Birthday Fun with Twins - part 4

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The twins decide to go on the run from the father that they seduced only to end up in a prostitute mansion making porn!

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the scorching hot water running down my body. For a moment it was enough to help me forget everything, but the harsh reality of events soon slammed back into me, with more force than a tonne of bricks. What have I done?

I had thought it would be such great fun to seduce 'dad' and play with him with Tilly as a joke. You know, maybe give him a lesbian porn show and maybe give him a handjob. I thought the limit would be a blowjob. Never had I expected things to go so far. Figured he would call it quits. I had never thought that he would be so rough, or that he would try threaten us into making us sleep with his bosses.

Scrubbing my body hard, trying to clean up all the dried cum that was covering my body like a second skin now, I racked my brain for a course of action. I did have a plan. I just wasn't sure that Tilly would like it. Or understand my connections with the place. Money was the problem here. One possible course was to take off in the car and drive across the country, finding places to stay and hide until we found a permanent home. That was a nice thought but we did not have that sort of cash. Even sleeping with people could only get you so far in the world.

No. As far as I could see it, the only option that Tilly and I had was to go visit my friends in the Shack.

I washed myself again, feeling dirty all over. What had possessed me to think that this was a good idea? That one decision was probably going to ruin our lives. I might not deserve more, but Tilly certainly did. But now I had no choice.

I heard a gentle knock on the bathroom door, which was half open anyway, and popped my head out the shower curtain to see Tilly sneak in. She had put on a baggy pair of jeans and a hoodie, having showered before me, and my twin stared at me anxiously. I was worried by the fact she looked me in the eyes, rather than eyeing up my dripping body. "Els..." She started quietly, leaning against the small sink in our ensuite.

I stepped out of the shower and sat on the bath edge, before taking her hands in mine. "Oh Tilly, I am so sorry about all of this. It was my fault. I shouldn't have taken you down there with me. I should never have even thought about it. I am so sorry."

A weak smile crossed Tilly's face. "Oh my darling, it is alright. It turns out he has great fingers and I have never felt anything like his cock in my ass. I am glad he didn't fuck my pussy though. It wasn't like I didn't enjoy it. In fact, it was great. You weren't to know that he'd try to do this though. How could you have done?"

I could see in her eyes that she blamed me for nothing. I had seen her face earlier - she certainly had enjoyed the attention, and had been more than willing to suck our 'father's' cock. She squeezed my hands gently. "Els, I don't want to fuck them. I have only ever had one dick in my pussy. I did that in love. I don't want their dirty old cocks in me."

Tears were filling her eyes, and I pulled her against my naked body into a big bear hug. "My darling, I won't let that happen. I mean what I said; I do have a plan. I just don't know if you will approve." She pulled away from me, and looked into my eyes suspiciously. I grinned, just for a moment, before becoming serious again. "I know a place. We can hide out there for a while until we work out a better plan. It's the Shack."

Tilly's eyes grew wide in shock. "You are joking? That mansion where prostitutes stay? Why would they let us in..." She stared at me for a few seconds when understanding began to set in. "You... Els, you haven't... Oh god..."

"Oh Tilly. Occasionally when I was dating Jack, he would leave me to make my own way home. You know he lives miles out, and I came across it one day. They let me stay for the night. The girls really aren't that bad. I went back a few times just to for company whilst you were away. Only twice did I sleep with someone... Oh Tilly please look at me."

My twin was staring at the floor, but eventually she looked up at me. "You are sure nothing bad will happen? Okay, I trust you. We will stay until we come up with a better plan. I finished packing whilst you were in here." She took my arm and pulled me into the bedroom, where I found two suitcases all ready to go. "I put all our new underwear in there, and our best dresses and makeup. We have four hundred pounds in cash and another six hundred in the bank between us. Shall we?"

I smiled at the efficiency of my twin. She always was the organised one. Quickly I put on the clothes she had laid out for me (lacy pants, jeans and a nice t shirt - no bra, I noted) before packing my handbag with anything I thought would be useful. Under my instructions, we went down stairs and I popped my head in the man den. It smelt so overwhelmingly of sex.

"Daddy, Tilly and I are going to Sammy's now. We will be back for tomorrow evening." I made the venom in my voice as obvious as possible, hoping our 'father' would pick up on it.

He strode over to me, and I pushed Tilly behind me. He slid his big hands under my shirt and squeezed my tits hard, digging his nails in. "You had better be back for the meeting. Or we are going to have a serious problem. Do we understand each other?"

I nodded, and twisted out of his grip, giving him an evil glare as we left the house. I jumped into the driver's seat and began driving. I stared at the road as we drove, trying to formulate a plan - to absolutely no avail. Nothing came to mind. I wanted to cry. How could I have done this to my twin? The person closest to me in the entire world.

My thoughts were pulled back to the moment when I felt Tilly's hand squeezing my thigh. "Don't worry twin," she said, her voice far stronger now that we were putting distance between us and our house. "I have faith. I was thinking. How about we tour Europe? I know you have always wanted to go, and I speak enough French to get us by. We'd have to go soon, before people started looking for us though..."

Oh my wonderful twin, I thought lovingly. She was willing to give up her life here, all our friends, our school, just so we could escape a problem that I have caused. "Tilly, are you sure? It is a massive decision to make..."

"You always said that you wanted to travel the world, so this could be the time we go and actually do it!" There was an almost pleading note in her voice, and I knew that she had planned on travelling as well. I smiled and said we could discuss it later.

The rest of the journey went by quickly, but the car quietened as the huge Shack Mansion came into view. I squeezed Tilly's thigh encouragingly and smiled at the man on the gate. "I'm Elsie, and this is my twin Tilly. I have been here a few times before..."

The man looked me over and motioned for me to get out the car. I knew what it meant for me. I had, after all ventured here before. I told Tilly not to worry and to stay put. As I was led into the guard building, I saw the concern on her face but smiled and tried to send her a psychic message telling her it would be fine.

The moment that the guard closed the door, he pushed me up against the wall. I pulled my t shirt over my head, exposing my bare breasts and erect nipples. I grinned at him, and kissed him hard, spinning us around so he was against the wall. I slid down his body, opening his zipper in one fluent movement before taking his cock in my mouth. I sucked on him expertly, as I had done our 'father' earlier that day, and swallowed all of his juices.

He pulled me up by my hair and slammed me against the wall again. The guard began slapping my tits hard, leaving bright red hand prints on my skin. I gritted my teeth throughout, but smiled at him and let my hands wander to his dick. This seemed to encourage him and he began fondling my tits harder and more viciously. I tilted my head back, letting out fake groans, although I could feel myself getting wet.

I continued rubbing his cock in my hands, pushing the skin up and down over my thumb whilst drawing small circles with my nails at the base of his dick. I took a step towards him, and began grinding my clothed pussy against his hardening cock. I placed a wild kiss on his lips and bit down on his bottom lip so hard that I drew blood.

Against his mouth I whispered, "Now, are you going to let my sister and I in, or do I have to bite you again?"

I hadn't realised that my hands had begun squeezing his cock hard, but the pain on his face was obvious. He groaned as I relinquished my grip of his dick, and against my lips he growled that we could enter - and that he would look forward to seeing me again. I nearly hit him when he kept my top, but I wasn't sure that demanding it back would do me many favours. So, I returned to my car with my tits hanging free.

When I stepped in the car, Tilly looked at me disapprovingly but there was a glint in her eyes and seeing my tits again. She always told me that I had the nicest boobs she'd ever seen; big enough to make men stare but small enough to hold and fondle whilst still being firm. The perfect combination. I agreed.

We drove up to the mansion where two young men (both incredibly hot) opened our doors. One took the keys to park the car behind the mansion, whilst the other linked arms with us and led us inside. He introduced himself kindly, "I'm Nick, it is lovely to meet you both. Nice tits by the way." I elbowed him but beamed at the compliment. "So how long are you staying?"

Tilly delegated to me, so I replied, "Only a night or two. We are sort of on the run."

We were led into what I remembered as the common room, the place where men would enter and pick out their partner for the evening. About twenty girls sat around, chatting away excitedly about something or another. I recognised one of them, and she ran up to greet us. She was taller than us, with a short black bob, and was wearing a tight red corset with a short leather skirt. Throwing her arms around me, she asked, "Elsie! It is great to see you again! You must be Tilly! I'm Sian." After a look at us, and a quick playful squeeze of my tits she continued, "What are you doing back here? You said that you were going to go straight... I mean, you were going to stop all this. Not go straight straight."

We recounted our tale quickly, which soon caught the attention of the other girls in the room. We were quickly offered food, which we scoffed, and I soon asked, "What is happening tonight? No men?"

Sian happily explained. "Tonight is porn night. The director is arriving very soon. Oh here he is!" She gestured towards the door and introduced us to the man who was directing the films tonight.

Tilly hid behind me but I could sense that she was excited by the idea. I turned to her and whispered, "You okay to do this? We don't have to."

She quickly assured me that she did, and I knew I was more than happy to partake. The director had apparently already given out roles but was very excited when he laid eyes on me and Tilly. He threw his arms around us, pulling us onto the sofa. His arms were over our shoulders, a hand rested on my naked breasts. I was vaguely aware of his fingers teasing my erect nipple, but was paying attention to his ideas. Tilly and I grinned at each other and agreed. It seemed that our video would be the hottest of the lot.

Girls were taking out of the common room and appeared over an hour later. Finally, he called me and Tilly. We had already stripped and walked into a room full of cameras. The director told us that he was just going to keep our cameras rolling but that we could shout if anything made us uncomfortable.

We just smiled at him, and let him lead us over to a wooden beam. He bent me backward over the beam, tying my hands around the back legs and my ankles to the front with a soft silk rope. It left me very exposed, my tits thrusted upwards and my shaved pussy open for the cameras to see.

Tilly walked up to me purposefully and suddenly began whipping my stomach. I let out a scream of surprise, but I knew that she was being as gentle as she could. "Shut up you bitch!" my twin yelled at me, before letting the whip down on my stomach again. She made me count out the strokes, and we got to ten before she put the whip down.

Suddenly I felt a harsh bite on my thighs, and Tilly told me that she was attaching pegs with teeth to my skin. Once she had finished, I guessed there was at least one hundred clips attached to my body, all pulling on my skin and sending sparks through my body. When the whip came down upon my stomach again, I screamed once more. Tilly was getting into the role as my dominant and soon the whip was thrashing down on my pounding clit and wet pussy.

Instead of screams escaping my mouth, I let out a loud series of moans. The sharp pain spread through my body but was quelled by waves of ecstasy sent out by my throbbing clit. I was overcome by the duelling emotions of pain and pleasure and felt my stomach contract ready for orgasm to hit. Tilly seemed to realise this too, and immediately stopped whipping my pussy and left me long enough for the need to orgasm to subside. As soon as I could think again, the whip came down once more on my exposed pussy before Tilly took two of the clips from stomach and attached them to my folds.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Tilly had been handed a dildo. To start she traced the line of my neck, and began placing kisses along the vibrator's path. Soon she started biting my skin, leaving visible marks for the camera, before she would tease the sore skin with the dildo. The moderate vibrations squashed the sensation of pain. I felt her tug on the pegs attached to my erect nipples with increasing intensity, and as she played with one she would tease the other with the vibrator.

I heard Tilly let out a little gasp and I lifted my head to see why. I immediately noticed the shiny trail on my skin where milk had begun seeping from my tits. She looked at me and grinned before attaching her mouth to my nipples and sucking the milk from my breasts. I let out soft moans as in this position the vibrator was resting against the inside of my leg but also the feel of my sister's mouth on my tits drove me wild. Tilly began nibbling on my tits, before taking a sharp bite down which made my entire body jump up. The soft rope held me tight in place, but my hips thrusted themselves against Tilly's pussy and I could feel she was just as wet as me.

"You are such a slut," she growled at me, taking a step away to admire her handiwork. My body was a collection of clips, pegs, bite marks and dried milk. She grinned and, from behind me so her tits hung over my face, began tracing the vibrator up and down my legs, reaching closer to my pussy each time. I took her nipples in my mouth, sucking on her as she teased me. I bit down on her harder than I meant to when she held the dildo at my entrance, but she refused to push it in and give me satisfaction.

Tilly pulled away from my mouth, and I could see I had given her tit a hickey from sucking so hard - a fact that made me smile. I jumped once again when I felt her breath on my pussy, the vibrator pressed down just above my clit. The vibrations were driving me crazy but it wasn't quite enough to bring me to orgasm. She pushed my folds out of the way with her tongue, and I bucked my pussy madly at her face to try and get her to go further. Instead she pulled away and ordered me to calm down. I did as ordered, and then suddenly felt her push small round objects into my pussy. My moaning became louder, as inside of me they were banging against each other, against my walls and g-spot whilst vibrating gently.

"Oh fuck!" I screamed, pounding my hips to make the balls move around inside me more. Suddenly Tilly had hold of my tits in a death grip and warned me that there would be trouble if I came without her permission. I nodded, my vision blurry from my twins unexpectedly tight grip, and just before I was about to pass out she released me. It was so hard not to buck in time to the gentle vibrations in my pussy, and I knew that my juices were streaming down my legs - I could feel them pooling at my feet.

Without warning, Tilly stood over my face and told me to eat her pussy. I did so willingly. As I happily began sucking on her folds, biting her gently and rolling my tongue over her pounding clit (which was throbbing nearly as much as mine) I felt her hands begin squeezing my tits from above. Within minutes of her standing above me, she was screaming as orgasm flowed through her. She squirted her juices all over my face before stepping away, leaving me sticky and still unfulfilled.

From in front of me now, Tilly leant forward, her lips just over my clit, and she slid her hand behind my waist to my ass hole. She began by stroking my ass cheeks, with a quick squeeze here and there, but soon focused in on my hole. Her finger flittered over it, eliciting moans from me, before she thrust her finger into me, making my body jump once again - making my pounding clit rise up to her mouth. She licked my clit each time I thrusted up with the movement of her finger in my ass.

It was then that the other girls began to join in.

Submitted: January 15, 2015

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I agree with beanawriter :) really hot ;)

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thank you!! xxx

Thu, January 22nd, 2015 8:09am

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