My Teachers and I

My Teachers and I

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


After a party makes Carmel famous in her town, her relationship with the school staff takes a new turn


After a party makes Carmel famous in her town, her relationship with the school staff takes a new turn

Chapter1 (v.1) - My Teachers and I

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After a New Years party makes Carmel famous in her town, her relationship with the school staff takes a new turn

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Submitted: January 18, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 18, 2016



"Welcome back students. I hope you all had a good Christmas break and didn't get into too much trouble."

Dr Jones' eyes fell on me. Obviously he had heard the rumours about my New Years Eve party. To be fair, almost everyone in town knew about the party because practically everyone crashed it. And those that didn't had heard about the many MANY hookups that occured throughout my house. Oh my poor house. Thankfully my parents didn't get home until January 4th which gave me plenty of time to clear up. But that wasn't enough to stop the town from gossiping. I had been grounded for pretty much the entire year. I doubted that it would stop me from causing trouble, though.

The lesson passed by without much of interest, and I sat daydreaming. I thought of all the people who had hooked up in my bedroom on New Years, how the smell of all that cum stayed on my sheets for a week even after I washed them. When I'd been tidying up, I found that someone had installed a camera in my cupboard and I had a recording of all the evening's events. It would be a lie to say that I hadn't watched it. I'd had my best orgasm ever whilst watching my friends have sex. And I hadn't been able to forget it since.

"Carmel, would you mind staying behind after school?" Dr Jones' silky voice brought me back to the present. I nodded, blushing that I'd been called up in front of the class.

One of the guys beside me leant over his friend and whispered in my ear, "Thanks for the great party, Mel. Because of you, I got with 3 different girls. 2 at the same time. I hope you throw another party soon. You looked super hot as the attentive waitress. I'd love to see you let your hair down."

As he pulled away he gave me a very suggestive look and I noticed that he was semi-hard. In the corner of my mind, I wondered what I had actually gotten myself in for. He wasn't the first guy to try and proposition me. He was right that during the party I'd be the sensible hostest, never having a drink or letting anyone touch me, but I hadn't refrained from wearing the slutty dresses that my friends had. Mine had actually been the worst of us all. Skin tight trousers made of flowery black lace (which was for some reason placed so that absolutely nothing was left to the imagination) paired with what in reality was just a tiny black scarf that originally covered my breasts but flapped so much as I moved that I may as well not have bothered.

Within the last ten miuntes of the lesson, I got more than 100 Facebook messages from people thanking me for the party or asking if I did house calls - but the language used was oh so more crude. I tried to reply to them all (graciously declining the invites for "personal" parties) but knew I wouldn't have time before the end of the lesson. It turned out that I managed to reply to even less than I'd imagined because Dr Jones walked past my desk, hand outstretched, gesturing for my phone. It was painful to hand it over, my phone was my entire life, and even worse I didn't get to lock it.

When the bell finally rang, I remained in my seat and waited for the class to leave before walking to Dr Jones. I sat on the table in front of his desk, as I did during every one of our after school chats, and waited patiently for him to finished collecting his papers. As he moved around the room I began to study him. He really was one of the most gorgeous people that I'd ever seen. There was something about the way his smart shirt hung across his abs that drove me mad. And his little bow tie was just so cute. Not many people could pull off a bow tie. He did it effortlessly.

His hair was short and spikey, a mix of browns that melted together to give an overall effect of the likes I had never seen before. And his eyes... You know people sometimes say that you can see a person's life in their eyes? Well, his told a joyous story. He lived in the moment, managed to find joy in everything. To me, that joy for life made him more attractive. I wouldn't have cared about his looks so long as those eyes remained the same. But luckily for me, and everyone else that lay eyes on him, he had both.

"Carmel," Dr Jones said suddenly, pulling me out of another fantasy that had started playing in my mind. "I would like to talk to you about your New Years party."

Excitement flooded through me, until I registered the look on his face. This was not going to turn out the way I'd hoped. You see, Dr Jones and I had been having our weekly meetings after school now for the best part of two years. Throughout that time, I had fallen more and more for him but it was clear to me that, whilst very fond of me, Dr Jones still saw me as his student. As far as he was concerned, nothing would ever happen between us. I'd accepted that a long time ago, but I still found myself living in hope.

I stretched my legs out on the desk, getting a little too comfy in a lying down position. This would not be a short conversation. "You aren't going to moan at me too, are you? I've already had this talk with my parents, my therapist, the head teacher and my personal tutor. Even the pervy man that lives next door to me complained about the party. I don't think I can take another bollocking."

There was a small smile on Dr Jones' lips but he turned around to clear the whiteboard so I couldn't see. When he had regained his composure, he turned back and sat on the edge of the desk by my feet. "Carmel." His silky voice washed over me again and I had to resist the urge to close my eyes. "I am not going to give you a bollocking, as you so eloquently put it."

"Oh," I said stupidly, sitting myself up. That was unexpected. Thrown of my normal cool, I managed to say, "So... um... what would you like to know about it?"

"I have heard a lot about it. Did you know that practically every member of staff attended at some point during the night? I hear that you have a very large garden with a lot of dark corners. It sounds like they were all made use of." He was looking at me as if this was going to be news to me, but since I had gone around trying to tidy the whole estate up I had found a lot of evidence of what had gone on in those dark corners.

"Yes..." I said slowly. I hadn't known that the faculty had made their way through the student body in my garden but I shouldn't have been surprised. Most of the teachers in this school were either horny old men chasing the girls or gorgeous women in their mid twenties would were easily swayed by the horny teenage boys. "I know that a lot of uninvited people showed up. I think that was half the problem that everyone had with the party. I mean, so many people there, who knows what could have happened!"

"That isn't exactly the best attitude towards possible danger, Carmel." Dr Jones shook his head and went back to arranging his desk. My thoughts started to wander again, back to the orgasm that came about from watching that video. It truly had been amazing.

"Carmel, I'm over here," Dr Jones' voice brought me back once again. There was something in the way he said my name that still managed to rock me to my core, even after two years. He was sitting right in front of me, and I jumped back slightly in surprise. I hadn't meant to, but I was scared what would happen if I'd stayed close to those gorgeous lips for much longer. Dr Jones' sat up straight, perhaps misunderstanding the reason I leapt back, He remained friendly, but I got the feeling me pulling away had upset him. "Carmel, I am worried about you. When I first met you last year, you were so switched on. Recently... Well, you've been dressing differently, throwing crazy parties, daydreaming all the time. What is going on in that pretty brain of yours?"

I stared at him, open mouthed. I didn't know what got to me the most. He cared for me enough to worry about me. He had noticed that I'd been dressing differently. He described my brain as pretty. No. This was silly. I pushed the thoughts from my mind. I didn't need to deal with these feelings whilst wrestling with my raging hormones. After a pause that held in the air for far too long, I gave him a small smile and said, "I'm fine, Dr Jones. I've just made some new friends, that's all. As for the daydreaming... Well... My mind has just been on other things recently."

"I assume you are still thinking about New Years?" Dr Jones gave me an almost knowing look. "From what I heard, Carmel, you recieved a lot of attention during your party. And looking through the pictures on your phone, it is clear to see why."

This time I really was unable to speak. My jaw must have hit the ground. It was the first time in years I had nothing to say. I was only able to respond when I saw Dr Jones' smile. It kick started my brain into action, and my only thought was one of anger. "How dare you look through my phone! It is private! It has my whole life on there and you have no right to invade my privacy. No right at all. How dare you."

I had jumped up from the table and begun furiously pacing across the desks. I couldn't deal with this. If he had looked through my pictures, what was to say that he hadn't read my Facebook messages or my personal notes. What would be found within those was far more revealing than any... well... almost any pitcure that could be found on there too. By the time that I made to the edge of the classroom, I was even more angry than I had been before.

"Seriously! How could you?" I screamed. "There must be some sort of code that stops you from looking at what is on a student's phone! I can't believe this! What else did you look at?"

"Calm down, Carmel. I apologise sincerely. I shouldn't have looked. It was wrong of me." He took one look at my face and reconisidered. "Very wrong of me. I don't expect you to forgive me, and I understand if you wish to report me for misconduct. But, before you make a decision, I wish to tell you that it is easy to see why you were recieving such attention from your class mates."

"I.... What?" His comment threw me off balance and I missed the edge of the next table. By some miracle, Dr Jones was across the room in a flash and caught me before I fell. His arms felt as strong around my body as I had imagined and I had to stop my mind from racing to possible outcomes.

Dr Jones set me down on the edge of the nearest table and told me to stay put. He left the room and returned a few minutes later with a cup of coffee - milk and two sugars, as he knew was my preference. We sat in silence as we drank our coffees, and I kept my eyes on the floor. This was turning out to be a very strange and confusing day. Finally I mustered the courage to speak, and immediately wished I hadn't, because the words that escaped my mouth were so far from my actual thoughts that it didn't seem real. "I think I had better be going, Dr Jones. Thank you for the coffee."

I grabbed my bag and headed towards the door. Before I reached it, Dr Jones called my name. "I think you have forgotten something, Carmel."

I sighed, turning around to grab my phone from off his desk. As I picked it up, Dr Jones grabbed my wrist. "I think you should put a password on your phone. You never know what sort of person might look at your personal files."

Again I was rendered speachless but managed to pull my hand away from Dr Jones' grip, ignoring the heat that was travelling through my body. I knew my cheeks were flushed at the contact between us. Embarassed, I nodded and left the room. I got half way down the coridoor when my phone buzzed. It was an unknown number.

Carmel, I truly am sorry to have embarassed you just now. You did look fabulous in those pictures and I hope that you can forgive my brashness. If you can, I'd like for us to talk more about your current situation. Here is my address, come around whenever. Steven.  

It took me a few moments to register that Steven was Dr Jones' first name but when I did, my heart fluttered. I immediately texted back, telling him that I was free tonight. As I left the building, I had no idea what I was about to walk into. I had never been more excited.

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