Holiday Escapades - Part 2

Holiday Escapades - Part 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Jeanie gets a present from her friend that she will never forget - her ultimate fantasy realised. She ends up in a motel with a group of strangers who all want their wicked way with her.


Jeanie gets a present from her friend that she will never forget - her ultimate fantasy realised. She ends up in a motel with a group of strangers who all want their wicked way with her.


Submitted: December 22, 2015

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Submitted: December 22, 2015



?The leader didn't release his hold on me, instead he pushed me towards a wall and somehow kept his dick inside my pussy. I grunted as my body impacted with the hard wall and my head jolted painfully. The man thrusted his cock further into me - if that was at all possible - and whispered in my ear, "You really do need to learn to keep quiet, if you are going to be a good slut. That is what you want, isn't it?"

I nodded, still unable to see the men due to the thick blindfold across my eyes. I felt him place a kiss on my shoulder bone before moving back up to my ear. He nibbled on my ear lobe and I rolled my neck to let him get further access. "Please, Master. I want to please you."

He laughed against my neck, biting occasionally on the skin which caused me to jump against his strong body. He called one of his friends over and someone held my head straight so another man could shove a gag into my mouth. It felt like a large plastic ball and once it was in I knew that I wouldn't be able to get it out without help. The leader asked me a question and when I tried to answer all that escaped my mouth was a muffled mumble. He pulled me away from the wall and less than a second later I was screaming against the gag as a new man was forcing his cock into my ass.

Almost no sound escaped my mouth thanks to the gag and this seemed to empower the men. Both cocks within me were withdrawn and I was thrown back onto the rickety bed. One man barked orders at me to take a position, which I did without a second thought. I was on my hands and knees, my ass sticking high in the air. I waited for something to happen and just when I started to relax a felt a huge paddle crash down on my ass cheeks.

I collapsed onto the bed only to have my ass spanked harder. Deciding that it was less painful when I was on my knees, I reassumed the position and bared my teeth, now knowing what to expect from my punishment. Even though I knew what to expct, it didn't stop each stroke from hurting like hell. The heat in my ass was unbelievable, it felt like every inch of my skin was on fire. When they reached the tenth stroke, I was told that my punishment was over.

Unable to see or speak, I sat on the bed on my heels and bowed my head in what I hoped was a thankful position. It hurt to put weight on my ass so I tried my hardest to keep my balance on the balls of my feet, but when my legs began shaking in pain I knew that this was not an option. I finally settled on leaning forward on my knees, my hands behind my back and my ass in the air.

The gag was removed from my mouth and I gasped for air. "Thank you, Masters," I said immediately. It surprised me how much being punished had turned me on. I decided that I wanted to do something about it, especially since my clit was throbbing and beginning to drive me wild. "Please, Masters, what next?"

Hands that I recognised as those of the leaders pulled me up into a standing position and I was told to remain perfectly still. Something was strapped around my waist, a round object pressing on my clit, and the leader stood behind me. Into my ear once again, he whispered, his voice gorgeously lush, "For taking your punishment so well, we have decided to let you have some pleasure yourself."

As he spoke, gentle vibrations started to shake my body. The round object on my clit sent teasingly slow vibrations through my genitals, occasionally sending a small spark too. I heard a small click behind me and the vibrations increased. My legs felt like jelly and it was all I could do not to collapse on the floor.

"Well done," the leader mumbled. "I have a game for you, my dear. This device goes up to a level of 10. You are currently on setting 3. I am going to let you guess how high you can go without either cumming or making a sound. If you are right, I will let you remove your blindfold. If you are wrong, or you fail before you reach your target level... Well, we will see what happens. So, do you want to play, my dear?"

Before I could answer, I was spun around so I was facing the leader. I could feel his cock on my stomach, he was clearly quite a lot taller than me, but also his lips millimetres from mine. When he spoke again, I could feel his lips moving against mine, a feeling that sent strong enough shivers through my body to be felt above those from the vibrator. "So, my dear, what setting do you think you can take?"

"I think..." I said slowly, savouring the feeling of his soft lifts against mine. "I will go for setting 7."

"Only 7, my dear?" I nodded, unsure whether I would even make it that far when I was already so desperate to cum. "Well, let us see how close to that you get. Of course, you must know that I won't stop my friends from having their fun whilst the vibrator goes."

I didn't get to answer, as the next level of vibrations shut me up. I took a deep breath, arched my hips towards the leader, and somehow managed to keep myself together. The leader lifted me up from around my hips and slid his cock between my pussy lips. He didn't actually enter me, instead just rocked his hips against mine. Each time he thrust forward, my clit would hit his stomach and the vibrations would feel even stronger - not that the setting was ever increased.

When the setting was increased, boy did I know it. I tightened my legs around the leader's waist and tried desperately to hold my orgasm back. I found it astonishing that it actually worked. The leader chuckled, the sound reverbarating through me. In truth, I though that sound would make me cum before any vibrator would.

Suddenly a cock forced its way into my ass just as the leader stepped away, leaving me to almost collapse onto the floor. I hadn't realised how much I'd been relying on him to keep my jelly legs from collapsing beneath me. Luckily, another man replaced the leader and his dick in my pussy held me up. They fucked me hard, again without rhythm, but I actually found the pain and discomfort made it easier to ignore the immensely pleasurable vibrations that continued to flow through me.

Both men released their loads into me, the vibrator clearly helping them reach their climax sooner. I fell to the floor when they pulled away but somehow managed to keep silent and stop myself from cumming. I opened my mouth expectantly, and was immediately sucking simultaneous sucking and jerking off two cocks. Another man told me to finger myself as well, which was difficult to do as my concentration was elsewhere.

Clearly realising this, I felt someone lift me up before pulling me down onto a cock of a man now sat beneath me. My other spare hand pulled up to another cock, I found myself barely able to focus on pleasing the four cocks at once. The task became even harder when the vibrator was tured up again. I gasped, causing the cock in my mouth to be sucked further down my throat - much to the pleasure of the man whom I was sucking. He gripped my hair and forced me to take him all the way to his balls. Still I managed to suck him, but occasionally my teeth would catch his sensitive skin - this earned me a smack around the face.

I felt the vibrations against my clit increase exponentially, and I screamed out but thankfully the cock in my mouth completely blocked out the sound. Again the vibrations increased, and then once more until I almost couldn't take it. The men whose cocks I held pulled away and seconds later squirted their loads over my body, face and in my hair. Seeing their friends release, the other two men within me soon came and pulled out, leaving me feel empty.

"Please, Masters," I begged, crying out in desperation. "Please may I cum?"

I could see stars in my eyes and I was in incredible pain as I tried to hold back the tide of the orgasm that threatened to slam through me. I almost didn't hear the leader to start, my heart was beating so loudly in my ears, but when he mumbled in my ear that I could I exploded.

It was the best orgasm I had ever had, and certainly the longest, lasting over a minute. I collapsed on the floor, wreathing and wriggling, unable to stop my body from spasming. I was certain that I squirted more cum in that minute that I had in my entire life. I don't know how much time passed after my body stopped wreathing. I felt a strong pair of hands help me into a sitting position.

"I am very impressed," the leader whispered to me. "I didn't think you'd even make it to 5."

"I got to 7?" I asked, my voice hoarse. I was still finding it difficult to catch my breath and my jaw felt like it was about to break due to the enormous cock I'd previously been sucking.

"You got to 10," the man answered, clearly impressed by my stamina. "So, I think I owe you this."

I felt his arms slide behind my head and untie the blindfold that covered me eyes. When I opened my eyes, it took them a second to adjust, but when they did I found myself facing a gorgeous man. He had short brown hair, a very chiselled face and eyes that seemed to be staring into my soul. He was also wearing a gorgeous smile. "Hi there."

"Hi..." I managed to say. I quickly looked around and saw that no-one else was in the room. The man told me that they'd all left during my orgasm but they had left me a little something by the door. I tried to stand up but was unable to make my legs hold my weight. The man carried me over the door where a small black box lay there. I opened it to find a gorgeous silver necklace. 

I threw my arms around the man that held me up and thanked him on behalf of all of the other men. "I'm Jeanie," I said looking into his gorgeous eyes as he clasped the necklace behind my head. "I guess it's... um... nice to meet you."

"Alex," he introduced himself before planting a deep kiss on to my lips. When he broke it, he carried me over to the bed and placed me gently down on it. Alex lay next to me, his cock still erect between us. "You are very beautiful, Jeanie."

Despite everything that I had been though, his comment still made me blush. I lowered my eyes, which found their way to his cock, and I managed to say, "Thank you. I think you are very handsome too,"

Alex grinned and lifted my face to his, placing another kiss on my lips. "You taste of cum," he told me, with a mock shocked look. It didn't seem to bother him that much that he could taste his friends cum. "But not mine."

I gave him a sly grin and crawled down the bed so that my head was by his cock and my pussy was by his face. I slowly started sucking his tip, wrapping my lips around his cock and then taking him completely in my mouth. I felt him draw a breath agaisnt my pussy before he ripped the vibrator from my clit and nibbled on it with his teeth.

In response, I started bobbing my head back and forth, gently pulling on the skin around his tip with my teeth. This seemed to drive Alex wild but I got the feeling he wasn't going to give in lightly. I was right. He bit down on my clit and then ran his tongue up and down my slit, sending shivers through my body. These waves of pleasure were far more intense than those of the vibrator and we both knew I couldn't hold in another orgasm.

Within seconds I came over Alex's face and the sharp intake of air into my mouth seemed to push Alex over the edge too. We squirted out cum into eachother's mouths until we were unable to cum no more. I fell onto my back and was soon joined by Alex who brought me into a deep kiss.

I loved the taste of my cum on his lips and he seemed to love the taste of his on mine. We kissed for a long time and when we finally pulled away he looked at me with adoration and said, "Happy Christmas, Jeanie. If it isn't too forward to say, I hope we have many more together."

"Oh, Alex. I am sure we will."

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