense pleasure in what her mind knew was very wrong. Her juices flowed from her pussy, and before long her thong was completely soaked with her juices. I ripped it off of her body and shoved it in her mouth, making her suck her own juices like the whore she was. A distant part of my mind told me that what I was doing was wrong but I ignored it, my rage blocking it out.

Now that her pussy was completely exposed, I bent over so my face was directly in front of her. I felt her attempt to free herself, now that my arm was no longer against her throat, but I shifted my weight onto her stomach preventing her from moving. Her screams for help were blocked by the makeshift gag in her mouth. I slowly traced my tongue over her clit, making sure it barely touched her, as teased her as she had done me. When the near nonexistent movements became too much for her, she began thrusting her hips to me to increase the pleasure she was feeling. I drew away.

For a few moments, I did nothing, just stared at her pussy and breathed. My warm breath was antagonising for her, and it made her juices flow renewed once more, but then I took her folds in my teeth, pulling on them harder than she had my nipples. Her screams were muffled and she tried to shuffle away from me but to no avail. I bit down harder, until I was sure she could stand no more pain at which point I released her folds.

I sat up meeting her eyes, which were now bloodshot and fearful. I darted forward and kissed her lips hungrily, biting down on her lip and enjoying the taste of her blood. I grabbed her breasts as I continued to suck the blood from her mouth and pulled them around. I squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples, each time I felt her squirming underneath me.

My cock was still hard, and so close to her bare wet pussy I could not help myself. I inserted my entire length into her tight pussy, my short nails digging into her back. She thrashed against me, trying to move away from my body, but she could not move far enough to move my dick from inside her. I began pounding her harder than even I thought possible, going so far in that I was sure I was hitting her stomach, and with each thrust she screamed and attempted to escape the torture she had brought upon herself.

I thrusted in and out of her pussy, finding myself perversely enjoying the feel of her juices flowing down her legs. When she felt my cock grow inside her pussy as I got ready to come, she tried to cry out but very little sound came out. I shot my juices into her and quickly withdrew afterward. I stood up, and looked down at the sobbing girl on the floor. A sudden feeling of remourse flooded through me, and I hurredly put on my clothes before rushing out of the cupboard.

When I got home, Emily kissed me on the cheek asking me how my day had been. I told her I wasn't feeling very well and rushed up to our bedroom. I spent the night tossing and turning, trying to forget what I had done. It didn't help.

The next morning, when I got to my classroom Jaime was already there. "Jaime..." I said slowly.

"It is alright, Sir," she replied, equally slowly. "I did push you into it. And it wasn't that bad really. I just didn't expect you to be so..."

As she grappled for the word, I saw in her eyes that she was telling the truth. "Jaime, I should not have let it happen. It was a lapse in judgement."

"I told you sir," she said, as she walked towards me. Taking my hands in hers, she lifted them to my face and stroked my cheeks. "I don't mind. I have never had such great sex, but next time, I would prefer it if you treated me like an equal."

"Next time, Jaime?" Whilst I was relieved that she wasn't going to report me, and more importantly didn't hate me, I was not entirely certain that I wanted to cheat on my wife again.

She looked up at me, her eyes now big and beautiful, and kissed me slowly. "Yes sir," she said, pulling back from our kiss slightly. "Next time."


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Submitted: February 19, 2014

© Copyright 2023 masterslittleslut. All rights reserved.

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I like your descriptions of sex, and it reminds me that I should spend more time describing good old vaginas myself. I think more build up to the actual event is something that a lot of people read for. So more back story and so on could be added to this. As it stands though, your story is a powerful piece of writing.

Wed, February 19th, 2014 2:00pm


Thank you very much! I will certainly keep that in mind for my next stories and I totally agree that people should spend more time on vaginas ;) xx

Wed, February 19th, 2014 9:23am

Gianni Shamari

I liked the imagery, the pace, and the dialogue of your story. As a reader, I felt like I was in the story observing the whole thing. You know to paint pictures well with your words. Thanks for sharing a hot tale!

Thu, February 20th, 2014 12:25am


Thank you so much for your kind comment, i really appreciate it xx

Thu, February 20th, 2014 10:44am


You accomplished the Holy Grail by leaving us all begging for more to cum!

Sat, March 1st, 2014 9:59pm


Thank you! Watch this space and you, like Jaime, might just get your wish xx

Sun, March 2nd, 2014 7:48am


Great story, It's a little rougher than I usually read. It was still good. Lots of great imagery and powerful language.

Tue, March 4th, 2014 11:23pm


I am sorry if anything offended you, but I am glad you enjoyed it xx

Sat, March 15th, 2014 6:44am


I have to agree w/Jrwinter35... Rougher than I'm comfortable with, as I don't feel right about rape... On the part of anyone... And I know personally how bad it can get for a rogue teacher who gets caught, or even gets accused of something that isn't even true... It can most definitely ruin one's life...

Fri, March 7th, 2014 12:05pm


Thank you for your truthful comment, the truth is appreciated. I meant not to offend.xx

Sat, March 15th, 2014 6:48am


Wow! Well written, hot and throbbing erotica. The last act surprised me a bit. That was unexpected.

Sat, March 8th, 2014 8:43pm


Thank you greatly, I hope it surprised you in a good way? Xx

Sat, March 15th, 2014 6:49am

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