Birthday Fun with Twins - part 5

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The twins continue the porn shoot. The day ends in quite a shock.

Suddenly I had another pussy in my face, and a pair of hands were squeezing my tits. Happy to serve these women, I began eating this new pussy, revelling in how the juices tasted sweeter than my own twins. More hands explored my body, kisses were placed on my skin by many mouths and I jumped at every single bite. All the while my sister hogged my lower area.

I felt my wrists being untied and my hands were pulled towards wet pussies. My fingers began stroking the girls, my nails teasing their clits, occasionally digging into their folds. It wasn't long until my hands were guided into each pussy and I was soon thrusting my hands in and out of them, purposefully catching their g-spots. I tried to insert more fingers, and in one I got three fingers in, the other four. I heard the moans around me and it made me even more wet.

There were so many women attacking my body that I almost couldn't cope. I had women sucking my tits whilst I ate the pussy in my face. My hands were fucking other pussies whilst my own was now being eaten out by my twin. A new mouth began sucking my ass cheeks and the moment Tilly's fingers pulled out of my ass, a new pair entered along with a tongue. It was all too much and I came all over my twin, as she had done me. Seeing me writhe in orgasm set off the other women and soon we were all covered in juices.

In perfect synchronisation, all women pulled away from me leaving me feeling empty. Now no longer tied over, I could see them all standing around me. Tilly looked angry. "I told you not to fucking cum until you had permission."

One girl untied my feet and threw me over the bar so I was resting on it on my stomach, my legs spread either side of the beam - it's wooden corners pressed up hard against my still pounding clit. The clips on my stomach were pressing into my skin hard now, and it was difficult not to cry. I screamed when the whip came down on my back, and I was made to count to twenty this time - more than enough to make me lose my resolve. Tears were now flooding down my face.

However, this did not seem enough for me twin. A solid wooden panel slapped my ass, and the second after it was lifted away another paddle hit the other side of my ass. I counted twenty more spanks before my mind began reeling. Each whack shoved my clit against the corner of the beam, and the immense pleasure combined with the pain was sending me over the edge again.

Finally, the spanking stopped and I felt soft hands massaging something into my cheeks. The moment it touched my skin, shivers ran through my spine as the cold gel contrasted so much with the burning that I was currently feeling.

I was rolled over and held up by two women, whose hands frequently strayed to my tits and my still burning ass.  A flurry of hands pulled the clips off of my chest, with varying degrees of care, and looking down I could see the marks left by each one. It looked like my body had been attacked by one hundred little pairs of teeth.

Tilly stood in front of me, dripping with juices herself, and another girl strapped a harness around her waist. She took a step closer to me and without warning shoved the fake cock into my pussy. It went in with ease, thanks to all the juices that were still spilling for my earlier orgasm. I was rested against the beam as my twin fucked my pussy with the strap on, and my tits were soon being groped once again as were Tilly's.

She had a massive grin on her face as she continued to fuck me and I realised there was a vibrator in the harness over her clit. Tilly came before me, but continued to fuck me - finding my g spot with ease. As I readied myself for another orgasm, she pulled away from me. Clambering gracefully onto the beam, she shoved the strap on in my face and I sucked my juices from it, my hands teasing her ass hole and pussy from behind.

When she moved away, my fingers were grabbed by another woman who sucked my twin's cum from them before I could. I groaned in disappointment, but to rectify the problem the woman climbed over my face and let me suck her pussy instead. She wasn't as wet as my twin but I soon made her cum anyway.

We repeated this pattern (me being fucked by differing women but never being allowed to climax, and then sucking someone else's pussy to orgasm) until I was sure I had tasted every woman in the house. One by one, they left the shot until it was just Tilly and I alone once more. She flung me against the nearest wall and kissed me passionately, her hands squeezing my ass hard whilst her strap on pressed against my pussy. "Do you want to cum slut?" She asked me, loud enough for everyone else to hear.

I nodded, before basically screaming the answer for her. She spun me around so my tits were pressed against the wall before shoving the plastic dick inside of me. She fucked my ass viciously whilst her fingers scratched my clit and soon she was fingering my pussy with her whole hand. As she bit down on my neck, it became too much and I squirted my cum everywhere. With a wicked grin, she pulled out of me before throwing me to the ground and ordering me to clean up all the cum. I did so before collapsing on the floor in a heap.

The director came out from behind the camera clapping, and I forgot that the whole thing had been recorded. "Oh my darling," he said, scooping me up in his arms. Whilst I may have been exhausted, my body still reacted to the way he stroked my back with his fingers. "That was just spectacular! We really must work together again some time. We have decided not to edit this at all, and are just going to show it as one wonderful 90 minute lesbian fuck fest!"

I cringed at his wording, but found myself amazed that I had endured that for an hour and a half, without collapsing long before. Back in the common room, he placed me down on the sofa and left with a smile. The other girls returned with food for me. I accepted it willingly, desperate for the energy. They all passed on comments about how well I had eaten their pussy with many jokes about how, having eaten so much pussy tonight, I was able to eat more.

I rolled off all their comments, just wanting to see my twin. I was told she was up in her room so I wandered upstairs to find her. Inside her bedroom she sat on the bed, staring at the ceiling. "Sorry if I hurt you," Tilly said, without looking up at me. "I got a little carried away."

Clambering on to the bed beside her, I sat up on my elbows to look at her, one hand sliding across her chest to where it rested on her tit. Subconsciously rolling her nipple in my fingers I replied, "Oh Tilly, there is nothing to apologise for. I don't think I have had an orgasm that great for a long time. Perhaps never!"

She smiled at me, and placed a quick kiss on my nose. I quickly assured her that we would not be sleeping with anyone else tonight, a comment that was met excitedly. "I don't think I have the energy anyway," She grinned. Having slept with our adoptive father earlier that day only to then do a feature length porn video, we were expectedly tired. "So about Europe..."

"Only if you are sure Tilly. It would probably mean sleeping with a lot of men when the money runs out." I knew that would be the main setback here but once my twin had an idea it was hard to shake her. She nodded enthusiastically and I could but smile. "Oh alright!" I sighed, although I had been willing from the moment she first mentioned it. "I will see tomorrow if Sian can sort us out the channel tickets."

My twin pulled me into a bear hug, and kissed my shoulder. Against my ear she whispered, "Happy birthday Elsie."

I returned the notion and we fell asleep in each other's arms within minutes.


I was awoken by Tilly reappearing by my side of the bed with a tray of pancakes. We tucked in happily before heading downstairs - but not before grabbing a gown from the cupboard. Not that it was worth it; we took one look at each other and grinned, the thin fabric showing everything.

The day flew by. Sian promised to find us some tickets, a few men turned up around lunch (but not for us) and at the same time, Tilly and I disappeared for a shower and a massage. We both stepped into the shower and began running our hands over one another, washing away all the dried cum from the day before.

My twin's hands expertly rubbed the shower lotion over my body, and she giggled when she saw the cum dripping down my legs. She licked it up and continued rubbing my body until I was covered in bubbles. I returned the favour to her, paying extra attention to her tits. My thumbs rubbed circles around her nipples, which were already hard, before I finally took them in my fingers. I rolled them between my fingers, squishing them tightly before letting the blood flow return. She groaned in approval and soon did the same for me.

I pulled my twin against me and we rubbed our chests together, our pussies centimetres apart, the smell of our juices filling the shower room. With my hands I teased her ass hole as she had mine yesterday before shoving a finger in. I massaged her ass hole from inside, and her legs began to shake. I held her up against my body, getting wetter as I brought my twin pleasure.

"You know," I said against her ear, "My pussy is so wet I reckon I could fit anything in it."

My twin pulled away and decided to accept the challenge. To start, she inserted a finger. That slid in easily and within minutes she was up to all five fingers. I wanted so bad for her to continue finger fucking me but she pulled away, excited by this game. She hoped out the shower and scurried around the cupboard to look for something else.

She handed me a hairbrush with the fattest handle I had ever seen. It fitted in without much trouble at all. Tilly stood watching me fuck myself through the steam before pulling the brush out of my pussy. Next she handed me a bottle of shampoo. With a bit of manoeuvring, it fitted in but only just and the shape was awkward. Even so, as I thrusted it in and out of my pussy, I felt myself going weak at the legs.

"Oh no you don't," Tilly giggled, pulling it from inside me before I could orgasm. She clambered back into the shower, brandishing an electric toothbrush. She pushed the toothbrush inside of me and began fucking me with it. I was ready to orgasm over her within seconds of the small toothbrush entering my now incredibly loose pussy. Just as I was about to cum, Tilly brought her face down to my pussy and licked up all my juices when they began to squirt, as orgasm sent further waves through my body.

I opened my eyes and realised I wanted to return the favour to my sexy twin. I knew her pussy was not as loose as mine, but she was so horny now that I found that she was willing to try anyway. The hairbrush fitted nicely into her hole, her walls closing around the handle and bringing it further into her pussy with a slurping sound that made my blood pound.

Crouching in front of my twin's crotch, I let out my breaths directing them at Tilly's clit whilst slowly thrusting the hairbrush in and out of her hole. One hand rested on the wonderful curve of her ass, and I slowly moved my finger closer to her ass hole. It turned out that I did not need to bother teasing her holes simultaneously, as she came over my face a few seconds later.

Grinning, and licking as much of her cum from my face as I could manage, I stood so our tits were touching and I began rubbing her body with soap again. She gently moved my hands and giggled, "Els, I think we need to clean ourselves up, otherwise we will be at this for hours."

I wondered for a moment what my twin meant, but when I saw the shiny liquid dripping down her legs I understood that my touch drove her wild - just as hers did to me. I stepped away from Tilly, and we began scrubbing our bodies clean. Every now and then, our bodies would bang against each other, or our arms would brush, and I would feel myself getting hot. I pushed the thought to the back of my mind, but it didn't leave me entirely, and eventually we were squeaky clean.

Once we had dressed, in tight jeans and off the shoulder chiffon tops, we headed downstairs to the common room. That evening we watched a few teaser clips from the porn we had shot yesterday. Most of them were short films, and included some of the gorgeous men we had seen around the house yesterday. All of the girls watched the teaser for Tilly and I's film eagerly and applauded when it had finished.

Pizza arrived not long after, and the girls split off into groups afterwards to get ready for the evening. When we were almost alone, I questioned my twin, whom had become increasingly nervous over the past few minutes. She answered me nervously, "He will realise we aren't coming back. He is going to be so pissed off."

"Fuck him," I shouted louder than intended. I lowered my voice back down and continued, "Tilly, it is not up to us to get his that ridiculous promotion. Anyway, with us gone, he won't need the extra money."

"I hope mum doesn't get too upset..." Tilly lowered her eyes and I knew she would miss our adoptive mother a lot. I patted her hand encouragingly, reassuring her that we would call our mother when we were in mainland Europe. That seemed to cheer her up somewhat. "So, where shall we go?"

I grinned. Both of us knew my answer. We had long been planning our route around Europe, for the trip we thought we would never take. I confided in my twin that I had swept the notebook with the map in it, and it was currently at the bottom of my suitcase. This made Tilly grin even more.

Suddenly, my phone rang and I jumped to answer it. "Sammy? Yeah we are both fine..." I looked nervously at Tilly. "Why do you ask? Oh shit... Are you kidding? Fuck. Sorry. Oh fuck. No, I can't explain. Look, I will call you soon, I promise. It is just something that we need to do. I will explain, I promise. Please... Thank you so much Sammy. We will. Good night."

The few girls remaining in the common room were all looking at me nervously. They seemed to guess what the conversation was about before I even started explaining. I held Tilly's hand as I spoke. "Our adoptive dick of a father rang Sammy and asked where we were. You know Sammy. She can't keep her mouth shut. Told him that we'd never been there. So now he is looking for us, and is about just as pissed off as one can be without losing his head."

Tilly began crying but soon calmed herself down. "Right. Bags now." She stuttered. Sian put her hand on my twin's shoulder and told her the tickets hadn't come through. "Oh fuck..."

We sat in silence for a while, contemplating our next course of action. Sian said the tickets would be here sometime in the next few days, and that it was the best her contact could do. I thanked her for her helped anyway. "On the plus, he probably won't even think of coming here to look for us."

The butch man from the front desk wandered in to the common room, deeply apologetic. "My ladies, a client needs a few girls to work his party tonight. He will be in momentarily to choose who he wants. He has paid far more than the normal fee, so whomever does the job gets a big bonus tonight."

My mouth fell open when I saw the man at the door. It was our 'father'.

Submitted: January 21, 2015

© Copyright 2023 masterslittleslut. All rights reserved.

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:0 this was super fucking hot! It made me so wet I had to make myself come ;) amazing girl, to bad they're "father" came there I hope they can scape him, please? Love you :-*

Thu, January 22nd, 2015 8:06am


Thank you so much my darling! I am still deciding what is going to happen next, so I will keep you updated! :-* xxx

Thu, January 22nd, 2015 8:10am


That was kind of a mean twist there at the end... So "Daddy" is pretty upset huh? Well let's see where it goes...

Sun, March 1st, 2015 1:09pm


"Daddy" is pretty upset yeah... Unfortunately not all stories end happily... Keep watching this space for the next part xxx

Mon, March 23rd, 2015 7:57am

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