Hoe Hoe Hoe

Hoe Hoe Hoe

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A prostitute finds herself having a very merry Christmas


A prostitute finds herself having a very merry Christmas


Submitted: December 28, 2015

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Submitted: December 28, 2015



Business is surprisingly hard for a prostitute on Christmas day.

Most people want to spend Christmas with their families, inside from the cold and with those they love. Even prostitutes have families. I do, but I certainly didn't want to spend time with them. Everyone knew what I did as a profession, I made no secret of it, but it meant that uncles and distant relatives thought they could try for a freebie. And I never gave freebies. It made family gatherings even harder because the women all believed that I was going to try and seduce their husbands.

As I wandered around town on Christmas day, thinking how I could be at home eating turkey with my family, I was struck by just how many single men were also out and about. Normally, I would have been all over them but today it just felt... Wrong. Even so, I couldn't help noticing that there were a lot of men here in town.

Deciding that I wasn't up for business today, I headed back down the highstreet to my home. Out of the corner of my eye, I was aware of a young man following me. It was out of habit that I noticed his hard-on. My eyes always went to someone's cock before their face and his was straining agaisnt his trousers. He ducked his head when I finally made eye-contact but I was aware of his gaze still upon me.

Figuring that nothing bad would happen, I lifted my head to him as I stopped by my door and made sure to leave it on the latch as I walked up the stairs. From my bedroom I heard him enter my home and I called him in. "I'm in here, give me a moment to change into something more comfortable."

As so often happened, he didn't wait and he walked in on me as I removed my purple jumper and tight jeans. I stood before him in only a black thong. "I'm Kimberly," I said. "What can I call you?"

"You won't call me anything," he said gruffly. I found myself taking a cautionary step backwards as he moved into my room. "How much for the day, whore?"

I was somewhat taken back by his crude nature but not offended. People had called me far worse. I thought about it for a moment before deciding £300 would do. Not that I told him that. "It's £80 an hour. Work it out yourself."

"I won't give you more than £400," he replied, staring me down. I pretended to think about it before accepting. I wasn't in the mood for negotiation, especially since he had offered more than I'd been hoping. He pulled out his wallet and threw a bundle of notes at me. I counted them and nodded, putting the cash straight away into my safe. Before I had even finished locking the safe, he ordered me to stand up. "Come here, you slut."

He gripped me around my throat suddenly, and told me to point out to him where I kept my toys. Struggling to breathe, I pointed at a small chest in the corner of the room. He threw me towards it and told me exactly what to get out. Handcuffs, a flogger, vibrator and butt plug. I swallowed with nervousness, unsure what I had agreed to here, but followed his orders none the less. I handed them to him and stood in front of him, waiting.

He walked behind me, and cuffed my wrists behind my back. From behind me, he grabbed my neck and pulled me backwards before shoving the butt plug into my mouth. I tried to lubricate it with my spit as much as I possibly could but it wasn't enough. When he removed it from my mouth, he forced it into my tight asshole. I grunted, feeling discomfort more than any real pain. I had been in this game too long.

"Move," he ordered, pushing me towards the door. I tried to resist but this only earned me a violent shove out my front door. I fell out on to the front step but a kick up the ass quickly encouraged me to stand up properly. I turned to face the young man but he spat in my face. "You will do as I say, is that understood?"

Using the butt plug in my ass as an effective steering wheel, he led me through town to the main square. I recieved many strange looks from the other men in town and I soon realised something very strange. There were no women in the town centre at all. Only men. That made me incredibly nervous.

Pushing me to the ground, the man squatted in front of me for a moment. "There are cameras watching this spot from every angle being streamed live on the internet. There is an open invitation for anyone to come and join in but they must pay afterwards. There is no fixed price, they pay for what they think their experience was worth. You will get 20% of the overall pot. I get the rest. I think it is pretty clear what you need to do."

He rose up to a stand and then placed a christmas santa hat on my head. "If you manage to keep this on throughout the entire show, I will up your share to 40%. If it stays off for more than 10 seconds at a time, I will cut your share by 5% for each infringement."

The bell on the clock tower rang 12 noon and with a smile he told me that the show had begun. Understanding that to be my cue, I leant forward and started undoing his trousers with my teeth - which is a lot harder than one would expect - before finally freeing his hard cock. The man immediately gripped it and shoved it in my mouth. I sucked on it hard, bobbing my head back and forth but not so much that it hit the back of my throat.

Slapping my face with his hand, he began thrusting his huge cock into my mouth. His movements were so agressive that his dick slipped from my lips more than once, each time drawing my saliva and his precum across my face. I kept my eyes on his face, not wanting to look at those hairy balls that kept hitting my face with each thrust. He kept grunting as he forced his cock deep into my throat, and I found it hard to breathe. Tears streamed from my eyes as he fucked my face like a man possessed.

Finally I felt his cock grow in my mouth and I tried to pull away, not wanting to swallow his cum. However, he was having none of it and gripped the back of my neck so I had no choice. As the cool salty liquid shot down my throat he pulled out. I bent my head down, frantically trying to draw breath as a thick mix of saliva and cum drooled from my mouth.

The man slapped me and shouted at me for wasting his cum. I tried to wipe it away but remembered my hands were tied behind my back. Before I could say anything else, he lifted me up and pulled me against him. My back was against his front, his hands sliding round and grabbing on to my tits. He squeezed hard as he said to the empty square, "As you can see, I have here a woman for you lonely hearts to come and play with today. You all know the rules."

One hand still on my tit, squeezing and unnaturally twisting my nipple, the other slide down my flat stomach to my pussy. He forced a finger between my lips and started rubbing my pussy. The pleasure I felt was undeniable. It made him laugh and to the cameras he said, "She is already wet for you. Come on down before it gets too busy."

With that his speech to the audience was over and his attention returned to me. He stepped away from me but stayed out of my vision. From behind, I felt him twist the butt plug in my ass, which made me jump in shock. Lubricating my ass hole with a little bit of his spit, he then started fucking my ass with the thick plastic plug. I arched my back to allow him to force it further into me and I closed my eyes, enjoying the assault.

My eyes flung open when I felt an unfamiliar pair of hands squeeze my tits. The man... Well, he looked more like a boy. Still, he was well built and had a hard cock. I smiled and this seemed enough for him. He unzipped his trousers and immediately began fucking my pussy. He wrapped his arms around me and thrusted unskillfully into me, I was clearly his first. Still, it felt good to have a cock inside me. The boy grunted as he fucked me, his words incoherent.

I didn't realise that the man in charge had stopped fucking my ass until I saw him talking to another man that had just showed up. My attention was pulled away from the conversation when the boy shot his load into me. I felt him cling on to me for dear life and I waited for his orgasm to subside before wriggling away from him. I got on my knees and sucked his cock clean, clearly another first for the young boy who shot another load into mouth seconds after I wrapped my lips around him.

By this time, more and more people had started showing up but I tried to keep my wits about me. An old man, clearly retired, lifted me up from the ground before throwing me over a neaerby bench. He was surprisingly strong, considering how weak his body looked, and had a huge dick. He latched on to my tits, pulling on them so hard that he almost ripped them from my chest. I felt him thrust his cock into my pussy before fucking me like a machine.

Another guy wrapped his hands around my neck from behind and pushed me up so I was on my feet between the two men. His cock was already hard against my back and I screamed when he forced it into my ass, alongside the butt plug that was already stretching my tightest hole. There was no rhythm between the men, each had his own adgenda.

A third man forced his way into the threesome, first simply taking over on my tits so the pensioner in my pussy could focus on one job at a time but then twisting my head around and forcing a kiss onto my lips. He bit down on my bottom lip, almost drawing blood. When he pulled away I watched as he stood onto the bench and beckoned me to suck his cock. There was a lot of shouting and grunting between the men inside me but somehow I ended up in the perfect postion, slightly bent over which helped the cocks within me penetrate even further, to take the dick in my mouth.

The man in my mouth was rough, one of the worst I've ever had. He thrusted so fast and hard that his cock spent more time poking my eyes out than it ever did in my mouth. Not that it seemed to bother him. He gripped my hair, almost knocking the hat of in the process, and tilted my neck back so his thick penis went so deep into my throat that I literally couldn't breathe. He was fucking me so hard that I barely noticed the two other men inside me cum, only to get replaced by more dicks.

Just before the cock in my throat shot its load, I felt myself being pulled away and pushed to the ground, the huge crowd around me waiting for their turn. The leader, the man who set this all up, crouched down beside me and whispered against my lips, "The men want a show. They have paid me well to do this. Keep quiet, don't cum and I'll make it as easy on you as possible. I'll even up your base rate to 30%. Ready?"

For some reason, I found myself actually appreciating his "kindness" despite knowing that I was about to be publicly punished on film. I nodded and stood, keeping my eyes firmly on the leader. From his pocket he pulled a small vibrator and handed it to as he undid my handcuffs. He walked around me, his hand never leaving my hip, and stopped in front of me. He guided my hand to above my clit and switched the vibrator on. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the vibrations swell within me before coming back to reality.

"Don't cum," he warned me before returning to his position behind me. With my flogger, he started thrashing it down on my back, shoulders and ass, making me count each stroke. They were a lot easier to bare when I focused on the mini vibrator against my throbbing clit but it was almost impossible not to get lost in them. I would have to focus instead on the pain in my back, but it did stop me from cumming.

By twenty, there were men in the crowd shooting their cum over me, covering me in their sticky juices. The leader stopped, took the vibrator from my hand and shoved it in my ass, alongside the butt plug. In all my years as a prostitute, I had never had a vibrator in my ass and it was a wonderful feeling. My legs started to tremble and I collapsed on the floor, still somehow managing to hold my orgasm off thought.

A pair of hands lifted me up, and practically threw me at the crowd. I sat myself down on one cock, another fucked my pussy from the front. A new dick appeared above me and fucked my mouth while I gave hand jobs to two further guys. There were so many people around me now that they were fighting one another for my attention and cocks were sliding out of my hands and mouth all the time. I just did my job and worked whatever appeared in my hands/mouth. The three lucky men underneath me got the longest time with me, as they just fucked my overstretched ass and pussy until they came.

It was overwhelming and I had so many orgasms that I lost count. I frequently cleaned people up with my tongue, although every part of me was dripping with cum. Men rubbed my clit, fingered my pussy and ass whilst others continued to fuck me. Literally everyone wanted a piece and there just wasn't enough of me to go around. I did the best I could.

Every now and then I would notice the leader dragging men away so others could have their turn. Occasionally I would have water poured down my throat but I would almost immediately end up swallowing more cum straight after. I don't know how long passed, but I soon ran out of energy and just lay there, letting the strangers fuck me to their hearts' content.

A distant part of my brain heard the clock tower strike 6pm and I watched as the final people walked away. I couldn't move and had to be carried back to my home by the man who set it all up. My door was still unlocked and he took me up to my bedroom, dumping me on my bed. He gave me a smile as he stopped at the door. "I left the money in your kitchen. You made just over £2000 in tips today."

"Fuck me," was all I was able to say.

"Well, they certainly did. Merry Christmas Kimberly. I look forward to our next meeting."

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