Holiday Escapades - Part 1

Holiday Escapades - Part 1

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Jeanie gets a present from her friend that she will never forget - her ultimate fantasy realised. She ends up in a motel with a group of strangers who all want their wicked way with her.


Jeanie gets a present from her friend that she will never forget - her ultimate fantasy realised. She ends up in a motel with a group of strangers who all want their wicked way with her.


Submitted: December 06, 2015

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Submitted: December 06, 2015



My best friend, Jamie, knew everything about me. He knew that one of my deepest desires was to one day go somewhere out of the way, well off the beaten track, and let a strange do dastardly things to me. Such fantasies had gripped me from a very young age, but 25 years into my life I still hadn't taken that final step to achieve them. Well, that is where Jamie stepped in.

He called me one morning and asked me into town for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. Naturally, I accepted the invitation - Jamie made the best gingerbread loaf I had ever tasted and it always signified the start of my Christmas. I rang his doorbell, shivering against the freezing cold and laughing as I heard the ridiculous song ringing through the halls of his home. After allowing the tune to play all the way through, much to my dismay, Jaime finally opened the door and pulled me in to the warm.

I let out a shudder, my fingers tingling as the warmth of the indoors wrapped around them, and pulled Jaime into a huge hug. He gently rubbed my back and arms until I stopped shivering. Taking my coat whilst blabbering on about whatever he had been watching on the television last night, Jaime herded me into his livingroom. I had forgotten how much my friend liked Christmas.

To say it was an assault on the senses would be putting it lightly. A 7 foot high Christmas tree, blinking in a way that would have caused anyone unprepared for the spectacle to experience an epileptic fit, stood in the furthest corner of the room. There was tinsel everywhere, paper chains hung for the ceiling and so much incense that I could barely breathe. Somehow, Jaime had managed to make the mishmash of decorations not seem at all gaudy and I could not help but smile.

He sat me down, returning a moment later with a plate of his gingerbread loaf and a cup of my favourite type of tea, with a huge grin on his face. He still hadn't stopped talking and when he finally took a breath, I managed to get my first words in, "Thank you, Jaime. I didn't get you anything big this year, but I think you'll like it just the same."

I handed him a little wrapped package from my bag and started protesting as he ripped the paper from the box. I should have known better than to give him his present before Christmas day - he could never resist opening them before the big day. Clapping his hands like a small child, Jaime held up the crystal bauble and watched mesmerised as the light broke apart into its constituent colours. He pulled me into a huge bear hug, careful not to break the pure crystal sphere, and carefully placed in at he top of his Christmas tree.

"I absolutely love it, Jeanie, but I still think that my gift to you this year will win."

Every year we had a competition to get the other a better gift, and Jaime won almost every year. The last time I had won was when I took him on a trip to Jamaica where he met a gorgeous young man that he still talks to now and again. The truth was that Jaime knew me so well that he was always able to get me exactly what I wanted before I even knew myself. It turned out that this year was no different.

"You have to keep an open mind, Jeanie," he said as he handed me a reservation for a motel in the middle of nowhere. Even more shockingly, it was booked for tonight! After one look at my face, Jaime took my hand and said, "I think you need another slice of cake. You said you wanted this, Jeanie. No strings, just a night of fun. So, that is what I've gone and arranged for you. I do need to know, though, how many men are you happy to be shared with?"

"Jaime!" I screamed, my mind unable to comprehend what was unfurling around me. After a bit more prodding from my friend, I finally conceded and admitted that I would be happy to be shared by any number of men. In truth, whilst the thought made me feel slutty, I knew that in my fantasies that was exactly what I had dreamed of. With a mouthful of Jaime's gorgeous gingerbread loaf, I asked "Why did you do this, Jaime?"

He simply shrugged. "I thought that it would be fun. Anyway, I have been waiting for years for you to do something like this, and you never have! I want you to have a wonderful Christmas story. Get your coat then, Jeanie! We've got to get going if you are going to be there on time!"

The day of driving became a muddle of emotions. I was so excited by the whole thought of what I was about to do, but another part of my brain kept screaming that this was a stupid mistake. Still, it was the holidays and Jaime had never led me into anything dangerous yet. I had complete faith in him. When we finally arrived at the motel - which looked as dingy as I had imagined - I found myself unable to stop smiling.

Jaime gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and said, "Now, Jeanie. This is supposed to be fun. I managed to get three people that I know won't hurt you but if anything happens that you don't like just say the word red. They will stop immediately. Okay? Now, go and have fun. I can't wait to hear all about it."

He practically shoved me out of the car and, before I had any chance to back out, he drove away! My best friend left me outside a crappy motel in the middle of nowhere and it was starting to rain! Collecting my nerves and putting them away in the back of my mind, I ran inside and handed the reservation slip to the lady on the desk. She said nothing, simply handed me my key, but when I looked back at her, I saw she had a huge smile on her face. It was so embarassing but the thought vanished when I opened the door to my room.

It was so badly lit that I was almost unable to see anything at all. A strong pair of hands pulled me into the room and wrapped themselves around my face so any scream I let out was muffled completely. I saw another man walk up to me before he tied a blindfold over my eyes, rendering me completely unable to see anything now. Another bound my hands together behind my back. It was quite arousing.

One of the men slid their hands over my chest and started undoing the buttons on my blouse. I could feel the cold air against my skin as my top vanished, quickly followed by my bra, but the warmth from the strangers' hands stopped me from shivering. The man behind me had a hard-on that pressed against the small of my back, just above where my hands were bound, and I jumped a mile high when someone started squeezing my tits.

The dept fingers started squeezing the flesh around my nipples, pulling the skin and rolling it in their grasp. Nails started scraping lines across the soft flesh, leaving trails of tingling across my chest - the exciting feeling at least doubled by the ocassionaly freezing breeze that I could feel from the window. One man attached his mouth to my nipple like a babe and started nibbling on the flesh. He ran his tongue over my breast, spreading his saliva over my skin.

One man was still holding me around the waist, stopping me from squirming away from the foreign bodies against mine. The man behind me kept grinding agaisnt me, his cock getting noticably harder with each movement. I could feel his heavy breath on my bare shoulders and he soon started placing warm, sloppy kisses on my neck. He sucked on my neck, his teeth nibbling on the skin, and I knew I would have at least a hickey to show for this evening. In fact, it was quite pleasurable and I tilted my neck to the side so he was able to get better access to me.  

This made all in the room laugh, and I counted at least three other people in there other than those already touching me. The one sucking my breast suddenly bit down and I jumped backwards, banging my head against that of the man behind me. He grunted and in response bit down on my neck and pulled my waist closer in to his groin. Another man was stripping me of my skirt and seemed to be taking immense pleasure in removing my underwear.

His arms around my thighs, he twisted me so he had access to my exposed pussy but I heard someone shout at him to not get any closer. Still, he continued moving in and he wrapped his mouth around one of my pussy lips, pulling it around and sucking on it with unbelievable technique. I let out a huge moan before I felt him being ripped away from between my legs. Unable to see exactly what was happening, I gathered from the odd sound that he was being punched (multiple times, it seemed) for disobeying whoever was in charge.

I shouldn't have worried about him though. In response to my moaning at his actions, it seemed I was to be punished. I was pushed down the the ground, all men suddenly stepping away from me and clearing the area. I knelt on the floor, frankly quite terrified, and waited for something to happen. But, I was just left there. I don't know how much time passed but after what felt like an age I sensed someone kneel down beside me.

A hand slipped around my neck, gently cradling my neck and preventing me from turning away, someone whispered in my ear, "You are going to be quite a remarkable slut tonight. But you must understand the rules. You do what you are told and don't make a sound unless we say so. Is that quite clear?"

I nodded, something quite difficult considering the position in which my neck was being held. This was met with an approving response. As a "reward" I was told that I would not be punished and instead was allowed to choose who, of the 5 men there, I wanted to let play with me first. Knowing nothing about them, only that each wanted different things from me, I was told to pick a number. I chose 3.

Less than a second later, I had a cock shoved down my throat. I had only ever given a few blowjobs in my life, I found it rather a disgusting thing, and it seemed that I was not doing a good enough job for this man. He tangled his hand in my hair, almost rippingit from the roots, and pulled my head right up the length of his cock. Under heavy instructions, I did as I was told. I started licking the base of his dick and bobbing my head back and forth - although I needn't have bothered as this man seemed intent of simply fucking my throat with all the force he could muster.

Slowly, I started to enjoy the taste of his cock in my mouth and tried to suck on him gently to taste him some more. He seemed to like this, for his strokes got faster and reached even further into my mouth than before. I was finding it hard to breathe the further his cock went in my mouth but I didn't - couldn't - complain. I felt his cock grow in my mouth and seconds later he was shooting his cum down my throat. I pulled away in disgust, but he had such a tight grip on my hair that I could not go far. I felt the salty juices dripping from the corner of my mouth and when he finally stopped cumming I recieved a slap around the face for wasting his cum.

I tried to apologise but this only earnt me more scorn and within seconds I was lying on the ground. The man clambered on my chest, his weight almost enough to prevent me from breathing, and forced his cock into my mouth again. It was very uncomfortable, and his dick kept slipping out of my mouth. Each time it did, he would twist around on my chest so that he could slap my clit. Each successive stroke became harder until they were sending huge shockwaves through my body. I tried my hardest to keep his cock from slipping out of my mouth, sucking inwards and tightening my lips each time he pulled out and that seemed to work. It also gave him immense pleasure and minutes later he was cumming in my mouth once more. I simply lay there, my jaw locked open so that none of his juices would escape. I swallowed all of his cum until there was no more.

The man, still sitting on my chest, but now facing my pussy, started licking my clit. I knew that I was unbelievably wet - I had been since the very first moment I stepped into the room. It took all I had not to moan out in pleasure, instead using my energy to grind my hips against his face so that his tongue went further and further down my lips - finally reaching my pussy hole. I arched my hips up, practically begging for him to continued, but instead he stood and left me lying on the floor, unfulfilled.

"Another number, please," the man, whom I now assumed was incharge, asked me again. I replied, between deep breathes, with 1. However, I had messed up again without knowing. The leader knelt beside me, leaning across my breasts, whispered in my ear, "I think that it would be courteous of you to address us as your masters, don't you? This is a gift that we are giving you. You should be grateful."

"I'm sorry," I whispered almost inaudibly. "Please, Master, please may I choose number one?"

A gentle chuckle in my ear, then the leader leant away from me and told another that it was his turn. I was lifted by the waist and thrown onto the rickety bed in one smooth movement. This man was strong. He forced my legs apart with his feet, climbing on top of me. His hard dick rubbed against my clit as he kissed my chest, trailing up to my lips. Biting on my bottom lip gently, he sucked on it before drawing me into a deep kiss. I returned it happily.

His hands slid under my back, tracing the line of my spine until they reached my ass. Never breaking the kiss, but drawing me up into a better position to explore me, he squeezed my ass cheeks before circling one thumb around my ass hole. A gasp escaped my mouth against his. I had tried fingering my ass hole before to see if I found it pleasurable. It had never been uncomfortable but it delivered me no real excitment. However, this stranger's thumb was doing exciting things. He seemed to know exactly where on the walls inside my ass to apply preasure, for each time he did my body trembled against his.

His thumb still inside me, I felt him stretch out on top of me and position his cock at the entrance to my pussy. I couldn't help it. He had drawn far enough away from my lips to allow me to speak and I practically screamed for him to fuck me. In response, he shoved his thumb as far into my ass hole as he could, a very painful experience. Other fingers dug their nails into my ass cheeks before he pulled away from me entirely, leaving deep nail marks in my skin.

"Forgive me, Masters," I pleaded but this earned me nothing. A sharp pain emerged around my wrist as someone gripped it to pull me up. I was stood up, my legs kicked as far apart as they would go whilst still leaving me standing, and a huge cock was forced into my ass. I screamed, made even louder when someone thrusted their dick into my pussy. Another cock forced its way into my pussy, leaving me as stretched as I had ever been. The only reason I was stil standing was because the three men inside me where holding me up - one has his hands on my ass, another around my waist, and the third clasping my tits tightly.

They all started fucking me at the same time, but there was no rhythm as porn always suggested. Each was going at his own speed, making the two dicks in my pussy especially uncomfortable. It felt as if I was being stretched to within an inch of my life. It was made worse when my hands were untied so the other two men could each have one of my hands grip their cocks. I squeezed hard, which only earnt me more punishments for later, because it was becoming too much to bear.

"Masters!" I squealed. "Please forgive me! I'm sorry!"

The thrusts became slightly more controlled and it hurt a lot less. I continued my pleading, promising to be a better slut for my masters. This seemed to be enough for them, as all except one pulled away. I collapsed onto the last man remaining, he still had his cock within my pussy, and he held me up with ease. "I did warn you," he told me. I immediately recognised the voice as the leader. "I told you not to make a sound unless we said so. You have likely woken up everyone else staying here. You must know that if they come here in curiosity that I will have no choice but to let them join in. Until then though, I think you have another punishment to take. Don't you think?"

"Yes Master," I whimpered."Punish your slut."

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