Birthday Fun with Twins - part 6

Birthday Fun with Twins - part  6

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


After their 'father' found the twins hiding place, he drags the two back to their home where they are the centre pieces to his dinner party for eleven work colleagues - each one desperate to have his way with the twins.


After their 'father' found the twins hiding place, he drags the two back to their home where they are the centre pieces to his dinner party for eleven work colleagues - each one desperate to have his way with the twins.


Submitted: June 08, 2015

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Submitted: June 08, 2015



He hadn't seen us yet. I grabbed Tilly and in a swift movement pulled her to the ground, where we lay behind a wooden table. Sian had seen us move from the corner of her eye, and with a few quick glances between the two of us she seemed to realise just who was standing at the door. Her eyes darted to a nearby sofa before she strode over to our 'father' and placed an enormous kiss on his lips. I took this to be our moment and I pulled Tilly behind the big sofa. So long as he didn't come any closer, we would be safe here.

I listened intently as Sian talked to our 'dad', holding my twin's hand firmly in mine. She was close to hyperventilating but I think my presence calmed her somewhat. Suddenly Sian's voice was closer than it had previously been, and I was acutely aware of the pair of shoes walking towards us. "Why don't you come and have a quick look around the house, Greg? I think you would love the basement. It's my favourite room."

"Tempting, my dear, very tempting. But there is something else I would rather love to see instead." From my dodgy angle, I saw Sian unbuttoning her blouse, and out father wandered over to her, squeezing her tits so hard that it made her jump. "A gorgeous sight but still not what I meant. Still, next time I need the assistance of a lovely lady you will certainly be on the list. No, right now, I wish to see the two girls who jumped behind the sofa as I walked in."


'Dad's' shoes had appeared by my face and, after he harder than necessary kicked my shoulder, I reluctantly looked up at him. With as much defiance as I could muster, I put a venomous smile on my face. "Greg."

"Get up." Even he knew better than to make a scene here, where hurting the girls was actually punishable by a jail sentence, but those two words carried enough force to move a mountain.

Taking a deep breath, I stood in front of him, urging Tilly to remain on the ground. Although I was a few feet shorter than our 'father', I tried to draw myself up to his height and with as strong a conviction as I could manage, I said, "I will do this job if you let her stay here. You either have me or neither of us."

'Father' leant in to me, catching my ass in his huge hands and squeezing hard. Against my ear he growled, "You are becoming quite a lot more trouble than you are worth. This is not up for negotiation Elsie. You will both return to the house with me, and the evening will proceed as previously planned. Understand?"

When I did not answer, he bit down on my earlobe and I gasped, "I understand, you bastard."

"You will not speak to me in that manner, slut." I had never imagined our 'father' could be so angry, and I wished so much that I had never started this crazy set of events. His finger nails dug into my flesh, and each second he gripped harder than before. "In fact, you won't speak at all. And if so much as a gasp escapes your lips, you will live to regret it."

I nodded and he pulled away from me, looking victorious. He ordered my twin up and I watched poor Tilly stand to attention in front of him. 'Dad' turned to the butch man and informed the room that we were going to be his girls. As we were led out, Sian gripped my arm and whispered that she would keep our bags ready for our next escape. I gave her a smile, thankful but sad. I was pretty sure that we both knew Tilly and I would never get another chance to escape.

'Father's' expensive convertible stood at the gates and he led us to it in silence. Once there, he opened the boot and 'encouraged' me in. The boot was cramped and I had to bend into an awkward shape just to fit in. He gave me a vicious smile before slamming the boot door down, leaving me in darkness.

Through the thin metal body, I heard him order Tilly into the passenger seat. The car didn't start for about five minutes, and I was beginning to worry. The boot was opened once more, and my 'father' threw in Tilly's top. I noted that his trouser zip was undone, and there was a large wet patch on his underpants. It made me sick.

"Enjoy the ride," he said without compassion. Once again the boot door was slammed down on me and we were soon off. I felt awful for my twin, having to ride in a convertible with her tits on show to the world - for neither of us had bothered with a bra this morning. Over the sound of the road, I heard Tilly let out a few squeals throughout the journey home and I found myself panicking about what our 'dad' was doing to her as he drove down the motorway.

Finally the car stopped. It was at least ten minutes after stopping that 'father' came and let me out of the boot. I immediately noticed his hard on through his trousers, even in the early evening darkness, which were at least now zipped up. "I never thought our sweet little Elsie would be capable of this," he said as he pulled me out by the hair. Anticipating my question, he growled, "I can't let you see her. You might try to plan another escape. Your mother left for a week holiday with Aunty Julie, in case you wondering, so we don't have to worry about being seen. Now then."

He pushed me down to the ground, before grabbing my hair again and dragging me along our stony pathway. At the doorway, he ordered me to strip. My refusal earned me a hard slap around the face, and after two further slaps I finally agreed. I was aware of a few of our neighbours watching through the windows, but noted they were all men whom my father worked with. They obviously knew about tonight's party. "You will wait out here to greet all of my guests."

My 'father' pulled me into a hug, but the intention was not to show love. He instead thrusted something large and awkwardly shaped into my pussy from behind and ordered me not to touch it. As he withdrew, he pulled down on my erect nipples with his entire weight and said, "Do not mess this up for me Elsie. The consequences will be dire if you step out of line tonight."

With that, he stepped inside leaving me out in the cold night alone. All I could think about was what was happening to Tilly, but I knew I needed to concentrate on other things or it would drive me mad. So instead, I looked up and down the street, taking note of exactly who was watching me from their windows. Most were doing just that. Watching and waiting for me to do something. There were a few though, who had their dicks in their hands and were happily jerking off to the sight of me naked outside.

I was beginning to shiver uncontrollably by the time that the first guest showed up. He pulled his expensive looking car into the drive and strode over to me, grinning. "Well hello Elsie. What a surprise to see you here, dressed like that." I simply nodded, not wanting to upset my 'father' further. "What, no welcome kiss?"

I took a step towards the tall man and stood up on my tiptoes to reach his face. Whilst I was about as pissed off about this as one person could be, I appreciated it when he wrapped his arms around me as it at least gave me momentary protection from the cold. Knowing what my 'father' would want, I made my hands snake down to his cock which I began stroking through the fine fabric of his trousers. The man's kiss became slightly frantic and there was a lot of awkward tongue involved but I was just happy to be getting warm again. One of his hands slid down my back and he began stroking my pussy from behind with gloved hands, only stopping at first when he felt the object that 'dad' had shoved into my hole.

"What an interesting place to keep this," the man grumbled against my lips, not before continuing with his exploration of my slit. Finally when he could take no more teasing of his cock, he pulled away clearly eager to save his hard on for later in the evening. With a smile, he said, "I look forward to catching up with you more later Elsie."

Once he was inside, the other guests started arrive pretty quickly after that and as soon as I had welcomed one man by getting him hard (a few went hard the moment they laid their eyes upon me) another would show up. In total, I think about ten people showed up and I prayed for Tilly. When the last guest entered the house, I remained outside until my 'father' invited me back into our house.

From behind me, his cock standing proud against my back, he whispered, "Good start, you little whore. Let's see if you can keep up the good behaviour."

He basically dragged me into our huge dining room and as soon as I stepped inside the room I was greeted by more hands, each gripping me and holding me in place. 'Father' pulled some rope out of a nearby drawer and began tying it around my wrists, while the other hands held me in place - there were more than a few wandering hands though, all of which at some point explored my slit. Once I had rope around my wrists, he attached the lengths about the curtain rail. He repeated the process around my ankles, only attaching these bottom lengths to nearby cabinets or such leaving me spread open like a star for all of the men to gawp at.

"What a wonderful centre piece," one man complemented my 'father'. "I do hope we will be allowed to play with it later."

My 'dad' nodded excitedly. "And thanks to a wonderful piece of technology, we can make it cum without even touching it." Out of his pocket he pulled a control box and I suddenly realised that the strange object in my pussy was a remote control vibrator. Before I could say anything, strong waves of vibrations flooded through me, and I shook against the strong rope holding me in place. Just as I was about to reach orgasm the vibrations stopped and 'father' said, "Well, I hope you enjoyed that demonstration. Feel free to experiment with it as the evening progresses."

He left the box on the table and for the next half an hour the men just sat around the table discussing the company and other work related things, occasionally pressing a button on the control to my vibrator. They never let me get far enough to reach orgasm though, so each time I was just left hanging there.

"Men, dinner is about to be served," my 'dad' proclaimed. They all waited expectantly for the food when Tilly walked in dressed in a ridiculously slutty outfit. The dress was so low cut that the chest line sat beneath her perky tits, her firm nipples begging to be sucked. The fabric - which was completely see through but covered in the odd lacy patch for decoration - clung to her body like a second skin, and it stopped around her belly button so her shaved pussy was on show just like mine. She wore fishnet stockings that were on straps around her thighs and black 5 inch heels that she could only just walk on. To top off the classy outfit, around Tilly's neck hung a dog collar with 'slut' written on the front.

My mouth fell wide open, as did those of all the guests around the table. Tilly's eyes were on the ground as she placed each meal in front of every man. The first few men just sat frozen with shock at their servant, but by the fifth man the paralysis had started to wear off. That first man to touch her simply squeezed her ass but, as she made her was around the table, my twin soon found herself having fingers rub her clit as she bent over to place the meals. The last man before my father knocked his cutlery off of the table and ordered Tilly to pick it up. When she was on the floor, he shoved his finger into her mouth and once it was lubed up by her spit he shoved it into her ass. Tilly bent over the table, her tits resting against 'father's' cutlery, and let him finger her ass until cum was dripping down her legs.

'Father' helped Tilly stand but before he dismissed her, he dragged her over to me and pushed my twin to the ground. Her head was in line with my clit and 'father' held her over my throbbing mound, but pulled her away every time she tried to lick me. Her breath against my wetness made me shake, and when a man at the table started my vibrator at a high level I almost came over my twin. 'Dad' was not happy by that and he pushed Tilly away before slapping my around the face.

"Make another sound slut and you will pay," he warned. I nodded, but this didn't seem to be enough for him. He called one of his friends over, the one who had had the leather gloves on, and invited him to finger Tilly. The man did so willingly after putting on his gloves, and Tilly began fondling her breasts as he did so. They allowed my twin to cum again all over the leather gloves and once she had strength to stand she was ordered out of the room. She gave me a sad glance as she left. The man then started stroking my slit but he stopped as soon as I started to shake. He then removed the gloves and shoved them into my mouth. I could taste both my twin's and my juices on it.

The men proceeded to eat their meal, and every time that Tilly came in with a new course the men would find new ways to touch her. It started out subtly but by the time desert came out they were already so drunk that they no longer cared for subtlety. One man pulled her down onto his lap and ground his covered cock against her as she jumped up and down on his crotch. Another grabbed her by the waist and swung her to the ground so my twin's face was right above his crotch. She delicately undid his trouser zip and pulled the huge erect cock from his pants. He was too big for her to fit in her mouth, but he still continued to deep throat her when tears of pain started flowing from her eyes.

It was at this point that I started thrashing against my rope bounds and I screamed against the gloves in my mouth. My 'father' gave me a hard stare and turned the vibrator up so high that I was simply just too distracted to watch his work mate fuck my twin's mouth. I was now trashing my hips around in an attempt to further enjoy the vibrations that flowed through me, and the men around the table laughed. My pussy clenched around the vibrator when all of the waves suddenly stopped. I groaned against the handmade gag, trying hard to finish the orgasm that had just started but it was impossible. It took a few minutes for my stomach to stop the spasms that came from an unfinished orgasm, and eventually I was able to open my eyes without sharp pains reaching every nerve in my body.

When I did open my eyes I saw that Tilly was now sucking on a different guy and by the looks of the room, this was now her fifth man. I watched as the man blew his load into my twin's mouth, and his juices began dribbling out of her mouth. He slapped her around the face, screaming that she'd wasted his precious cum. Tilly apologised repentantly and she licked all of the juices from the carpet that she had allowed to fall from her mouth.

A new man, who was rock hard and about set to explode already, shoved his dick in my twin's face. She was sucking on it obediently when my father nodded to a seventh man, who walked up to her and pushed her into a doggy position. Tilly almost choked on the cock in her mouth when the new dick pushed its way into her tight ass hole without lube. More tears dripped from her eyes, but this seemed to turn the other guests on more. They were jerking off over her and many released their load over her back, covering her with their sticky cum.

I once again started thrashing against the rope that stretched me out like this, trying to get someone's attention. It certainly got my 'father's' attention and he tapped another work mate's shoulder, pointing to me. His eyes shone as the man walked over to me. "Greg says you are being a very disobedient slut," he informed me. "It is my pleasure to punish you."

He held up a metal fork that he had brought over with him and I shuddered away. The rope restricted the movement though. He took another step towards me and without warning shoved the fork up into my ass - thankfully not the pronged end. The cold sharp metal was a shock and I jumped as far as the bound would let me. Inside me, the fork was being twisted around, scraping against the inside of my ass.

I sighed against the gloves as he removed it, but when he began stabbing my firm ass cheeks with the prongs I wished for it to be back in my ass. He was not being gentle at all, and each stab of the fork made my body thrust forward against his hard cock. This man had already been given a blow job by my twin, so his cock was out in the open and it stood tall between us. Each time I swung my hips forward he cock would get closer to my pussy, sliding down my wet slit.

Soon his dick was in perfect position to enter me and he wasted no time thrusting into me, not bothering to take the vibrator out from my pussy. Now I was being stretched by his huge cock, the stabbing of my ass slowed somewhat but by no means did it end. In fact when he started fucking me, he shoved the fork back into my ass and fucked my holes in unison.

I closed my eyes, enjoying how each stroke of his cock made the vibrator bash against the insides of my pussy and I nearly came straight away when someone at the table turned the vibrations back on. This however earned me a slap on the ass, when the man bit down on my nipple the orgasm I had been about to reach slipped away. He chewed on my nipple like you would a piece of tough meat, pulled on it and squashed it between his back teeth. Such attention caused my tits to begin seeping milk and the man happily licked it all. I groaned against the gloves, thrusting my hips to get him deeper within me.

I felt his dick grow inside me and he squirted his cum straight into me. As he pulled out of me, he smacked me around the face once more and I tried to thank him for fucking me, but all that came out was a groan due to the thick leather in my mouth. He ripped the fork from my ass and prodded my milk-weeping tit as he walked away. The vibrations had also stopped and once again I was without fulfilment.

My gaze turned back to Tilly who was currently sandwiched between two men, each with a dick in her hole. They were fucking my twin with all their might, and the other men were watching eagerly. Tilly was screaming as they came in her, and they pulled out as soon as they had shot their juices inside her. Another cock immediately filled the empty hole and started fucking her like a machine. My twin was cumming with the men, matching their orgasms. It made me jealous that she could cum but I couldn't, and as I watched them fill her holes with salty juices I found myself desperately horny.

When every man, including our 'father', had fucked her in both her ass and her pussy they lay Tilly down on the table which I noticed had been cleaned by someone whilst the action had been going on in here.  She was breathing deeply, trying to regain her strength after so many orgasms in a row. The men did not seem to be giving her much of a chance to recover though, as one had already clambered on to the table and was straddling her face so she would suck him hard again. From this angle, I could see my twin's pussy clear as day along with all of the juices hardening around her legs. Her pussy hole was enormous, still yet to return to normal size having had eleven different dicks inside it. It certainly wasn't tight anymore.

The sight made me so horny and I wanted desperately to go and lick my twin clean. The men were guzzling down another glass of drink, and I wondered just how much Viagra had been put into it. Considering the men were all ready for another round within minutes, I figured quite a lot. A man had now positioned himself at Tilly's pussy and he was licking her clean as I watched longingly.

Tilly had been lifted off the table and was now once again on the floor, being fucked from every direction. She was on top of one man, jumping up and down on his cock, with another behind her shoving his huge dick into her ass. A third was standing by the first's head and Tilly was sucking him off at an angle, whilst her hands were being shared between every other cock in the room. Anyone who she was not able to touch was standing watching as their cocks dripped cum over the floor. Everyone that came aimed their streams at Tilly and the fabric of her clothes - what little there was, anyway - was now completely soaked through.

 A scream escaped my twin as she reached another orgasm, and I watched her pussy clench around the cock inside her, milking its cum into her vagina. The other dicks around her soon released their loads either into or onto Tilly before she collapsed in a heap on the floor. The men laughed heartily and one man lifted her from the ground and dumped her on the table.

"She will come back around soon," he raved. "Then we can go again."

"But until then, how about the other one?" My 'father's' voice filled the room, and soon everyone was nodding in agreement. They all turned to me and 'dad' said, "This, my friends, is my sex craving slut of a daughter."

One man joked, "You mean the other one wasn't?"

"Oh, my friend, Tilly has nothing on Elsie here. She is the real whore of the family. All the slut thinks about is sex. She wants cock so much. Would you believe that yesterday, she persuaded her twin over there to come down to my den and put on a show for me before she begged me to fuck her. Such a loose pussy."

The guests laughed, lust filling their eyes. My 'father' took a step forward and swiped his hand down through my slit. When he pulled it back out, it was glistening with juices and I knew there was dried cum all over my shaved pussy. He brought it up to his mouth and sucked my cum from his fingers before slapping me hard once more around the face. "You naughty whore. Getting horny whilst you watch a bunch of sweaty old men fuck your twin."

He pulled the gloves from my mouth and I immediately started swearing at him. This only earned be another slap, so I soon shut up. "No whore will talk to me like that," my 'father' shouted, backed up by the cried of his work friends.

Turning to his friends, 'dad' said something before stepping away and grabbing the vibrator remote. "Every single one of my friends is going to fuck you whore, and if you cum once before everyone else has you will be punished."

Immediately I felt a huge cock inside me, thrusting hard into me. His hands were around my ass cheeks, thumbs shoved into hole as he fucked my pussy roughly. His thumbs stretched my asshole open, whilst the vibrator slowly went up in speed. I tilted my head back, thrusting my hips against the man which seemed to push him over the edge. He shot his load inside me and stepped aside for the next in line.

With each man it became harder and harder to hold of orgasm. The vibrations became stronger each time, so my pussy was clenched tighter around the men's cocks. By the last man to go before my 'father', I was clenching my pussy so hard to keep off orgasm that his cock wouldn't fit in my hole. He seemed to take this as a challenge and he shoved it, moaning, "Fuck, never thought I would fuck a whore whose pussy felt like a virgin's."

My 'dad' was the last man to fuck my pussy and he made sure to take his time, drawing out each stroke. I was in complete agony by now, trying so desperately hard not to cum. When 'father's' mouth attached itself to my tit and he started drinking my milk I knew I could not hold off any longer. The dragging of his teeth on my nipples, his nails pinching my ass whilst his fingers fucked my hole was too much. I let out a scream as I came around him, pulling his cock further into my pussy as I released my juices over him. Wave after wave of orgasm flowed through me, my juices continuing to squirt over my 'father's' cock. I gripped the ropes hard as the waves of pleasure continued to flood my system. I had never had an orgasm so strong, but then I had never held it off for eleven different cocks.

When my pussy finally relaxed, my 'dad' pulled out of me and shook his head. "Oh dear men, it seems as though our slut can't follow a simple order not to cum. Get her down."

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